Mom Comes Calling

by JetBoy

Caution: This Incest Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including ft/ft, Fa/ft, Lesbian, Incest, DomSub, .

Desc: Incest Sex Story: College freshman Marilyn is having a delightfully wild time of it as the very willing sex toy of her roommate Jenny and Jenny's best friend Carla... but things can only get crazier when Marilyn's mother Donna drops by on an unexpected visit!

My name is Marilyn. I'm twenty-four now, and the story I'm going to tell you happened when I was eighteen. Basically, it's all about how I came to find the true love of my life -- only it happens to be with a lover who practically no one knows about. That's the way we both want it.

It was my first year of college. By that time I'd had a few boyfriends, and gone all the way with one of them. Still, I felt inexperienced compared to my friends, and really looked forward to exploring my sexuality when I left home for the university.

Well, I got my wish and then some, though not in the way I'd expected.

I 'd never given much thought to getting sexually involved with another girl before, not even in my fantasies -- but once I moved into a cramped dormitory space with my new roommate Jenny, that changed. To make a long story short, Jenny and her best friend and fuck buddy Carla not only seduced me, took me to bed and introduced me to lesbian love, they turned me into their submissive sex toy as well. I'd never known until then how much it thrilled me to give myself over to the will of another.

Jenny and Carla controlled me completely. I could only wear the clothes they selected for me -- and they delighted in making me dress like a total slut, usually without panties or a bra. When I was in our room, the house rule was that I had to be naked the whole time, ready to fuck whenever my lovers wanted. And we fucked a lot. Luckily, Jenny and Carla made certain that I got the required schoolwork done. They were both honor students themselves, and didn't want their plaything to get kicked out of school for bad grades.

It was one freaky ride -- yet at the same time my life was simpler than it had ever been, reduced to a diet of studying, classes, and lesbian sex. I loved it.

That's not the story I'm sharing now, though -- what I want to tell you about is the day things really got out of control. The day my mom came to visit.

It was Saturday, and I'd spent the entire morning playing with Carla and Jenny. As usual, I was naked, and Carla was corkscrewing her vibrator in and out of my ass when my cell phone went off. I glanced at Jenny, waiting for permission to answer. She nodded, so I reached over to pluck the chiming device from my nightstand.

The vibrator was on low and buzzed tantalizingly in my rectum as I flipped the phone open and brought it to my ear.

"Hello?" I said breathlessly.

"Hi, honey!" a cheerful voice replied. Oh, God ... it was my mother!

"Um, h-hi, Mom!" I stammered.

"Guess what? I'm on the way up to pay you a little visit! I should be there in about twenty minutes."

I was too stunned to reply, at first, but finally I managed, "Wow, Mom ... that sounds great!" desperately trying to keep control of my voice. Carla still had her hand on the vibrator and, a wicked smile on her lips, turned it up a notch. She and Jenny giggled when the buzzing of the toy grew louder and higher pitched. I moaned without meaning to as it throbbed crazily in my anus.

"Are you all right, Marilyn?" my mom asked.

"Sure, Mom -- um, my b-back's kind of sore." I said, trying my damnedest not to let myself come.

"Yeah, I remember how hard dormitory beds are," Mom laughed. "So, I'll call you when I get to the school, okay? Maybe you can take me to lunch."

Carla slowly eased the eight-inch vibrator even deeper into my ass. It was all I could do not to cry out loud.

"Yeah that'll work just great Mom see you then," I said in one burst, desperately trying to end the conversation before I went off.

"What's that buzzing sound?" My mother asked.

"I don't know it's coming from the room next door, but I gotta grab a shower so I'll see you when you get here," I said, all but panting. Carla was working the vibrator in and out of me now.

"Okay then, honey ... see you soon!"

My head was spinning. "Bye!" I gasped, and clicked the phone shut, dropping it to the floor.

"Is Mommy coming to visit her little girl?" Jenny asked as Carla slowly pumped the vibrator in and out.

"Yeah," I moaned. "She's gonna b-be here in about twenty minutes." I got up on all fours, arching my back and parting my legs to take Carla's toy even deeper.

But instead of giving me the fuck I ached for, she withdrew her vibrator. "You'd better go shower, then," she smirked.

I knelt there for a few seconds, shivering with frustration. Damn it. Carla had a thing for bringing me to the boil without finishing me off. She always did make me come, eventually -- but until then, she loved to leave me hungry, desperately craving release. Sometimes for hours. And I wasn't allowed to masturbate, ever -- not unless Jenny or Carla instructed me to.

Slowly regaining my breath, I rose from the bed, grabbed a towel, threw on my bathrobe and hustled out of the dorm room with my shower bag. I washed as quickly as I could, then hurried back.

The girls were lounging on my bed. Jenny was fingering Carla, the Irish girl's pale skin and soft red pubic hair starkly contrasted by the shiny black of Jenny's fingernails as they slid in and out of her pussy. My face had been buried in those auburn pubes many times, happily licking Carla to orgasm.

I shrugged out of my bathrobe, longingly watching my friends make love, then padded over to open the underwear drawer with a sigh.

"Jenny?" I hesitantly asked as I pulled a tiny thong, the only kind of panties my lovers ever let me wear, over my hips.

"Yes, Marilyn?" Jenny said as she glanced up at me.

"Since I'm meeting my mom ... do you, um, think I could maybe wear a bra?" I asked.

"No ... I don't think so," Jenny said. With a parting kiss to Carla's cunt, she stood and padded over to me, then bent down to flick at my nipples with her tongue. I moaned. God, I love having my breasts licked. "What's the matter, Marilyn?" she purred, raising her mocking face to mine. "Afraid of Mommy seeing your nipples?" Pulling me to her, Jenny crushed her mouth to mine. I closed my eyes, returning her kiss.

Jenny was nibbling my ear while Carla browsed through our closet, choosing the clothes I was to wear that day. When my cell phone rang again, she bent down to deftly scoop it up from the carpet. I thought Carla was going to hand it to me -- instead, she answered it herself.

"Hello?" she chirped, then paused. "No, this is Carla, I'm Marilyn's friend." She listened for a moment. "Okay, I'll let her know ... she's doing her hair now."

Carla grinned as she closed the phone with a flourish. "Mommy's heeeeerrrre," she sang.

She tossed me my white tank top, and I pulled it on. It was pretty snug, and my nipples were clearly visible through the thin material.

Then Carla handed me a skirt, and I stepped into it, fastening it around my waist. It was black and came to just above my knees. The tank top came down to just above my navel, showing off my belly button.

I studied myself in the mirror. It could have been worse, though I still looked pretty trashy.

"You look scrumptious," Jenny said. "Off you go, now -- mustn't keep Mommy waiting." She reached under my skirt to fondle my ass as I stepped into a pair of sandals, handing me my shoulder bag as Carla opened the door.

"We're gonna grab a shower and get dressed ... maybe we'll see you two later," Jenny cooed as I walked out the door.

I apprehensively trudged down the stairs towards the lobby, bracing myself to meet Mom. Would she make a big deal about how I looked? Taking a deep breath, I opened the door to the stairwell and stepped out. There she was, all smiles as she waited for me.

"Honey!" Mom cried, as she jumped up from the bench to give me a hug.

Maybe it was due to my lack of a bra, maybe it was because Carla hadn't finished me off with the vibrator, maybe it was because of all the girl/girl sex I'd enjoyed in the past few months -- but I distinctly felt my mother's breasts as they pressed against mine, and the warmth and softness of them made me all tingly. I hugged her back, suddenly conscious how good she smelled.

"So good to see you, hon," Mom said. "Ready for lunch?"

"That sounds great," I said. "I'm starved." We started walking toward the campus cafe.

Given that I'd been looking at girls and women a lot more lately, I couldn't help but notice, as if for the first time, how beautiful my mother still was. She was in her late thirties and worked out daily, and her body showed it. I'd always envied her honey-brown hair, much preferring it to my own darker hue.

I caught myself imagining what Mom looked like naked when she glanced at me -- and it was then that she noticed that I'd gone without a bra. For a split second a look of disapproval flashed in her eyes, but she said nothing and walked through the door as I held it open.

We ordered deli sandwiches and coffee at the counter, then seated ourselves a booth and ate together. My mind wandered as I recalled how Jenny had once slipped her hand under my skirt in the booth next to this one and masturbated me to a frenzied climax, while I nearly bit through my lower lip trying not to scream. Despite being in the presence of my mother, I found myself getting a little excited at the memory.

We talked about classes and a bunch of other things related to college life. Mom asked if I was spending my spare time with any cute boys, and I said no. Then she brought me up to speed on all the news from home.

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