by BobRooney

Caution: This BDSM Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Romantic, Reluctant, Heterosexual, BDSM, DomSub, FemaleDom, Light Bond, Oriental Female, Petting, .

Desc: BDSM Sex Story: She keeps him handcuffed to her bed.

It had begun as a game, as a flirt. As a little whim of a fellow student, a young woman with long, blonde hair and dazzling blue eyes.

And she had smiled, as the steel rings closed in on my wrists with a metallic sound. And I had felt my heart hammering, where I lay on her bed, and felt the touch of the hardcuffs and the bar of cast iron in the heardboard that might keep me here forever.

She had giggled as she unbuttoned my shirt, and her long, blonde hair fell over my upper body. I had been thinking that this just might be my lucky day.

But only one kiss, on a point between my nipples, did she offer me, and then I saw her hair and her skirt turn around, both bopping as she left the room.

I remained - I had no choice.

She came back some time later. I do not know when, as there was no clock on any of the walls. She was smiling and giggling, her face red from laughter, her beautiful, long hair slightly messed up.

"How are you?" she said pleasantly, lying down next to me on the bed, resting her head on one hand. I could feel her breath on my skin, her body just an inch from mine.

"Well," I said, rattling the handcuffs. "A bit scared, and, well, maybe even curious?"

"Curious?" she asked, pouting.


"How curious?"

"I don't know."

"Let's find out," she said, and opened the hand she was not resting on. There, on her palm, lay the keys to the handcuffs. Lightly she put the on my chest, where she had kissed in some time ago. Her bright blue eyes caught mine. "Shall I release you?"

How can you blame me, with this Goddess lying next to me? With her lovely body so close to mine, her perfume tickling my nose, and her eyes promising so much? I could end this dream and go home, or I could close my eyes and just surrender to the pleasure she seemed to be offering.

"What was that, my dear?" And impish grin spread over her face as I muttered something, her face coming closer to mine.

"D-Don't release me..." I repeated.

She laughed. "You are so cute!" Then her hand left the key lying on my breast, and she put it on my hands where they were forced to clasp the bar of cast iron. "You want to stay cuffed to my bed, my dear?"


"You know that you'll only be released when or if I want to?" Her hand trailed down my arm, caressing it lightly under the shirt.

"Yes!" My heart was racing. Not from fear but from excitement at her words.

"You know I can and will do anything I want to you?" Her tone was sultry, and she smiled wickedly. Her fingers played on my ribs.

"Yes," I swallowed, not really caring what she said, just wishing she would go on touching me.

"Then," she said, removing her fingers and standing up, "let the fun begin!"

Then she threw the key to the handcuffs out of an open window!

"W-Why did you ... What did you just..." I began, as she turned back to me after she had tossed the key out of the window. I gave the handcuffs a hard tug, but they were still of steel. I was trapped.

She just smiled demurely, swaying her hips in a way that made me feel slightly dizzy. She had great legs, and the black satin skirt she wore only managed to make them more pronounced. I was trapped, but was that such a bad thing?

"You know," she said, and looked down on me. "I have planned this for a long, long time. I have wanted to have your big, strong body at my complete disposal for weeks and months now. And now, I do."

Her smiled widened. "Why, you must be over six feet tall, and I am not even five!" She bent down next to my head and whispered in my ear. "You could lift me up and toss me around, if you wanted to, had you been free. But you are not. And now I can do with you as I please, and have you begging me for mercy..."

For a total of five seconds I thought that having me 'beg for mercy' meant she was going to make love to me. Her fingers caressed my upper body, and she planted a kiss on my throat. The touches, and the feel of her long, blonde, shining hair sliding over my belly, made me gasp in raw delight.

Then she sat up, and her fingers sought out my vulnerable spaces. Yes, I am ticklish, and she was an expert tickler. Soon I was squirming, trying to move my body away from her skillful hands. It didn't work. I was handcuffed to her bed, and she did with me as she pleased.

"No," I yelled as I tugged and tugged in futility at the cuffs. I fought and fought, but that only seemed to make her laugh.

"Stop it!" I cried. "Release me!"

"Ooo!" she teased. "Such a big, strong man! You can get free by yourself, can't you?"

"No, have mercy!"

"Sorry, but this is so fun," she chuckled, her fingers under my chin and under my arms, and on my sides. I could see in her eyes that she spoke the truth - they were full of wickedness.

And so I had to beg and plead and promise while my wrists were rubbed raw as I tried to fight my cuffs. But nothing helped. She teased and tickled me until she fell down next to me on the bed, laughing, looking at me fondly.

"Ooo, I am having so much fun! Thank you for choosing to remain here with me," she winked.

Then her cell phone rang.

"Hello," she said as she answered the phone, while I relaxed from the tickling. She lay on her back, and I groaned silently as her long, blonde hair fell across my abdomen, sending a tingle of satisfaction through my body every time she moved. Her left hand was idly caressing the inside of my thigh, as she spoke with the other person.

The caller was obviously a friend of her, also living on campus, and they chatted away about classes and plans for the weekend. Then, suddenly my beautiful tormenter turned around, and looked at me with a cunning look. Shifting her phone to her left hand, she began circling my navel with the fingers of the other. I groaned again.

"Yeeeees, I did..." she said smugly.

"Right here," she said, answering another question, and patting me on my belly. "Thanks for letting me borrow them," she added with a glance at the handcuffs. The both she and the caller slipped into hysterical giggling, and I groand for a third time, caught in between excitement and shame.

Then the other person spoke, and she hesitated visibly. "You think I should do what!?"

"No, I can't," my blonde captor repeated once more, shaking her head and giggling at the same time. Then, she got a wicked gleam in her wonderful, blue eyes. "All right, just for fun!"

She reached out with her hand, and found the skin on the side of my body. Grabbing it with her fingers, she gave me a quick pinch. It was not very painful, and I just moved slightly. The wicked look remained in her eyes as she pinched me again, somewhat harder this time. I gave a short grunt, and tried to move away from her fingers.

"I must try a bit harder," she whispered into the phone. Her expression was that of one who does something that is illegal, but fascinating. The next pinch, of which I had as little chance as possible to escape as any of the other, was painful, and I yelped.

"Did you hear that?" she breathed eagerly into the phone. "Did you hear that? Wait, I'll show you once more. Listen now."

And her fingers found a new piece of skin, under my arm.

"Aw! Oy!" I cried as she pinched and pinched me, and she could not help for laughing.

"Can you hear him?" she laughed into the phone at her friend who was listening at the other end. I could hear the faint echo of her laugh, as well, feeling less like a man and more like an amusing object.

But then I realized, somehow, that this feeling touched me in some inexplicable way. Her pinches were not too painful, and somehow it was all worth it just to hear her laugh, to know that her friend was listening to my yelping.

And my yelping changed, I am ashamed to say, from cries of pain into guttural exclaimations of strange delight. I closed my eyes, and actually enjoyed what she was doing to me.

Suddenly, she stopped. I opened my eyes, and saw her looking at me with open, round eyes. "H-He likes it," she whispered breathlessly into the phone.

" ... old you he would," I heard her friend's voice say. Then the blonde hung up with a quick "Talk to you later."

She lay down beside me, her chin on my chest, her hand on my belly, her eyes holding mine. "Did," she said with a quavering voice, "did you really enjoy that?"

The blonde looked at me anxiously. I felt my heart leap up into my throat as I slowly nodded and managed to croak "Y-Yes..."

Her face brightened immediately, and I felt happy just by causing such a smile to appear on that beautiful face.

"Oh, thank you!" she said. "I thought it was just me who was a bitch!"

I shook my head. "No, you are not. Or maybe you simply are my kind of bitch? Ouch!" I said as she pinched me again, looking mock angry.

"Please, no more pinching. I would like a kiss instead."

"A kiss?" she said happily, smiling again.

"Yes, please!"

"A kiss?" she repeated, getting up and straddling me. Her rump was on my belly, and her toes on the insides of my thighs. She looked down at me.

"Yes, a kiss! Please, kiss me?"

"Have you," she said, leaning forward on her arms, her face inches from mine. Her lips so close to mine. "Have you earned a kiss?"

I didn't answer, but tried to lift my head and kiss her by surprise. She didn't fall for it, but kept her lips just out of reach of my struggling. She giggled until I fell down, exhausted.

"Have you earned a kiss, my dear?" she repeated.

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