Ravaging Sebrineh

by ResidentPerv

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Mult, NonConsensual, Reluctant, Rape, Magic, Slavery, Lesbian, BiSexual, Heterosexual, Hermaphrodite, Fiction, Science Fiction, Horror, Paranormal, BDSM, DomSub, Rough, Sadistic, Torture, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Size, Body Modification, Needles, Caution, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: A woman awakes to a nightmarish world of erotic pain and torture administered by inhuman hands... or does she? NOTE: parts of this story are not for the faint of heart... you've been warned. Enjoy!

Sebrinah faded in and out of consciousness. How long had she hung here in the dark? Her wrists were manacled above her head to a heavy chain that. had been looped over a thick iron hook buried in the stone wall of the cavernous chamber,, keeping her suspended above the floor. Occasionally her eyes would flutter open briefly, just long enough to peer down through the sweat-soaked strands of silken hair hanging limply around and in front of her face. Each time she fought through the haze and focused her vision, the sight that continued to meet her bleary gaze brought back the most delicious, nightmarish images to her exhausted mind. The creamy skin of her breasts was crisscrossed with fiery red welts, and blood still dripped ever-so-slowly from the glittering rings that had been thrust through her tender nipples less than two hours ago.

The images that cluttered her mind were of her Master, his glittering yellow eyes and the way they flashed in front of her face as he'd driven the stainless steel needles through her nipples, and the way he'd chuckled ominously when she'd screamed at the pain. But even before the pain of the piercing had subsided he'd reached down and rammed the thick, ivory dildo deep into her wildly clutching pussy, silencing her screams and making her come in waves of orgasmic convulsions. Then, with the needles still transfixing her bleeding, swollen nipples, there was the stinging bite of the flog, again and again ... And suddenly, as if the stone wall behind her had grown a cock of it's own, her Master had dug his taloned fingers into the tender cheeks of her ass, spread them wide, and impaled her tiny asshole on this mysterious stone phallus. This was followed by the dildo being yanked from her spasming cunt and being replaced with his massive cock, ramming deeper than the dildo could ever reach, and the incredulous ripples of intense pleasure that made her mind reel uncontrollably.

Each time the images became sufficiently clear enough, or strong enough, Sebrinah's body would shudder as a small orgasm would roll through her cunt and travel up to her tortured nipples, causing them to harden around the metal rings running through them. Then, with a whimper and a few quiet sobs, she would once again fall into unconsciousness.

The sound of the heavy wooden door of her makeshift prison being opened brought her crashing back to reality, and she raised her head wearily to see who it was that was coming to torture her anew. A mixture of relief and apprehension filled her heart as her Master entered the chamber and stood beside the door, smiling wickedly at her. Very casually he turned and looked back through the doorway and motioned, apparently to someone Sebrinah couldn't see.

"Please come in, my dear," he smiled, his voice low and ominous, like the roll of thunder in a distant storm. "I've someone for you to play with." Sebrinah's heart skipped a beat and began to hammer in her chest as the flood of adrenaline surged through her. Not only had she been made to endure unimaginable tortures, and been made to actually enjoy them, but now she was to be displayed and exploited like a toy, or a pet??

"No, Master, please..." she whimpered, her lips quivering as the tears began to fill her eyes and stream down her cheeks. "Please, I beg you..."

Just then a woman stepped through the door, smiling evilly at the sight of Sebrinah's beautiful, tortured body, suspended above the floor by her restraints. The woman was stunning. A pair of small ivory horns poked through thick, blonde curls that cascaded down her back and over her shoulders, accentuating the smooth, bright red skin that covered her entire body. Sebrinah was suddenly aware of a tingling between her tired legs and the tickle of her own liquid arousal slowly running down the smooth skin of her inner thighs. Completely nude, the succubus moved gracefully across the room, her full breasts capped with thick, erect ebony nipples bouncing slightly as she walked. Smooth, feminine muscles rippled in her thighs and abdomen with every movement. Finally, she stood directly before Sebrinah, smiling and staring into her wide, terrified eyes through the sweat-soaked ebony curls that hung over the trembling girl's face. The succubus' clear ice-blue eyes held Sebrinah's gaze as she slowly raised a hand to cup one bruised, tender breast, and gently thumbed the throbbing, pierced nipple, causing a fresh trickle of blood to slither down across the creamy, welted skin. Her touch was hot, almost scalding, yet strangely soothing, and the impassioned groan that escaped Sebrinah's lips brought a lustful grin to the succubus' beautiful features. Breaking the locked stare into Sebrinah's eyes just long enough to glance down at the silky thatch of down between her dangling thighs, the succubus reached down to dip her fingers into the dripping fluid coating Sebrinah's smooth skin, and then raised her hand to her face and licked the nectars from her delicate fingers. Sebrinah shuddered at the touch and then grimaced as goosebumps raised up all over her body, causing her nipples to stiffen once again.

"Delicious," the succubus whispered, and then, to Sebrinah's mounting shame, turned her head slightly and called out over her shoulder, "She's dripping wet." With a wicked smile, the woman reached out to smooth her burning hands across the smooth skin of Sebrinah's hips and took hold of her firm buttocks, pulling them forward as she thrust her muscular thigh between the limp, dangling legs. Sebrinah grunted and ground her gushing pussy against the firm flesh involuntarily. Filled with shame, Sebrinah couldn't stop herself from hunching her cunt up and down against the woman's hot, muscular leg, as a fresh torrent of tears began to flow from her clenched eyelids. Even as her twitching clit drove her towards an explosive climax, she silently cursed her body for betraying her, but still continued to grind away with her cunt.

The power in the woman's hands and arms belied her relatively slight build, as she dug her fingers into the soft, smooth flesh of Sebrinah's ass and pulled her crotch harder against her lunging thigh. As she helped the exhausted slave work her hips up and down, the succubus began to grind her own crotch against Sebrinah's thigh, mashing her clit and boiling hot slit with increasing intensity, striving for climax. Sebrinah's own orgasm suddenly erupted within her, as bright lights exploded behind her eyes and a river of cuntjuice drenched the succubus' grinding thigh. As she struggled to regain her senses, she heard the succubus grunt and whisper sharply, "Yes, m'lord, fuck my ass!!" With that, Sebrinah forced her eyes open, only to meet the flashing stare of her Master as he rammed his thick cock into the succubus' taut, scalding ass, driving deep into her bowels. She could feel every thrust of her Master's cock through the succubus's body, as the force was transferred to her own cunt. Sebrinah turned her gaze back to the red-skinned face before her and watched the succubus' eyes roll back in her head and her black lips fall open in a silent scream of ecstacy. Suddenly, an unexpected sensation between her legs caused Sebrinah to jerk her gaze down to her crotch, where a long, thick cock had somehow emerged from inside the succubus' dripping pussy. The heavily veined shaft began to nudge the bruised, but slippery entrance to her cunt, and Sebrinah again looked up, wide eyed, into her Masters' flashing eyes, the question bursting in her mind completely obvious.

"Magic, little one," he grinned, and continued to hammer his own massive cock in and out of the succubus' gripping hole. As he sped up and lengthened his thrusts, the succubus' cock began to slither into Sebrinah's slick, churning pussy, and surged deep, stopping only when the slick lips of the succubus' pussy were mashed against Sebrinah's own sticky labia.

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