Appendix and Character Bios From World of the Battlemage

by Risq

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Desc: Fantasy Story: Living appendix of the notable characters from the "original" World of the Battlemage.

(Note: this is a living document and things will be added and altered as needed for each new story)

1.) General terms

2.) Guilds and Schools

3.) Towns and Cities

4.) Notable characters Aric's childhood

5.) Notable characters Aric's adulthood

6.) Other Notable characters in the World of the Battlemage

7.) Previous Battlemages in the Battlemage world

1.) General terms

Seasons: Years are referred to as "seasons" by the inhabitants of this world. They do tell time in months and hours, but also by the passing of years as seasons similar to how the American Indians used to do it.

World Development: While the world has a mixture of medieval society, there are other elements from the world that we know of that are intermixed with in their society.

Magic: Magic is divided into five schools, Blue, Red, Green, White, and Black. Of those five schools there are eight levels to be reached. Every mage must be tested by a ranking and sanctioned member of the mages council. While there are infinite ways to use magic, there are basic spells that one must prove mastery over to be able to progress to the next level.

The circles and their general powers are:

Blue - Based on mental powers. Invisibility, telekinesis, and duplication of person or their abilities falls under this category. Everyone has a touch of blue in them even if they can't tap directly into it. It is the ability to 'shape' magic to your will.

Red* - Based in Fire and anger. Any and all fire spells will always fall into the realm of Fire magic. Primarily only offensive abilities, but Aric shows an ability to create firewalls that can block any spell and destroy them at the base level.

Green - Based in Nature or nature based spells. Anything that can be seen as force in nature can be duplicated (earthquakes, tornadoes, lighting, rain, etc)

White - Basis for any form of healing. If someone is healed of sickness or the body is mended in some way it is with the use of White.

Black - Based on disease and death. Any form of necromancy or man made/created plagues or sickness also falls into this category. It is a way to corrupt the body or the land around you.

Mages are tested by being given a particular set of "commonly known" spells from all five schools (circles) to perform. The mages seeking to pass the tests has to perform "all" the given spells flawlessly to the satisfaction of the examiner, while also demonstrating repeatability and an understanding of the spells they are casting.

This is to prevent the chances that they pulled off the spell once as a fluke. They are often expected to perform each spell at least a minimum of three times at the request of the examiner.

Black circle testing is often theory as opposed to actual practice due to the dangerous nature of Black, but the actual spells can be substituted for the required theory at the request of the applicant.

The testing also demonstrates the applicant's use of power and control as well as a through knowledge of the spells of the magic school in question. The more schools they seek to be acknowledged in the longer the test takes to administer.

Also magic users are divided into two general types Mages and Archmages. On average only 1 in every 100,000 – 150,000 people can be a mage of some form of power.

*note: Currently the most powerful school to use based purely on the offensive abilities.

Mage: While the pubic calls anyone who can use magic a "Mage", officially only those who reach at least sixth level in any school are the only one considered mages by the Mages council. All others are just considered magic users by them.

A mage may have power and abilities in as many other schools as they can safely master, but often it is in one or two schools on average.

Mages have one type of school that they have an affinity with, or that is considered to be their most powerful and primary school, even if they learn and master other schools.

Archmages: These are ones who have raised their skills to the highest level and form. To qualify a mage must first raise their power, control, and skill to the level where they have proven mastery of all five circles of magic and in all eight levels, and of those few who can, then often reach this point late in their lives because of the training and power needed. It is similar to exercising ones physical muscles to get stronger.

Even if one becomes an Archmage, they still have an affinity in a primary school.

While the stories often focus on the magic of various Battlemages and those who interact with them, all Battlemages are born with the potential to be Archmages from birth and as such are extremely rare compared to the normal mage populace.

Battlemages are on average born once every 1000 years and already have access to Archmage level magic. They just need to learn how to use, channel, and control it.

Magic Power levels: Each mage has only so much power to be able to cast spells. Most often mages will use lower level spells so that they can use more of them than one large spell.

If someone can be killed with a level 3 lighting bolt it makes more sense to use that and conserve power than it does to overkill with a level 8 lighting bolt. It takes far less power and doesn't exhaust the mage.

Each spell uses as set amount of power from each mage no matter what spell it is. At this point in the storyline this can not be changed nor can it be altered.

Magic returns over time. Usually sleep or at some point with-in 24 hours. If given enough time magic returns gradually, though it can be exhausted in a rush it's a slow gradual return.

There are three notable exceptions to this magical rule:

- Kathryn "Kat" Stockton is a human/elemental hybrid. Due to the nature of how she gained her power she currently has no upper limit to how much power she can store or carry at one time.

In theory she can carry an infinite amount of power and use all the powerful spells she has the power to cast. But she has a weakness in that she has to have relations with males to regain her power because it will not return over time on its own.

Without gaining a source of outside power Kat's only magical powers are the power to craft illusions on herself to appear as someone else, traveling to another point of her choosing that appears as if she disappeared in a cloud of smoke, and willing others into not seeing her if they have not already noticed her, making it almost as if she is invisible.

- Wolfgang Charles Duvall was a former low level single school blue mage who had his magical power changed during a fight with the worlds first Battlemage.

As such his current power allows him to link "minds" with other magical beings which also allows him to increase his power based on a percentage of how many members are currently on this network. This also allows him to use all five schools and not just his original school in Blue as well as directly hear the thoughts of those linked to him.

This power works in such a way that as long as there are mages with power available joined to the network, no matter where they are in the world, he will not run out of magical power. But also in theory if all the mages in the network has their magical power exhausted, then his ability to draw power would also not be available, but so far hasn't happened.

Currently there are two major weaknesses in his network. One is that his power is scaled by the number of mages joined and these mages age and die leaving power gaps, and the second weakness hasn't been revealed yet.

- Aric and his children as Battlemages. (See the section on Battlemages below)

Magical power scaling: To show the scaling of magical power - (first circle mages have at the very least 1000 units per school)

- One School mage - 1000 to a maximum of 10,000 units of internal power.

This varies based if they are only capable of learning the first circle or if they can go all the way up to the eighth circle

- Multi-School mage (2 or more) - 2000 to a maximum of 50,000 of units of internal power

- Archmage (all five schools to eighth circle) – 80,000 units of internal power on average.

- Battlemage, through training and/or natural abilities: estimated 120,000 units

- Battlemage, naturally born: estimated 200,000 units *

- Kat Stockton: Situational, but near infinite

- Wolfgang Duvall: Situational, but near infinite

*note: While Aric started at this level of power as a Battlemage, he gave Brianna an estimated 50,000 units to save her life lowering his level to an estimated 150,000 units.

Warrior: A Warrior is someone who has at least one martial arts skill with either weapons or the use of unarmed combat. It also extends to someone considered a Warrior in training.

Battlemage: By definition is a very rare person in the world who can choose both the paths Mage or Warrior and dedicates their life to mastering that life choice. A Battlemage has the ability to master both where as a normal person would not.

Because of their uncommon and sometimes extreme physical strength, intelligence, and mimic abilities they can use these abilities to learn various different skills from both skill paths at an extreme often alarming rate.

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