The End of the Story

by charleybear

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Desc: Drama Story: He became suspicious that she was cheating on him.

This is a story based upon a recent story posted by Zeke81 called "Lose the Pounds or Lose the Pussy". I am only going to give the briefest of background on the story to start this one flowing so I strongly recommend that you read his story in its entirety before you read this one.

Mark weighed 325 lbs and he and Sara had lost a couple of friends from heart attacks recently. She became worried about Mark and to make a long story short she cut him off from sex for all but four times a year unless he achieved weight loss goals. The four times were Valentine's Day, their Anniversary, and both of their Birthdays. Mark proceeded to lose a bunch of weight over a two year period and cashed in on the extra sex along the way as step goals were met but was pretty much deprived of sex.

He lost a huge amount of weight and got down to around 207 pounds and at that point he wanted to quit. After all he had lost 118 pounds and it was just so tough. When Mark said he wanted to quit Sara said "No way buster." That is when she made her threat, the threat that inspired this story.

"If you quit you will only be getting sex the four times a year. But I have sexual needs so even though you will only be getting sex four times a year, I will have to get my needs taken care of somewhere else."

In the moments after Sara made that threat she saw the foundation of her marriage shake. It started shaking when Mark's head snapped up and he looked her in the eyes with a look of total shock and confusion. She saw the foundation of her marriage crack as she saw the sadness sweep over him and the hurt was evident in his eyes, all the result of what she had said. She saw the foundation of her marriage begin to crumble around her feet as his sadness and hurt morphed into anger and disgust.

She knew then and there that she had made a critical mistake. Sara had pushed this man she loved dearly to the limits to fulfill her desires that he lose all that weight and then she had threatened to have sex with others to punish him for not meeting her goals. How could she be so stupid, how could she have done that to him?

Mark was pissed. He said, "I have busted my ass for two years to lose over 100 pounds to please you Sara. It has been difficult for me beyond belief and during that time you have withheld sex from me as a tool to get me to go on. I did it all for you Sara because I love you and wanted to please you. Now when I don't feel I can continue you reward me by telling me that you will continue to cut me off and in fact get your needs met elsewhere by going out and cheating on me.

"You may not know it yet Sara, but you have just ruined our marriage. You have thrown the gorilla out into the middle of our home and now I don't know if it will ever be caged again. You obviously have had thoughts of having sex with other men or you couldn't have come up with your ultimatum so quickly. How do you expect me to trust you now? Have you been having sex all along to "meet your needs" during this whole two years? Damn you Sara, damn you. I don't know what to believe anymore about our marriage. Man, you have just ruined it that is all I can say."

Sara said, "Mark, I didn't mean it. I never would have had sex with someone else. Please Mark, I didn't mean it."

Mark just looked at her in disgust, "And how am I supposed to really believe anything you say now. You seemed pretty serious a few minutes ago." Mark got up from the kitchen table and headed out the back door into the garage. "I have to have some time to think."

The tears started flowing down Sara's face as she lost it. She sat there sobbing because she knew he was right. A seed of doubt had been planted in his mind and it wasn't going to be easy to make it go away. Sometimes things are said without thinking and that is what happened here. Sara just didn't think how it would affect Mark. She was so proud of him for what he had accomplished but she had gotten greedy and wanted more.

She thought, "It was for me. He did so much for me already but I was greedy and wanted more and now I am going to have to win back what I have lost."

Mark rummaged around out in the garage for about an hour. There wasn't anything in particular that he was doing, just keeping his hands busy while he thought things through. Mark didn't really think his wife had cheated on him over the last two years but he wasn't sure. Earlier in the day he would have been sure but now after her comment he just couldn't be sure anymore. He didn't know either if she would have cheated on him in the future Earlier he would have never believed it but now he wasn't sure anymore.

He said out loud, "I need to find out."

Mark walked back in the house. Sara was still sitting at the kitchen table looking like hell. Her eyes were red from crying and her nose was red too. Mark noticed and felt bad but he was determined to follow through on what he had decided.

"Sara, here is what is going to happen. I am quitting the diet right now. You don't need to worry about cutting me off from sex with you because I am cutting you off. We can have sex the same four times a year that you dictated before if you want. If you want to skip it all together that is fine too, I don't care. You do what you have to do. Let me tell you however that if you choose to have sex with someone other than me you won't like the results when I find out, and I will find out. Your lover will have his balls kicked up into his ass and stomped into pulp. I am sure I will be breaking a few of his ribs and for sure his nose. I am certain that his eyes will be swollen shut before I am done so he won't be looking lovingly on you in the future. And depending on how I am feeling at the time it might even be worse.

As for you, if you cheat on me I will kick your ass to the curb so fast you won't know what hit you. You will be a free woman, able to get your "needs met" anytime and anyplace you want. I would never stay married to a cheating whore so make your own bed there sweetheart.

"And just so you know I am going to be watching your every move from here on forward. I don't trust you anymore so you had better be really careful in everything you do. You won't be able to be careful enough though to keep me from finding out if you cheat.

"I am going out for a while. I won't be home for lunch but I will be here for dinner. If you don't feel like cooking that is ok. We can order a pizza or some Chinese takeout if you don't cook."

Mark grabbed his car keys off the counter and walked out the back door into the garage. Moments later Sara heard the garage door open and she heard Mark's car drive away.

Sara said out loud, "Oh my God, I can't believe this. How could I be so stupid."

She began sobbing again and just sat there wishing she had kept her mouth shut. An hour or so later she got up to go to the bathroom then went and lay on her bed and cried some more. When Mark arrived home later that afternoon he found her in the exact same position.

Like so many husbands who suspected his wife of cheating Mark decided to do some detective work on his own. He thought the easiest way to start was to drive to the telephone providers and request a printout of call logs on their home phone and on his wife's cell phone. Both were in his name so he knew he would not be having any trouble getting the reports. The land line phone company told him he could have it electronically and they were able to upload the call logs for the last three years onto a CD for him for a small fee. He gladly paid it and walked out of the office with everything he asked for. Yes, he requested three years because he wanted to be able to go back before he had started the diet to see if there had been any motivation for Sara cutting him off in the first place.

Next he went to the cell phone company and requested identical data. They hesitated at first since it was his wife's cell phone number he wanted the data for, but Mark pointed out that indeed it was a joint account with his name prominently on the records so they had no reason to withhold any information he might request. They offered the data electronically as well for a fee of $20. Mark thought it excessive but probably worth the money so he could more easily access the information. He did make a note though that perhaps he would rethink his cell phone provider in the future.

Arriving at home around 4:00 PM Mark saw Sara laying on their bed sound asleep. He decided to let her sleep and went back to their home office. Locking the office door so he would not be interrupted he sat down at the computer and downloaded all of the data from the two CD's into a folder in his documents file.

He had already formulated how he would conduct his search. He was going to start with two years ago and compile a list of every telephone number called in that first month when he started his diet and when Sara had restricted his sex to four times a year plus rewards for goals achieved. That would have been September of 2008.

On their home phone September had 96 calls to 19 different numbers. He found that using the format the phone company had provided for him he could sort the data in a number of different ways so he created a list by number showing the number, the date, the time and the duration of the call. Once he got the system figured out it took him about an hour and a half to create that list for every call made from their home phone in the last two years.

He was just about ready to start the same process on Sara's cell phone data when he heard the office door knob rattle. The door was locked so no one could come in so he saved everything he had been doing and stashed away all evidence of what he had been doing.

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