Bethany and Rachel Show Their Stuff

by Tom Land

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Incest, Father, Daughter, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Bethany and Rachel, the twenty-something daughters of Stan have long had secret desires to be their father's lover. One night, Stan's wife confronts him about his feelings and she makes it possible for her daughters to make their own fantasies reality.

Stan couldn't figure out what his daughters, Rachel and Bethany, were thinking. They were both very attractive, sexy young women, just like their mother. Just like their mother. Rachel was now married with a little boy, but her sexy younger sister, Bethany, was single and very hot. Stan had watched both of his girls grow up and turn into young women. It was what they did around him after they matured into young women that really puzzled him and got him going.

Bethany was a very attractive young woman and had her mom's very nice full breasts. Her face was very cute and she had a really sexy well-developed body. After Bethany and Rachel both blossomed, developing breasts and the curves of womanhood, they would still flit around the house in their sexy bra and panties as though a man wasn't there. Stan was very much a man, and he sure noticed his girls had become young women.

Stan had even seen Rachel and Bethany totally naked in the bathroom. One time Rachel was sitting totally naked on the commode, and when she finished peeing, she'd wiped her young pussy while Stan was standing there watching.

One night Stan got a phone call from the father of a boy Rachel was dating. The father asked if he knew where Rachel and his son were. Stan didn't, but he told the other father he'd see if he could find the young couple.

Stan didn't find Rachel and Sam anywhere so he decided to expand his search. He left the house with a flashlight and went in search of the two teenagers. Before he could ever see the young couple, he could hear them and Stan could tell Rachel and Sam were fucking.

There was enough light for Stan to clearly see that Rachel and Sam were totally naked and Rachel was sitting on Sam's lap, riding his cock. He could see that Sam cared enough about Rachel that he had put a condom on his cock before she'd mounted him and started fucking. That showed the teenagers had planned to fuck, too, but Stan felt good that the young pair was trying to prevent a pregnancy.

What should he do? Should he break them up right now and send Sam home? Should he watch the two youngsters from the shadows and let them finish their fuck? Was this Rachel's first fuck? Had she lost her cherry earlier with Sam?

Stan continued to watch without Rachel and Sam Knowing his presence. Stan had noticed Rachel's maturation physically, but this was the first time he'd seen her fully naked and having sex with a boyfriend. Stan felt a bit embarrassed that he, her father, found what she and Sam were doing very erotic. This was hot as Sam was getting his horny young cock royally fucked by sexy young Rachel. Stan struggled trying to decide, but the raw sexiness of the scene was hard to handle. He could see every inch of Rachel's beautiful body and he could tell she and Sam were really enjoying making love. Stan could almost guarantee this was not their first time to fuck, and he was pretty sure Rachel hadn't just lost her cherry pussy that night either.

Rachel and Sam were both making lusty sounds, telling each other how good it felt. Stan could clearly heard the sounds of a hard cock sliding in and out of Rachel's tight wet pussy. This was what it was all about. Finally, Stan let them continue and decided he'd talk to Rachel later in private.

Stan continued to watch the young couple fuck to a mutual orgasm. He wanted to jack off himself. It was so hot but he didn't want them knowing he was watching. He walked back to the house, called the other father and let him know they were OK and his son would be home soon.

Stan figured the other father was concerned for his son and Rachel's safety, not whether they were banging their young horny brains out in a field.

Stan was even more perplexed about his redhead daughter, Bethany, than he was concerning Rachel. She was equally sexy, just like Rachel, but he feared Bethany was a perfect knockoff of her mother, totally hot to trot and very sexually adventurous. Stan was actually worried about Bethany's open sensuality and what she might attempt.

Stan had also been teased and titillated by Bethany around the house, and, boy, was Bethany built. She had her mom's large sexy breasts, and Bethany loved to show them off. Bethany was really the one who puzzled Stan at the state of undress she'd often be in around him. Sometimes she'd only be in bra and panties; sometimes only her skimpy panties. Sometimes Bethany was even naked in front of her father, and he could often see her naked breasts, her sexy ass, and even her smooth-shaved pussy.

As Stan found himself thinking about Rachel and Bethany, he'd frequently pull his cock out and jack off, imagining he was having sex with both of his young daughters.

One night after Stan and his wife, Robin, had made passionate love, he asked Robin what the deal was with their two hottie daughters.

"Stan, they come by what they're doing very naturally," and she told him that she'd had an ongoing sexual relationship with her own father and grandfather when she was their age and even younger. Robin had fucked her own father and then he had offered her to his father for a night in bed together with her.

"Stan, would you be interested in making love to your daughters, Rachel and Bethany?"

"Yes, Robin, I would. Are you OK with that? I didn't know about you and your father. I've really struggled with my thoughts and desires for our two girls."

"Stan, I'll make this happen. I've been watching our girls around you. We haven't talked about you in this way, but if these are my daughters, they're both wanting you in the most intimate way you've ever dared imagine. Both – and not always one-on-one, either. You get it?"

"Robin, I do get it, and I want that, too. Soon."

"Stan, if this is what the girls both want, you know it will take place soon. Doesn't everything they want?"

Robin called both girls and asked them to come over the next evening. She told Rachel to leave her baby with her husband and let him know she'd be spending the night. She also called Bethany and asked her to cover over that very evening. Bethany came right over.

Robin took Bethany to her old bedroom where she still slept when she visited and broke the ice with her youngest daughter immediately.

"Yes, Mom, you know me too well. I've had the hots for Daddy all my life, nearly. But, since puberty, you know precisely what's been on my mind. Always. I must be a sex maniac, Mom. I always want it. Don't you?"

Robin and Bethany both had a good laugh. "Bethany, let's not even go there right now," and then they got serious in a lighthearted mother-daughter way.

"Mom, can I make this a reality for Daddy and me tonight? In just a little while? I am so ready," Bethany said with her typical eagerness and hot desire to do it and do it now.

"You can. Your Daddy doesn't know, Bethany, so seduce him. You know what you're doing. I do know you, sweetheart, and you have a wonderful time. I approve and I love you both."

Robin spoke to Stan and let him know she'd spoken with Bethany and Robin was going to sleep in the guest bedroom that night. "Don't plan on getting much sleep tonight, honey. Your daughter, Bethany, is a tigress, I assure you."

"Honey, thank you. I love you so much and I can't tell you what this means. Does Bethany know you and I have talked about this?"

"No, Stan, Bethany only knows what I've discussed with her –her sexual desire for you and my approval for her to act on it. She does not have any idea you know anything she wants to do with you."

"Wow, honey, I can hardly wait."

Bethany had quickly made her plans and rummaged through drawers in her old room. She wished her mom had told her what was up on the phone. Bethany wasn't worried. She could seduce any guy – Daddy was quite a guy and she knew what to do.

An hour or so later, Robin had kissed Stan goodnight and she'd hugged and kissed Bethany, and told her she'd given an excuse for why she was sleeping in the guest room. The coast was clear for Bethany. It was up to her now.

Bethany knocked on the door of her mom and dad's bedroom and stuck her head in when she heard her father respond to the knock.

"Hi, Daddy, can I come in?" Bethany asked.

"Bethany! Hi, honey, what are you doing here tonight? Did you get lost on your way home from a date? It's great to see you," Stan said.

"Oh, just decided to come over and see you guys tonight, and spend the night," Bethany said.

This whole setup was so sex tension-filled; he hoped he didn't spoil it. The moment Bethany came in, he saw she was wearing one of her snug-fitting gowns that really showed off her large breasts and her womanly curves. Stan's cock reacted instantly. He'd seen his sexy young daughter in this and even more arousing outfits in the past when Bethany would be around. Realizing what Robin had told him, now he wondered if Bethany had been trying to seduce him back then.

Stan patted the bed beside him, "Come over and talk to me, Bethany. It's so great to see you, baby."

Stan's cock had grown to full hardness underneath the sheet and he wondered if Bethany could see how she'd affected him.

Bethany's nightgown was sleeveless and designed to show off her ample cleavage. Stan wondered if she had anything on underneath and was almost sure she was naked. He could clearly see her hard nipples poking against the nightgown's material. She smelled fresh and very sexy.

"Sit here where I can see you," Stan said.

"Daddy, I've missed you so much. It's nice to have my own place but I really miss being here with you and Mom."

Stan noticed Bethany's eyes checking him out. He felt sure she'd detected his hardon where he was naked under the covers.

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