Greed Doesn't Pay

by Winterfrog

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Rape, Blackmail, Drunk/Drugged, Cheating, Slut Wife, Spanking, Rough, Interracial, Black Male, White Female, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Greedy black lover wanted much more from a biker's wife than her sex and love. No winners in such events.

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Since my early teens I've been interested in motorcycles. When I got a moped at the age of fifteen it didn't take me long to fix it to do 60 km/h instead of the legal 30 km/h. At sixteen I got my first motorcycle driving-license. Then I even found my way to the local speedway club where I within a few years was one of the stars on our top team.

Speedway in Europe and Australia means four drivers driving four laps on an oval 350-400 meters long dirt track with 500 cc, 70 horse-power strong motorcycles without brakes and gearbox. Each heat takes only about one minute, which means that it is a fast, dangerous and action filled game and a perfect sport for TV. It is, therefore, a very popular sport in many countries.

Just like sport stars are, we local top team drives were popular among the girls in my Scandinavian hometown. I had no objections when a rich daddy's beautiful but very spoiled daughter began to get interested in me. Why should a guy say no thanks to such a great trophy. To my great surprise she was both faithful and OK with me so my love for her increased by and by and had reached a fair level by the time her problems started. First her parents divorced and her mother left town with a new boyfriend. Then her father's business went bankrupt and her easy earned money for working a few hours a week for him came crashing to an end. When she got pregnant, I asked her to marry me, which she accepted. We never had any worse problems in our marriage than most other couples and two years after Thomas we had our daughter Anna, and became an average family. When Anna was two years old, Lena got a job at a bank. My sponsors had helped me open a motorcycle business, which began to grow better than expected.

With two small kids and an increasing business I had to say no thanks to well-paid offers from English and Polish teams. That was much appreciated by Lena. After a few years I completely quit racing and concentrated all my efforts on my business. To everyone's surprise Lena did a good job at the bank and began to get promotions.

When the kids were seven and five Lena was offered a six-month trainee program for further promotions at the main office in our national capital. She accepted and the bank kept her in a furnished two-room apartment and a discount card for the express train so she could get home for the weekends in less than two and a half hours. She used to come late Thursday evening or Friday afternoon and went back early Monday morning. The first two months went on without any problems. She spent much time with the kids and the family did a lot of things together. Even our sex life went to high levels during those weekends. We were a happy family.


Of course I was both happy and surprised when I got offered the trainee program at the main office. My husband had no objections and promised to take care of everything at home those four or five days a week I was away. I was given a nice furnished apartment within walking distance from the bank so I had no need to take my car with me, which saved me from a lot of parking problems.

The first two months were both busy and interesting. I spent most of the evenings in the apartment and had been out for dining and dancing only a few times with my new friends. Then one Wednesday evening everything turned different. As a part of my training I had been working at one of the local offices, which had "open house" for giving their preferred customers personal advice in different matters.

It had been a busy evening and the last customer had left us about 7.30 P.M ... The local boss, a pretty woman in her early fifties, invited me for dinner on the bank's account. She suggested a newly opened South African restaurant in the vicinity where she had never been before. I accepted it as a good idea.

The place was decorated with souvenirs from Africa and was very crowded with an array of Africans, Scandinavians and mixed couples. We were asked if we could share a table for four with two others, which we accepted and were then guided to a table where two Africans were already seated.

I sat down next to a well built dark black man in his early thirties who introduced himself as Henry. Mona sat next to a bit more brown man in his mid twenties who looked like a body builder. He told us that he was from Sudan and introduced himself with a name none of us could pronounce, so we called him for Jim.

Mona ordered a Gin and lime for all four of us while we were waiting for our food. We had a pleasant chat with the men during the meal. We skipped dessert and I bought us a round of Gin and lime instead, which put us girls in a giggling mood. Then Henry suggested we have the next round at his club, which had a bit more African atmosphere. We accepted. It didn't take long time to get there in a taxi and as Henry was a member there, we had no problem getting in.

The Africa club was in a basement and had a rather crowded pub where mostly single men were drinking beer. Next to the pub was a lounge, which was almost dark with loud African music. Off to one side there were an area with discrete booths. Henry found a booth for us and went to the bar to get drinks.

When our eyes adjusted to the darkness we could see more details of the dance floor with both an eclectic mix of couples. Many of the men and women were dancing topless. Looking around I noticed with a blush that some of the women were only in bra and panties. The sight of those partly naked bodies writhing to the intensely suggestive music had a very erotic effect on me. When Henry returned with our drinks, he sat down next to me and gave me a blazing deep kiss. I had no objections. Neither had Mona when Jim, who had taken his shirt off, did the same to her. Then Henry took his shirt off and enticed me to take off my business dress jacket and top. I allowed him to squeeze my breasts while he kissed me but I didn't let him take off my bra. When Henry and I returned to the booth after some very exhaustive dancing I could see that Jim was successful with Mona, who now was sitting topless. Mona and her "boy toy" were locked in a very fervent kiss, with his hand under her skirt. Henry went away for a few minutes and when he came back he gave Jim a key and told him something, which I couldn't hear. Jim whispered something into Mona's ear and they left the booth. After some more necking Henry whispered in my ear, "Let's go to a better place."

He then led me across the pub where he opened a door with a key. It was a small room which contained a bed covered with a black sheet. Now he took off my bra, laid me down on the bed and within less than a minute my skirt, pantyhose and panties were off. A few seconds later he was naked. He found a condom in a drawer under the bed. Holding it out to me I slipped it down over his erect cock.

He spread my legs and entered me in one hard thrust. His cock wasn't longer than my husband's but it was thicker and he fucked with much harder thrusts than my husband. I got a real lesson on the difference between making love and being fucked. Henry fucked me hard as the slut I really am deep inside. He didn't care a shit about how I wanted him to do it for me.

Thanks to the very erotic atmosphere in the club and our fervent necking in the booth, I was so wet that he didn't hurt me. I even reached an orgasm before he had his. It didn't take a long time of licking my breasts for him to recover and put on a new condom on his swollen, now even thicker cock.

Before he entered me, he gave each of my ass cheeks a hard whack and told me to get them moving. Then his energetic fucking began again and I didn't dare disobey his request of moving my ass, as it was stinging quite a bit now.

When he was ready, we dressed and went out to the pub where we found Jim waiting for us. He told us that Mona had already left and she had been a great fuck even though she was more than twice his age. Henry called a taxi and when we were at my apartment he informed me that Jim and he were going to stop in for a coffee. I tried to object but Henry didn't care what I said. He paid the taxi and asked Jim to follow us to my apartment.

When we came into the apartment Henry's interest for coffee, had been replaced by his interest for my pussy. I made attempts to say no but within a couple of minutes he had stripped me naked, undressed himself and told Jim to undress. I had heard rumors that Sudanese men were well equipped, but was shocked when I saw that it was the truth, at least regarding Jim.

I think even Henry was impressed. He handed Jim a condom and told him to give me a good doggy style fuck before he pushed his own thick tool in my mouth as a muffler for my groans and moans caused by Jim's huge pole. I thanked Heaven for him being much more tender than Henry. He was too big to give me any pleasure and Henry's thick cock deep in my mouth almost choked me.

Jim began to push harder when he was almost finished, which caused me to wriggle and got Henry spraying my face with his load. Once again he used the camera in his cell phone. After we had cleaned up in the bathroom, Henry gave one more condom to Jim and told me to suck him off. I obeyed and noted that Henry took pictures of that too.

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