Fembot Yes!

by Hungry Guy

Caution: This Science Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Heterosexual, Science Fiction, Robot, Horror, Tear Jerker, BDSM, DomSub, MaleDom, Rough, Humiliation, Sadistic, Torture, Harem, Oral Sex, Body Modification, Caution, Violent, Transformation, .

Desc: Science Fiction Sex Story: Carol finally gets her wish to become a fembot.

"What happened to her?" said Aerith as Justin entered his house carrying Carol.

"She was shackled in a crate for the past three days," said Justin. "She's almost dead."

Carol moaned and glanced feebly between Justin and Aerith.

"Let me?" said Aerith. Justin nodded and Aerith took Carol from Justin and effortlessly carried her upstairs.

Justin brought her some water as Aerith set her on the bed.

"Ted did this to her?" asked Aerith.

"Yeah. He locked her up in a crate when he went away for a few days. He got a new job in Japan. He gave her to me as payment for renting out his house and acting as rental agent while he's gone."

Aerith glanced at Carol, then back at Justin. "I should get her some food! With your permission, Justin?"

"Of course, Aerith. Please!"

Justin and Aerith spoon-fed Carol, then took a shower together while Carol slept.

"Do you think I should tell her I know she's a real girl?" asked Justin as they soaped each other down in the shower.

"I don't have human intuition about things like that, Justin. If she wants to pretend to be a fembot, she must have a logical reason. But whether to tell her that we know the truth is up to you, Justin."

Justin and Aerith held a long lingering kiss as the shower rinsed them off.

When they returned to bed, Carol was sleeping soundly, so they climbed into bed on either side, leaving Carol sleep between them.

Justin awoke next morning as Aerith and Carol were talking in whispers. "How are you feeling, Carol?" asked Justin.

"I'm functioning properly," she said. "Thank you."

Aerith added, "So sorry to wake you, Justin. Would you like Carol and I to prepare breakfast for you?"

"That would be nice," said Justin. "Just toast and orange juice, please."

Aerith and Carol crept out of bed and went to the kitchen quietly as Justin returned to sleep.

They brought his breakfast in bed to him shortly and Aerith asked him, "Would you like a blow-job to get you going?"

Justin smiled. "That would be very nice."

Carol hesitantly asked, "Which one of us would you like it from?"

Justin, knowing that Carol was a real girl and not the fembot that she pretended to be, smiled and pointed to Carol. "Carol, lay on your back. I want to fuck you in the mouth."

"Uh," gasped Carol. "Yes sir." Then she crawled head first under the covers and lay on her back.

Justin winked at Aerith as he mounted Carol's body and slid his cock into her mouth and down her throat. There were many benefits to the talents of a fembot, but still, the thought of one's cock balls-deep down a flesh-and-blood female throat was something special.

Aerith took the opportunity to lean forward and begin kissing Justin deeply.

Justin's orgasm quickly welled up and he flooded Carol's throat with his hot spunk has he lay on her swirling tongues with Aerith. Well after he had squirted out his last drop and his cock became soft, he and Aerith played delightful mouth music together.

Well satisfied, he rolled off of Carol and she immediately began coughing and gasping for breath.

"What's with the coughing?" asked Justin.

"Just (cough) my realism," she answered.

"You couldn't breathe, could you?" he asked.

"I don't need to breathe," she said.

"Carol," he said sternly, "you're a real girl, aren't you?"

"What?" Carol gasped. "What makes you say that?" she squeaked.

"But you are, aren't you? Aren't you!"

Carol swallowed and hesitated. "Yes," she said meekly.

"Why?" he asked.

"Why am I real?"

"Why did you pretend to be a fembot and let Ted abuse you the past few years?"

With a touch of anger in her voice, she answered, "You guys all want fembots. It was the only way I could get a real live boyfriend."

"That's nuts!" he said.

"So now that you've tasted a real live girl," she said, "which do you prefer?"

"I don't know. Aerith is so much better than a real girl in so many ways."

"Really? After you just fucked my throat until I almost passed out?"

"Well, that's it right there," said Justin. "Aerith can't pass out. And I can do things to her that I can never do with a human girlfriend."

"Like what?" Carol asked.

"Like fuck her throat until she almost passes out..."

"But that hurts!" said Carol. "And is so humiliating!"

"But it feels so good!" said Justin.

"But if you loved a girl, you wouldn't want to hurt her and humiliate her just for your own pleasure."

"See! That's exactly what I mean! That's why a fembot is so much better than a real girl. And she can do things with her pussy muscles that a human girl could never do."

"So does that mean you're breaking up with me?"

"Breaking up? We were never 'together' in the first place."

"We just fucked, babe."

"That doesn't make a relationship."

"Because you thought I was a fembot when you fucked me?"


"But come on! Wouldn't you rather have your dick inside human flesh-and-blood, not a machine?"

"That has its pleasures, but I had my share of real girls. They want the heat at 80 degrees, and I want the air at 60. They want the curtains wide open at night, and I want to sleep in a dark room. They want the TV on 24/7, and I want some peace and quiet sometimes. They want to have a dog and nick-knacks everywhere, but they want me to share 'equally' in the house-cleaning. Sure it's nice knowing that my cock is rubbing up against female flesh, but it's just not worth the hassle of dealing with human women."

"What if I were a fembot and totally obedient and you didn't have to worry about any of that?"

"That," he grinned, "would be nice. But you're not a fembot."

"What if I became one?"

"You can't become a fembot?"

"No? Never heard of femborgs?"

"Yeah, I have. But you can't become a femborg, either. They only do that to prisoners on death row who choose it instead of being executed."

"I bet you could find a way to turn me into a femborg."

"No. You would have to commit some truly horrible crime, be sentenced to death, and then request to be made a femborg instead of execution."

"Aerith," said Carol, "I bet there are ways to have someone turned into a femborg, no questions asked. Right?"

"No way..." said Justin.

"Yes," said Aerith.

"What!" said Justin.

"Searching," said Aerith. A moment later, she continued, "There are reports of unscrupulous doctors who perform 'back alley' femborg conversions."

"Where?" asked Carol.

"Searching," said Aerith. "I find many. Five in Columbia. Three in Peru. Four in Bolivia. Two in the Philippines. Three in New Guinea..."

"Enough," said Justin.

"See!" said Carol excitedly. "Make me a femborg, Justin. I'll be a totally obedient flesh-and-blood girl."

"You don't know what you're saying, Carol!" said Justin. "To be turned into a femborg, they sever your spinal cord and and implant come kind of robot control chip that controls your body. You're awake and aware of everything that you do, but you don't have any control over your body. The computer controls everything you say and do. That's why they do it to condemned criminals."

"I know that!" she said.

"Carol!" said Justin. "They sever your spinal cord! That's permanent! That's irreversible!"

"I know," she said. "That's what I want."

"And your owner controls your body with a remote control."

"I know."

"Really? You want to become a life-size, remote control, doll?"

"If you own the controller, Justin, then yes. That's what I want."

"Nobody in their right mind would want that!"

"I want that!"

Justin threw his arms up. "Okay."

After having Aerith do a little more research to find a reputable doctor, or as reputable a back alley doctor can be found, he called several in South America. After numerous conversations, he sat down with Aerith and Carol. "Okay, here's what I got. It cost about $20,000 to turn a person into a femborg, no questions asked. But I don't have that kind of money."

"Before I had myself sold as a fembot," said Carol, "I had a car and some money saved up. I can come up with about $15,000."

"All right," said Justin. "I have about $10,000 saved up that I was going to put down on a new car, but I can settle for a used car. There's going to be travel expenses as well as the doctor's fee."

A couple of days later, Carol went to visit her brother, and returned that evening with a certified check for $16,728, payable to Justin.

Justin and Carol arrived in Bogota several days before their appointment. He rented a car, bought a used wheelchair, and bought some supplies.

On the day of their appointment, Justin parked a few blocks away from the clinic in a seedy industrial part of the city. Carol got in the wheelchair, and Justin bound and gagged her, otherwise the doctor would suspect a sting if the girl showed up willingly. Carol had practiced struggling and screaming into her gag, and was ready.

After several spoken passwords and passing through several heavy industrial steel doors, Justin had rolled Carol into the bowels of a decrepit old warehouse.

The doctor looked Carol over and spoke with a heavy Hispanic accent. "This the girl you want converted?"

Carol struggled against her bonds and screamed into her gag.

"Yes," said Justin.

"You have the cash?"

Justin removed a roll of $100 bills from a hidden pouch under his belt, counted out $20,000, and handed it to the doctor.

The doctor said, "Bring her and follow me."

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