A Day on the Highroad

by Eldridge

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Fa/ft, Mult, Consensual, Lesbian, BiSexual, Heterosexual, Fan Fiction, Gang Bang, Group Sex, Orgy, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Masturbation, Sex Toys, .

Desc: Sex Story: Yuna, Rikku and Paine are tracking down a sphere on the Mi'ihen Highroad, when Rikky and Yuna get a little... distracted.

Author's note : This story is just a fun little tale based on the characters of Final Fantasy X-2. If you haven't played either FFX or FFX-2, it won't really make a lot of sense, though you're welcome to still read it, of course. No, I'm not going to explain the meaning of all the terms I've used. Play the game and you'll understand. Alternatively, just ignore them and enjoy the two slutty fucktoys.

This came about when I was debating the FFX-2 characters, and whether they were lesbians or not, with a good friend of mine. We eventually mused on just how fun (and hot) it would be if Rikku was the one in charge of them, rather than the more logical Paine or Yuna, and Rikku was the naughty one who turned the other two girls into total sluts (especially Yuna.)

I wrote a two paragraph scene of Rikku making Yuna do some naughty things to her tight little ass, he urged me to write something a little longer, I said no, rethought my position the next day, and two days later, this story was finished.

It's just meant for fun, so if you're a huge fan of the games, kindly don't start sending me death-threats and all that crap. You can't tell me the designers weren't thinking of this kind of thing happening when they were making FFX-2, especially considering some of the outfits the girls wear! I'm sure Nomura has drawn Rikku a few times with a little "Slut" tattoo on her ass! I know I would have!

"Yunie! Pay attention!" Rikku shouted at her friend, who appeared to be off in the Farplane again.

"Uhh ... sorry!" Yuna mumbled, trying her hardest to concentrate and finding it extremely difficult. She couldn't help it, the distraction was just too great.

"It's okay," Rikku said reassuringly, knowing full well why her lovely cousin was unable to focus. It was her fault, after all, and she could never get mad at Yunie anyways. "Get ready though, Paine and I will distract it while you rush in and steal!"

"Why has she got the Thief sphere on anyways?" Paine asked from Rikku's left, dodging a blow from the flying creature above them, but still taking a scratch on her arm. "Don't we have enough of this junk already?"

"We can always use more," Rikku grinned, readying her gun and taking aim at the Zu. "Okay Yunie, go!"

As Rikku fired several times, Yuna dashed straight at the giant bird-like creature on command, nimbly dodging several boulders, then leaping straight in the air towards it. Rikku's breath stuck in her throat as she watched the flimsy skirt the brunette goddess was wearing creep up over her ass, exposing her completely. She felt her mouth water at the sight of Yuna's deliciously firm globes, but she also held her breath as her friend was momentarily helpless to defend herself.

The Zu was one of the more dangerous creatures to currently inhabit the area around the Mi'ihen Highroad, and even though she and her two best friends were far more powerful than it was, it could still mess them up pretty badly if they weren't careful.

Yuna gracefully arced towards the creature, landing on its back and plunging her hand into the feathers on its neck. She dug around for just a second, then yanked her hand out in triumph. "Got it!" she shouted, clutching a small feather.

The Zu squawked and suddenly bucked, easily dislodging the slender teen on its back, sending her plummeting towards the ground. The bird, apparently not satisfied with merely shucking Yuna, slapped at her with its wing, connecting solidly and knocking the slender brunette out cold in a single strike.

"No, Yunie!" Rikku shouted, launching herself into action before the thought had even formed. Small and athletically built, Rikku was extremely fast, and she quickly managed to close the distance to her spiraling cousin.

She heard the unmistakable sounds of Paine changing into a different dress sphere behind her but paid it no heed as she leaped towards the falling brunette, managing to grab on to Yuna just before she hit the ground. Rikku quickly flipped over onto her back, letting out a loud whoof of air as the two teenage girls fell down hard, skidding and tumbling across the dirt, Rikku taking the brunt of the punishment.

Rikku held on tightly to the still unconscious Yuna, determined to protect her from the worst of their awkward landing. It was her fault her cousin had been so distracted, after all, and she loved her too much to let anything else happen to her, no matter the cost.

She finally came to an ungraceful stop about ten yards away, scraped and battered, but fortunately really none the worse for wear. She was lying on her back, with her arms and legs curled around Yuna in order to shield her; Yuna was still out cold, but otherwise didn't appear too badly injured. Rikku smiled and opened her mouth to speak when a massive shadow fell over them.

The Zu hovered above them, its fiery red eyes alight in anticipation of an easy kill. Rikku quickly raised her gun and aimed it at the creature, but suddenly she was covered in an electrical spark as her dress sphere fizzled and died, returning her to her usual yellow bikini and miniskirt outfit, the gun vanishing from her hand as if made of smoke.

"Now that is what I'd call really bad timing!" Rikku muttered. She had a blade for backup, but she couldn't reach it the way she was lying. She quickly tried to turn, but being as entangled with Yuna as she was, she knew she'd never make it in time.

The Zu dove down at them, but before it could hit it was engulfed in a giant, boiling black ball of death. The creature shrieked as it was violently torn apart, almost disintegrating into a cloud of blood and feathers, fortunately none of which landed on the girls.

Rikku blinked a few times in surprise, then whipped her head to the side. Paine was standing there, dressed in massive black armor and looking a little woozy, with blood trailing down her face. "Are you okay?" Rikku asked in concern, even as she continued cradling her cousin tenderly.

"Yeah..." Paine said dully, her voice tinged with pain. "I hate this ability, though. Ow."

"You didn't have to do that, you know! I could've taken care of that stupid bird!" Rikku said, feeling her anger rise a little. She knew she was responsible for Paine having to hurt herself to destroy the Zu, and if there was one thing Rikku had never liked in her life, it was feeling guilty. Over anything.

"Yeah, I should have just let it kill you two," Paine sighed wearily. "I might have just done it too, if it'd just been you, but I like Yuna too much for that."

"Awww, you don't mean that," Rikku said, a little hesitantly. "Do you?"

Paine glared at the small, bubbly blonde for a second, then deactivated her dress sphere with a sigh. "No, I don't suppose I do," she said softly. The electricity sparkled over her, and she was quickly returned to her normal clothes; her black Maiden of Death ensemble that seemed oh so rebellious and edgy when she'd begun wearing it about a year ago. She was more and more beginning to think that Rikku was right, and she should perhaps dress in something a little less emo.

She wiped her hand over her forehead, wincing at the sting she felt, and she was a little shocked at the amount of blood that coated her hand. That damned spell always hurt her more than it seemed to hurt Yuna and Rikku whenever they used it, and she'd sworn she'd never cast it again. Of course, with the lives of her two best friends in the balance, what other choice did she have?

Paine slowly walked over to the two teenage girls, tenderly sitting down on a large rock beside them, her entire body aching. She watched as Rikku slowly took the feather from Yuna's hand and held it in front of her cousin's nose. Paine's own nose wrinkled in distaste at the memory of the smell of those feathers, but she had to admit they worked wonders in snapping people back to consciousness.

Yuna shuddered once, quickly yanking her head away from the smell, slowly blinking her eyes as she came to. She smiled as she saw Paine sit in front of her, and tried to shift a little, then suddenly let out a long moan. It seemed to be more a moan of lust than one of pain or confusion, however, and Paine frowned in puzzlement. Rikku was still holding Yuna tenderly, but didn't appear to be doing anything to her otherwise. Why was Yuna moaning?

"Are you okay, Yunie?" Rikku asked, her voice tinged with concern as she threw the feather away; they only ever worked once, for some reason. She slowly began to trail her left hand over her cousin's sexy stomach. She loved the way Yunie's Thief costume exposed so much of her incredible body and could never keep her hands off her.

"Uhh ... yeah," Yuna whispered, shivering at the gentle touch of Rikku's teasing fingers. "What happened?"

"You got knocked out by the Zu," Paine said. "We shouldn't be messing around with that bird, it's way too powerful to just casually dismiss as another critter. We don't need supplies so badly that we have to kill ourselves to get them."

Rikku managed a guilty look as she glanced between Paine and Yuna. "I'm sorry, I just ... I get so horny from watching her in this outfit!" she admitted, her voice husky as she let her gaze trail over her gorgeous cousin's body, feeling her desire rise.

Yuna's Thief outfit was almost as skimpy as Rikku's, and it had taken a lot of badgering before the former Summoner had finally agreed to accept it as one of her dress spheres. It was little more than a bikini top and a few pieces of cloth that formed a resemblance of a cross-stitched miniskirt around her luscious little butt. She was naked beyond that, except for knee-high red socks and shoes, and Rikku's mouth watered at the sight of so much of Yuna's tanned skin.

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