The Girls Next Door

by Losgud

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/ft, Mult, Consensual, Pregnancy, .

Desc: Sex Story: The title rather spells it out. This is off the Losgudian path and may not be your cup of expected tea. But is it hot? Hell, yea! If a little young, but not pedo, and no virgins were sacrificed to make these pages. The story rolled out and presented two endings. I hate that sort of metafiction shit, but what can you say? The 2nd ending requires the addition of some obvious family codes. Loyal readers/repliers, please read the endote.

I was way back in the kitchen when I started hearing weird metallic tapping sounds. I ignored them, figuring it was nothing and would stop, nothing to stop me from putting the clean dishes back up into the cabinets

But the noise kept repeating, insistently. Finally I poked my head around the corner, and clearly saw someone standing at my front door, knocking. I didn't have a doorbell. There was a brass pineapple knocker to one side, and this person was actually using it. Instead of just rapping on the glass like everyone else.

I thought about it, enough to remember that the only people I could think of who used the knocker would be the girls next door. Out trolling the neighborhood selling shit for Girl Scouts or clubs at school. Then I remembered the always polite Jehovah's Witness douche-bags, pulling back to be better hidden.

My front door was the original, not very energy efficient, a big pane of glass from knee to head. The add-on aluminum storm door held an equal pane. I could see someone thus framed, but moving like a cat through the darkened house towards the pane of brightness, I could hardly i.d. the figure I was slowly approaching.

The long hair gave me a clue, the stature hinting at one of the girls next door. Indeed, as I closed in I saw it was Ellen, the middle sister. She had to be fifteen, nearly sixteen by now. It was hard to recognize her, because I still thought of her as the pretty five-year-old girl I moved in next door to a decade ago when I got my house.

But there she stood, on the other side of the glass, shifting around and looking agitated and worried. Her honey hair was darker and lanker because it was still shower damp.

I opened the door, and she started babbling about a hair dryer, and how she was going to be in so much trouble.

"Calm down, Ellen. And explain."

"Oh, Mr. Hank," she moaned.

I finally got it out of her. It was one of their Daddy's laws that they were forbidden from plugging hair dryers into the socket beside the sink. She had, having a shower and home alone and forgetting, and it sounded like she'd tripped a breaker.

I said it sounded easy, and I'd be happy to help. Ellen was ecstatic, clapping her hands and jumping up and down. Parts of her wobbled like jello.

I felt like a total pervert, enjoying her movements, taking in the show as I followed her from my house to hers.

It was weird, over the years, watching the girls next door go from little girls to, frankly, hot teens. Maggie, being the eldest, went first. And, boom! Even so, I'd been shocked when Ellen went from the tall and pretty and lanky girl-next-door selling Girl Scout cookies to, well, having a bust to make her big sister jealous. Not that Maggie had any real reason to complain. Except that Ellen's were bigger. From what I could tell, glimpsed through clothing a porch away.

I knew what I was I was looking at, because she'd put them on display at last summer's block party. The apparel was like the debutante party for the new girls on the block. She wore a shirt so slutty her dad would've never let her out of the house, if only he hadn't been away at the time conducting some business.

I followed Ellen over to their house. Not only was her hair still damp, it was obvious she'd just thrown on some clothes to come fetch me. Her t-shirt was so old and small I could see she'd been too rushed to bother with a bra. Bottoms were the closest pair of running shorts which happened to be as old and worn smooth and thin as her shirt. In my universe, girls her age didn't buy thongs, so the smoothness of her hind view hinted she'd skipped panties as well.

She was in a hurry I told myself. Not that I didn't enjoy the view following her down the sidewalk, watching her wonderful little ass waggling. I also saw how she glanced back a couple times, to make sure I was still following. Each time, her face beamed with her cute grin, and then she seemed to put a little extra wiggle in her walk.

For sure I'd take the little show as payment for flipping a tripped circuit breaker. It wouldn't be but five minutes between power-on and me back home having a monster jack-off session, especially if I got a nice close thank-you hug.

Not to sound like a pervert or anything. Under-age girls weren't my profession. But to get a sweet little thank-you, sure I'll take the golden ticket and go home, inventing the rest of the story, while having a little fun. But I had no interest in seeking out any further fun than that.

Once she led me inside, Ellen sort of turned towards me, questions all over her face.

"Show me where you plugged in the hair dryer," I spoke gently. She got back her smile, and tugged briefly at my hand to draw me upstairs. Once up the stairs, she led me down a hallway to a door, apologizing, "It's one bathroom for three girls, so sorry for the mess."

I couldn't really tell. All the bathroom lights were on the same circuit as the sink outlet she'd blown so those bulbs were dark. I touched her shoulder lightly. "A flashlight would be really handy right about now."

Ellen jumped to serve me, running back down the staircase. And then she was gone forever. My eyes adjusted enough, so I ventured in. I could see enough that she'd blown a GFI outlet. Pressing the reset did nothing.

Then Ellen returned, enthusiastic, touching my forearms as she handed over a flashlight. "I put in new batteries!" she beamed.

The beam, though now unneeded, was indeed bright. From the way my feet felt, I'd thought the bathroom was carpeted. In glimpses I saw how the floor was tile, mostly carpeted over with peeled off panties and such and sleep tees.

I of course wanted to sink to my knees and be a dog, dig my nose in.

"The problem is in the basement," I announced, ankle-deep in undies.

The lights in the basement were off as well. The switches I flipped did nothing, though I left them on. It was weird they were on the same circuit as the upstairs bath. I'd seen power in other parts of the house. You'd have to ask the guy who did the wiring. I really could've used the flashlight in my own hand, but Ellen seemed so intent on having that job, and actually helping, that I didn't want to dampen her enthusiasm.

We finally found the electrical box. I knew from stray neighborly conversations over the years with Ellen's father that the house had old wiring. I wasn't expecting a fuse box, though. Who didn't have circuit breakers? This house, with old boxes of spare fuses of differing amperes set in a row on the little shelf of the foundation.

I didn't even know what I was looking for. I really needed the beam of the flashlight in close, and Ellen was quick behind me, providing the illumination. To do so, she was right up against me, intuiting my thoughts, pressing up behind me. It was an inefficient operation. But it felt so nice to have the twin pillows of her chest pressed against my back, that I decided to work with it.

Ellen was like a backwards shadow, mimicking my every move but by pressing up against my back, instead of fleeing from my front. Her breasts followed against my lower shoulder blades, and I swear I felt her nipples hardening. Tracing lines against my back's motions.

I finally found a blackened fuse, replaced it, and then the basement was aglow. It was a biblical success--and then there was light! Nevertheless, the flashlight was still focused on the fuse box, and her tits were still focused behind me, cushioning my spine.

Finally I just had to turn around and make her take a step or two back.

"Think we're done with the flashlight," I smiled.

Ellen clicked it off and set it down. Then she stepped back forward and engulfed me in a hug. "Thank you so much," she murmured. This time her breasts were crushed against my front, and one of her thighs slipped a slight slide between mine. "I can't thank you enough," she paused to give a chaste kiss on my lips. She looked up at me, her face a mask of anticipation. I returned her chaste lip-kiss, but then her tongue was in my mouth and she was unabashedly humping my leg.

"Are you serious?" I gasped when she let me up for air.

Ellen just nodded, eyes and mouth wide and eager.

"But what about everyone else?"

"Daddy said he has late deliveries, and to not wait dinner. Maggie came home long enough to change clothes for work. She'll be even later selling popcorn at the theater. Abby has Track practice after school, so she won't be home for another two hours."

I was quickly understanding that unless I said no, I'd soon be having sex with this hot little fifteen-year-old I'd known and lived next to since she was just starting kindergarten. Ask yourself. Look at your stupid acronymic rubber bracelet. What Would You Do?

You'd be honorable and true to your wife. You wouldn't betray your girlfriend. Even if you lived alone, and were truly alone, no way would you open that door with an under-aged angel who happened to live next door. You wouldn't be that stupid, would you? Who doesn't have better sense than that?!!

That's what you'd like to think, and would insist, but try that one on when the little vixen is rubbing your dick through your pants.

I made my choice. I slunk a hand up between us, then rudely squeezed her left tit. "So what are we doing still down in the basement? Let's go mess up your bed."

Ellen gasped, but was clearly pleased at my brazenness. Having made such an initial play, at her young age, mine was a very welcome response. Even I could see that.

I waited for her to reach for me. To take my hand in affirmation. We kissed like mad before we walked away, mad groping kisses. I couldn't believe what was seeming to be happening was actually happening. But then one of her hands grabbed one of mine. Ellen fairly skipped as she led me to her bed, pulling me up two flights of stairs.

I let her lead the way. I made her go first. We were barely halfway up the basement stairs when I was squeezing at Ellen's wonderfully wiggling, stair-climbing ass.

She looked back at me with a faux gasp. I explained, "That's why smart gentlemen always open doors and let their ladies go first. Because of that gorgeous view from behind." Ellen was turned back ascending the stairs when I gave her lovely ass a firm swat. She gasped back for real, the open mouth eroding into a wry smile.

We got out of the basement, then swung around the hall to hit the staircase to the upper floor. My enchantress took a firmer hold of my hand, and pulled me up to her bedroom.

It was a large room, room enough for two full-sized beds. And mirrored chairs and desks and stuff. I looked around for a minute. It was a messy room, looking like two girls lived there. A pair of girls who just flung their dirty frillies aside.

"Me and Maggie are pigs," she giggled, "sorry!"

"Don't be," I shook back.

I wasn't sorry. The room was rank with the pheromones of two teenage girls. It was like stepping into a morphine drip. Except my dick never lagged.

After that exchange, we stood there silent awhile. It was like time slowed down. Ellen and I just sort of gazed at one another, sort of squirming where we stood. We touched at one another, using our hands as brushes. Finally she leaned in to give me a feathery chaste kiss on my lips. That was all it took. The bull was out of the pen. Things became not so chaste. Her tongue slipped between my lips, and then we were tearing at each other's clothes.

I moved a hand up to cup a breast, to touch it and play with it. On the outside. "You wore this shirt to entice me, didn't you?"

Ellen shifted her shoulders and giggled.

We sat down on the edge of her bed, turned towards the other. We kissed and kissed and kissed; when we took a breather I used both my hands to slide around to cup and caress both her breasts. My hands were like magic, making the fabric between us evaporate.

Then Ellen reached down to the hem and just yanked the shirt up and over and away. Did I like her actual boobs? she wondered aloud. Trust me, I was sucking away like a baby. And groping away like a pervert. Then I suddenly gave a loud laugh.

"What?" she wondered.

"I remember," I whispered between kisses, "the first time I really got to see them. When you wore that sort of slutty shirt," I grinned, "at the summer block party last year. You were showing everyone how much you'd grown over the winter."

Ellen got this bright tight smile. "I remember that. Down to the slutty shirt. I was hoping you'd notice."

"How could I not notice such perfection?" I said lightly, cupping them again, while laying her down on the bed. We alternated between kissing and me sucking her tits, and that was when my hand started creeping down. I skipped her hips, landing on her inner thigh. My fingers crept up inside the leg of her shorts. I learned I was right when I found her wetness, stroked it and split it, without the hindrance of panties.

I got tired of her shorts, so I grabbed the waistband and yanked them down and off her squealing legs. I was stunned by the lovely sight, paralyzed really, until I recovered and moved around, leaning down to the prettiest little pussy. I started licking generically, asking her to give me orders. I was ready for a career in executing such orders. Fingers replaced tongue in her cunt as I went off licking a little higher.

Because I was licking an angel. And as everyone knows, angels all have their second set of little wings, with that extra special button right above.

She started off quietly, embarrassed to give words to what I was making her feel. It didn't take long for her words to disintegrate into noises, quick yelps and long moans.

Ellen wound up splattering my face; so then I moved up to fuck her. What I was doing was totally wrong, except she totally wanted it. And I was quite ready and willing to give her the best ride of her young life.

Before I started, though, a small part of my brain overrode the big part of my groin. "Is it safe to be doing this?"

"Yes, I'm certain," she nodded, her big brown doe eyes gazing up at me. It was music from heaven to hear her reply. I hated rubbers so much I didn't even have a stray one back at my house. Ellen didn't seem to have any herself. And yet--cue the Hallelujah chorus--I was still going to get to fuck her. In fact, my cock is parting her cunt as we speak. It made perfect sense to me. If I was the single Dad of these three gorgeous and fertile girls, I'd have 'em all on the Pill, too!

I slipped in slow and made her beg for more, which she did, quietly, using whimpers instead of profanities. Me, I was babbling about how she had the tightest and juiciest pussy I'd ever fucked, which was just stating the raw facts. I quickly learned that Ellen was a quiet girl. That what she wanted was to just lay back and take it. To get comfy and enjoy her due. Which she richly deserved. She was so receptive, she didn't need to move much to blast off. And god she got so wet.

And that was why I was so glad to take her bareback. Shifting back for the sexy look of my cock sliding in and out of her cunt. The sparkle of my flesh soaked, basting in her juices. Between my meat and her oven, we were baking one hell of a roast. I'd known girls who got a kick that their boys left a part of themselves inside them, like that made girls special. But the flip of the coin was just as true. With all that friction, the girl's juices get rubbed, like balm, into the most blood-laden part of the boy's body.

I thought about all this stuff to distract me as I mated with my little neighbor. It would've been so much easier to be just a two-pump chump. That probably would've better educated Ellen on the true nature of boys, but I thought to win the applause of all the guys after me by learning her to worship cock.

She was relatively silent in her first orgasms, but at the end, as I exploded inside her, Ellen did get a wee bit loud. While soaking our joined crotches. I surely added to that mess, but still.

Ellen kept me locked tight against her, even as I eventually undocked. She kept this up, refusing to let me roll aside. She glowed up at me. "Guess you could tell I'm not a virgin," she whispered so sweetly, "but you made me feel like I was. I've only had a few experiences, but you taught me to go wow! And wow again and again," she giggled.

Eventually she let me roll off to her side. But then I started teasing Ellen again, sucking on her lovely young tits while slipping fingers down between her legs. When she first grasped for my cock, it was soft and sticky with her juices. She had miracle hands, healing fingers--her touch alone set me swelling back to life.

Keeping a firm enough grip to ensure the firmness, she rolled onto her back and spread her legs in coy invitation. I figured, if I might be going to jail for doing it once, might as well get a second helping in before shuffling off to do my time. Ellen was definitely getting going again as I swelled inside her.

She gave tiny breaths in my ear. "Oh, Hank, oh Hank, ohhhh."

I moved in and out of her tight little cunt, her juices sluicing to drip down and tickle my balls, soon smeared around by her fingers.

"You understand," I gasped, "that you can't tell anyone about this."

Ellen gave me a small sweet smile. "I won't tell anyone, as long as we get to keep doing it. Again. At least, sometimes." She gave me a petulant look.

That was all I needed to shoot off. The thought that this might happen again. At least sometime. That, indeed, such a notion was still alive.

Ellen kept me clutched on top of her, between her arms and legs holding me close, long after I'd softened and slipped out of her again. Finally she allowed me to slide off to her side. I swung an arm over to cup a breast, but then Ellen shifted and rolled over to face me. Her eyes were showering me with gold. She bit her lower lip until finally speaking. "Now I understand why sex is the greatest thing in the world. Thanks to you."

We lay there like that, a mutual admiration society of two. While I kept remembering that I'd just had great sex with an under-aged neighbor girl.

Ellen spread and stretched like a cat. "I'd love to lie here like this for hours, basking in the smell of us," she beamed, before turning into a frowny face, "but I better go take a shower. Wanna join me?" Her face, right in my face, was smiling again.

"Is there time?"

"I think so."

We showered off together, quickly. Touching but not lingering. The clocks said we were running out of alone-time. We were down in the kitchen, fully dressed but still sort of eyeing each other, when someone started trying the front door. It didn't budge, so the scritching of a key came out.

I was shoved out the back door so fast I hit my feet running, taking myself back around through the alley to nonchalantly approach my own house, like I was coming back from taking out the garbage.

I was wondering, and curious, and totally ready when Ellen came knocking on my door the very same day a week later. She was wearing a thin lavender top, ribbed like a wife-beater but form-fitting. The neckline was severely scalloped, and trimmed in lace. The cleavage on display was generous. Below that was some bare tummy, then a little swirl of a skirt. I opened the door and Ellen held a bold and bright smile on her face.

"Silly me, I plugged the hair dryer in wrong again. Can you come help me like before?"

Her hair was perfectly dry. Framing her face like the gold paint of a sexy Klimt portrait.

Ellen was being so brave, I could not resist. It would've been cruel, otherwise. Plus I was totally up for all that again. As long is it was all safe.

My eyes tracked hers, and she saw how mine never darted around to see if anyone was out and around to be watching us. I trusted on the angle and the doorframe to deny prying eyes as I lifted a hand up to cup then caress a breast. Through the thin fabric, of course. My eyes went wide, and glittered back at hers. "I'd be honored," I finally spoke.

With that, I innocently followed Ellen over to her house, at a slight distance. I was the very picture of a good neighbor going to help a girl replace a blown fuse. Yet again!

Once inside, she slammed the front door and locked it behind us. Ellen gave a little smile, grabbed my hand, and then tugged me up the stairs behind her. She kept me behind her, having learned from what I'd said before. Her ass, swaying under the little skirt--I would've been content following it up ten thousand flights of stairs! I began leaning in and biting at it, gaining a squeal, following the bounce of every step.

Upstairs, she led me past the bath and straight into her room, towards her bed. Ellen turned to face me, and we moved into an embrace. I trailed a few fingers up her inner thigh, up under the hem, lightly and stopping to wonder, "Are you wearing panties?"

"Only because I bet you'd love to take them off."

She was right, but before I took them off, I first wanted to rub her pussy through them, getting the fabric good and damp. I wanted to burnish the trophy before I stole it.

I quickly had us naked and through the preliminaries: Ellen spread beneath me, and me plunging away. I worked her through a couple orgasms and then, huffing and recovering, she decided to roll us so she was on top. We were fucking like nuts when suddenly Maggie was standing in the doorway.

"Ellen! What the hell are you doing?"

"Having so much fun," she grunted, pounding down on me, until she groaned and moaned like a pirate, eventually rolling off my still stiff dick. "Want some?" she cooed like a slut.

Maggie cocked an eye at me and mine, then started stripping. "Hell yea," she replied. "Never let a hard dick go to waste, that's what I always say."

I knew she was boasting in front of her younger sister, rubbing it in that, duh, she'd fucked a few more boys than Ellen.

I held her hips up off me. "Is it safe to do this?"

She glanced over at the wall-clock for some reason. "I'm sure," she said.

Maggie was soon bouncing up and down on me, looking down on me with a smirky smile, like she was in control, speaking nasty hot lines. Fuck that bitch! I rudely rolled her over and started pounding the shit out of her hot little cunt. Unlike Ellen, Maggie was very verbal, and nasty, squirming her hips like a calling. It didn't take long, for either of us. For both of us, at the same time.

Ellen lay there, curled up in satisfaction, watching us and giggling, but a bit nervously.

The very next day, they showed up at my door as a pair. Ellen seemed really shy. It was Maggie who announced, "It's that hair dryer thing again." Then they turned and left, choreographed, leaving me to choose to follow. Which, of course I did. What fool wouldn't?

I heard a rat-a-tat-tat from the front of the house, and found Ellen standing out on the porch. She didn't wait for the door. Once she saw I saw her, she blew a kiss through the glass, crooked a finger at me going her way, going back to her house, wagging her ass down the walk. I wasn't ready. I delayed following just long enough to pee, put on clean clothes, and brush my teeth.

Their front door was open, but the downstairs was empty. I'm not stupid. I locked the front door, and then, well, I knew my way upstairs. Of course I found Ellen in her room, spread in her bed and waiting on me. She'd turned down the covers, but then kicked them away. She lay there, naked and rumpled. She held her legs spread wide as a slut, but it wasn't convincing. Her fingers were playing with her pussy like she'd learned it in class.

"Why are you the only one still wearing clothes?" she whispered, seductively. I resolved that injustice, and fairly quickly. And then there I stood, my wand pointing at her magic. What would happen next seemed like real fucking simple math.

Until Ellen rose up and turned, approaching me across the bed like a cougar slinking along belly-low. She grabbed me like a birthright.

"I want this big hard cock in my soft wet mouth."

This exchange was all very sexy, but it wasn't Ellen. It was like she'd been taking advice from Maggie.

I couldn't help but chortle. It was like she was casting for a role as a porn star, reciting her lines and paid by the hour. I instantly regretted it. Ellen looked so crushed.

"Baby," I soothed, "I'm not laughing at you," even though I was. No matter how hard she bit down on her lower lip, it kept quivering like it had a mortified life of its own.

"But, but," she started going teary, "you like that with Maggie."

"Darling ... my darling Ellen. I do like that. With Maggie, it's like two bodies screaming at one another Let's fuck! But that's Maggie. That's not you. With you," I cupped her chin and made her let me stare deep into her big doe-brown eyes, "it's completely different. And so completely wonderful. We join together gently, with the tenderness of true lovers. Moving together to create a symphony of ecstasy." Which is precisely what I went on to do. To prove it to my shy, quiet girl. Who was so ready to prove me right.

The girls next door were knocking on my front door, persistently. I opened the door, and there the two sexpots stood, sort of smirking. And there they stood, just sort of standing there. Like a pair of pandering statues. Maggie simply said, "Same thing again." Then they turned and left my porch, their behinds begging me to follow. Which of course I did. It was the same thing again, even if it was never the same thing again.

The three of us got naked in their room, and I certainly got hard. I had pussy juice streaming down my face. They got me primed, and then pulled me out of the one bed and out of the room. They pulled me by my cock down the hall to the tiny room where little Abby slept. Things seemed to be getting kinkier--that we'd make a sex mess in Abby's little twin bed.

I hadn't thought that I'd step into the room with my girls on my arms, striding in with the full flag of my cock leading the way, only to find Abby waiting, in just panties and a tight cropped-tee, the covers kicked aside most alluringly. She was like the wet-dream you don't want because it's too perverse.

I did see how Abby shrunk away when she saw the size of what her sisters had teased up. And that their threatened plan was coming true.

"Are you guys nuts?" I spat. "For one, she's terribly illegal, and two, I don't ruin virgins. Certainly not one like she's my baby sister."

I'd known Abby since she could barely talk.

Maggie went all diplomatic on me. "Abby had an unpleasant encounter under the bleachers last football season. She got popped, and boy-shy. But even so, it got her pussy gunning its engine."

"Maggie," Abby wailed.

"She keeps us up every night," Ellen offered. "Moaning like a monster, and then rubbing herself off all over again."

Abby blanched as white as her top, then went at a blush as pink as her panties. I turned to Ellen and Maggie. "You guys have to leave the room, or we might as well end it right now, declare total failure."

Right after they'd shrugged and left the room, Abby started babbling, "They made me do this; they made me dress like this and lie here like this..."

I moved back so that when I sat on the edge of the bed, it was back behind her butt. Back where legs sprouted like saplings, and I could hide my erection. I took her foot in my hands, and started my fingers massaging.

I could feel her succumbing. I switched to work the other foot before I dared cross either ankle. She seemed to like that a lot.

"We both got set up here," I gently explained. "I won't do anything you don't want me to do. I'll go away for good right now, just say the word."

I let my hands trail up past her knees, and her legs jerked away. I thought she was answering my question, but it was just her body reacting, all on its own. Spreading herself, her body putting itself on display. It was astonishing to watch, and then try to figure out. Sweet little Abby was just the girl in the body. A young teen in an old body, one that knew what it wanted.

I glanced again and again, watching how the dark oval of dampness in the crotch of her panties kept spreading. The poor dear, she was barely out of a training bra, but the room stank of her sex. She was wanting and ready.

When I slid a finger under the elastic and touched her wetness, Abby jumped with a squeak. "Why would I want you to leave? Please stay. And please don't stop."

I frustrated her. I didn't really stop, but I did draw my hand away from her dampness. I shifted, leaning so I could slide both hands up from the hem of her shirt, traveling outside the fabric until I could cup both of her lovely young breasts. They were hardly palmfuls, but still so sweet at that, the nipples turning to pebbles under my touch. Abby started huffing as I kept on touching her.

"What I'd really like," I declared lightly, "is to peel off your shirt. Would that be okay?"

Abby sort of drew her thin arms up, folding them like bird-wings over her scant chest. But then she relaxed, and her arms pointed up as she let me take off her shirt.

"I know they're tiny compared to my sisters'," she fumbled.

I couldn't help myself when I saw. I had to paw. Abby was barely into a little baby-fat B-cup, but already her breasts were commanding poetry. I leaned down for a little taste--judging from her gasps, little Abby had terribly sensitive nipples.

I soon wound up beside her, still caressing her. "Forget your sisters. Your breasts are just starting. And already I can't keep my hands off them." This I did demonstrate. Abby heaved a great sigh, and then her hips started squirming. It was like her body was moving from an instinct beyond her knowledge.

Even more so when I leaned over and gently started palming and sucking on her pretty little tits. They rose like a peach split in half, the pair on her chest. The skin was so milky white I could see the tiny blue veins, like the mottling in Roquefort. Bottle cap sized areoles of a pink that'd never seen the sun, the pips of nipples stiff for attention.

I didn't want to leave her breasts, but sometime during the proceedings an errant hand of mine had strayed down over the waistband of her panties. Her legs opened as my hand crept lower. The fabric down there was wringing wet. She whimpered at my touch.

Shifting away from her sighs, I sat on my heels beside her. In that position, Abby could either look me in the face, or glance down at my jutting member. Her eyes flickered like kinescope, back and forth, jumping with every touch. I kept my hand between her legs, sculpting the spread of flush cunt lips in damp fabric.

Even through the cloth I found the bump of her nudging clit. Abby fucking gasped when I did that.

I used my soothing voice, "I know you probably always compare yourself to your sisters, but that's unfair to you, because you're the youngest. You're just starting to blossom. But wanna know what?"


"Everyone on the street agrees that Abby will wind up being the most beautiful of all the sisters."

"Really?" she sort of squeaked.

"Really. That's why next I'd really like to pull down your panties." I kept my fingers down there nudging up.

"Can I ... first can I touch it first?"

Like I could deny the thought of her small soft hand wrapping around me. Exploring me. She shifted up so that her nose was practically bumping the tip of my cock. Abby looked up at me with shiny penny eyes. "It'th tho beautiful!" she reverted to a little grade school lisp. The scene was so hot I was almost ashamed. Almost.

I was almost starting to feel ashamed, but that stopped when Abby gave a little giggle, bending to sweep her tongue up the underside of my cock. She was clumsy, not that my cock cared. It was a dog panting pet me!

She returned, pushing the plum of my cock just past the thick wet swell of her lips ... the pair with a loving tongue inside. She backed away again with a nervous titter. "I've only heard about blow-jobs," she declared.

That was enough information for me to back away. Knowing that, the next tongue-touch would've set me off. That's not what Abby wanted, even if she didn't know it. I did know it, and I didn't want it either. I was in for the long haul.

I started moving out of her reach but she kept grabbing after me so I kept batting her hands away, silly slapping that left us laughing, and eyeing one another.

I broke the stare first, reaching for her waistband. "Abby," I hesitated, "unless you say no, I'm going to pull down your panties now. They do seem terribly wet."

"I know," she rolled her small head in agreement. "What are you doing to get me like that?" She was smiling, so I answered in kind.

"Carrying through on my threat to pull down your panties!" I proceeded to do exactly that. Abby canted her hips to help.

The crotch really was totally soaked. I lifted the scent up to my nose, like catching the aromatics of a glass of fine wine. I held them up, announcing, "I'll be stealing these, if you please."

I tossed them to the side of the bed, and then focused right on in. I couldn't help but declare aloud, "God, Abby, you have the prettiest little pussy I've ever seen." She blushed, but it was true. I'd thought that when first viewing Ellen, but that assessment had been superceded.

There was but fuzz on her mound, but I could see how even as she matured she'd have that cute secretive little-girl cunt, where you don't see a hint of pink unless the rose is in full thick dewy blossom, with legs well-spread.

I was mesmerized by the very sight. I was unstoppable. I rose up over Abby, not knowing her defenses. The girl grabbed my cock and pointed me right where she wanted it.

"Is it safe to do this?" I asked.

Abby sort of glanced around, then gave a hurried nod. "Okay, pretty baby. Grab your legs and your knees and spread yourself as wide as you can for me." She did so like a pro. The sight was almost shocking, and deeply alluring. I'd been with some horny gals in my time, but I'd never seen a pussy so excited, literally weeping for it. Her inner thighs and the bottom of her ass were glazed by her arousal, glistening with the sheen, while a literal rivulet of her juices visibly trickled from the bottom of her cunt, dripping to an already sizeable stain on the sheet below.

"Good girl," I whispered as I seated the head of my cock in the middle of her tiny flower, like a giant stamen, or a giant Dutchboy trying to stem the flow. I paused there, testing the waters, so to speak.

"Abby? This is all about you, okay? This is all for you. It's your party, and all that matters is that you're happy. I promise to go so slow and be really gentle with you. If you want to stop for a minute, or stop for good, just say so. I just want to make you feel good, okay?"

Abby bit her lower lip and nodded eagerly. Her eyes were big and bright, but then started to roll up as I worked to push the plump head of my cock past her thick little pussy lips and into her cunt proper. I had to go slow because it was not a very natural fit. The prick that'd deflowered her had been some middle-school pencil dick. I knew it'd be a slow adjustment to a man-sized cock. I won't pretend to be of porn-star dimensions, but I certainly pack enough to leave the ladies smiling. It went without saying that I'd never experienced such a tight little pussy. It wasn't like entering heaven; it was more like sneaking into the place, squeezing through the gap between the gates. The penetration was much easier than expected, because she was so incredibly juicy.

I barely had the head of me fully inside her love canal when she gave a great cry and went into a full-body tremble. It was an amazing orgasm to witness. Things got even sloppier down below. And we were just getting started! I had to steel my resolve, and bite down hard on the insides of my cheeks, to keep from being swept away by her tsunami. Her cunt was clutching, trying to tug me in further.

I, the perfect gentleman, obliged the urgings of my young lover's genitalia. I got about halfway in, when I noticed the tears welling from Abby's eyes, trailing sideways down into her hair. I immediately held myself still.

"You okay baby? Do you want me to stop?"

"No," she wailed, "please don't stop! I'm crying because it feels so good, better than I ever imagined." Her body totally acted the part, her arms and legs swinging around and clamping, holding me even harder against her. I sunk in another inch or two and she exploded again. It was like waiting for a fireworks show, knowing it'd be awhile yet, but then suddenly it starts with the finale, twice in a row! I could only guess what would happen next.

Once I was fully inside Abby, I continued with thoughtful thrusts that just seemed to thrill her. I had to go slow because I was so close, every fucking second. Abby just went crazy, her body moving to get exactly what it wanted. I couldn't believe her innate responsiveness. It really was like Abby was a young near-virgin trapped in an older slut's body. Her cunt was churning up oil like a wild-cat strike.

I totally made the little girl mine. Just in time to spurt deep inside her.

As her final cries subsided, her sisters re-entered the room. They brought fanfare aside from being naked. I wound up gaining a really nice blow-job from Maggie before I was sent home.

The difference was that Ellen and Maggie tended to come calling a time or two or three a week, alone or en mass, inviting me over. Abby was slipping out her bedroom window every goddamn night, and somehow finding her way into my house. Into my bed. It was like being visited every night by a succubus. Not that I had any complaints. Except maybe the bit about the breach of my home's security. I also dwelt on how I would easily go long to prison, but that didn't stop me from enjoying the crime of passion each time it happened.

The first time I was on my couch watching t.v., when suddenly there was Abby, walking into the room with a roll to her little hips, coming in from the kitchen directly towards me. My face of course brightened at the sight; Abby took in my brightening, answering with a smile just as broad.

"You little vixen," I extended my arms, "what are you doing here, and how did you get in?"

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