Hot Tub for Six

by Athalia

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Fa/Fa, Consensual, BiSexual, Heterosexual, Incest, Brother, Sister, Group Sex, Masturbation, Nudism, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Jessie comes home for the holidays with PMS and a deep curiosity about what's going on with Emily, Jeff, Sara, Paul and Elly. But what's a family for, if not to guide her through the rough spots?

Emily here. Boy, this story just keeps getting better and better! I've told you about Paul and Sara, and how they've shared their home and bed with me. I've told you about their son Jeff, who I'm pretty sure will be my future husband (although he doesn't know that yet!). And I've told you about Elly, the woman who shared Paul and Sara's bed ten years ago and who now shares theirs and mine. They've all given me all the sex I need, which I appreciate, but they've also given me love and compassion and tenderness and concern, which is far more important. We all love each other, heart and body and soul.

Which is why it was only natural that when Jeff got home before Christmas, and we'd celebrated our reunion in bed, that I told him that Elly had the hots for him.

I'd picked him up at the airport. When I saw him coming down the stairs, I ran up and practically knocked him over. He looked great, with a California tan and the biggest grin I've ever seen on a guy. We had a quick fondle, then I drove him home. Five minutes after we walked through the door, we were naked and under the covers in the guest bedroom. "Fuck the foreplay," I whispered into his ear. "We'll save that for later."

"Afterplay is the new foreplay?" he asked with a smile.

"Right now, yes." I grabbed his cock and positioned the cap at my entrance, and he did the rest. He must have set a record for cumming. I was wet enough to enjoy it, although I didn't cum when he did. But that was all right. I figured he needed it more than I did, and I knew that once his lust burned off, he'd make it up to me. And he did, too! His face was in my crotch so fast that there wasn't enough time to get the bed wet, and he demonstrated that he'd remembered everything I taught him about eating pussy. Since the last orgasm was just for him, this one would be just for me, and I let him transport me to ecstasy. When I came, the bed got wet, after all; I just couldn't help it. I got Jeff's face pretty wet, too, to his surprise and delight. By that time, he was hard again, and wanted to enter me right away, but my clit was still buzzing from my climax. So I laid him down on his back and slipped his cock into me as I straddled him. That way, I could get his cock deep into me, right against my G-spot, while I gave my poor clittie a break. He didn't seem to mind.

I rode him that way for a few more minutes, and then felt his cock twitch again as his body suddenly tensed. I gave my clitoral hood a good squeeze, pulled it up, and pressed my button, and came myself. And then I eased myself down onto him. We kissed tenderly and thanked each other for our orgasms.

That's when I whispered into his ear, "Elly's here, you know."

"Yeah, I know. We spoke on the phone, last time I called home. Where is she now?"

"At the college library. She's catching up on publications that she can't find in Russia." I paused, and then added, "She wants to fuck you, you know."

"She what?"

"You heard me."

"Jeez, Emily! The last time we had this conversation, I ended up screwing Mom!"

"You didn't object to that, did you?"

"Well, no. We both had fun."

"She tit-fucked you, you mean."

He grinned. "Yeah. That was great! No offense, Emily."

"None taken. And Elly's got tits, too. Nice ones. If I had a cock, she'd be tit-fucking me, too."

"Are you sure you won't have a problem with my... ?"

"Shit, no. We'll have Elly sleep here tonight, and I'll sleep with your folks."

And that's what we did. When the family collected at dinner, we sorted out the sleeping arrangements. Elly was very pleased to see Jeff again, although she managed to avoid the my-how-you've-grown remarks we all knew she was thinking. We repaired to the hot tub after dinner, taking our wine with us. Sara produced a joint and we smoked it as we soaked. As usual, we all started to get randy, and soon we were groping each other. We decided to give Sara a real treat: as Jeff supported her head and Elly and I held up the top of her body, Paul lifted up her ass, and let her stretch supine in the water. Still supporting her, Paul nuzzled his way to her crotch and started tickling her slit with his tongue. Meanwhile, Elly and I each took a breast and gave her long nipples the workout we knew she loved, biting them and sucking on them hard enough to lift her boobs into perfect cones. The sensation of floating in the water with three mouths on her was enough to send her off to a climax that practically knocked us all out of the tub. Water was sloshing everywhere.

"God," Sara said in a trembling voice. "I think I just peed."

"Well then, I guess we'd better get out of the tub soon," I said. We guided her to one of the seats and let her recover. I saw Elly look at me, and I gave her a wink. Satisfied, she moved over to Jeff and gave him a long, long kiss. Startled, he looked at me. I smiled at him. He smiled back, and then gave Elly his full attention. The two stood up, and I saw that Elly was holding Jeff's erect cock, stroking it gently. He's a goner, I thought. It's a good thing Jeff and I changed the sheets on the guest bed, because it's going to be occupied very soon. And very, very wetly, if I knew Elly.

So Paul and Sara and I left them there and proceeded up to the master bedroom for more fun and games. The game tonight was "G-Spot Race," where we girls would lay down on each side of Paul. He'd kneel between us and slip a hand into each woman's slit and tickle our G-spots. The first woman to cum wins. The second woman to cum wins, too! (And Paul would always win, as well. The sight of two females writhing in pleasure, one on each side of him, never failed to arouse him. Sometimes the game was so erotic for him that he'd cum without even touching himself, his cock spurting jism onto the bed and whatever hapless female body part that was there.)

Usually, I'd cum first, but Sara already had a big head start, so tonight was her turn to take the gold. She celebrated by masturbating Paul to a climax as he diddled me to one. His cum landed squarely between us on the bed. Big laundry day tomorrow, but who cares?

"I wonder how Jeff and Elly are doing?" Sara mused.

"Well, he came in me twice when I got him home, so I expect he has a little staying power."

"He'll need it," Paul said. "Elly couldn't take her eyes off his cock when we were in the tub."

"She has more than her eyes on it now," Sara said. "She's probably got her cunt lips on it."

"Or her tits," I added. We all laughed, and gradually fell asleep.

Well, now that there were five in the house already, and Jessie was expected home for Christmas, it was obvious that we were running out of beds. So after Jeff went off to do some Christmas shopping and I went to the gym for my usual three hours of tennis practice, Paul and Sara went down to the furniture store and got one of those sofas that turn into a double bed, and installed it in the living room. They'd just gotten it set up when I came back. We flipped coins to determine who would break it in, and Elly and I won. You should have seen the look on Jeff's face when he came home that afternoon, with an armful of boxes, to see two women humping each other on the new piece of furniture. Sara and Paul were nowhere to be seen, of course, since they were doing the horizontal tango on their own bed. Jeff stripped and stroked his cock as he watched us, and Elly and I finally took pity on him and blew him. With two tongues on his cock, he came like Mount Saint Helen's, and it was all we could do to lap it up before it hit the floor and stained the rug.

I'm sure glad it was Jeff and not Jessie who walked in on us. She came in the next day. Somebody must have talked to her in the meantime, because she was a lot nicer to me. We spent a long afternoon talking in the kitchen over coffee and crackers.

"Emily, I'm sorry I snapped at you last summer. It's just that, well, things weren't easy for me right then."

"Sara told me about your boyfriend breaking up with you."

"Yeah, that. It wasn't just that he broke up with me, it was the way he did it. He wouldn't tell me, but got my best friend to tell me. She had the hots for him, too, so there was a lot of spite there, because she didn't get him, either. I thought I'd lost two friends, not just one."

"That's a bitch, for sure."

"Totally. And that week I had the PMS from Hell, too. I was really counting on fucking somebody ... it makes the cramps go away. But that wasn't going to happen. It was just me and my Midol, and the Midol wasn't working."

"I guess I'm lucky. I never had heavy periods, let alone PMS. They tell me that's common with athletes ... light periods, I mean."

"And it's probably been a long time since you weren't fucking somebody at least once a day!"

"Yeah. Almost a year. Except for Thanksgiving. Does that still bother you?"

"You know, it doesn't. I've had some time to think about it. I think I'm down with it now, at least with you and my parents, and Jeff."

"And Elly, too."

"Really? Well, that doesn't surprise me. I remember thinking how much you reminded me of her."

"How did you and Elly get along when she lived in your house?"

"It was weird. I didn't know how to deal with her. Sometimes, she'd be like a big sister, and other times she'd be like another mother. I was ten, I guess, and was having the usual issues with my mother that ten-year-old girls have. So Elly probably got caught up in that, too. And I knew she was screwing my parents."

"You knew?"

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