OSL: Elyse

by bluedragon

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/ft, ft/ft, Consensual, Drunk/Drugged, Incest, Father, Daughter, First, Oral Sex, School, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Elyse Laughton has everything going for her: exquisite beauty, great friends, and family wealth. This is the story of HER teenage sex life. WARNING: This is not a "happy ending" kind of story.

The following is a side-story within the Ordinary Sex Life series. This story assumes you know the primary characters from that series. Don't bother reading this if you haven't at least read An Ordinary Teenage Sex Life.

-- SEPTEMBER 1996 --

"Cut it out, Jake!" I swatted the boy's hand off my ass and glared at him with venom in my eyes. But rather than look apologetic, Jake Harbor just gave me a goofy grin and backed out of range. He knew that I could ... and would ... actually kick him if he stayed within reach.

But while I stood there, glaring at Jake, I felt another hand goose my asscheek. And I immediately whirled in the other direction to glare at Trevor Hansen. "Jeez, guys. It's not funny!"

"Hey! Knock it off!" Candy yelled, coming to my rescue. The blue-eyed brunette quickly walked up to Trevor and slapped him upside the back of his head. The big lug rubbed the spot where she hit him, but chuckled and grinned at my pretty best friend. After another few seconds of getting stared down, Jake and Trevor shook their heads and walked away toward the cafeteria. But they still laughed and gave each other high-fives along the way.

I sighed, and then Candy and I gave each other little smirks. "Boys..." I drawled, as if infinitely annoyed (but quietly pleased) by their perpetual attempts to cop a feel of our asses and developing breasts.

"Boys..." Candy grinned, relishing the attention just as much as me.

Our academic Eighth Grade had just begun. Yes, it would be annoying to have to fight off the boys every day at school. But at the same time, it gave us a little thrill to know that WE were the ones the boys were after. And for now, we could handle it. Candy Carter and I had been friends before, but ever since our boobs really started growing in over the summer, the boys had been that much more aggressive with us whenever we met up as a group by the beach or around town. And over the last few weeks, we'd bonded together to watch each other's back.

"You do something different with your hair today?" she asked, crossing her arms and holding her binder over her chest.

"Yes!" I bubbled, turning my head and pointing to my new plumeria clips. My jet black hair neatly flowed past my temples, behind my ears, and down to my shoulders. "Daddy bought them for me in Maui. I thought the first day of school would be the best time to show them off. You like?"

"They're cute," Candy enthused, her blue eyes twinkling.

Flirtatious giggling sounds echoed down the hallway, quite loud and quite familiar. I knew exactly who it was, but looked over anyway to confirm that the boys had cornered Donna Kincaid against a row of lockers. The busty blonde didn't seem to mind being cornered, and indeed was practically letting Jake and Trevor walk their hands all over her.

"Gawd, Donna is such a slut," I drawled.

"Totally," Candy sighed. "You know I heard she let Eric Bradford get to second base last weekend?"

"No!" I exclaimed, completely scandalized.

Candy nodded seriously, her expression telling me that it was 100% truth.

"Slut!" I gasped.

"I know..."

"Is that ALL you're getting?" Candy furrowed her eyebrows at me, then gestured to my lunch tray which had a bottled water and a stack of raw carrots on it.

"I have to watch my weight."

Candy rolled her eyes. "You're already skinny."

"Yeah, but I want to STAY skinny. Remember Cosmo's tips on dieting?"

"I think dieting is for girls who need to lose weight. Or at least for girls over thirteen."

"Whatever." I waved her off and continued up the line, ignoring the grumbling in my belly as I caught sight of a juicy burger on the grill. Discipline, discipline. Stay focused. You will be gorgeous.

We paid for our à la carte meals and headed for the gang's usual table. Summer MacIntosh and Janet Wang were already there. Stacey Whitehouse was in line somewhere behind us with Ji-hyun Jeon.

"Heyyy, Elyse," Robbie Pederson called as I cruised past. I didn't answer, except to smile and put a little extra sway in my hips. Robbie WAS pretty cute.

Only when Robbie was past did I turn my head around to look after him. The cute boy ambled along, continuing on to his own table with his friends. But just when I was about to look in front of me again, he paused and glanced back my way.

Realizing that I had also turned to look, Robbie stopped and grinned, quite proud of himself. He gave me a cocky little head nod, and invited me over with a wave.

I like flirting with him, but appearances had to be maintained. I gave Robbie an aloof little head shake, then deliberately turned and walked away.

But yeah, I kept up with the hip swaying.

By now, Candy had already reached our table. I was already organizing exactly how to tell her about my little encounter with Robbie, but just as I was about to catch up, a plaintive voice found its way into my ears.

"Please ... just leave me alone."

"Relax, babe," a distinctly male voice grumped. "I just want to know your name. You're new, aren't you? I know I would've remembered if I'd seen you around before."

Turning my head, I realized that Jake and Trevor had cornered some poor girl against a wall. She nervously held a tray of food in her hands, and kept her eyes down while using the tray as a shield to keep the horny boys at bay. "Yes, I'm new. Now will you please leave me alone?"

"You still haven't told us your name," Trevor continued. "Really, is that so much to ask?"

"Such a pretty girl HAS to have a pretty name, right?" Jake drawled charmingly. "It's a shame you're wearing such a baggy flannel. You look like you've got a very nice body hiding under there."

"Hey! Back off, jerks!" I barked, marching up and whacking both boys upside the backs of their heads at the same time ... hard.

"Oww!" Jake complained at the significantly greater force than usual in my smack. "Elyse! What gives?"

"She asked you to leave her alone," I scolded, reaching forward and taking the blonde by the hand. "Come on."

The girl let me tug her away, looking back in fear at Jake and Trevor. The boys just watched us go while rubbing their heads. I brought her directly over to my table with the other girls, and she looked at me in obvious gratitude. "Thanks..."

"Don't worry about them," I nodded back, where Jake and Trevor were already walking off to meet their own friends. "They're just boys all messed up by puberty. Can't handle the rush of hormones."

The young blonde winced and looked down. Only now did I get a good look at her. She was as tall as me, which was unusual because I was one of the tallest girls in the class. And beneath her baggy clothing, I could tell she had a fairly developed body. But her face was more child-like. "Are you a new eighth-grader?" I asked, doubt already in my voice.

She shook her head. "No. I'm only in seventh."

I arched an eyebrow. "How old are you?"

"Tw ... twelve."

Candy whistled.

Janet complained, "No fair! I'm a year older, but I'm still flat as a board!"

"Relax, your boobs will grow in eventually," Summer drawled. "And if they don't, that's what plastic surgery is for."

I looked over at Candy, then over at the boys. Twelve or not, the horndogs were sure to be all over this new girl. At our age, boobs ruled the world, and the blonde certainly had them. "I think you'd better stick with us. Otherwise the wolfpack over there will eat you up."

We were still holding hands, and she squeezed it in fear.

"It's okay," I soothed. "What's your name?"

The girl looked up at me, her hazel eyes wide. "Adrienne."


"There you go. Chin up. Look down your nose. Flirty giggle. Now turn away and leave. Leave!" I hissed.

Adrienne couldn't hear my directions; she was clear across the courtyard. But she had done everything perfectly, and I couldn't help but smile as the beautiful almost 13-year-old sashayed back over to the lunch table. She didn't look back, but I did. And I had a perfect view as poor Michael Hendrickson stared longingly after her with his jaw on the floor. The guy was a year older and one of the more popular guys at school, but he was only putty in my little protégé's hands.

"Nicely done," I complimented. Almost a full academic year of schooling the young girl was paying off.

"Having fun?" Candy chimed in.

"Yep," Adrienne beamed at me.

"It's all about control," I reminded her, even though I'd told her this a dozen times. "Men are sheep. You've got what they want, and they'll follow you anywhere you lead them. As long as you maintain that control, they can never hurt you, and you'll always get your way."

"Got it," Adrienne grinned, then picked up her backpack. "You guys want to come to my place tonight? My dad's away for business again and I've got the house to myself."

"I'm in," Summer nodded.

"Me, too," Stacey agreed.

"Can't make it," Candy sighed. "Ji-hyun wants me and Alex to double date with her and Jae."

Summer frowned. "Ji-hyun and Jae are back together?"

Candy grinned. "For now. They've already broken up what ... three times since seventh grade?"

"Well you guys have fun," I waved them on. "I've got something else going on."

"This cute older man you keep dropping hints about?" Adrienne grinned at me.

"Yeah, right." I laughed. "No, my dad is coming home early from work. He wants some father-daughter time."

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