Pledge Initiation

by Professor James

Caution: This BDSM Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Heterosexual, MaleDom, Spanking, Light Bond, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, School, .

Desc: BDSM Sex Story: Three sorority pledges find their initiation to be something no one expected.

Michael carried his tray into the student union and looked around for a place to sit. Thursday night it wasn't particularly crowded but off in the right corner he noticed a table with five distinctively attractive females and immediately decided his dinner view would be much improved if he settled where he could watch them. He spotted an empty table against the wall where he could sit and still keep his eyes on the attractive quintet without appearing obvious.

As he walked past the table of girls he overheard one say, "OK, tomorrow will be the final part of your initiation. After tomorrow night you will be full sisters."

He smiled to himself as he realized that the three girls she was addressing must be pledges of one of the sororities on campus. Michael himself was a student at another school some twenty miles away, but the rites of entry into the Greek organizations were universal. He wondered just what form of hazing the two sisters had in mind for the three new members.

He moved on past them and sat at a table about five feet away. The three pledges had their backs towards him, but he had a good view of the two members. As he started to eat his supper he studied the five girls. The one who had spoken and the other facing him gave the appearance of being slightly older. Well, maybe not really older, but more settled to the campus life. They were probably seniors or at least juniors, as was Michael himself. The three pledges had an air about them that seemed to shout "Freshman!". Upon examining them a little closer he upped that to sophomore, but it was still obvious they were not the same level as the two members.

All five girls were extremely good looking: slim, firm bodies with decidedly sexy builds. Again, not surprising. A lot of the sororities considered looks as well as personality in choosing new members. He'd even heard one on his campus that was supposed to have a line on the floor just inside their doorway. When a prospective pledge entered the house she had to stand on the line. If her tits didn't stick out past a certain mark on the wall, she was not even considered. Michael didn't really believe that, but the girls from that house did seem to all be pretty well endowed.

Smiling to himself he studied the women. While the two members were definitely attractive, the pledges intrigued him the most - especially one. There were two blondes and one girl with dark red hair. He had only gotten a glance at their faces as he moved to his table and sitting as he was behind them, he couldn't see their eyes. Still he had the impression that all three were definitely on the very pretty side. From what he could see of their figures all three looked nicely shaped. He wasn't sure exactly what it was about the red head, but he found himself particularly attracted to her.

As he ate and watched the girls, he realized he could easily overhear the conversation even though they weren't speaking particularly loudly. Something about the shape of the walls and ceiling here, he guessed. Anyway, the sister who had first been speaking was starting to give the pledges instructions.

"Tomorrow you are to report to the house promptly at six. Wear a blouse that buttons in the front and a short skirt. No underwear." At this he could see a slight stiffening of the three sets of shoulders and he smiled to himself. He had heard enough to know that most initiations involved embarrassing the pledges, usually combined with some physical hazing. The sister went on, "After inspection you will go to the mall and wait on the benches next to the bookstore. Three members from our brother fraternity will come up to you and you will follow all of their instructions exactly."

"Mistress Karen, how will we know them?" one of the pledges asked.

"They will be wearing jeans and black tee shirts. Besides, you don't need to know them - they will recognize you. After all you will be the only three girls sitting there with the top three buttons of your shirts open and your bare asses on the bench seats." Michael could see the back of the neck of the girl who had asked turn a bright red. The sister went on, "They will tell you where to go and what to do. You are to obey them exactly and do what they tell you. They will return you to the house by Saturday morning. When you are returned to the house, your pledging will be over and Saturday night you will be formally admitted to the sorority." She seemed to relax her attitude a little and added, "In less than two days it will all be over and you'll be full members. We all went through this, remember, and we all survived. And remember, you can call a halt at any time. All you have to do is say, 'I quit. I quit. I quit.' Repeat that three times and it's all over for you."

The three seemed to relax slightly although all three knew they would never quit this close and one finally asked, "Mistress, can you tell us anything about what to expect?"

The two older sisters glanced at each other and smiled. The second suddenly said, "We don't want to spoil the surprises, but none of you really need to sit down for the next few days, do you?"

She gave a slight laugh and the second girl added, "None of you are virgins and all of you are on the pill, so you should be all right."

Michael - and probably the three pledges - couldn't tell if the two were teasing or not.

"All right. Anna, Liz, Sandy. Any more questions, Pledges?" No one spoke. "OK, we'll see you at the house tomorrow at six. Be on time."

With that the three pledges stood and left the table. As they walked away Michael got a better look at them and decided that if anything he had underestimated them. All three were definitely hot. He watched three firm bottoms sway as the girls left the room and couldn't help but imagine those resting "bare assed" on the benches.

His attention returned to the two sisters giggling slightly. "All on the pill," one of them said, barely able to stifle a laugh.

"And they'll be expecting to be spanked even harder than at pledge meetings," the other replied, just holding her own mirth in check. Then she went on, "They should be on the benches by six thirty. I'll tell the guys to wait until seven or a little after before going to them. I can imagine that after a half hour of sitting there half undressed they will be really on edge."

"Yeah, that sounds good. The guys know what to do to keep them that way, I'll bet."

The first girl stood and the second immediately joined her. As they started to leave, Michael heard her say, "They sure do. By the time they get those three back to the house Saturday morning, I'll bet we have three of the most embarrassed pledges in our history. Not to mention what happens out front before they get to come back inside."

The second girl laughed. "Great! And of course they'll have to tell all of us about everything in great detail." She laughed again and added, "Sometimes we really can be mean bitches, can't we?" Still laughing, they left the Union.

They left and Michael remained at his table finishing his dinner. As he ate he kept remembering the sway of those sexy bottoms as the three pledges walked out. Too bad he wasn't in the "brother fraternity." Not that he was in any frat at all. Michael lived with two other men in a house at the edge of the small town where his school was located. All three of them were juniors and had roomed together for almost two years now. Yeah, too bad the three of them weren't the brothers who were going to initiate these three hot pledges.

Suddenly a thought struck him and he froze for a second with his fork half way to his mouth. Then he shook his head and laughed to himself. No, a nice day dream, but ... Still, the more he thought about it, the more possible it seemed. The girls had no idea what the frat men looked like. He did know how the men would be dressed. Could Michael and his two house mates pull it off? Then the thought came that if he did, they might be in real trouble. Legal trouble. But as he considered this a little more he decided that if they were sure to make everything voluntary, there should be no legal problem. He would just have to be really careful how he phrased things.

Again he shook his head and laughed slightly to himself. But the idea wouldn't leave. And the more he considered it, the more possible it seemed. The girls would undoubtedly hate him when they found out, but if he kept them from knowing where they were, they were very unlikely to ever see him again. And what a fantastic stunt it would be if he could pull it off!

By the time he had finished his meal he had almost talked himself into it. He pulled out his cell and called his house. "Tom, are you and Dick going to be home tonight? OK. What about any plans for tomorrow night." He listened for a few seconds, then "Good. Look, I've got an idea for a stunt you guys won't believe. I'll be back in about a half hour and will tell you all about it then. No, no details yet. Let's just say it involves three really hot foxes." A quick laugh. Yeah, I thought you'd be interested. All right, I'll see you in about thirty minutes." Putting away the phone he left the Union, smiling to himself and again considering the possibilities.

Forty minutes later Michael and the other two were sitting in their living room. "You really think we can pull this off?" Dick asked. He brushed his blonde hair back away from his forehead as he leaned forwards. Dick was nearly six foot two and well muscled, but not to the extent that he possessed the "dumb jock" image. Actually he was a serious business student with a high GPA and an easy going personality that let him get along well with both friends and strangers.

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