by michchick98

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Erotica Sex Story: Just a quick story about a man paying back his woman for her endless teasing. Does he accomplish his goal?

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   .

We couldn't get in the door fast enough. As soon as he slammed it behind him, he pinned me against the wall, clawing at my clothing and assaulting my lips with his.

Reaching for the buttons on his shirt, I undid the first one, then ripped it open, ignoring the ping of the buttons bouncing off the walls around us and feeling his hot, hard chest under my questing hands. I raked my fingernails over his nipples and felt him let out a groan against my mouth.

Threading his fingers through my hair, he tore his lips from mine and trailed hot kisses down my throat to my now exposed breasts. I felt him smile against me.

"You weren't wearing a bra the whole night?" he managed to rasp out, capturing a taut nipple in his mouth.

"No," I breathed, knowing it drove him crazy when I didn't wear a bra.

I hadn't told him on the trip to his parents' house and I, of course, hadn't mentioned it either there or on the way home.

When we were alone at his parents', which was only for a brief few minutes in their kitchen, I'd teased him endlessly, watching his discomfort when his mother had walked into the kitchen. I had smiled wickedly at him then offered to help his mother with desert.

The look on his face had promised retribution for my tormenting and I had felt my body tingle in anticipation.

"You little tease," he said, releasing a nipple with a pop, then finding the other. "I should take you over my knee, but I know you'd like that far too much."

I tangled my fingers through his dark hair and held him to me, arching to push my sensitive mound deeper into the hot depth of his mouth.

I cried out when he pulled away, a look of pure lust on his handsome face. His blue eyes were clouded with desire, but also sparkling with mischief. He took another step back and pulled his ruined shirt from his shoulders.

Dropping it to the floor, he reached for the snap on his jeans. When I reached out to help him, he slapped my hands away.

"Oh no, you're gonna pay for teasing me, sweetheart."

Keeping his gaze locked with mine, he dropped his jeans to his ankles, then toed off his shoes. I tore my eyes from his and allowed them to roam his magnificent body. My mouth went dry when it dawned on me he hadn't been wearing any underwear either. I ogled the protruding proof of his arousal. I could see it throbbing and I felt my body scream with need for him.

"God, please," I begged, reaching out to pull him against me.

He smiled and shook his head. Taking my hand, he led me to our bedroom. Pushing me back onto the bed, he lowered himself over me, devouring my lips in a hungry kiss. I felt his hands roam my heated flesh, pausing to cup a breast before he reached between us and pushed one hand under the waistband of my skirt.

"Bad girl, no panties either."

I opened my legs to allow him access, and whimpered when he ran a finger along my wet slit, then pulled his hand away. Raising my hips, I tried to keep his finger where I wanted it most, but he pulled his hand from my skirt then stuck his finger in his mouth, lapping up the proof of my arousal.

"Mmmm, sweet as honey," he whispered, reaching out to unsnap my skirt and pull it down my legs. In his haste, he ripped the material and I chuckled. If we kept up at this rate, we'd both need a new wardrobe.

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