The Ladies Club -- Massage for Six Hands

by Jehoram

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Fa/Fa, Consensual, BiSexual, Group Sex, Interracial, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: It's massage night at the Ladies Club. This time, everybody wins.

Sex with Maria was an eye-opening experience. Her black hair, fair skin, and dark eyes made here an arresting sight, and she was totally comfortable with her body ... all 130 pounds of it. If she'd lost a dozen pounds of that, she could have passed for Marina Sirtis, but she was happy with the extra weight, and it was really her voluptuous breasts, winning smile, and ready pussy that captivated me.

What a difference the Ladies Club had made in her! When I left town six years ago, we were lovers, but she constantly fretted about her weight and felt awkward about kissing in public. She wouldn't dream of going to the beach in anything but a modest one-piece suit, and when she found my stack of girlie magazines in my dorm room at college, she berated me for my "objectification" of women's bodies, whatever that meant. Now she didn't give a damn about her weight and pranced buck-naked in front of up to two dozen equally naked men and women without a blush. She adored group sex and delighted in games involving cunts and cocks, without much regard for the bodies attached to them.

She also made it clear that if I wanted to be with her, I had to go along with these games. That was no problem; even if I were excluded from them, I'd still support them because they'd done so much good for her. But as it was, I was a full participant in them myself.

Or almost a full participant. The difference was that the men could play the games, too, but they couldn't call any of the shots. That was solely the prerogative of the women ... hence the name of the club. We guys all danced to their tune. In fact, it was this condition that made the club possible, since Maria wouldn't have entered any situation involving group sex if she weren't sure she could control it.

Maria and I now shared a house, with extra bedrooms for the kids we were planning to adopt once we felt committed enough to each other ... and Maria wasn't rushing that, either. For now, she was happy to let our love for each other grow and solidify. And I think that she didn't want to put a speedy end to our anywhere, anytime sex life, as we'd have to do once we had a family to think about.

At the next meeting of the Ladies Club, it was Dora, a middle-aged woman with prematurely graying hair and a soft, pliant body who got to choose the game of the day. It was one that no woman had any objections to, she said as we filed in. As usual, all the men entered from the men's shower room of the clubhouse, where we'd stripped, showered if we needed to, and stroked ourselves to hardness ... the ladies expected us to be ready for action when we arrived, as any boy-toy was supposed to be. Brian, as usual, was wearing a cock ring; he explained that it helped him keep his erection. His doctor wouldn't let him take any "erectile dysfunction" drugs, due to his high blood pressure, but he found that the cock ring did the job. "You should try one, too, Joe," he told me. "It can't hurt. And don't tell me Maria has never wished you had more staying power. I haven't met a women who didn't."

I smiled at him as we stroked our cocks to full erection. Elsewhere in the room, Tony and Bret were stroking each other's cocks; it gave them that added frisson. If these guys went any further down the gay road, they did it elsewhere, since the stuff that went on during the meetings was thoroughgoing heterosex, at least for the men.

I walked in to see Dora standing next to four massage tables, each draped with a towel, with another table next to each one. Each table held another stack of towels and a bowl of water kept warm by a hot plate; immersed in the bowls were bottles of body oil. The lights were low, the room was warm, and soft music, heavy on rhythm, played in the background. As the last men straggled in, Dora addressed us.

"Here's my fantasy. I've always had sensitive boobs, and I've dreamed of getting a massage from lovers, boys and girls, who bring me off just by massaging me. Now I've got the chance to make that real, and I'm going to do it.

"We've got only sixteen people here tonight. So we'll split into groups of four -- two guys, two girls. As usual, don't use your regular partners. The two girls at each table will take turns being massaged. The first one will lie on her stomach, and the other three people will give her a thirty-minute massage, six hands. Let your partners know what you want rubbed, and how much. The masseurs can only massage the places they can reach, but if the ladies want to frig themselves, that's all right. At the end of thirty minutes, the women at each table switch places, so the other lady can get her back massaged."

"I don't get it," said Bret's wife Anne, a small-breasted woman with blonde hair cut short. "What's the contest? Who wins?"

"No contest this month, and everybody wins. We're just out for the experience, the sensation of six hands massaging you. You can orgasm any time you want to, the girls that is. You can even slip an arm under you and frig yourself if you want to."

"What happens if we want our fronts massaged, too?" This from Helen, a woman with low-hanging breasts, one slightly larger and lower than the other, who was considered one of the most highly-sexed females in the club. Her question was met with a chorus of nervous giggles.

"I'm coming to that, Helen. At the end of the first round, the women turn over and your partners massage your fronts. This time, we expect them to concentrate on our breasts, but we don't want them to completely ignore the rest of us. The guys can't touch your pussies, or their cocks, but you ladies can if you feel like it.

Oh, and another thing: we want you guys to stay hard, but you can't touch their cocks. So the lady who's doing the massaging is expected to use a little oil on the guys, too, to keep them hard. We'll let 'em cum when we're done, but make 'em suffer for the next two hours." The ladies laughed, and the men groaned.

My two female partners were an Asian woman named Lan and a Black woman named Margie. Aside from their almost black hair, dark nipples, and brown eyes, these two women could scarcely be more different. While Lan was very petite, probably weighing less than a hundred pounds, Margie was heavy-set and voluptuous, with large flat breasts and an ass of monumental proportions. Her nipples were barely nubbins, centered in areolas the size of saucers. She's like one of those ancient fertility goddesses, I thought, all tits and ass and belly. I'd never really cared for that kind of physique; on most women I'd seen, it looked grotesque. But on her, it looked utterly right and proper. I remembered how soft and full and wet her pussy was when I'd fucked her at the last meeting, and how I enjoyed burying my cock in that fleshy cunt. The only fat things about Lan were her nipples, which stood proudly atop small firm breasts. Although she was probably in her late thirties, she hadn't put on a pound since her teens. Equally fit were her cunt muscles, which I remember clenching my cock at it shot my sperm into her at the last get-together.

We were matched up with Tony, a short, stocky man whose body was covered with dark curly hair from his chest down to his crotch. He seemed to have a perpetual frown on his face, and didn't say much, but what I at first took for dislike turned out to be shyness. He had the body of a wrestler who had gone somewhat to seed, muscle turning to fat, but he carried it well, and his stamina was the stuff of legend. Limp, his cock almost disappeared into the thatch of his pubes, just the head showing, but when erect, as it was now, it jutted out half a handspan, thick and hard.

The ladies were bantering easily. "You've got so much more skin than I have," Lan joked. "You should have some of my minutes."

"No, dear. You'll need them more. I can cum in a flash, particularly with you and these studs working on me. I know how educated your hands are!"

"Well, then, who wants to go first?"

"You go first, Lan. I want so much to put my hands on your butt."

So Lan climbed onto the table, and Dora started the timer. I stood at the foot of the table, while Margie stood to my left and Tony my right. Taking a bottle of warm oil, I poured it into the cup of my hand, and smeared it onto her calves. Next to us, Bret, Clyde and Dora were applying oil to Maria's prone figure as she closed her eyes and relaxed. Lan spread her legs; she was definitely inviting me to go to her inner thighs, and I accepted the invitation, spreading the oil almost up to the tuft of hair at her crotch. Then I moved to her butt-cheeks, oiling them and spreading them to expose her anus. Seeing what I was doing, Margie rubbed oil into the cleft, an oily finger pressing against Lan's asshole, then into it up to the first knuckle, massaging her rectum. I went back to Lan's thighs, calves and feet as my partners massaged Lan's arms and back. After ten minutes, we rotated clockwise around the table, at Margie's suggestion, and I moved to Lan's left side as Tony took over my position at the foot of the table. Reaching over the table, Margie grabbed my cock and gave it an oily rub, maintaining my erection, as she'd been doing with Tony from time to time. Thus inspired, I massaged Lan's neck and back, moving down her rib cage to stroke the outside of her left breast. At the twenty-minute mark, we rotated again. Then it was Tony who was across from me, and he'd massage my cock just as Margie had done. Wasn't this against the rules? I thought. Dora had said that the men couldn't touch their cocks, but she didn't say that men could touch other men's cocks. My conscience satisfied, I reached for Tony's dick and returned the favor. It was the first cock I'd ever touched, other than my own. I gave it a little squeeze, and Tony smiled.

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