Women and I

by Happenstance

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/ft, mt/Fa, Fa/Fa, Fa/ft, BiSexual, Incest, Mother, Son, Daughter, Exhibitionism, Voyeurism, Big Breasts, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: My mom revealed to me the beauty of a woman's body... and she, her friend and her daughter also showed me how to make love to it.

I was fourteen-year-old when I first touched a woman's breasts. She was our forty-two-year-old maid who had lovely pair of breasts. She, of course, didn't like it, but I did it anyway.

She was also the first woman I saw naked, when I peeked through a window and saw her taking a bath. After that, I never lost an opportunity to touch her or see her nude.

During those years, I tried to see whatever of whomever I could: breasts of my cousin; the naked body of our neighbor's daughter; my friend's mother in shower; my voluptuous aunt; feeling my cousin's breasts inside a railway couch; sucking on another cousin's breasts; watching another aunt breastfeed her baby and also made an unsuccessful attempt to make a girl touch my cock.

I was nearly sixteen and ready for the big leap when a cousin came to stay with us for couple of days. At that time she was around seventeen and experienced in all things sexual, so she took the initiative and at night we made love in my room, while my parents slept in theirs.

I don't exactly remember whether I was good or bad but she had opened up the floodgates and I just couldn't have enough of her: We made love in the afternoon when my parents were out; we made love at her house when I went to visit her and we made love at a mutual friend's house.

I have had sex with women of just about every shape, color, and size, but nobody comes even close to the three closest to me.

One is Mom's best friend, Allison. She and my mother, Megan, hanged out a lot together and she sometimes even came to our house. She's an accountant, her husband a project manager and they have a daughter who is of my age. I only knew them causally and had seen their daughter once or twice when I went to their house to drop off Mom.

"Why do you want to bring your daughter along?" I overheard Mother asking Allison one day.

"To keep your son busy otherwise he would spoil the party," she replied.

"Fair enough," said Mom.

At that moment I thought they were talking about some party and without giving it any more thought went into my room. Looking back, I now realize how wrong I was.

Around ten days later, my mother, who was wearing a low-cut lime halter dress, revealing her ample cleavage and her smooth legs, called me into her bedroom and asked me how I would like a trip to an island.

"Yes, why not. Where?"

"A friend of mine has arranged a cottage for us at Kiribati Islands for fifteen days and we can go there and enjoy some sun," she answered taking a deep breath and flicking her long blonde hair with her fingers.

Now, I had never heard of Kiribati or knew where it was, so asked her where are we going? Who has booked the cottage for us? Who else was going? Faced with so many questions, she sat down on a chair and began answering my barrage of queries.

"You know Allison? Well, she has a friend who had booked a cottage at Kiribati, it's an island near Australia, but her friend isn't going, so we can utilize it for two weeks."

"Who else will go?"

"You, me, Allison and her daughter, Rachael."

Then she asked me whether I had a problem or some other engagement.

"No, I've nothing else to do."

"So, it's final?"

"Yes, why not."

With that out of our way, we got down to planning. I'd never even been to a beach, the sea is too far from our place, let alone an island, but quickly discovered whatever I could thanks to internet and soon was for trip of my lifetime.

On day of departure, Allison's husband, who was unable to come with us because of office work, dropped us off at the airport and we were off to our dream vacation.

At the Kiribati airport, we took a taxi and headed toward our cottage near the beach, but since it was raining and we were so tired from the long flight that we decided to stay indoors and make the cottage liveable.

The house, if you could call it that, had a living room, two bedrooms, a kitchen and a bathroom. Since Rachael didn't want to share a room, she took one room, Mom and Allison decided to share the only one left and I got the couch in living room. The kitchen, just like the rest of the house, had bare necessities but since we had already eaten at the airport the absence of anything to eat didn't bother us and as soon as our beds, or in my case the couch, were ready we just crashed into them and went off to sleep.

I don't know for how long I slept, but when I woke up it was already dark outside and Mother and Allison were busy with groceries they had just bought from town. I got up, took a shower, changed clothes and by the time came back to kitchen dinner was ready. As we were really hungry, we quickly finished off everything we could lay our hands on: sandwiches, beans with rice, fried potatoes and the whole lot.

It was only after filling our stomachs that we stepped out of house and went to beach where we lay down on mats we had brought with us and started to enjoy beauty of the clear blue sky and appreciate the power of water lashing against our legs and clothes. I stayed there for about twenty minutes, but with rest of them busy with their own things I decided to take a tour of town and with that got up, went to house, changed my clothes and took for town center. After roaming around for nearly forty-five minutes and getting absolutely drunk on local wine, I stumbled back home and straight away went to sleep on couch.

By the time I woke up, sun was up but all others were still sleeping, so tiptoed to kitchen, made a sandwich and came outside to enjoy fresh air.

Although I've been with Allison and Rachael for nearly two days, including the traveling time, I'd hardly spoken to them apart from casual hellos, but when I saw Rachael walking toward me in a green two-piece bikini my heart started missing beats and felt a definite movement in my shorts.

She came near me and I tried to say hello to her but she ignored me and lay down on lounge chair next to me with her iPod blasting some songs in her ears.

Initially, I tried not to look at her body, maybe because I was hurt that she didn't even say hello to me, but it's impossible not to look when a fifteen-year-old girl is lying semi-naked next to you, so started roaming my eyes all over her five foot and four inch frame, her long black hair, her round perky breasts, her flat stomach and her smooth thighs. I was busy looking at her body when saw Mom and Allison coming toward us.

Mother had a white beach towel wrapped around her and Allison, who was five foot five inch like my mom, was wearing a long blue shirt.

I was dying to hit the waters, especially to hide the erection, so got up and without waiting for them to join in dived right into the sea and was busy swimming when I saw Mother, Allison and Rachael splashing around some distance from me.

Although I had missed the chance to watch Mom take off her towel and Allison her long shirt, I was now determined to see them come out of water and walk toward the lounges in nothing but their two-piece swimwear, so got out, sat down and waited for them to walk toward me in their full glory.

After around fifteen minutes, I saw Mother emerge from water with Allison and Rachael behind her.

Now, normally a man's eyes would instantly go toward the younger girl, but my eyes were fixed on Mom wearing a beige one-piece bikini and Allison in a brown two-piece bikini.

I lay there and enjoyed the view of two beautiful near-naked women walking toward me and although I made sure that neither Mother nor Allison saw me staring at their lovely bodies, somehow Rachael saw me looking at her mom and my mom's heaving breasts and she didn't like it a bit because instead of sitting with us she went straight to the cottage.

I took my time and ran my eyes all over their bodies, savored the sight of their beautiful breasts moving up and down with their breath, looked at how their wet nipples were sticking to their bras, how their panties were struggling to cover their pussy lips and then there were their thighs and their necks with water droplets on them.

We stayed there for well over twenty minutes and then walked back to cottage, with me walking behind them and enjoying the sight of their backs and bums.

Not a lot happened that day or the next day, as Mom and Allison began to spend a lot of time together without me and Rachael was avoiding me because she was still angry with me, so apart from getting couple of glimpses of my mother and Allison on the beach nothing exciting happened.

Two days later, I was on the beach in afternoon when Rachael came wearing black bikini top and matching thongs and after swimming for seven or eight minutes came toward me and sat down on the mat next to me and started drying herself with the towel.

I knew she was angry with me and wasn't talking to me, so just sat there avoiding any eye contact.

"Do you really fancy your chances with Mom?" she asked suddenly turning toward me and looking at me with her blue eyes.

When she said that, I was so shocked that I didn't even know how to react or what to say, so just stared at her. But, instead of being fazed, she continued her questioning.

"I've seen how you look at her, but trust me you don't stand a chance."

By now my mind was starting to work again and the last comment had completely woken it up.

"I don't know what you're talking about and I don't think about such things," I replied.

"You're wasting your time with her," she added when she heard me say that.

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