A Synopsis of Federation History

by Ol'Mac

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Desc: Fantasy Story: Since folks seemed to like “A Very Different History”, I dug back into my extremely old files and found this beauty……Please keep in mind that this was written a heck of a long time before I met “The Grammar Fairy”……Enjoy the read folks.

Event Date: 10-1-2005

Event Description:

The UN General Assembly strips the United States of voting rights due to failure to pay membership dues.

Event Date: 1-29-2006

Event Description:

Congress votes to repeal the UN Charter and withdraw from the United Nations.

Event Date: 2-1-2006

Event Description:

President Bush signs the bill that repeals the UN Charter.

Event Date: 2-4-2006

Event Description:

Congress votes to withdraw from all UN-sponsored organizations, and to nationalize the property held by the UN in NYC. There will be some compensation, but not until the "excessive dues imposed by the UN" are reimbursed, as well as the cost of UN peacekeeping operations undertaken by the USA.

Event Date: 3-13-2006

Event Description:

The UN votes to send a force of 150,000 men to the USA, to "force compliance with the UN Charter" and full restitution for the confiscated land. The handful of UN officers who didn't make it out of New York City in time are immediately arrested on illegal immigration charges by the INS.

Event Date: 5-7-2006

Event Description:

The UN forces, mostly Canadian, simply cross the border into the US, as there are no military units stationed at the border. They get as far as Buffalo before New York Army National Guard units and Air National Guard flights begin attacking under orders from President Bush, who has federalized them.

Event Date: 5-8-2006

Event Description: After 24 hours of combat, the UN forces have suffered 33% casualties, with some 50,000 men killed, wounded, or captured.

Event Date: 5-9-2006

Event Description:

Congress passes a resolution, declaring war on Canada.

Event Date: 5-12-2006

Event Description:

Suffering still more casualties, the Canadian commander of the UN forces decides to withdraw. Realizing that Canadian nationals in the USA are in danger, and that war with the USA would be suicidal, the Canadian government is considering a truce.

Event Date: 6-12-2006

Event Description:

The US-Canadian Armistice is signed by both General Tommy Franks (called up from retirement), and his Canadian counterpart at Niagara Falls.

Event Date: 7-1-2006

Event Description:

The House of Commons votes no confidence in Prime Minister Paul Martin. He resigns, and the Governor-General calls new elections.

Event Date: 8-2-2006

Event Description:

The Conservatives win a majority in the House of Commons for the 1st time since 1993, and Stephen Harper becomes the new Prime Minister. He vows to take steps to either win America back to the UN, or pull Canada out, saying, "We can't afford to make war against our southern neighbors, our historical allies, the Americans."

Event Date: 8-23-2006

Event Description:

Stephen Harper, after failing to get the UN to allow the United States back in, denounces it as an, exclusive, destructive association designed to prop up backward countries and communist dictatorships.

Event Date: 8-24-2006

Event Description:

British Prime Minister Tony Blair and Australian Prime Minister John Howard, in a show of support to the US and Canada, announce their intentions to withdraw from the UN.

Event Date: 8-25-2006

Event Description:

Egypt, Israel, and Japan withdraw from the United Nations.

Event Date: 9-18-2006

Event Description:

China, North Korea, Pakistan, Iran, and Syria withdraw from the UN. They form a military treaty called the Eastern Alliance.

Event Date: 10-2-2006

Event Description:

South Korea, Libya, and India withdraw from the UN. Libya joins the EA (Eastern Alliance). President Bush announces he is forming a Freedom Alliance. "All freedom-loving nations are eligible to join the Freedom Alliance. The UN Charter says the same thing, but we're actually serious about it." Great Britain immediately votes to join the FA.

Event Date: 12-28-2006

Event Description:

Canada, Australia, Japan, India, South Korea, Israel, and Egypt join the FA. Taiwan begins contemplation of membership, but China threatens that if the FA allows Taiwan to join, it will break off diplomatic relations with all nations in the Freedom Alliance.

Event Date: 1-1-2007

Event Description:

President Bush sends former UN Ambassador John R. Bolton to hold meetings in Mainland China. After 7 days of intense negotiation, China announces that they will withdraw from the EA and submit their application for membership in the FA. With the main member of the EA gone, the other nations in the organization follow suit rapidly. The only regime change that takes place because of these events is in North Korea.

After being contacted by US, South Korean, Japanese, Chinese and Russian agents, a group opposed to Kim stages an almost bloodless coup. The whole world heaves a huge sigh of relief and Kim is not mourned anywhere on the face of the Earth.

A four party Democratic Republic system is guaranteed in the North Korean Constitution and a 'Bill of Rights' very similar to the US version is included. When Constitutional Delegates are asked about this, the main answer is, "We saw how it worked in the US and we believe it can work here also."

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