Too Many Girls

by Rod O'Steele

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Desc: Erotica Sex Story: How many girls is too many?


Mike looked out one of the viewing plates down at the Earth below. New Hilo orbited above the beautiful Hawaiian Islands. It was a way station for space travel. Airships, designed to travel through the dense atmosphere of Earth rose up from Hawaii and docked, transferred their cargo to the deep space ships which would travel to the Martian colonies or the mining companies in the Asteroid belt. Those great ships, not designed to enter the heavy atmosphere of Earth, would trade their cargo with the sleek craft designed to travel through the heavy atmosphere with its friction and take the mined ore down to the surface for processing. Half of New Hilo was the spaceport for the Western Federation's spaceships. There were always plenty of sailors wandering around the station, looking for available girls. There was quite a traffic in girls, locals and tourists, coming up from Hawaii for a couple days to see if they could meet a guy, for fun or sometimes for more.

Mike sold time shares to the tourists. He hated the job since he was a trained ship's master and only wanted to run the ships to and from the colonies. But the colony corporations all wanted former military pilots now. In an effort to still run ships he had signed on with Universal Time Shares. At least he got to run the yahoos out to the time shares once in a while. The rest of the time he was a sweet-talking liar, um, salesman. He would give them the old line about time shares on Mars, the colonies, New Hilo and New Aberdeen which orbited above Scotland, also held in place by the gravity drive.

He hated the job because he knew the economics of the industry. It was a scam. It would be cheaper to just pay for a vacation every year rather than buy the shares. For some people it just seemed easier to come up with a monthly payment than one big one every year. It was a Ponzi scheme, sort of like the Government retirement program the socialists had put in. You had to keep getting new fools to pay into it or it would collapse of its own weight. Mike shrugged; at least it was a living, as he wandered off to work.

He was scheduled to show several families the transport ship which would take them out to the 'paradise' on Mars. Imagine living on another planet. The adventure of a lifetime for your kids. Then bring them back in two weeks if they purchased the time share. This time would be just a half hour journey out a hundred miles and back, to see a view of Earth from 'deep space.' The parents were in the last few minutes of the required safety briefing. There were about 10 kids; funny, all girls Mike noted. He opened the pressure doors and the girls all trooped in. It was funny to watch as the girls walked in and almost tripped. The station maintained Earth standard gravity while the ship was held at .8 of Earth's surface gravity. Mike shook his head and followed. He told the girls to find seats, which they did noisily.

Out the view port, Mike saw the skin of the station begin to glow; alarms went off in the ship. The station was continuing to glow in more and more places. Suddenly, a wall section of the station failed and the internal atmosphere blew out through the molten metal and into space. Mike could see bodies, furniture, anything not strapped down blown into the void of space. He knew that the station had automated pressure walls which would have closed so that a failure in any one area wouldn't kill the whole station. At the same time, the ship's pressure door closed automatically because of the pressure drop in the station, the emergency explosive bolts fired sending the ship off away from New Hilo. Another section of the station failed. Wondering what the hell was happening; Mike sprinted down the main corridor to the flight deck. He hopped into the nav chair and engaged the engine to back away from the sudden chaos that was New Hilo.

Mike saw one of the military cruisers lifting away from New Hilo. Its skin glowed in three places before suddenly blowing up. It was still close to the station when it blew up. It caused another cruiser still attached to the station to blow up. The power of the explosions knocked the gravity drive out of commision and the whole structure out of kilter. It wobbled wildly, and without the gravity drive holding it in place, began careening down into a fast decaying orbit. It was lucky that in the vacuum of space the explosions couldn't be transmitted like it would on Earth but there were still thousands of small pieces being blown out into the surrounding space and any one of them could cause a serious problem. Mike thought it best not to just be sitting still near the place where so much bad was happening and followed the station but in a higher orbit. In just minutes Mike watched it disappear. He turned on the tracking camera and watched it descend faster and faster as the orbit got shorter. The girls had followed him down the main corridor and were crowded into the flight deck avidly watching the screens

He followed the station on the main screen above his station. By the time they were over Africa, it began to hit the upper atmosphere. That in turn slowed it significantly and dropped it into the thicker air below. Like a giant meteor it began to glow and pieces began to fall off it like a sparkler, glowing bits burning up in the atmosphere. The station had never been designed for reentry. Forty miles up the whole station, along with the remaining attached ships, came apart like a bomb.

He heard a scream behind him, causing him to turn around and remember the girls in his ship. He had been mesmerized watching with horror. One of the older girls realized what she was watching and had cried out, "They're dead."

Mike switched off the screen. What should he do? The radio was full of chatter. He turned to the emergency channel 121.5. The Federation was under attack. All ships were warned to move away from Earth and not to try to enter the atmosphere.

That settled that. Mike turned on the auto navigator and put in the coordinates of the company's main base on Mars. On autopilot, the ship began boosting, their speed gathering faster and faster as they climbed away from the gravity of Earth and began to accelerate out into the solar system.

A Ship of Girls

As they moved out away from Earth, Mike looked back to the crowded flight deck. He had nine young women on the ship. They was plenty of room since their parents were about to join the ship when the whole thing blew up, literally. Space ships tended to be quite roomy. Unlike air ships or water ships, there is no drag in space. Mass matters and most of the interior was lightweight composites. Empty space for people has no mass so there was plenty of room and cabins were large and roomy. The exception was the flight deck in the prow, kept small so that two or even one person could run the ship

He scanned their faces and saw the fear. The ship was moving now, picking up speed on course to Mars. They were well away from any chance of being seen from Earth, at least by potential weapons and moving in a weird elliptical orbit to get on course for Mars, currently on the other side of the sun. There was little danger.

Mike kept the radio receivers turned towards Earth. The news started coming in; disjointed, episodic, overblown. But even so, Mike realized that the shit had hit the fan. The Chinese Confederation, which over the last 50 years had managed to fashion Pan-Asia, from Siberia to Australia, under its political control, had finally decided that control of space shouldn't be the monopoly of the Western Federation. News from China was blaming the West because the Confederation had been forced into the confrontation. So far nothing on Earth had been hit except a few Space Watch stations, mostly in remote areas or mountain tops. Neither side wanted to start destroying cities. The Chinese population was concentrated in the cities. They would lose billions. Of course, they had the billions to lose. But would the dynasty survive the murder of billions?

The West founded on the twin pillars of Greek Humanistic Rationalism and Semitic Mysticism believed that Human life was paramount and would do almost anything to prevent such slaughter. On Earth, it was a strategic stalemate, neither side ready for suicide.

Mike assessed the situation. He made sure the auto navigation computer was working well. First, he checked his passenger roster. By age he was able to eliminate the parents. That left nine names ages seventeen to twelve. He turned his chair to the nine girls. "Ladies, if you would accompany me to the galley and game room." The galley also served as the entertainment and game room.

They followed him down the passageway and sat haphazardly around in the largest area in the ship. "Ladies. I presume you have all guessed what happened."

One girl, now sitting next to the one who screamed, asked, "Are they really dead?"

"It is possible someone got out on a smaller ship like we did. But the rest of the station came apart and exploded on reentry," Mike said.

There were several gasps followed by tears. He had no idea what to do now. One girl said, "I told you so," which brought more tears.

Mike stood up, "Ladies. Ladies." Trying to get their attention. "We're on our way to Mars."


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