Birthday Girl

by Kyng Kooba

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Desc: Erotica Sex Story: A pretty but dim teenage girl recieves a visit on her birthday from a black pervert

It all began one hot, summers afternoon in a nice little neighbourhood on the outskirts of town. The heat-wave that had lasted two full weeks and everyone who wasn't at work was taking it easy and enjoying the sun. Apart from the odd passing car and the faint sound of a TV or radio all was quiet on the street. Reclined in the back yard on her Mom's lawn Lorissa was treating herself to some leftover goodies from her party. 'Lori' had celebrated her eighteen birthday that very morning. She had always been very pretty. Well liked by boys in her class for her looks and her genuine sweetness. With shy, curious, hazel eyes and long, dark hair that tumbled down her back she was exceptionally cute. Her waist was trim, her hips full and she had round, pert young breasts that were exaggerated all the more by her slender figure.

Around her, the garden was enclosed and private, hidden from the road by the mass of overhanging trees that were generally overgrown and unkempt. The wooden house's white paint was peeling with age and in need of repair. They had only just moved in; Lori and her mom. A smaller place than the last but it was cheap and the neighbours were fine, decent people. It seemed the perfect area to start again in. Yet Mom didn't have much time to look after things. What with the recent divorce and working at the store and all. Dad had promised to drop by and see her that evening and needless to say, Lori was really looking forward to his visit. She didn't really understand why her parents had broke up. All she knew was that she missed him. Besides, he was bound to bring her something really special and expensive for her Birthday.

Lori's other family had only just left. Her Grandmother Alice. Uncle Jeff, Aunt Lucile and cousins Paul, Marty and Sam. She was still quite giddy from all the excitement and attention. Not to mention all the presents she'd received this year. Most girls her age would be having a big party with all their friends. Getting settled in at a new school was tough, especially having to repeat a year. Lori's mom always told her that she wasn't dumb, just different. With a grin she turned her attention to the small table laid out neatly beside her deck chair. On it was her new mobile phone and a selection of birthday cards. Mom had put out some soda, ice cream, and of course a big slice of cake. Laid out on colored paper plates. Lori felt far to old now for this sort of treatment but secretly enjoyed it all the same. Ever since she was little she had loved her birthdays. Her mom let her do what she wanted and she couldn't wait to call her new best friend Chrissie and tell her all about her day.

The pervert watched silently from the bushes. Controlling his heavy gasps as he pumped his fist up and down his greasy black cock. This was the third garden he had tried and it hadn't taken him long to squeeze through the crack in the old, broken fence. Now he was glad he had. The girl was in her late teens but had a young, innocence about her. She was dressed up like a doll with a tiny white tee-shirt, cut-off at her belly that revealing a pierced navel. She seemed to be wearing a push-up bra as the shirt was almost fit to burst, as were the red shorts that were also way too small for her. The girl had big tits for her slim figure and a shy, attention-needy face. He liked her. He liked her a lot. A far cry from his used up wife back home who was at that moment sitting across town in their dirty flat with the kids clawing and screaming at the walls. This was a nice area. A nice white area. An area he liked to come to a lot so it surprised him that he had not met seen this young slut before. So very fresh. There was something about her that wasn't quite right. Perhaps in her blank, distant eyes or the way she giggled and whispered to herself. It didn't matter. Not to him. Slowly, he picked himself up and edged forward to the front of the lawn, moving as quietly as he could and trying not to make a sound. He wanted to get a better look.

'You ok Hon?' Mom called from the door, 'I'm just going out. If you need anything go and see Mrs Thomas next door ok?'.

'Yes m ... m ... mom' stammered Lori. Despite her looks she had always been a little slow. Some of the kids had made fun of her in the past. Called her retard and other horrible names because of her stammer. They had been mean. Not like Chrissie. The two had been best friends since their first day in class. Right away she had been drawn to how bold and brash the older girl was. Lori, dark haired and tanned while Chrissie was blonde and her skin so white. It was Chrissie who told Lori how to dress. Something that confounded her mother because after all, she knew 'the best way to get attention from boys'. Mom got mad when her daughter wore something too short or tight and suspected were it was coming from. Blaming it on her friend but Lori thought her clothes looked sweet. Especially with her new lacy boots. They where a little hard to walk on but they where so cute and feminine. Chrissie would have been proud.

When the car engine started the man dropped to the floor and held his breath. He had been listening and hoping the girls mom would leave. He'd had enough of watching and it was time to 'introduce himself'. A sly grin spreading across his face as he watched the woman drive off in a battered Ford. Ahead of him, the girl, lay back totally unaware. She began singing quietly. A soft, faint sound which suited her perfectly. It was hot under the bushes and the man felt the sweat begin to run down his face. His skin seemed to itch. Perhaps in anticipation. Silently he slid himself forwards until he reached the very edge of the lawn. Comfortable with his improved view he re-took his dick and began stroking it again, enjoying the gentle slapping of his huge balls against his hand.

Lori listened as her mom drove out of the drive. Sometimes she felt giddy whenever she got left alone in the house. A little excited too. Christie had called before lunch to tell about her fourth date with new boyfriend Max. She'd let him put his hand between her legs while they were making out. Right inside her panties! Lori couldn't hide her interest. Of course she'd been kissed plenty of times had had even let one guy in her class fondle her boobs. Still, the naive young girl had never been any further than that as Chrissie liked to remind her. The new boyfriend older than both of them and came from another school. He lived a few streets away played football for the college team. Like most of the local girls, Lori liked him a lot. It wasn't fair. Smiling to herself, she popped the top button of her shorts and slid her hand down the front until her fingertips met the top of her lacy underwear. No-one could see and her Mom would be forever at the store. Her heart pounded. Slowly she traced a nail along her neat, virgin crack.

'Max must have a friend' she fantasised, closing her eyes. A shiver running down her legs as she penetrated herself with a finger.

'Hey ... Hey you!', came the voice. Lori nearly fell off the lounger. She froze for a second, all thoughts of Chrissie and the boy disappearing from her head. 'Hey' he came again. It was definitely a man's voice and the teenager certainly didn't recognise it. Deep and menacing. Pulling her hand from between her legs she sat up, remaining very still as the sound rose up again, shouting across the garden. Insecurity became fear. Perhaps hoping to hide herself she dropped down and squeezed the arms of the chair tight. Her heart was really pounding quickly she reached into her pocket for her inhaler. After a few deep breaths she felt calmer. Sitting upright and peering over towards were the voice had come from. There at the bottom of the garden was a man. A big, black man. She could see him now and he gave her quite a start. He wore dark jeans and a discoloured checked shirt. Perhaps the most scary thing was the leather mask fastened around his bald, shaven head. His skin was a deep chocolate and on his hands he wore gloves that matched his mask. Normal girls might have run inside but Lorissa froze. She felt her hands shaking as she stared back at him across the lawn. How long he had been watching her? He was obviously much older. Perhaps the same as her Dad which would make him well into his 40's. She could see his strong eyes staring hard at her behind the mask and moving up and down her body. Over her small shorts and tee shirt. 'Come over here bitch' he rasped angrily, his voice muffled by the mask. 'Get over here!'. He took a step forward but wouldn't leave the safety of the bushes. Quickly, Lori got out of the chair, stumbling on her heeled boots and tottering back against the garden fence with a thump.

There was a long pause as the man watched the girl keenly. His impatience with her was growing by the second but the sight of her lovely young figure made his cock throb hungrily. Her big, brown eyes were wide, staring back at him across the lawn. He'd given her quite a surprise that was for sure and he liked it. As usual the experience filled him with a sense of power. The girl's pretty chest was rising and falling heavily on each breath and already her bottom lip was wobbling as she wondered what to do. What a dumb cunt. Waiting a moment for her to calm down he enjoying the frightened yet growing curious and innocent look on her face.

'Come here' he snapped again, liking it as she jumped back.

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