Assisting Sister's Girlfriend

by mefag69

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Desc: Incest Sex Story: Carly needs her big brother to buy her alcohol so she can throw a party. Rich agrees to help but sets some conditions first. One of them involves his little sister's girlfriend, Aubrey, and will change all of their lives forever.

"Tell ya what," Rich said to his little sister. He was completely stoned but he'd just had an incredible idea when his sister explained her situation and asked him for a favor. Now he was having trouble remembering the idea because his eyes were locked on the gorgeous girl standing next to Carly. Her name was Aubrey Wilson and she was his sister's girlfriend.

"Jesus, are you just going to stare at Aub's tits all afternoon or are you going to answer the question?" Carly said. "Will you do it or not?"

"Huh? Oh, right," the stoned college senior said. He glanced away from Aubrey's captivating cleavage and scratched his chin. That's when the idea returned to his addled mind. "Yeah, okay, I'll do it. On three conditions."

"Really? Awesome!" Aubrey said excitedly. "What are the conditions?"

"You can have your party and I won't rat you out to Mom and Dad but first you have to promise to clean up any mess you make."

"Yeah, totally, that's no problem," Aubrey nodded her pretty head.

Carly had a skeptical look on her face. She knows me better than her girlfriend does, he thought with a grin. "Second, you have to drive me to the store. I'm really fucking high and I don't want to drive."

"I can't drive!" Carly said incredulously. "I don't have my license yet!"

"I can drive!" Aubrey blurted out. "I have my learner's permit and I've been practicing a lot lately."

"I have my permit too, that's not the point! I mean, if we ... oh, forget it," Carly said. She sighed, nodded her head, and said, "What's the third condition?"

Now the smile on Rich's stoned face grew. He said, "I get to watch you two have sex."

"WHAT?" Carly said. "Are you fucking kidding me!?"

"And it has to be real sex, whatever you two normally do," the stoned young man said. "Not some five minute make-out session or other bullshit like that. I want to see the whole show, like what you two did last night that kept me up until three in the morning. Real lesbian sex, on my bed, and before the weekend's over."

"Why on your bed?" Aubrey said sounding more confused than outraged.

Rich shrugged. "I just think it'd be hot to see two hot lesbians get it on in my bed, that's all."

"That doesn't matter! We're not having sex in front of you on your bed or any other bed! Come on, Aub, let's go," Carly said before storming out of his room.

To his surprise Aubrey didn't leave right away. Instead the buxom scene-girl held up her left index finger in a sort of "give me a minute" gesture before following Carly out of Rich's bedroom. A confused expression came over his face and for a long moment the stoned college student just stared at the place his sister and her girlfriend had just left. Eventually, though, he shrugged his shoulders, spun his desk chair around, and returned to pwning noobs in the battlegrounds of World of Warcraft.

"Can you believe him!" Carly said. She'd never been so angry at her loser brother before in her entire life. "What a perv! I warned you, didn't I? I told you what a creepy asshole he is! All he does all day is play at his computer, get stoned, and download god knows how much porn from the Internet. Fucking asshole!"

Aubrey sort of shrugged her shoulders as she plopped down onto Carly's bed. She brushed the neon-pink colored part of her hair away from her eyes and said, "I don't know, is it really that big a deal?"

Carly froze in her place then spun in her girlfriend's direction. The 15 year old said, "Are you serious? It's sick! I'm his sister and he wants to watch me have sex? That's like ... beyond gross!"

The scene-girl sitting on Carly's mattress shrugged and said, "Hey, everyone has their fetishes. Remember back when I was dating Hayley? She once told me she often fantasized about fucking her father. I didn't judge her for that."

"Hayley fantasized about her dad?" Carly said. She'd known Hayley well before she moved away to college and she would never have guessed that the mild mannered lesbian would fantasize about something so sick. "That's ... wow. Just, wow."

"Look, Rich isn't asking to fuck us. He just wants a live action porno," Aubrey said. "And besides who else are we going to get to buy us the alcohol for tonight? You heard Justin's voicemail, he can't come home this weekend because he's busy studying for finals. Do you know anyone else who could buy?"

"No," Carly admitted with an angry pout on her pretty face. She plopped down next to her girlfriend on the mattress and sighed. "He probably just wants to fuck you. I bet he thinks that in the heat of the moment you'll suddenly turn straight and want his disgusting cock."

Aubrey laughed. She took Carly's hand into her own and gave her a quick kiss on the lips. She said, "The only Henderson I want to fuck is sitting right here. Don't worry about that.

"But think about it," she continued, "in the heat of the moment are you ever even aware of your surroundings? We'll be so into the action we won't even know he's there."

"I guess," Carly said. "But what if he acts like his typical creepy self and says some pervy things while we're in the middle of it? Or what if I accidentally glance over at him? I would feel so totally creeped out I think I'd cry."

"We'll make rules," Aubrey replied. She kissed Carly's slender lips and the girl enjoyed the embrace for a long moment.

After Aubrey finally ended the heated embrace Carly said breathlessly, "What kind of rules?"

Rich was surprised when Carly and her girlfriend returned to his room after about twenty minutes. He'd figured the little brat had taken off to a friend's house or something. He knew how much she loathed him and he found that amusing.

"Okay, Rich, we'll do it," Aubrey said. Carly was standing next to her looking really annoyed and seemed to be looking anywhere but at him. "But we have conditions of our own."

This should be interesting, the stoned man thought. He leaned back in his chair and said, "Like what?"

"Number one, you're not allowed to get out of your chair," Aubrey said in a firm voice. "You get to watch, not participate. If you approach the bed at any point while we're making love then it's over. Got it?"

He nodded. "I want to watch two hot lezzies get it on, not fuck my sister," Rich said. "I'll just be over here jacking it."

"You are gross!" Carly said in disgust. That made him grin.

"Number two," Aubrey quickly said, "we get to search for cameras first. If we find that you're trying to make a video of us for your pervert friends on 4chan, it's over."

Rich rolled his eyes. "Jesus, you dykes are fifteen," he said. "I'm not stupid. The cyber-police would track me down so fast if I did that I'd be locked up by morning."

"Cyber-police?" Carly said in an annoyed tone of voice.

"Forget it, it's a stupid Internet meme," Aubrey told her. Looking back to Rich she said, "Number three, Carly gets to wear a blindfold. She doesn't want to accidentally look at you during it."

"And we get to play loud music!" Carly said angrily. "I don't want to hear you 'jacking it' either!"

RIch laughed. "I'm not interested in seeing your face, sis. I get to see that all the time already," he said. "Wear all the blindfolds you want. I think it'll actually be kinda hot."

"You shouldn't want to see my naked body either, you pervert!" Carly snapped. "I'm your sister!"

"Doesn't change the fact you have a hot bod, sis," he said lazily. He leered at Aubrey from head to toe and licked his lips. "Not as hot as hers, but still."

He wasn't lying. Rich had long admired his little sister's developing body and now that the kitchen timer on her baking bod neared the zero mark it was really something to see. The dark haired 15 year old girl was on the petite side with small b-cup breasts but she had an absolutely rocking tight, firm bubble-butt he wasn't ashamed to stare at all the time.

Aubrey, on the other hand, was taller and more voluptuous. Her tits were large, d-cups Rich would guess, and her body was more developed than his sister's. She could easily pass for eighteen whereas his baby sister could not. Rich also liked the whole look about her: streaks of neon pink and bright yellow in her otherwise completely black hair, the heavy mascara, the sexy goth-like outfits. Rich found scene-girls very sexy.

"The last rule," Aubrey said, "is that it has to be tonight, after the party. So if you're passed out or whatever, you missed your chance."

"If I'm asleep you wake me up, then," he said, a little irritated but actually starting to believe this might happen. "Preferably with a lapdance or something. But if you guys renege because you party until dawn and I'm asleep I swear to god I'll tell Mom and Dad on you for having the party. Hell, I'll even tell them about the drinking."

"Then I would tell on you for buying it for us!" Carly said, her short temper exploding again. "I'll tell on you for what you asked me to do! What'll you they'll do once they find out how big of a perv you are, huh?"

"Nobody's telling your parents anything!" Aubrey said in a loud voice that instantly diffused what had been shaping up to be a real argument. Turning back to Rich she said, "Fine, if you're asleep we'll wake you up. Most of our friends have 2am curfews so the party should be over by then anyway. You stay up past 2am on regular basis, don't you?"

"I definitely stayed up past 2am to listen to you munching on Carly's cunt the other night," he grinned.

"Pervert," Carly said with a look of disgust on her face.

"Do we have a deal or not?" Aubrey said.

Rich nodded. "Yeah, fine. But let's go to the store now. I have plans later."

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