Pink Undies: Chloe at Thanksgiving

by Bondi Beach

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Fa/Fa, Mult, Consensual, Heterosexual, Incest, Mother, Father, Daughter, Oral Sex, Petting, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Kathleen showed me the photograph one day not long after Chloe had left for college. I had the reaction Kathleen apparently hoped for: I did my best to screw her silly. I didn't know then what Kathleen and Chloe were cooking up, and I'm pretty sure even they didn't know where they were going when they started, but I'd like to tell you a little about what happened. [Author's note: This story is about pizza and incest and other guilty pleasures, so please check the codes before you read.]

Sunday afternoon, early October

"Yes yes yes yes, oh god oh god don't stop don't stop!"

I didn't. No way I was stopping.

"Yeah yeah yeah!"

In the next moment, though, I had Kathleen's legs back against her shoulders as I throbbed and spurted as deep inside her as I could get, and I had to stop then.

"Oh, god."

"You can say that again."

She smiled up at me, her lips soft and a little puffy, her eyes dreamy.

"Oh, god."

"Hah hah hah."

I softened and slipped out and moved off her. She turned into my arms and kissed me.

"So, pal, you liked that picture, huh?"

"What's the deal, Kathleen?"

She laughed.

"The deal is, John, we have a very cute daughter."

No kidding, I was thinking. Slim but curvy in the right places, just like her mother. Her mother's grey eyes. Sexy in a swimsuit, too, like that was a surprise. But in her underwear?

"OK. And?"

"I mean, she's probably tearing up her freshman dorm and breaking hearts left and right even as we speak."

I looked at my wife.

"How about you start with who took the picture? I want to have a few words with him, especially if it was one of her creep high school classmates."

Most of Chloe's friends were normal-looking kids, whatever "normal" means these days, but then there was that kid with a ring through his nose and a ponytail, and he wasn't the only weird one. Not my type at all, until Chloe told us he'd been on the honors list every semester since middle school and was in line to be valedictorian. That didn't make him look any better to me, really, but I figured at least he probably wasn't a total stoner.

A giggle.

"A few words with her, actually."


"I took the picture, silly."

"When? Where?"

"In Florida. Don't you remember? Chloe came down to Orlando at the end of my conference in February. We went to Disney World and we did a little shopping, too."


Kathleen put her lips right against my ear and her hand on my cock.

"It was her idea. Chloe picked them out. She said dusky rose was your favorite color."

Boy, the kid got that right. It's not as though the bra and panties were all that revealing, but her smooth skin and the color packed a wallop. Did Chloe know her mother was wearing dusky rose the night of our first time? I started to stiffen again and I thrust against Kathleen's palm without thinking.

"I can tell you like that idea, right? That she knew, I mean."

Like it? Is she crazy? I was practically ready to come again just hearing Kathleen tell me the story. I mean, this isn't the first time I'd gotten a hard-on thinking about Chloe. Never done anything about it, although there's been more than once when I've found it necessary to pretty much jump Kathleen's bones after watching Chloe in her bikini at the pool, or on a Saturday morning in t-shirt and panties. I wasn't sure Kathleen had noticed.


"You heard me."

"You mean she wanted to do this, right?"


Kathleen paused.

"You know something else? I know you've been watching her."

She rubbed her palm flat against me. I shoved back.

"You think I didn't know why you jumped me those times?"

"Um, well."

She curled her fingers around my cock and began stroking.

"You know something else?"

Her hand was moving a little faster now.

"Chloe knows you were watching her and she liked it."

I was getting close.

"And you know what's more? I liked being jumped. Especially then."

I erupted into her hand.

Saturday afternoon, late October

"So, tell me about Chloe. How do you know what she wants?"

Kathleen is in charge of my life, you might say. I like it that way. You'd be sorry if you thought I was a wimp, though. The Gulf War (the first one, I mean) was enough to convince me the Army wasn't going to be my calling, but I did learn some useful skills.

I write about some of it. I might not be Tim O'Brien, but I'm not too bad, either. People pay me for my stuff.

Kathleen had proposed the terms early in our marriage: "John, you write and I'll run things, OK?"

That sounded pretty good to me, and that's the way it's been. My stuff gets published here and there, mostly short fiction. I've got a novel in my head but not much on paper yet.

The best part was all the time I got to spend with Chloe when she was little. I wouldn't have wanted it any other way.

Some funny looks from the husbands of our neighbors, at least at first, but when they realized I wasn't on the make for their wives, we all got along. I think there was more than one disappointed wife when they found out I wasn't interested, but that's life, you know?

At least they realized I was a doting father and the designated parent representative in our family to all school events, not a pervert who liked to hang around children.

Kathleen declined an offer of partnership at her firm. Those long days don't go away when you make partner. You get saddled with more schmoozing, much of it at night, trying to drum up business. Instead, she took a salary cap in exchange for limited hours. Kathleen's decision suited Chloe and me just fine. We were comfortable financially, and Chloe and I got to see more of Kathleen, too.

So, yeah, Chloe and I got along fine. In fact, we'd sort of grown up together, you could say, but there's always that special thing between mothers and daughters, right?

Hah, that's a joke, you idiot, I told myself. Sure, there's a special bond between them, but there's one between fathers and daughters, too, you know. It's not all sex, either, buddy, remember that. At least that's what I told myself.

Still, there sure as hell there was something going on between them that I wasn't a part of.

"Hey, where are you?"

Kathleen poked me.

I shook my head. Admired Kathleen's curves and smooth skin in the afternoon sun beside our pool. Late October, yes, but one sun-filled Indian summer day after another. Perfect for swimming and sunning. We were alone, no need for swimsuits.

"Thinking about Chloe."

"Remember last August, just before she left for college? We were all out here together?"

I remembered.

"Chloe and I took our tops off. Remember that?"

Oh boy, did I. They were on their tummies so I couldn't see much, but their bareness and tiny bikinis meant I'd had to excuse myself and go inside, straight to the bathroom, my suit down and my cock out even before I'd closed the door. Three strokes. That's all it took.

Another poke.

"Hey, pal. Are you with me here?"

I shook my head again, trying to clear it.

"Sort of. I guess."

Kathleen shook her own head, but she put her hand on my thigh. That felt good.

"Anyway, it's not as though you could see anything, right?"


"Chloe asked me what was up with you, although I think she knew. 'One word, ' I said to her. 'Boobs.' You know what she did then?"

I shook my head. Words wouldn't come.

"She lifted up a little and turned on her side to face me. 'Like these, you mean?'

"I was speechless, pal, I can tell you."

Kathleen's hand on my thigh moved a little higher.

"I asked her what the heck she thought she was doing. That little minx. She knew exactly what was going on."

Kathleen cradled my balls gently.

"'Just this, Mom, ' she answered. And she leaned over and kissed me, lightly, on the lips.

"Sweetie, I have to tell you that once again I didn't know what to say. I looked at Chloe for the longest time. She didn't move. Looked back at me with that Zen look she has, you know the one? Where you can't tell what she's thinking? I didn't know what was going on, but I have to tell you I wasn't as upset as I thought I'd be.

"In fact, it was a little bit the opposite, you know?"

I hadn't known, but I was starting to get the picture. I was rigid now, and Kathleen moved her hand from my balls and began stroking me. She paused, leaned over a little more and kissed me, her lips parted, her tongue offering a challenge to mine. It was a quick battle, over practically before it started, and Kathleen backed off and resumed her story.

"After a moment, I glanced down and saw her nipples were erect. She saw me looking and grinned as she looked back at my breasts. My nipples were as hard as hers.

"'You OK, Mom?' She was still grinning. I was starting to smile a little myself. I leaned forward and kissed her lightly. 'Time to cover up, sweetie. Your dad will be back in a few minutes.'

"Her grin got wider. 'Maybe next time I'll wait for him.' She kissed me again, not so lightly this time, jumped up, gave me a little wave and walked back inside, wrapping herself in her towel as she went. A minute later you came out of the house looking, I have to say, kind of stunned."

That's because Chloe had let her towel slip when she passed me in the living room. She had winked, too.

I started to tell Kathleen this but it was too late. Kathleen leaned over into my lap and her tongue was wet and warm and it couldn't have been more than a minute before I erupted. She swallowed it all and licked up a little bit at the corner of her mouth.

I watched Kathleen take a swig of her beer and spit it out. She smiled, and I think I heard her giggle.

"She has really nice boobs, too."

As if I didn't know.

Sunday evening, first week in November

Kathleen and I were just finishing dinner that evening when Chloe called.

"Hi Dad!"

"Hi sweetie, how are you?"

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