Chloe Gets Caught

by A Purvversion

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/ft, Incest, Father, Daughter, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: 13-year-old Chloe is home alone, on the couch masturbating, while she has phone sex with a guy she's met on the internet. She doesn't hear her father come in but he can't help but to hear her lewd words, and then see what she is doing. End of phone sex; this could be the start of something big.

Part 1

As a real estate agent, Jay had a lot of leeway with his time at work. After his 11 AM appointment, he had nothing else on his schedule. After he had left the house earlier, his wife Ann had called him on his cell to tell him that Chloe was not feeling well and she, Ann, had allowed their daughter to stay home from school. His wife made mention that if he was in the neighborhood he should look in on their 13-year-old.

Using that as an excuse to get an early start on the weekend, Jay told the office secretary that he was knocking off for the day, and if anything came up, to call him at home.

It was shortly after noon that he pulled up outside his house, parking at the curb instead of the driveway, which, by habit, he usually did unless he had no intention of going out again. Where most of the family slammed the door after coming into the house, by habit, Jay was just the opposite; closing it manually, even turning the handle to close it soundlessly.

With the door closed, he was about to head into the kitchen before going up to Chloe's room to see how she was, when he heard her; she was talking softly, her voice sounding as he'd never heard it. After Jay heard what he guessed was a soft moan, he listened intently.

He heard, "Mmmm, your cock is now rubbing up and down my slit..."

Panic gripped him and he walked quietly to the living room. He was surprised that she had stopped talking, not realizing that she was now listening to someone at the other end of her cell phone who was telling her that his hands were running over her body.

Then Chloe was hotly saying, "I'm wet inside my slit as you're touching me..."

Jay was now in the room, realizing that his daughter's voice was coming from the couch. He walked softly up to the sofa and looked over the back. What he saw caused him to freeze. To his amazement, he saw that Chloe was lying there wearing only a T-shirt, which was now pulled up to her waist; and she completely naked from the waist down. She had one foot on the back of the sofa and the other on the floor. His knees weakened and his cock surged inside his pants when he realized that his daughter was holding a cell phone to one ear under her shoulder while she masturbated herself. Her eyes were closed as the fingers of her right hand danced about her labia, seeming to circle about the mound, then over her swollen clit. At that, she moaned into the phone, before a finger dipped between her glistening lips.

"Yeah, I feel you now..." she whispered to whomever was at the other end of the phone.

Jay's cock was throbbing as he could see her other hand under her T-shirt squeezing her budding breast and pinching her puffy nipples.

"Mmmmmmm ... yeah, tell me..."

Jay was watching his little girl while his mind came to grips to what was happening. Chloe was apparently having phone sex with someone. He wondered who the boy was, but that was secondary at that moment; seeing her so aroused, naked from the waist down, and masturbating, just had his brain racing, and his libido churning.

" ... and my legs and arms wrap around you as you begin to move inside me..."

For more than a year now, Jay had been fantasizing of his daughter. For at least that long, he had been watching her body developing into womanhood. It seemed like overnight her ass started to fill out her jeans and there were swells in her tight shirts. As much as he disliked what was happening to him, for over a year he had secretly been trying his best to get a glimpse of her cute little body.

Now, from his angled position, he could see his little sweetheart spread out on the cushions, diddling her wondrous little pussy. It was obvious that Chloe wasn't the total innocent that he had thought. He gazed in awe as her hips twisted about to her teasing fingers, his eyes zooming in on the barely discernible soft-blonde down-like hairs growing on her pubic mound. Her fingers were glistening with her little-girl juice and the aroma about the room had Jay's cock pulsating in his pants.

" ... I'm fucking back at you..."

As wrong as it was, Jay was so aroused that he barely cared about consequences. Without being able to stop himself, he quietly unzipped his zipper, reached his hand inside his pants, and boldly pulled out his pulsing shaft. His cock was as hard as it could get, and throbbing. He gave it a few strokes as his eyes swallowed up the beauty of his little girl, ignoring the dangers in this potentially extremely explosive situation.

" ... Fuck me Marcus ... mmmmm..."

Hearing the child moan and watching as she was becoming more and more excited by her hand, Jay was losing all common sense. The scene had him in such an aroused state that he just had to make a bold move. With his cock in his hand, he deliberately walked around the end of the sofa until he was standing, looking down at his 13-year-old daughter.

Chloe started, suddenly sensing that someone was in the room with her, and then turned a blushing fire red when she realized that someone was her father. Her eyes widened as fear immediately gripped her. Quickly, she whispered in a shaky voice into the phone, "I can't talk no more, my dad's home, bye." Just as quickly, her hand pulled away from her pussy as if she had just touched a hot stove.

Chloe's lips were quivering from fear, not knowing how her father was going to react to what he found her doing. The youngster looked up into his face and their eyes met. Then as she watched, her father slowly knelt down in front of her. As she trembled, he reached out his hand, gently placing it on her knee.

"Let Daddy do that for you, sweetheart," he whispered.

"Dad," she said, hurriedly trying to pull her T-shirt down over her exposed pussy. "W-what are you doing home?" she asked, only because she didn't know what else to say. Her father had caught her masturbating and the 13-year-old was in mortal fear of how he was going to react. It was as if she didn't hear his strange request.

"It's okay, Pumpkin ... it's okay," he whispered assuredly, his hand stopping hers from lowering her shirt any further. And then, as if to calm and reassure her that she wasn't in trouble, he added, "I came home to check on my favorite little girl. Mommy told me you weren't feeling good."

"I-I'm fine, Dad. I-I am -- really," she said nervously, still trying to pull her t-shirt down while, at the same time nervously closing her legs together on her father's arms.

"You do look fine, sweetums, but it didn't look to me like you didn't need help getting better," he said, placing his hands on her knees and pushing them back apart. "It looks to me like you are all tensed and need a little help to relax."

Chloe allowed her father to push her knees apart, while at the same time she began to realize he might not be mad at her for playing with herself. As the fright dissipated in her mind, she began to think -- and with thought, came reality. She suddenly realized what he had been saying. Looking into her father's face as he looked down at her pussy, she quickly realized that there was excitement in his eyes, which seemed to have a strange wildness about them.

Chloe's own excitement from her incomplete masturbation hadn't fully dissipated and now seeing the look on her daddy's face seemed to trigger a fearful excitement. Twice now, she had let her brother touch her; so why not her father?

Jay's eyes finally left his little girl's pink and apparently still aroused slit and looked up at his daughter. Chloe's eyes met his and he saw her swallow in nervousness. Apparently, she realized that he had become excited by watching her.

She watched as if in a trance as he lowered his head. Then, he paused and looked up into her face again. Father and daughter studied each other for about ten seconds and then he looked back at the child's glistening slit and slowly lowered his head some more. Seeing her shift just a bit, Jay took that as her answer. Finally, he laid his face between her thighs and kissed her swollen clit. Chloe groaned as he pulled back away and looked in awe at his daughter's pussy.

Then he moved his hand to her treasure and the youngster tightened up in anxious excitement. He reached slowly to rub her tiny clit, coaxing it out from under its little hood. His fingertip penetrated her vagina ever so lightly, working in and out slowly, so as not to scare his sweet baby. Feeling the tightness of her made his head swim and his cock more rigid than it had been in his entire life.

Momentarily glancing up at her, Jay was surprised to see that his little girl had her eyes closed, her mind apparently absorbed in what he was doing, maybe even giving him unspoken permission. His excitement increased and he continued rubbing her clit with his thumb, sliding a finger inside her, crooking it upward, rubbing behind her tiny clit, rubbing her most sensitive spots in ways she never was able to do herself.

His finger shifted its area of actively, sluicing gently within her wet slit, the fingertip pushing gently at the vagina entrance and pulling back, then repeating the arousing sluices. As he fingered her pussy, she began moaning, a constant moaning, and then a humming, and finally, a low hissing as his finger then entered her. Chloe began to move slowly on his penetrating finger.

"Mmmmmm ooooh god daddy..." she moaned, her breathing very erratic.

He was amazed at the way his daughter's cunt seemed to get wetter and wetter the more he fingered her. After all, she was only thirteen.

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