Thanksgiving With My Lover

by Myra Simmons

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Group Sex, Interracial, Black Male, White Female, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, .

Desc: Sex Story: I spend my Thanksgiving Holiday with Tyrone and his family. The results are rocky but lead to the most intense love-making between us and a total bonding. Lots of sex but the story concentrates on my emotional responses to events.

My heart was light and I was filled with excitement! I was finally leaving the plane that had taken me from my home to Austin and my lover! As I walked down the plane's aisle, fresh cum from my favorite cab driver still oozing from my pussy, my excitement at finally seeing Tyrone again had me jumping out of my skin!

It had been a couple of weeks since we'd been together and, even though I'd had plenty of sex from others, my heart and my body craved to be mated to him; to be one with him. When I thought of other men, I felt sexual pleasure and an emotional link. When I thought of Tyrone, I felt my total bonding to him and his to me.

On one of our weekends together he introduced me to the dom/sub world with me being his submissive. Even though that is not my scene, I couldn't believe how aroused and stimulated it made me feel. In many ways, I found myself willingly surrendering to him, giving him full power and control over me. What made it so special and so easy was that he was giving himself to me at the same time. We were equals and partners but, at the same time, he was my master and I was his willing slave as I was his master and he was my willing slave.

Does that sound confusing? I know it is for me and for most to whom I try to describe it but that is how it is between us; we each belong fully to the other. We also each fully accept the other and share in all our experiences, especially our sexual ones. I couldn't wait to be in Tyrone's arms, kissing and hugging him and letting him know I'd let Jimmy fuck me in his cab just before he dropped me off at the terminal!

Finally, I was out the plane and walking quickly down the connector to the terminal. With each step, my excitement grew and I could feel my face flushing as a result. My anticipation at finally seeing Tyrone made me feel like I was going to burst! I couldn't wait to feel him again; to be wrapped in his arms, to feel his lips on mine!

I approached the door as quickly as I could in the crowd exiting the plane. Finally, through the door and into the terminal! There he is! How beautiful he looks! How dark his complexion, how bright his teeth as he smiles at seeing me! How broad and square his shoulders and firm his body! Unable to control myself, I rushed up to him, squealing in complete delight, throwing my arms open as I got close and launching myself into his!

A huge spark ran through me as my body made contact with his. I was no longer empty and alone; I was now complete, connected to the missing half of my body, heart and soul.

I hugged him to me tightly, even as he enveloped me with his arms and lifted me off my feet. I pulled my head back from his and turned so my lips touched his. Right there, in the middle of the terminal, I kissed my ebony lover passionately, pulling myself tightly against him, trying to fuse my blonde, white skinned body to his splendid and perfect black skinned body. My lips soon parted, inviting him to slide his tongue into me. He quickly accepted my offer and our tongues wrapped together and danced intimately in my mouth. I couldn't help but moan in complete pleasure at our juncture even as I molded my body to his. The world disappeared around me and he filled all my senses and all my needs!

An instant and a lifetime later, Tyrone pulled back and his lips left mine. The outside world came crashing back, including several people walking by, disapproval of our activities written on their faces. I didn't care; I was with the best man in the world! I stared deeply into his glittering brown eyes as he slowly let me slide down his body until my feet returned to the floor. I never stopped smiling up at him and never took my eyes from his. I was lost in them and didn't ever want to find my way out!

Tyrone laughed at me, leaning forward to kiss me quickly on my forehead. Moving to my side, he slid his right arm around me as he stooped down and grabbed my carryon bag with his left hand. I slid my left arm around him and pressed my face against his arm. Together, we walked away from the gate and down the corridor towards the baggage claim area.

As we walked and talked, I brought my left hand up to the collar of my blouse and gently ran my fingers under it, pulling it away from my neck. Tyrone looked down at me when I did it and then his face broke into a big, mischievous smile when he saw my slave collar revealed underneath. The soft felt pressed firmly and lovingly against my throat, the diamond studs in the soft leather outer surface glittered in the sunlight streaming over us from the terminal windows.

"Take me master, I am yours until you send me home!" I declared to him, my lust for him written on my face and my anticipation evident in my hard, jutting nipples, quick breath and rising flush.

"Myra, you are amazing and special!" He laughed. "Yes, you will be my slave this weekend and you will service my needs and those of some of my friends. And then you will be my special guest as well as my mate and lover when my family comes in for Thanksgiving."

His words shot through me like a hot, stiff, pulsing cock! He was going to share me with his friends! That was always special and so exciting! I couldn't wait to be naked and used as a sex slave by them! His last statement also made me feel warm and safe but also a little scared. I'd never met his parents and I wasn't sure how they would feel about their son being involved with a white woman. I know his mother wanted him to find a "nice black girl" to marry.

We got to the baggage claim area just as the turnstile began running. While we watched the bags slide out of the chute, we kept our hands clasped and I couldn't help but press myself against Tyrone's perfect body. My eyes kept sliding down to his crotch so I could catch sight of the bulge his already hardening cock was making. Oh how I wanted to pull it out of his pants and slide it into my mouth and throat right there, in front of everybody! My need for him was overpowering my sensibilities, making me want to devour him no matter what everybody thought or how they reacted!

But, I did behave myself, glancing at him as much as I could while watching the bags go by. I did keep my hand firmly clasped in his and my side pressed tightly to him. Finally, my bag dropped out of the chute and, when it came around to us, Tyrone bent over and grabbed it. Setting it on the floor, he pulled up the handle and slid the strap of my carry-on over it, setting the bag on top of it. Pressed together, we then walked towards the terminal exit and the parking lot where he'd left his car. I couldn't wait to be alone with him!

By the time we got to his car, I my heart was pounding and my breathing was rapid and shallow as my sexual excitement and anticipation grew overpowering. I was going to be his sex slave for the next week but, now, he was going to be my feast! Even if he told me no, I was going to disobey him and take his body into mine!

Being, as usual, the perfect gentleman, he went to the front passenger door and opened it for me. Once I'd slid in, he closed the door and walked around, dropping my bags in the back, and then to the driver's side. By the time he slid in beside me, I had my skirt hiked up to my waist and my sodden powder blue satin panties were lying on the floor. Tyrone turned toward me as soon as he was in his seat and his eyes immediately dropped to my exposed groin and pussy. Even as a startled expression began to cross his face, I lunged at him, wrapped my arms around him and kissed him with all the passion bursting inside me!

As I continued the kiss, thrusting my tongue into the depths of his mouth, I reached down to his crotch and began to unfasten his zipper, struggling with it in my passion. With a final yank, it finally went all the way down and I quickly reached in past his underwear and wrapped my hand around his hard, throbbing black cock.

As I drew it out from his clothes, I broke my lips from his and lunged down his body, my tongue sliding out, my jaws opening rapidly until my head crashed into his groin and his stiff prick plunged deeply into my mouth and throat. Joy shot through me as I felt him lunge past my gag point and his shaft fill me! Instinctively, I wrapped my tongue around the bottom of his shaft, caressing it lovingly. As I felt his hand rest gently on my head and his fingers begin to run through my blonde strands, my joy evolved into contentment. I was where I belonged, doing what I was born to do; becoming my lover's vessel, the cradle for his sex, the repository for his sperm.

I laid there for a short time, savoring his touch and his penetration. My lust for him kept me from remaining like that forever; I wanted to pleasure him and feel his cum filling my belly! Slowly, gently, I began to slide my lips up and down the lower half of his shaft. My need for him grew with each plunge of his shaft back into my oral depths. Soon, I was sliding up his shaft until the ridge under his cockhead was pressed against the inside of my lips and then slamming my face back into his groin. My continuous moans were muffled by his hard mass in my throat but I continued to release them, unable to remain quiet.

I could feel his growing excitement through the pulsing of his hard cock in my mouth and the tightening grip of his fingers in my hair. His pressure was increasing, pushing my head down to his lap repeatedly. My excitement grew, knowing I was soon going to get that which I so deeply craved; his cum pumping into me! As I felt his cock begin to swell even more, his pre-cum becoming a steady stream, his length increasing, his pace slowing and becoming more purposeful, my body responded by convulsing in a powerful orgasm!

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