Needful Dreams

by POL

Caution: This Drama Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Reluctant, Cheating, Cuckold, .

Desc: Drama Sex Story: Cheryl and Paul decide to ask a friend to help them get pregnant. They get much more than they bargained for.

Authors note: A few years ago Borgart wrote and posted a story called "A Friend In Need". I liked the premise but wanted to take the plot in a different direction from that of the original story. I wrote to him asking his permission to rewrite his story. He consented to my request.

Thank you Borgart for the inspiration.

This offering is a complete rewrite, and please do note that the names have been changed to protect the original offering.


Paul and Cheryl Richards had been married 8 years and had almost given up any hope of ever having children. Paul's low sperm count was the problem. Their family doctor suggested that while it was possible for Cheryl and Paul to conceive, it was highly unlikely. After 4 years of trying, they sadly had to agree with the doctor.

They talked about several options, including adoption, and although Paul made a decent living, the cost associated with the majority of these options was prohibitive for the young couple.

"If we could just get somebody to help us ... anyone!" cried Cheryl.

"What do you mean somebody?" asked Paul.

"Oh, I don't know ... like some rich relative we don't know about, or some clinic that would take us as a test case," she replied.

"We've been all through this Cheryl. I'm convinced that we've thought about everything and I'm fresh out of new ideas," said Paul.

They sat in silence; each lost in their own thoughts. Paul looked up at Cheryl and his heart broke to see her so down. He was deeply in love with her and had been since they first met almost 10 years ago. Cheryl was everything he wanted in a woman. She had long dark hair and wide-set blue eyes that gave her a look of child-like innocence. There was nothing innocent about her body however. She had large full breasts with sensitive nipples that reacted to the slightest touch. Down below she had the classic 'heart-shaped' ass and long, shapely muscular legs.

Cheryl had fully developed by the age of 14, and she became the victim to taunts and lewd comments from boys and men alike. She took to wearing baggy, unflattering clothes in order to hide her appearance and learned to become self-effacing, but also approaching the danger zone of extremely low self esteem. Pursuant to her early teen experiences, Cheryl to this very day was extremely shy about her body and sex in general.

"You know, when you said 'get somebody to help us' I thought you were thinking about getting someone to ... uh ... you know ... uh... , " Paul questioned.

"I'm so desperate, I would even consider that!" Cheryl responded.

Paul tried to hide the sudden rush of blood to his heart. He didn't even what to think about his wife having sex with another man, but he didn't know what else they could do to solve their problem.

They had a satisfying sex life although Cheryl was very reserved and he rarely got her to behave in anything more than a passive manner when they were in bed. He once tried talking dirty to her when they were making love and the night had turned into a disaster. Cheryl acted insulted and was angry for days. Would it even be possible for Cheryl to have sex with someone else? He wondered. And if she did, would it negatively affect their marriage? Would he be able to live with the knowledge that his wife had had sex with another man? Would having a child together warrant the sacrifice they would both have to make?

"Are you serious?" Paul asked.

"Oh, I don't know," said Cheryl. "Maybe? But definably not if doing it would put a strain on you or our marriage. Be honest with me honey, how would you feel about it?"

Paul shifted in his chair. Pictures of Cheryl in bed, with her legs spread and some other man fucking her, kept flashing in his mind. He knew he couldn't discuss his true uneasy reaction with Cheryl. She wanted a child so very much and had been ready to make that leap for a long time now. He understood only to well that she was prepared to put herself second, and willing to make a child the number one priority in her life. He also understood that she felt very strongly that everyone was put on this planet for a very specific reason and she had always thought that her reason was being a mother. Although she had never brought it up, or held it over him, Paul felt very guilty knowing the reason Cheryl couldn't become a mother was all his fault.

"Well, I'm not jumping up and down all excited with the idea, but if it were done in a purely clinical approach, I guess I could live with it, considering what having a baby would mean to the both of us." He answered trying to sound upbeat, although part of him wanted to take his response back, but it was out there now and he needed to hear her reply.

"Needless to say, I'm not thrilled with the idea either, honey ... but even if we did decided this was the only way, and we both decided the we were okay with it, who could we ask?" She said.

"I think we've about exhausted all other possibilities so I would agree to just about anything at this point as well," Paul said carefully. "As for who, I guess we could asked Trent?"

Trent was Paul's best friend and they had known each other since high school. Tall and muscular, Trent was an avowed bachelor and somewhat of a ladies man. Of course, Trent always had a pocket full of cash, which had a bearing on his success in the female chasing sweepstakes. Despite that Paul had always sat enthralled whenever Trent talked discreetly with him about his sexual exploits. However, he was careful to limit Trent's exposure to Cheryl. His wife was not very fond of Trent telling Paul that she found Trent to be coarse and arrogant. Cheryl only tolerated Trent for Paul's sake the times he did go over to their house.

"No way!" said Cheryl. "You know I don't think much of him and he's so ... so damned full of himself all the time."

"Alright then, who? You pick someone." Paul offered.

Silence filled the room once again. Cheryl looked up at Paul and said in a small voice, "do you think he'd do it?"

"He knows that we've been trying to have a baby for a long time now ... and despite the way you feel about him, I know he thinks you're hot ... so, yeah, I'm pretty sure he would go for it," said Paul. "And at least with Trent it's much better than some stranger. I mean with him we'd know up front what we were getting. Trent is tall, and good looking, and although he sleeps around a bit, I know for a fact that he always uses a condom so we wouldn't have to worry about diseases or anything like that. And another big plus is with him being my best friend and all, I'm positive he would be very discreet."

Cheryl didn't respond but Paul knew she was seriously considering it.

Several days passed without further discussion but after dinner one evening Cheryl quietly spoke to Paul.

"Okay, ask him," she said. "But if he agrees and we do this thing, it's going to be done on my terms."

"I'll talk to him tomorrow." Paul said.

"Are you sure that you can handle this honey? If we do it there's no going back. As much as I want a child it isn't worth putting you though a whole lot of pain or aguish." Cheryl said very seriously.

"If you can deal with it, I guess I can as well," he answered. "So, what are the ground rules I need to tell Trent about?"

"If he agrees, then I want to do it with as little emotion as possible," said Cheryl. "No kissing, hugging or any of that kind of stuff, just put it in and get it over with as quickly as possible!" Cheryl blushed when she finished.

Paul asked Trent the next day and he was not surprised when Trent quickly agreed. But Paul felt a little uneasy when he saw the excited look in Trent's eyes.

"You know how difficult this will be for me right," said Paul.

"I know buddy" said Trent. "Don't worry dude, I'll just get the job done and nothing else."

Paul lowered his voice to a whisper, "Just take it easy on her okay? She's not one of your bimbos ... in fact, she's pretty damn shy in the bedroom," he finished.

Trent nodded, "Not a problem," and then he smiled.

Seeing that smile Paul once again felt uneasy and was much less certain that he really wanted this to happen. But he and Cheryl had agreed that this was the only way, so...

One week later, when Cheryl's cycle said she was ovulating, Trent came to their home. Cheryl had decided that they would try over two nights but she wanted Paul to stay in the house while Trent was there.

"I wouldn't feel comfortable with him if we were alone," Cheryl told her husband.

Paul offered Cheryl and Trent a drink to try and ease the awkwardness of the situation. Cheryl politely thanked Trent for what he was about to do and both men noticed her hand shaking when she reached for her drink.

Cheryl sat back in her chair and tried to calm herself. She had a second and then a third drink thinking, "This is so odd, in a few moments this man is going to screw me and I'm going to let him!" She glanced briefly at Trent's crotch and wondered what his thing might look like. Well, she would find out soon enough, she told herself with her head swimming a bit from the alcohol she had consumed.

"Well, I'm going to go upstairs to the spare bedroom," she said after finishing her last drink. "Trent, please wait a few minutes before you come up."

Paul's stomach was tied in knots. It was really going to happen. No going back now!

"Remember what I told you about Cheryl," Paul reminded Trent.

"I'll be gentle with her buddy, I promise," Trent assured his friend as he started up the stairs.

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