An Incestuous Episode: The Tennis Lesson

by The Purvv

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/ft, Consensual, Incest, Father, Daughter, Pregnancy, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Teaching his 14 year old daughter the art of tennis leads to the art of sex. Warning: Sadly this ends abruptly and unhappily.

The beginning of the end for Mark Milo and his 14-year-old daughter Stacy was on a Saturday at the public tennis court.

During the week, Stacy told her family that she wanted to learn to play and she asked her father if he would teach her. There was no way that Mark would refuse this. First of all, this was his pride and joy, for whom he would do anything. In addition, this was a game that he loved to play, but had not done so recently because of a lack of willing players. To Stacy's delight, her father readily agreed.

They had decided that they would practice every Saturday as soon as June, Mark's wife, went to work, because that would be early enough to claim a court before anyone arrived. Mark would give her some pointers and once she got the basic idea they would get to practice lightly.

It was on this first Saturday morning that her father moved behind her and began holding Stacy's hip and stomach as he guided her arm swing. Mark initially was not aware, but his crotch was pushing against his daughter's buttocks as he gave his advice. Suddenly, the heat from her soft ass cheeks penetrated into him and alerted his brain. To his horror, he felt his cock involuntarily swell inside of his pants. Then, his fully erect member was pushing into her bottom. When he realized what was happening Mark felt a tremendous flush of heat run through his face. He felt that he was probably as red as a beet from embarrassment. He was panic-stricken. His cock was completely aroused and actually twitching inside of his pants, against his daughter's ass. Flustered, he pulled his crotch away from her in a rush. Then he mumbled some last-second hurried instructions and quickly moved away from the youngster. He rushed over to the other side of the court and had her hit a few serves to him.

Mark quickly cut the lessons short, saying that she should not overdo it on the first day. She nodded. They got into his car and drove home.

Stacy herself was exhilarated and flushed, but only in part from the workout. During the aborted lesson, she had felt her father pressed against her and she was well aware of his hardness. When she first felt it, she wondered why he had become that way. Was it because he had to go to the bathroom? Was it something that she had done to cause it? Soon, she was sure that it was caused by their closeness. She felt it jump against her and she became acutely cognizant that her father's 'hardy' was pushing almost unnecessarily into her hip.

She had been especially thankful when her father pulled his body away from hers because she had been becoming nervous. Although Stacy was not a sexually active girl, she still realized what was happening. Now that her school had its 'publicly known incest incident' she was well aware that fathers could get 'that way' for their daughters, and Stacy had become much more conscious of her sexuality around her dad.

The 14-year-old girl reflected on what had happened and she soon accepted that her father must have pulled himself away from her as soon as he realized that he was hard. She did not fail to notice how red her dad's face had become and how flustered he was. She also took satisfaction from the fact that he did not try to do anything further. Stacy correctly assessed exactly what had happened. Her father's body betrayed him and became aroused at the close contact with her body. When she finally had the whole picture in her head, the youngster felt for him, knowing how embarrassed he had been.

They did not speak to each other for the entire trip home. As he drove, Mark replayed repeatedly in his mind what had just transpired. How could this have happened? How could the touch of his own daughter have aroused him? He had never before had any inclination to touch her in an improper way. She was his daughter, for cristsakes! Many were the times that he had touched her and even seen her naked, but he was her father, and he had thought nothing of it at the time. As recent as a few months ago he had seen her breasts bared, because Stacy was never extra careful in front of him, and although she had filled out quite a bit from the last time he had seen her, he didn't pay any personal attention. He never did! Oh sure, he had taken note that she was developing an impressive set of tits (he even mentioned this to his wife June) but he was nothing more that a proud and admiring father then.

What had happened? What caused his body to react now? He wondered if Stacy had realized what had occurred. He reached a conclusion that she probably didn't, because she had not given any indication that she knew it was happening.

Mark was feeling terribly upset with himself. It was only a few weeks ago that he openly and loudly condemned incest when his daughter had come home from school with all of those questions. It seemed that a girl from the school had gotten pregnant, apparently by either her father or her brother and Stacy had a basket full of questions. Mark had gone on in depth about the sinfulness of brother-sister and father-daughter sex. Now he, himself, had gotten aroused and yes, even a little excited, by the feel of his own daughter's body.

When they arrived at their house Stacy noticed that her dad's hands were actually shaking. His eyes were purposely avoiding looking at hers. He was obviously having a hard time coming to grips with what had occurred. She hurried up to her room to think further on what happened and also why she herself had 'funny feelings' running through her.

During the remainder of the weekend, the young girl watched with interest as her father remained almost preoccupied. She was feeling terribly sorry for him in his frazzled state. June made no mention of it, so the young girl was not sure if her mother even noticed.

Much of the time when she was not watching her father with concern, Stacy's mind returned to Saturday morning's incident. It was not that big of a deal that should have caused her father to get so mad at himself, she thought. After all, it was not something that he purposely did. As she kept returning to his sadness in her head, she finally said to herself, 'He couldn't help himself. So what? He got hard and was pushing into me. If he was another father he probably would have felt his daughter's body and tried to do more. At least he was sensible and was able to stop his body's urges.' Even with her limited knowledge, Stacy still realized that Mark must have had a hard time in pulling away from her. She was aware just how easily men became excited and she was told how difficult it was for them to 'cool off'.

As she turned this all over in her head, she wondered how she would have reacted had he not stopped and had he decided to try to go further. Her first thought was that she would have screamed and ran away, but the more that she thought about it, small whispers of doubt troubled her mind. So what if he had touched her? Isn't it something they have done all of her life? If it made her father feel good, what would be wrong? It would not have been as if they were having sex.

Mark repeatedly continued to replay the scene in his head, and he thought of himself with disgust throughout Saturday and Sunday.

It was on Sunday night, after he went to bed, that he really got shocked. While running Saturday morning's episode through his mind for the umpteenth time, something strange happened to him. This time a hard-on came along with the memory. Lying in bed, he remembered his cock pressing against his daughter's buttocks, and he became just as hard now as he had then.

'My god, what's happening to me?'

Moments later, when he mounted his wife, his final shock occurred. Although he was physically fucking his wife June, he was mentally fucking his daughter Stacy. A subtle change had come over him. His mindset had totally transformed him from a loving father to an incest-driven being.

Beginning on the very next night, Mark began to look at his daughter in a completely different light. Without being obvious, he now permitted his eyes to take in and appreciate the twin beauties of Stacy's young and impressive chest and the exciting look of child-flesh on her already shapely legs. When no one was paying attention to him, his eyes ravaged the beautiful ass with its well-rounded cheeks.

As the week progressed, Stacy began to realize that her father was taking notice of her. Her immediate reaction was feeling relief, because he had refused to look at her at all over the weekend. Now, sensing his eyes on her, she began to feel happy for him that he had overcome his problem, and although she felt somewhat uncomfortable at the attention he was paying to her, she also felt a strange enjoyment and warmth.

At times during the rest of the week, their eyes would meet, and after a few seconds, they both would turn away. An observer might think that father and daughter were afraid of each other. One time, on Thursday night, their eyes locked upon each other. It was almost as if they were sending a silent message of love to the other.

On Saturday morning, they were back at the tennis court. As happened the week before, Mark was again meshed into his daughter from behind as he was teaching her how to swing. Once more, his cock felt the heat from her body, his nostrils sucked in the clean smell of feminine youth, and he felt the immediate hardness in his pants. It was pushing at the lower part of Stacy's soft ass-cheek.

Stacy felt it happening again too. She closed her eyes momentarily, deciding if she should react and, if so, what should she do? Should she pull away, if he didn't? His one hand was on her hip at this point and his other was guiding her swing. What if her father decided to move into her tighter, move his hands, and touch her in a 'wrong spot?'

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