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by Wayne Gibbous

Caution: This Romantic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Heterosexual, Oral Sex, .

Desc: Romantic Sex Story: How do you find a girlfriend in a new city? Try the American Way: Advertise.

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Wayne Gibbous

Chapter 1

I really can't say that I invented the idea but when I moved to Chicago about a year and a half ago, I didn't know anyone, especially anyone of the opposite sex which is, in my case, female.

Look, it was a new city, a very big city, I had a new job, a new apartment, a new car, and now I wanted someone new to share it with. Well, okay, and somebody to fuck. Yeah, I admit it. Who's surprised, right? I'm a twenty-two year old single guy, okay?

So, I thought I'd advertise for a female roommate to share the rent, heavily subsidized, I might add, and to provide some physical aid and comfort for the primary leaseholder. Now, I didn't pick The Chicago Sun-Times to carry my advert, no, I chose one of the many alternative newspapers in the Chicago area.

I had a two-bedroom apartment, so my new roomie would have her privacy, after all, I wanted my own as well.

I had my email address in the ad so I wouldn't have to screen a lot of calls, at least I hoped I'd get a lot of inquiries. And, yes, rather more than I had expected, two hundred and three, to be exact.

Oh, this was fun as I looked through my burgeoning inbox. Some, oh, yeah, some had pictures. Among these were pictures that were calculated to elicit a response, an erectile response.

Some of the inquiries, I could immediately delete, others were worth a second look. Maybe even a third. A few had nice photos of very pretty young women and I emailed back asking for a few more pics. Some sent them, some didn't. Some that I got were tame, some were not.

It's difficult for a guy to make choices when he's got a raging hard-on but I tried. Several I deleted because they looked more like girls of a certain profession, rather obviously, a few of them, and some others just weren't to my taste. Well, with so many to choose from, why not look for someone I'd like to boink and also be seen in public with, right?

So, I emailed three of the applicants and met each one for a drink. I didn't want any of them to think this was some kind of pervert come-on, I was serious.

The first was Cheryl, a twenty-five year old blond, pretty, but I think a little hard around the edges. She seemed rather aloof and business-like. Cheryl didn't seem to have many interests and I pretty quickly knew she wasn't the one.

Next, was Crystal, who, in spite of her name (now don't go emailing me nasty daggers if your name is Crystal, please), she was a rather pretty blond, medium length and wavy, with a nice figure, no 44-DDD's, just nice, a twenty-four year old college grad who was trying to make it as an advertising graphic designer. She was friendly and cheerful, kind of like the all-American girl with a bit of a sexy streak. She liked theater and loved to read. Her light blue eyes and soft pink lips all came together to create a very pretty young woman. Very nice.

Last was Wendy, nineteen and in Chicago because her parents had kicked her out. She had long, dark brown, straight hair, almost waist length, brown eyes, and a trim, athletic figure. I didn't waste too much time with her as I wondered if I would end up kicking her out myself. I thought I might.

So, it looked like Crystal.

I called her and asked her out to dinner and chose a quiet French place near my apartment. I suggested that she first come see the apartment, then we would walk to dinner. It was only three blocks.

The buzzer buzzed and I let her in the front door and, a minute later, there was a soft rap on my door.

There she was. Very pretty.

"Hi, Tim, I hope I'm not early. I'm really eager to see the place."

I showed her around, including my own bedroom and she seemed impressed. The building is older, it was put up in the Art Nouveau era and still had lots of the original features and decorations.

"Oh, I love Art Deco, this is really nice."

I figured that now was not the time to go into the difference between Deco and Nouveau as I offered her a glass of wine.

She preferred white so I poured us both some South African Sauvignon Blanc a friend had given me as an 'apartment-warming' present.

"Oh, this is nice," she commented as we began chatting about the neighborhood, her job, my job, Chicago in general. Then I suggested we continue the conversation over dinner and we left for Le Petit Maison, one of my new favorites.

We did continue the conversation we had started and it was feeling a lot like a date, a regular guy/gal date rather than an interview for a roommate. Crystal was very easy to be with. This was looking good.

Afterward, we walked back to my place and she said goodbye at my building's front door, got in her Honda Civic parked a few spaces away, waved and drove off.

I was happy that she didn't offer to come up to my apartment or to spend the night. Yes, Crystal seemed like the kind of woman I was really looking for long-term. My motives had been, well, you already know anyway, yes, pussy, fucking, sex. Yes, I admit it. But, Crystal seemed to be more than that. She did know what the advertisement meant. I was sure of that. And she was sexy. I was sure of that.

I had her cell number and I called her up the next morning and told her that I would like to have her as an apartment-mate. It had been clear to all three young women what the 'MST FK' meant in the ad, so she told me that she would like to move in this upcoming weekend. I was hard already. She did ask me if I could help her unload her things and I cheerfully agreed.

So, on Saturday, my cell rang and it was my new roommate telling me she'd be there in about fifteen minutes.

I went out front to be there and soon she was pulling up in a small rental truck. We had it unloaded in about an hour and she drove off to return it to the agency. I had given her a key and about twenty minutes later, there was a soft rap, the door opened and in came my new roommate.

"Welcome home, Crystal," I said and she gave me a big smile.

I helped her set her bed up, got her dresser against the wall and moved and stacked some boxes in a corner, then left her alone for her to get settled in.

About an hour or so later, she came out and announced, "Well, I'm in and set up for now, wanna see?"

I got up and went in her room and, indeed, the bed was nicely made and it all looked rather warm and cozy.

"I've put some of my stuff in the bathroom, I figured I got the sink with nothing sitting around it, right?"

"Right, that's for you."

"Well, that's enough for one day, I'm off to shower. Wanna join me?"

Ah, I like this roommate, she likes to share.

"I'd love to, thanks for asking," and I hopped up and we went into the bathroom. So what if I'd already showered earlier.

"I thought this would also be a nice way to get to know each other, all over," she added.

"I like your thinking, Crystal, I like it a lot."

She had pulled off her tee and stood there in a pretty white bra, nice and lacy, I could get a glimpse of darker nipples underneath, then she reached back and off it came.

Oh, yes. Crystal had not sent any pics of herself other than fully-clothed but she had beautiful breasts. My guess was that she was in the upper end of B-cup, maybe into C. They were round and firm and actually were wider on her than her chest was. Small, dark pink nipples topped them off.

"Am I okay?"

"Oh, Crystal, you are stunning. They are perfect. Just perfect."

"Thank you. I always kiss a guy when I get a nice complement," and she steps forward, puts her arms around me and kisses me with lips that were soft and warm. Just at the end of the kiss, her tongue darted into my mouth promising more to come.

"Now, let's shower," and she pulled down her shorts and, then, the smallest panties I'd ever seen. I had taken my own clothes off and was standing there admiring my new roommate as she turned the water on, then reached over to grip my hard cock and gently pulled me into the shower with her.

She handed me the soap and I lathered her front and rubbed the suds all over her. I've showered with several girls before and it always amazes me just how smooth and soft and slippery their breasts are when soaped-up. I could do this all day.

I soaped her stomach and abdomen as she raised a leg up so I could get up under her. She was clean-shaven and smooth and I just loved rubbing back and forth along her plump slit. I just didn't want to stop.

"Mmm, that's enough there, Tim, we'll run out of hot water if we don't move on," and she turned and I did her back.

Then it was my turn and her small hands moved effortlessly across my body, my body which had been aching for her touch, her touch on my stiff cock. And, finally, she put both hands around it and began pulling back and forth as she looked into my eyes.

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