In Juan Diego's Hands

by mattwatt

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Spanking, Gang Bang, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Jenine is on vacation, looking for adventure, especially erotic adventure. She is fortunate to fall into Juan Diego's hands, once she arrives in Madrid

The airplane was banking and she was excited. She'd gotten some sleep on the trip to Madrid from Chicago and felt fairly refreshed and ready to go. This was her adventure in Spain; she'd been looking forward to it and planning it for such a long time. It simply made her smile.

Jenine Wagner moved over in her seat to watch the panoply of the city, as the airplane banked over it for its approach to the runway

She did a mental inventory of the things that she'd brought. It was a habit of her, being an accountant, to make sure that the details were correct. She was pleased with the images of items, types of clothes etc that she reviewed.

Jenine didn't mind traveling alone. It was a pleasure, as a matter of fact, one that she always looked forward to. It gave her a sense of adventure. To be out and away in a strange place where anything might happen, where any kind of experience might come along.

For this trip, as for many in the past, she'd opted for mostly skirts and blouses. She had brought a pair of slacks but the skirts were going to be her main form of dress. It was a kind of image thing with Jenine. She was a big girl. She wasn't fat, but big. Large thighs, a well rounded ass, large sensitive tits with nipples that at times seemed to have a mind, a life of their own. The skirts were her way of not showing off that 'bigness'. It was a mode of dress that she was comfortable with.

She got through customs with no problem, and passport control and then went off for her luggage. It came after a bit and she was ready for her adventure in Spain. Exiting from the baggage area, she was pleased to see that a young man, rather handsome, was holding up a sign with her name: "Ms. Wagner" on it. She raised her hand and waved in his direction and he got a huge grin on his face.

"Sinorita Wagner?" he asked.

"Si!"" she said and then apologized for her lack of spanish.

"No problem," he said in fairly good and not terribly accented English. "Welcome to Madrin, welcome to Spain, lovely lady!"

Jenine blushed and was already loving this Spanish adventure. He introduced himself as Juan Diego, and, when she extended her hand, he kissed it. Jenine was fairly aflutter with that kind of treatment.

They got to the lovely black car and he asked her to slide into the front seat with him.

"You'll see sights better from up here, Sinorita," he said.

"Thank you, Juan Diego," she said, "Please call me Jenine."

"Ah, Jenine, a lovely name for a lovely senorita," was his reply.

Jenine barely hid her smile. His manners and his way were wonderful, for her ego, and for the beginning of this wonderful trip.

They spoke a great deal on the way to her hotel. She was in an old part of the city, which he said was his own home area.

"Why not let me show you around a bit, sinorita Jenine?" he asked.

Without thinking or reflecting, Jenine said: "I'd love that, Juan Diego."

"I am off in a few hours," he said, "I give you time to, what is the phrase, freshen up? And then I'll come for you, We'll take a walking tour of the old part of the city."

"Fantastic," she said, agreeing to his plan.

During the 'freshen up' time, Jenine had a chance to think about and come to grips with what she wanted from this trip. She realized, fairly easily, that Juan Diego was exactly the kind of thing that she wanted from the trip. She prepared herself accordingly.

When Juan Diego arrived at the hotel, he called up from the lobby. She told him to come up to the room, since she was almost but not quite ready. He arrived and knocked on the door.

He was already making mental plans for his time with this american tourist. He had an eye for evaluating tourists and knew that this one was going to be both fun and very easy to deal with. He thought that those at La Hacienda would be pleased with what he could do for them that evening.

Jenine had no idea of it at that point but Juan Diego was planning for her to be tonight's entertainment at his club, La Hacienda, for him and for his friends. His only concern at this early point in the evening was how to make her 'come out' to be responsive to what he wanted.

She opened the hotel door and Juan Diego was all smiles, since she had already solved that problem for him.

Juan Diego's inner antennae were honed in on the fact that this Jenine, this big, lovely american woman, was one who would be able to be controlled. He was certain of that. He knew that once she was led into that kind of response; she would be fine and the evening a success.

She stood in the door way wearing a pair of pink nylon panties and heels with a 5" lift on them. She was smiling.

"I'm not quite ready, Juan Diego," she said.

"On the contrary, sinorita Jenine," he replied, "You are exactly ready."

Jenine kind of giggled at that remark.

Juan Diego shut the door and leaned against it, just staring at her and making her nervous. Jenine didn't know exactly what to do, and waited for him to say something.

"I think we will go out now," he said with a kind of hard smile on his face. "You will go dressed as you have chosen to dress."

He moved to the door and held it open for her. Jenine was shocked because she knew that he meant what he was saying. And, inwardly, she also knew that she was going to do what he told her to do.

In the interplay and the short movement, he had established a kind of control over this big titted american, as he thought of her, and he was pleased. He waited, watching her squirm and react to not knowing exactly what to do.

"Please!" she said in a soft voice.

"Please, what, senorita Jenine?" he asked, shutting the door again.

"Please don't make me do this!" she said in a sincere plea.

"Why should I not?" he asked, "You have decided how to dress, not I. Is that not so?"

"Yes, Juan Diego," she said, "It is so. Is there ... is there an alternative?"

Jenine was in his power; at that moment she realized it, and he did also. She knew that this wasn't exactly what she had in mind, and this little ploy of answering the door almost naked, except for panties and heels, had always worked in the past for her but now it had gone astray on her and she was caught. But the feeling of excitement within was a powerful one and one that she knew she was going to give in to.

"Of course," he said, "I will let you dress, and you will do what I tell you to do this evening in Madrid. Do you understand that?"

"I do, Juan Diego," she said with relief, "I understand that."

This was a quiet time in the hotel. He knew that and didn't know if she did or not. He got a smile on his face and said:

"Show me that you understand, senorita Jenine," he began then, "Take that ice bucket and go to the ice machine, it's only a few doors to the right. Bring back some ice in the bucket. Don't say a word, not a word or I leave you, senorita Jenine."

Jenine eagerly shook her head 'yes' and went for the ice bucket. She was declaring herself to be under his control. She'd gotten close to this kind of declaration in other relationships at other times but this was going to be the real thing, she was sure. It made her tingle, and she went out of the door and to the right for the ice with a kind of swing in her stride. Pumping her legs and moving her ass cheeks as a show for him, since he was watching her.

She stopped in the hall way and made a movement as if to pick something up, bending from the waist, showing him her panty covered ass.

He clapped and said: "Sensational, senorita Jenine."

She turned and shyly inclined her head to acknowledge his remark and then got the ice. Just as she was getting back to the room, however, he closed and locked the door with her in the hall way. She could also hear the elevator coming up their way.

"Please let me in, Juan Diego," she pled. "Please! I did what you told me to! Please!"

"Kneel in the doorway and I open it," Juan Diego said.

Jenine did as she was told, sinking to her knees in the doorway, as he opened it.

"Perfect place for you, Jenine, americana woman!" he said standing in front of her in the doorway.

He took an ice cube from the bucket and began to rub it around her nipples, making them so hard that they almost ached.

"Ohhhhhhh," she moaned, "Yes, yes, Juan Diego, yes!"

"You like such things, senorita Jenine?" he asked.

"I do!" she said, "Especially when you are doing them to me!"

"How about these things?" he asked next, unzipping his fly and pulling out his rather large cock.

Jenine opened her mouth with no hesitation at all and let him insert his cock into her mouth.

"Keep your hands to yourself," he growled at her. "Hold the ice bucket."

She did as she was told, allowing Juan Diego to take the initiative in fucking her face.

Just then the elevator stopped down the hall and the door started to open. Jenine didn't move at all. She knew that she shouldn't until he told her to. This made Juan Diego smile as he grabbed Jenine by the hair and pulled her forward. She shuffled into the room on her knees, anxious to not lose contact with the cock that was in her mouth still.

Around the prick in her mouth, Jenine said to him: "Thank you, Don Juan Diego!"

"Ah, the americana woman with the spanish prick in her lovely mouth is very polite, I see," he said with a smile.

She smiled up at him and he dropped the smile and began to fuck her mouth in earnest, pumping his cock in and out of her mouth almost savagely.

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