Over the Back Fence

by LuvsItWet

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Ma/ft, Fa/ft, Ma/mt, Consensual, Reluctant, BiSexual, Incest, MaleDom, Pregnancy, Voyeurism, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: The things that go on in a quiet neighborhood might surprise you. I know it did me when I overheard the kids next door playing house. What follows is more than just make believe.

Blackmail as a tool of dominance just fell in my lap. I didn't go looking for it, it found me.

Let me explain.

I was in my back yard last summer, minding my own business. Actually, I was photographing some cultured tea roses that my late wife had planted and that I have kept in her memory. It was a beautiful day for just enjoying life.

Things took a strange turn when I heard voices from the other side of the high privacy fence that separates our back yard from the family behind us. I was nearly up against the fence and the kids from next door couldn't have been more than three or four feet from me. That corner of their yard has a large planting of hibiscus bushes and the little vermin had apparently found a natural formed fort or created a play house under the cover of the thick shrubbery.

I didn't pay too much attention until I heard an argument raise the playful chatter to a low roar.

"No. I won't" I heard the eleven year old girl, Abbey, say. "I'll suck it though. Like last time."

That got me really curious.

There are three kids in the family. A fourteen year old boy, Sean. The eleven year old girl, Abigail, and a seven year old younger sister, Diedre or Deed as everyone calls her.

I assumed that Abbey was fending off some attempt by her older brother to do naughty, naughty things. Correctly, as it turned out. She was OK with some things but drew a line with others. I later was privy to several of her trade-off arguments.

I couldn't see through the fence because the previous owners back there had also put their own fence right up against mine, making a double layer of cyprus boards with the support structure sandwiched between them.

The marvels of modern technology saved the day, though. My inexpensive little digital camera with the tiny TV screen in the back allowed me to sneak a peek over the fence with not much chance of being detected. A little zoom and I was looking at a live act of adolescent incest. Up close and personal.

Abbey, in just shorts and a tee shirt, on her knees in front of her naked older brother. She was fully engaged in doing what she had successfully negotiated. The way he was turned partially away from me prevented me from seeing exactly what was happening but it didn't take much imagination. Not with the way her head was bobbing at his waist, or the the way his head was rolling around on his shoulders. These two were obviously experienced and really into what they were doing.

With little chance of being detected, I snapped seventy-three reasonably high resolution images of the two or three minutes it took for young Sean to get what he had bargained for. So many pictures that it nearly made a movie when viewed at a fast rate. The last few frames are of the little girl pulling back as her brother shot his spunk past her face and over her shoulder. Her expression is priceless.

Other than the first outburst from the girl, nothing else was said that I could overhear. Just minutes after the climax, they left their little boudoir. When they were safely gone, I shot several more pictures over the fence of the little play area. The kids had been pretty busy back there. A small wooden box for a table, a couple of old lawn chairs, and a small covered trash can that I later found contained a couple of blankets and a large pillow.

After obsessing over the photo series for several days, I realized I probably had happened on a chance to see a lot more if there was some way to know when the budding sex fiends were in action. I quickly fell in love with the little girl. Abbey had just started to fill out. Still a child but on the verge of womanhood. Long blond hair and pale skin complimented her coltish looks. She would soon be a stunning young lady. I certainly wanted to see her in all her glory if it was at all possible.

It didn't take much to come up with a motion detector from an old security light hooked up to a buzzer in my home office to alert me to anyone in that area of the neighbors yard. Two days later, I was again up at the fence with camera in hand.

I was disappointed to find only Sean. Spread out, butt naked on an old blanket, with a tattered magazine in one hand and his hard-on in the other. Jerking off. The kid had a pretty respectable cock for being only fourteen. Probably seven inches or more and fairly thick with a loose foreskin. I took a few pictures, but my primary interest was in sweet little Abbey so I didn't wait long after he shot his load into a wad of tissues before quietly slipping away to the house.

About ten minutes later, the buzzer sounded again and I went to check out the play house a second time that day hoping my little heart throb may have joined her brother again.

I was really shocked when in my tiny TV screen, who but the mother of the house, Carol, appeared. She was kneeling on the dirt, sideways to me, with her shorts and panties down around her lower thighs. One hand holding a wad of tissue over her face and furiously stroking between her legs with the other.

At the time, I didn't fully realize what was going on but I shot over thirty pictures of her before she crumpled to the ground and flopped over on her back. Fearful of being seen, I retreated.

This event turned an accidental discovery of youthful experimentation into a much more interesting case of neighborhood family scandal. I scratched my head for several days before I decided how to make the best of the situation. I decided Carol was the key. If I could get her involved, even unwillingly, I could maybe get more than a few pictures of her daughter to drool over.

For the next month, I reacted to the buzzer like a Pavlovian dog. I invested in a new camera with video and sound and a lot more memory. I did some carpentry work on the fence so I could shoot through a small concealed viewing port.

I went across the fence one day when I was sure the family was gone and planted a tiny microphone on the fence near where Abbey or Sean usually put their pillow. In that visit, I found one of the small covered containers was the kid's trash can and contained candy wrappers and boy-cum laden tissues. Lots of cum laden tissues. That was what Carol had apparently been holding to her face that first time. Her son's fresh cum smell.

I finally got to see Abbey naked one day when she agreed to let her older brother rub his erection in her naked little slit if he promised not to try to put it in her again. From the gist of the conversation, I gathered that they had unsuccessfully attempted penetration in an earlier session and Abbey refused all further cajoling by Sean. She remained a virgin but grew to be quite adept with her hands and mouth. I suspected she was even the instigator much of the time.

By mid August, I had over six hours of edited video of the neighbor kids in action. I made a second DVD, editing in the seven or eight times that I was able to catch Carol in some way. Either by herself after the kids left the hide-away or peeking at them through the bushes during their sex play. Once she even reached orgasm just as Sean blew his wad with Abbey rubbing him on her newly budded little titties.

I had also done some quiet investigating into Carol's marital status. During my wife's illness, death, and the grief period that followed, I had heard something about a divorce but was so wrapped up in my own problems that I hadn't paid much attention. Now I found out that Ray, the husband and father, had been caught with his fingers in the cookie jar (supposedly a secretary where he worked) and Carol had taken him for everything. Including full custody of the kids. No unsupervised visits even, which seemed odd but that's the story I got from one of the area gossips.

Just after school started in early September, I invited Carol to the house on the pretext of discussing a possible problem with the survey of our common property line. I didn't waste much time though, after we were settled in the family room. I pressed 'play' on the remote and the preselected still of her pre-teen daughter with a stiff cock in her mouth jumped to life on the 52" TV screen. I had made up a shorter version of the DVD with just the highlights, chosen for shock value.

I was watching Carol carefully and let the scene run until she grasped what she was seeing. As the blood drained from her face, I paused the action just as the full screen of Abbey holding Sean's squirting cock in her hand and Carol plainly visible through the bushes, watching.

"Would you like to tell me about it?" I asked quietly.

Carol sobbed loudly and put both hands over her face for a moment. "Please Mr. Randall..." She said. Then she seemed to brace herself and started to rise to her feet.

"Sit down!" I directed firmly. She sagged back into the couch and covered her face again.

I didn't give her time to gather her wits. "Take off your shoes. Now!"

She looked at me as though she was going to faint. "Now!" I repeated.

Carol was crying now. But she did as she was told.

"Carol, I have several hours of what you just saw less than a minute of. I've known for months that your two kids have been fucking in the bushes behind my house. You have, too. I've watched you with your son's semen saturated tissues. I've seen you smell them and taste them. I've seen you rub them on your tits and shove them up your cunt. I've watched you get off on his cum several times. I have it all on film."

"Oh, God. No!" She wailed.

"Yes, Carol. I do. The first question is: How much more have you been doing with him? Or them? And the next question is: What do I do with everything I know?"

Before she could respond, I tested her again. I needed to know how submissive she could be.

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