Mental Leap - Billy

by Perdition

Caution: This Science Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/ft, ft/ft, Consensual, Reluctant, Lesbian, Heterosexual, Science Fiction, Incest, Brother, Sister, Group Sex, Interracial, Black Female, White Male, First, Voyeurism, .

Desc: Science Fiction Sex Story: Part three of my Quantum Leap-like journey. This has a lot of non-sexual exposition to tie up a loose end that had been bugging me.

I looked down and saw bright red swim trunks on a pair of scrawny legs. I could see my reflection in the water. A boy of about 12 looked out at me from the water. I fell back, wishing the leap could have waited just another hour or so.

Oh well, at least I'm still male, even if a quite young one.

"Hey, Billy! Are you coming or what?" I was cumming just a second ago, I thought. I looked out, and saw another young, nubile girl, standing with her hands on her hips. A small bikini clung to her in all the right spots. She sighed and walked closer.

"Billy! Mom and Dad said if you're not in the car in 5 minutes, we're leaving without you." I stood up and followed the beautiful ass of Billy's sister out of the water.

Oh boy!

As we walked to the car, I began a systematic searching of Billy's memories. It turned out he was 13, just. His birthday had been during the week, and this was how his family celebrated; they all went out to a pond for a day of swimming, tanning, and general fun.

I still wasn't sure what made me jump. I'd had another major orgasm at the point of departure, but I had also changed three lives for the better. If I can keep that up, it won't matter much to me why I jump, it'll just be fun. I'll get to have some of the most intense orgasms the universe has ever seen, and I'll get to make other people's lives better in the process. The best definition of a win-win that I've ever heard.

Billy's parents got in the front seat, I climbed in the seat behind Billy's mom, and Tara, Billy's sister, got in behind their dad. He pulled out of the parking lot, and I let my legs spread just a bit so my left one rubbed up against Tara's left.

It seemed Billy was just out of the throes of puberty, and wasn't blind. He'd already started trying to find ways to see his sister naked, and I was anticipating getting the chance to improve his techniques.

"Hey, mom? Can Christine come over so we can work on our stupid History report?"

"Not tonight, honey. You know it'll be late before we get home."

"Aw, mom! Can't she spend the night?"

"You'll have all day tomorrow. And if that's not enough time to get the report done, maybe you should have started it a little earlier, huh?"

Tara crossed her arms and pouted. I couldn't help but compare her to Jenny, my first jump. They were about the same age, Tara was a little older, actually, at 16, but she acted younger. Of course, I could only view Jenny through her own eyes, so maybe she just thought she acted older, I mean, she had ignored Walter completely.

"Billy! Stop touching me! Geez!" Tara pushed my leg away from hers. "You're still dripping wet!"

"Sorry." I pulled my leg away. She's in a bad mood, so that makes her try to put as many other people in one as possible. The best way to handle it is to ignore her attempts at causing trouble, and behave as if what she's doing isn't completely childish.

I turned my head and looked out the window. I didn't recognize anything; it was just trees and road, with the occasional driveway leading to a cabin. Near most of the driveways were little signs, naming the cabin. They were usually dumb names or puns. I couldn't imagine ever wanting to put something like that out by the road so everyone driving by saw it.

The scenery inside was definitely better. I twisted myself in my seatbelt, leaned back against the edge of the seat and pretended to close my eyes. In that position, I could really check out "my" sister without her noticing.

She had long brown hair, still damp from swimming. Her legs were coltish, quite toned. Her stomach had just a hint of a curve to it; not enough to call her fat, or even chubby, but just enough to show that she didn't skip dessert. Her breasts were probably B-cups, and though I couldn't really tell in her bathing suit, I was pretty sure there wouldn't be any sag yet. I knew, from Billy's memories that she wasn't in any sports at school, nor was she on the cheerleading squad, though she easily could have been. In fact, she didn't seem to be in anything that would put her in the spotlight. She seemed, in fact, to be quite shy. That was a shame, she was quite attractive. Her ass was firm, just like her legs, her eyes were an amazing shade of green, and she had a small nose and freckles that made her face exceedingly cute. She could really screw it up when she was unhappy, though, as she was doing now.

Billy must have really been exerting himself while he was swimming. My fake closed eyes became real closed eyes, and the rest of the trip passed with me out of it. My dreams were really strange; scenes from Billy's life became merged with scenes from my own, and even a few from Ben and Jenny got mixed in. If I kept this jumping thing up much longer, it would become very difficult to keep everything straight. Dr. Beckett never seemed to have this issue, except for the one where he was jumping in and out of Lee Harvey Oswald, but that was a special event, not a recurring problem. It seems you just can't trust TV fiction any more.

I woke up when the car slowed to get off the highway. It was dark already, Tara was asleep across from me, her face no longer screwed up was just begging for a kiss. I glanced out the window, and did a double-take. This was my exit! This was where I got off the highway on the way to my house. My actual house! The one where my body was, even now, hooked up to my machine.

That thought brought one along with it. My body, sitting in a chair, hooked up to wires, and not being fed, given water, or allowed to use the bathroom. I could be killing my body while I'm jumping around like this! It had already been three days.

Billy's dad turned right, just like I would have. We passed my road, and though nothing looked any different, it was a bit surreal knowing my own body was just a couple blocks down. After three more blocks, Billy's dad turned to the left, took a few more turns, and pulled into the driveway of a very nice house. I couldn't really tell the color, though Billy's memories told me it was a grayish brown color, with brick on the lower half, up to about where the windows were. He pulled into the garage, turned off the car, and everyone got out. I tapped Tara on the shoulder, her skin felt very smooth. She woke up, and so did Billy's young cock. It started growing in his swim trunks, and I was forced to adjust it a bit before I got out. It felt quite a bit bigger than I would have expected from a 13 year-old, but I wasn't about to complain.

Everyone pretty much made a bee-line for their own bedrooms. Billy's parents had the master suite near the garage. Tara and I had to go to the other end of the house, where we each had a bedroom at the end of the hall. Our closets shared a wall, and a bathroom at that end of the house was designated the "kids' bathroom."

Tara was moving sluggishly, rubbing at her eyes, so I made it to my room well before she did. I turned on the little bedside light to its lowest setting, little more than a night light, pulled off my swim trunks and slid into the closet. To the right was a hole where Billy's dad had once attempted to install a phone line to our rooms. He had drilled up from the basement to the gap between our closets, drilled holes in both of our closet walls, and started running the phone line. He'd had problems getting the phone line up the wall, and had ended up making the hole in Tara's closet quite large. When Billy's mother had gotten home and found out what her husband was up to, she'd yelled at him that they weren't putting phones in the kids' rooms, that he was making a mess, and that he'd better be able to fix the walls. The great phone line experiment had ended in disaster for Billy's dad, but it had become a Godsend for Billy. Just as everyone should have expected, Billy's dad had never gotten around to fixing the walls, hidden as they were in the closets, and Billy's mother had forgotten about it for the same reason.

Now, they were a perfect peephole for Billy. His side was a small hole, so here wasn't much that could be seen from her end, but her hole had gotten considerably wider, making Billy's field of view almost the entire room. Most nights, Tara changed in the one spot in her room where Billy couldn't see, or she closed her closet door. I'm not sure if she suspected what Billy was doing, or if it was just a coincidence, but this night, I was in luck. Tara stumbled into her room, closed her door, and walked right to her dresser, which was directly across from the closet, and Billy's peephole. She pulled out a pair of panties, and set them on the bed to her left. She turned around as she began untying her swimsuit back, and just as she got to the open closet, she let the top drop. Her breasts were beautiful. They had no sag at all, and there was a smattering of freckles across them as well. She was only about 2 feet away from me; I could see every little detail. Billy's cock sprang to full attention in no seconds flat.

Tara pulled out a long T-shirt, spun around and flung it on her bed. Then she grabbed the waist band of her swimsuit bottom and pulled it off, bending over right in front of me. Her ass was beautiful, and peeking out under it was her pussy. I was not shaved, but her hair was quite a bit lighter down there than on her head. It was almost invisible. I'd barely been touching myself, but Billy's young cock still exploded. Not much came out; he'd obviously been quite busy keeping the reserves empty. His cock didn't even begin to get soft though. Ahh, to be young.

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