Preacher's Wife Trip to Vegas

by wilcoxfun

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/ft, Fa/ft, Consensual, Cheating, Interracial, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: This is my first attempt to write. It is about a preacher's wife trip to a church convention and all the things that can happen on the way and in Sin City.

The Las Vegas convention

The church was holding it's annual convention in Las Vegas. Yes, churches do have conventions in the city of wonderful, delightful, sinful Las Vegas. Probably to get a firsthand view of what they are preaching against.

The preacher, Roger Matthews, and his lovely wife, Brenda, were already to go to Las Vegas, However, at the last minute there was a call from a member of their church who was facing major surgery. The preacher felt he needed to stay for the surgery and he

could see how sad Brenda looked.

"Go ahead fly out to Las Vegas," Roger said. "We'll loose our deposits anyway. I will come out the day after the surgery. You go and represent the church at the convention." The convention was scheduled to only last two days and they had made arrangements to stay a week

For the past several years they had dabbled in public exhibition when they could get safely away from the prying eyes of the home congregation. Brenda felt her pussy getting wet just thinking of the possibilities of exposing herself innocently to strangers. However, being a devoted and loving wife told him that she also would stay until they both could go together. She mentioned that he had suggested she could become a member of the mile high club. She noticed that statement got a very erect cock from her preacher and husband. She went over to him and began to rub up against him and reached down to play with his hard cock. He was kissing her and reached down to play with her breasts. She was wearing a dress without panties, not that it surprised him. So she just opened his pants and pushed them down and slid on his cock right up that wet pussy. They began to fuck standing up for practice in the bathroom of the plane! As he was just about ready to cum she raised up and then knelt down and sucked his cock. Eating and swallowing his hot yummy cum all the time thinking that this might be a stranger she had just fucked and now was finishing him off by sucking his cock!

After such a wonderful fuck, her loving husband said still insisted she start the trip alone and she finally agreed that it made sense. Brenda's pussy was wet with lust as she thought of the possible opportunities on this trip.

"You better fulfill your promise on the way home about the mile high club!" she said.

She planned very carefully the clothes she would take. Her modest preacher's wife clothes that she would wear to the convention. Her 'barely there' swimsuit which showed more than it covered. Her button down dress. Her see thru blouse which she planned to wear one night without a thing on underneath! She had to play with her pussy just

thinking of the flashing adventures she would have.

She was ready to leave but Roger had to go to a meeting so he just gave her a loving kiss and a squeeze of her hot ass and said, "Try to be good!"

Brenda smiled, "I will be very good. You can count on it."

After he left she put on her play outfit for the flight. She had purposefully left her panties off. She wore a short skirt that would rise up and show much more leg than most. Anyone who happened to be sitting across from her could see all the way up to her thighs especially if she crossed her legs. She had actually practiced how she could do this and provide a look at her pussy as well. She decided to wear the blouse but with a jacket over it. This way if she happened to be sitting between two lovely men she might just have to take the jacket off.

The trip to the airport provided her first opportunity to exposed herself. She was sitting in the backseat of the taxi, and just causally opened her legs and sat looking out the window. She squirmed a little so that the skirt rose high enough so that her pussy was showing. She crossed her legs and than sighed and returned them to a more open position. The cabbie had checked his mirror and causally adjusted it so he was looking into the back seat. Brenda was getting wet as she gave the driver an eyeful. The trip took much longer than normal because the cabbie had been looking at her pussy and missed the airport exit.

As she slid out of the car she slipped and nearly fall but the cabbie caught her. He managed to crop a feel of her breasts and even squeezed them before letting her go. She thanked him for catching her.

She offered a tip but the sweating aroused driver just smiled and shook his head. He had his tip and then some.

The brief encounter had caused her pussy to become extremely wet. When he touched her clothed breasts she nearly had an orgasm. She was still smiling as she entered the airport terminal.

She accidentally dropped her carry on bag and gave a group of airmen a shot of her naked ass when she bent over to retrieve it. She opened her legs so they could see all of her goodies. They were smiling as she walked by and one of the young men spoke loud enough for her to hear, "I sure hope she is sitting beside me on this flight as I would love to have her sit on my hard on."

Brenda laughed out loud. What a wonderful start to the trip.

When she arrives at security gate the man at the checkpoint request that she take off her jacket. His eyes widen in disbelief when he saw her breasts through the sheer blouse. The security motioned for his fellow security men to look. She pretended to me miffed at having to remove the jacket, but she had to bite her lip to keep from smiling as everyone around the checkpoint saw her lovely heavy breasts. She slowly turned so that everyone could get a good look. The sweating security guard thanked her and wished her a nice flight. Brenda thanked him and casually let her hand rub the ill concealed erection in his pants.

It wasn't a long wait at the gate but she managed to flash several men who were also waiting. One of the men bravely set down beside her.

Hi I'm Tom," he said holding out his hand.

"I'm Brenda," she said taking the offered hand. He held her hand for longer than necessary.

"Where you headed?" Tom asked, lowering her hand until it rested on his lap. He casually lay his jacket over their hands. She informed him she was in route to Las Vegas on business.

"Pity," the man said. "Vegas is a better pleasure town." He smiled as she removed her hand from his and rubbed his growing cock through his pants.

Apparently the man realized that she wanted to feel real flesh and he unzipped his fly and took his cock out which Brenda immediately grasped. She slowly pumped it and as she did her lips open slightly. She allowed the tip of her tongue to show as if she were licking it!

Several other men watched and attempted to cover up their erections. Brenda

opened her legs so that they can see just how wet her pussy had become. She laughed when she saw that one had come without even touching himself. Suddenly she felt the warm wet feel of sperm as Tom shot his load. She withdrew her hand and licked the come from it.

"Seems like a waste of good come, doesn't it?" she said softly.

During the brief wait at the gate Brenda jacked off two other men. The last one to sit down introduced himself as Woody.

"Ah, Woody with a woody," she said as she stroked his cock. "Are you pleased with what you see and are now feeling?" Woody responds with a groan as Brenda

gave him a light kiss on his check. "I wish I could suck you dry but this is just not the place for it, so I hope this does help you out!" She quickened the pace and

soon Woody blasted into her hand and she again licked her hand clean.

She batted her eyes at another man who sat on the other side of her He said his name was George., "Damn woman," George said. "I'm hot just watching you! I look forward to see what you do on the plane!"

The call came to board the plane and Brenda gathered up her things. She had been so busy playing that she hadn't noticed that there had been another watcher.

A stewardess came over and said, "Honey I envy your action there! You are going to enjoy Las Vegas. Where are you staying?" The flight attendant casually put one foot on the seat beside Brenda.

"I am going to stay at the Rio."

The stewardess smiled, "We are staying there as well, honey. I am sure would love to show you some of the sights that are available in Vegas."

Brenda was trying to think of what to say when she noticed that the stewardess had an ankle bracelet around her right ankle. It was a lovely piece of jewelry. But she also looked up the leg and saw that the stewardess had patient! ly waited so she could see that the stewardess did not have panties on and she was very wet! Her pussy jumped as if she had a tongue licking it. Brenda giggled and smiled.

The stewardess said softly, "Darling, I am bi so there is no question that I would enjoy you. Nevertheless, I would not force you to party with me. I would still love to take you out on the town. Remember darling, what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas!"

Without thinking, Brenda said, "Yes, I think I would like to go with you. However, I am not sure if I could party all the way with you."

"Darling, you will decide what you want to do. Just go with the flow. Which I might add looks like you have a river flowing since your chair is so wet." The flight attendant patted her cheek and left.

Brenda laughed, 'Maybe there was another adventure was ahead if she could let herself go' she thought. Who knows what's in store.

The stewardess that had spoken with her greeted her, "Sweetie, we have a special space for you in first class today." Brenda could not believe it but accepted this generous gift. She was seated by a handsome man who told her his name was Roy. She told him her name

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