Is History Repeating Itself

by SW MO Hermit

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Fa/Fa, NonConsensual, Drunk/Drugged, Heterosexual, Sister, Gang Bang, .

Desc: Sex Story: A husband suspects his wife of cheating. He follows and catches her, then gets his retribution.

It was a beautiful sunny Sunday afternoon. My wife Jennifer and I were at her sister and brother in laws for a BBQ. Unfortunately, I was not enjoying myself as I usually did at one of our get togethers. Normally, with a day like this I would be sitting on the patio enjoying myself and some brews with Gene. I would be watching my beautiful, sexy wife of 33 years and planning on jumping her bones as soon as we got home. We routinely sat on the patio with each other after the meal and visited. Usually the visits become risqué as the beer and wine flows. This was happening today but my heart wasn't in the conversation because I was mulling over what I had seen during the balance of the day.

When we had gotten up this morning we had the normal quiet conversation over our coffee on our own patio and had enjoyed several deep sensual kisses during our movement around the house. When I tried to entice Jen into bed before we left as we normally do on a Sunday morning, she had refused. Her refusal was more sharp than normal. She said, "I don't want to run around all day with cum running out of me. I don't have time to take another shower and I don't want to go to Joan's smelling like a seminal sewer." Now this didn't ring true because we have had sex and gone over to her sisters many times in the past without her showering. It bothered me when she said this and was bothering me more now, especially after what I had seen this damn day.

Jen had seemed more anxious than usual to get over to Gene and Joan's this morning and had nearly ran through the yard and into the house when we arrived. She had, in fact, left me to carry all the things we were providing for the meal by myself. No real task, but not normally what she did. She had thrown open the door and as it swung closed behind her she said, "Hey you, I'm here". When I stumbled into the house, I walked into the living room just in time to see her pull away from Gene. It looked like she had been kissing him and I was sure I saw his hand come out from under her crop top.

Now Gene and I are close but he is really an asshole sometimes and this time he outdid himself. I remember him asking me if I didn't knock before I came into someone's home? I just laughed it off and said, "Since when do we either one knock when we come to one another's home." It had been common for either couple to just open the door and say something as we walked in. This was in case we might interrupt something. In fact, I mentioned this and said I had heard Jen say we were here as she came in so I didn't say anything.

It seemed to me Jen and Gene were much closer to each other than normal and he was always putting his hands on her throughout the day. While this bothered me some I was not going to say anything. After the meal, we all decided to take a dip in their domed above ground pool. Jen had put on her swimsuit sometime after we arrived. I have no idea when and Gene had his on from the beginning. Joan and I had not suited up yet so Jen and Gene ran for the pool and we went into the house to change. As I was leaving, Joan called to me wanting help carrying the food back to the house. No problem but every time I tried to go towards the pool, it seemed like she wanted me to do something else.

Finally, I managed to get away from her and as I walked toward the pool I noticed Jens top untied from around her back and she and Gene were in a deep kiss. They must have heard me because she rapidly pushed herself away from him and went down into the water. I saw her tying her top and then I noticed him adjusting his pants. I then noticed Jens bottoms were around her knees as she grabbed them and pulled them up.

I yelled, "What the hell are you two doing?"

Jen blushed a little then said, "Playing around waiting on you two slowpokes of course. What do you think we would be doing?"

I told them, "It looks more like you're fucking around to me." I then turned and started for the house. Jen climbed from the pool and followed me asking, "What the hell is the matter with you? You've been in a bad mood all day and now you're accusing me of fucking my own brother in law?"

I just sat down and opened a beer as I stared at her. I noticed her nipples were really engorged and I was sure as hot as it was it wasn't because they were cold. I opened my mouth to make a hot retort then got control of my temper. I almost lost it because nearly 31 years before I had caught her cheating and told her it was the last time. That it would all be over if she did it again. I still remembered the pain of that time and the fights. I wanted to be sure of things before I went down that road so I apologized and said I guess the water refraction made it look funny.

Well, by this time, we were all in a pissy mood so Jen and loaded up and went back home. Jen sat quietly for the entire 15-minute drive, clasping her hands in her lap. I noticed she had tears in her eyes.

A few minutes after we got home she came into the den and sat down beside me. "I'm sorry honey." She said between tears and sniffles. "The last three or four months Joan and I have been talking and worrying on how to save her marriage. She says the spark is out of it and Gene has been sniffing around other women. She loves him and doesn't want to end it but he has told her she needs to find some way to make it good for him again or he isn't sure he can continue to keep his commitment to her. I'll try to be more careful about your feelings and perceptions but I have to do this for my sister." She sat looking at me a moment and I sensed deep anxiety in her gaze. Jennifer got up from her chair, kissed me tenderly on the forehead and left.

I sat a few minutes thinking about what she had said. Did she really say what it sounded like she said? It seemed to me she was telling me she was going to sleep with the bastard to put more pizzazz into her sister's marriage. My stomach curdled into a painful knot.

For the rest of the day I tripped down memory lane recalling the past affair and trying to decide what to do to either verify this one, if it was one or to stop it from happening if it hadn't already started. I had to find some way to remedy the situation.

I still remembered catching Jen the first time. We were still in college and she had a night course. As the semester went by, she got home later and later. I remembered at first, coming home a half hour late, she would be so horny. We would fuck like rabbits, then pass out in exhaustion. Finally, near the middle of the semester, she came home one night wearing a very short skirt and no panties. When I tried to run my hands under her skirt, she fought me off, ran into the bathroom and took a shower. This was far from normal behavior and I felt my worst fears were verified. I tried for a piece that night, and for the first time was refused one after her classes.

The next Thursday night I decided to follow and see what was going on. I took some beer and a book because I was afraid it would be a long night. Since there were so many doors out of the class building I felt I had to follow her into it and I was really afraid she would see me. I was lucky though and I didn't get caught. I heaved a sigh of relief when she really went to class, then, as I watched her walk through the room to an empty seat beside a well-dressed older man I tensed up. I nearly lost it when she bent down and gave him a little kiss on the lips before she sat in the chair beside him.

This room was one with long tables and student chairs instead of desks. My stomach churned when I watched her move her chair closer to him and her hand went down under the table. After the instructor began lecturing, I found a spot to watch the door from down the hall in the stairwell and waited on the mid class break. Finally the break began and my teeth clenched in anger. My wife and the asshole came out of the room with their arms around each other carrying their books! Now I was almost sure she was fucking him but I just hoped class ended early. It didn't take me long to realize no one else was bringing their books out.

I dropped back into the crowd to follow them; thankful he was a tall drink of water. They walked into the parking lot and Jen put her books into her car. Then she turned to him and gave him a deep kiss with a lot of tongue as they ran their hands over each other. Finally they broke the kiss and he took her hand, leading her toward a huge Mercedes. He helped her into the passenger seat then he walked around the car and got in behind the wheel.

I rushed back to my old truck and managed to follow them from the parking lot. They went about three blocks to a small coffee shop and as luck would have it, the only available seat was in front of the window. I was standing just outside the door and heard the waitress say, "I wondered when you two lovebirds would get here tonight. I'm sorry someone has your table in the back. All we have is the one in the window. Is that OK?" When I saw this, I turned to return to my truck and watched as they slid into the booth, her on the inside. I will admit it was all I could do not to attack him when the waitress greeted them as she did. It did, however, verify some of my fears.

After their coffee was delivered, he turned toward her and placed his hand in her lap on her bare leg. His other arm was around her shoulders, his hand resting just above her right breast. After he took a drink of his coffee, his left hand would return to her lap. Slowly, he worked her skirt up until it was against her belly, his hand resting near the juncture of her thighs. I saw her legs spread and his hand slide between them as Jennifer slumped down more into the booth. I was shaking with rage and jealousy.

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