Seduction of Gabby

by A Purvversion

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/ft, Incest, Uncle, Niece, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: His lust for his 14-year-old niece culminates when he's asked to mind her for the weekend. Although the author only highlights their first sex together, it is pretty obvious that there will be more down the road.

I suppose I better get it right out up front here that my intent from the beginning was to seduce my young niece. As far back as when she was ten or so, the youngster was always flirting mischievously with me. Even then, Gabby was as cute as a whip; and over the next couple of years her feminine attributes truly began to blossom, so that by the time she was 14, and this story took place, Gabby was quite breathtaking. Her boobs were already in the 32-34 range and unless I missed the mark, she was a B cup. She might not have had the biggest in her 8th grade class, but she certainly couldn't have been embarrassed. Put that body with that face and in another year, the boys in High School would be lining up for her.

I don't know when I actually started to become aware that I was, at times, becoming aroused by my niece, but it went back a couple of years, and was the result of what was innocent play. Whenever I had been over at my sister's house, Gabby and I would inevitably have at least one tickling bout. Also, often during that period, I would find the youngster snuggled up to me, or sitting on my lap, or even in a body-to-body hug. During those early times when I'd become aroused and hard, I'd simply excuse myself and get away until the embarrassing hard-on retracted to normalcy.

I suppose it could have even been as far back as when Gabby was 11, the first time I masturbated while thinking about her. It was after one of those times when I had gotten hard that I happened to then see up her skirt, which seemed to be the triggering point for my increasing attraction to the youngster. When I got home that night, laying in bed in the dark, I found that I was thinking about what I'd seen and it was then that I first jerked off with the youngster in mind.

It wasn't until a couple of years later that I reached a point where I actually admitted to myself that I wanted to fuck my hot little niece. I even suspected that she wanted it too, though I don't know if she really knew it. My guess is that the thought may have passed through her brain, but she was too pure and innocent to allow herself to think about it.

I had always been close to my sister Maura, and over the years that closeness never waned. Indeed, after we had both gotten divorces within a six-month span, I was visiting their house at least twice a week. We only lived two blocks apart, so it was pretty convenient to lend our support to each other.

What brought me to the point of admitting the truth to myself was a hot night in August. I had simply gone to Maura's house to spend a few hours with her and my niece. When I arrived, Gabby greeted me at the door with the usual big smile on her face. She told me that her mom wasn't home yet, but she expected her shortly. I went into the kitchen, grabbed a beer from their fridge, and went into the living room to watch TV. Gabby had some homework to do and she went to her room.

It was about a half hour later when Maura came in the door, and almost immediately it was obvious to me that she was three sheets to the wind. She slurred her words in explaining to me that she had stopped after work at a bar with a few co-workers for a going away party or something for one of them.

Seeing that my sister was in no condition to cook for herself and Gabby, I went out and picked up a whole pizza, as I hadn't eaten yet either. Maura insisted that I open up a bottle of wine from the fridge because, "There'sh nothing like having peesha with wine."

I poured a glass for my sister and I, and the three of us started in on the pizza. Maura only had a half-slice before she said that she was going to bed, asking if I'd keep Gabby company.

I spent most of the night alone with my niece, while my sister slept in her room. That was the night that the groundwork was laid, though it wasn't intended.

Right after Maura went to bed, Gabby asked if she could finish her mom's wine, to have with her pizza. Although she was only 14, I didn't see any harm in a glass of the grape. However, it wasn't only one glass, for I then allowed her to have another. I don't doubt that the alcohol contributed to what happened.

That was the night where I first allowed my hands to touch Gabby's hot little body in ways that were definitely wrong. I didn't outright feel her up, but we did things that night that I suspect alerted the youngster to the almost certain inevitability of us having sex, unless we avoided being together in the future. With my hot little niece alongside me, I managed to touch her little bubble butt a half dozen times and even pulled it toward me and cupped it once. I also brushed her little breasts. During the night, we gave each other a few kisses without immediately pulling away and twice toward the end of the night, our lips lingered against each other much longer than was proper. The last time, I even pushed my tongue out to her lips, though she didn't react.

That was also the night that, when we were playing, I first took her foot to my mouth, kissing her insole, her ankle and even sucking on her toes. Gabby giggled, but I saw a strange look in her eyes when I was doing that.

I definitely went home with a case of blue balls. I can honestly say that of all the times in my life when I jerked off, I don't think I ever came so hard from masturbating. Still aroused from what had gone on, I closed my eyes and, in my head, saw my little niece naked and waiting.

Over the next couple of weeks, I visited by them a few times, but each time it was only for a little while, and Gabby seemed to purposely spend most of my visit time in her room.

It was on a Tuesday when Maura called me up and asked if I'd stay at her house to watch my 14-year-old niece for the weekend coming up. I didn't hesitate in agreeing to do so. Maura was dating again, and the guy she was dating wanted to take her to Atlantic City. They were leaving on Friday after work and wouldn't be home until Sunday night.

I openly admit here that I was actually thinking that I might actually get to fuck my little niece. That Gabby was only fourteen and that what I was thinking was criminal didn't even affect my thinking. During the week, incestuous thoughts continuously played inside my head. I even thought of things that I might do to bring that about. Of course I knew that most times I planned such things, those plans almost always went awry right from the beginning. Still, there was no harm dreaming.

I got to my sister's house about 6:30 PM on Friday. Armed with my overnight bag, a sack of goodies, and yeah, a pizza, I was greeted at the door by my smiling niece. (Maura had brought her bags to work with her; and her boyfriend had met her at her office. From there they were going directly to Atlantic City.)

My eyes swallowed the youngster up.

Gabby is about 5'4" tall with a body without an ounce of unnecessary weight. Facially, she is a real beauty, with blond hair and blue eyes, the most kissable lips and the most magnificent smile you can imagine; it virtually lights up her face when she smiles and you can also see the merriment in her eyes as she is smiling. She has long legs for her size; they appear to just keep going on and on and on up to her nice rounded ass. And last, but definitely not the least, she has the most beautiful breasts I have ever seen on a girl of 14. They just beg to be touched and sucked.

God, she is beautiful!

The goodies I toted included wine, grass, and pornos. I'd also made sure to get myself a dozen condoms. To be honest, I didn't think I'd be able to get her to do anything, but there was no doubt as to what I was fantasizing would happen.

I had little doubt that Gabby would want the wine, though I thought that she might be surprised if I offered it. I was actually hoping that she'd ask me first, but I didn't really have a definite plan. I only knew that I wanted her sipping the grape, hoping the youngster would become uninhibited. I kinda thought that if I could get a couple of wines in her, she'd be agreeable to a toke. As far as whether or not she'd be willing to watch the pornos, I thought I'd see how things developed, maybe let her just see them in the bag and let her ask. Again, I was playing a lot of this by ear. All I knew was that I remembered our last time when we were alone, and I thought then that Gabby would have been willing to do more if her mom hadn't have been in the house at the time.

Gabby immediately took the pizza from me and led me into the living room, where I dropped my overnight on the floor and the knapsack on the end table, alongside the lamp. While my niece was running out to the kitchen to get plastic plates and napkins for us, I was opening up the knapsack.

Gabby had just returned as I was reaching in the bag to bring out the wine. She had came into the room while I was digging inside the bag.

"Whatcha got in there?" She finished placing the plastic plates just as I had withdrawn the first bottle of wine.

"Goodies," I told her and then reached in and pulled out the second bottle, adding, "I remembered how much you liked it, and as long as your mom's not around ... I bought one extra!"

"Yay!!!" she cheered softly, with a wide grin on her face. Just then I had also pulled out two of the pornos to lay alongside the bag. The title and the pictures on the cover of the top one told my niece what they were. Still she asked, "What're those?"

"That's for me, later. After you're asleep."

She looked at me disappointed and asked, "You think I'm too young to see them, hah?"

"Maybe not, Sweetheart. I just think your mom wouldn't want me to be showing them to you, you know?"

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