For Josie

by The Purvv

Caution: This Romantic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Romantic, Heterosexual, First, Oral Sex, .

Desc: Romantic Sex Story: A man wakes up in the hospital with a young girl by his side.

I awoke, feeling groggy. I heard rustling somewhere alongside of me. I opened my eyes, trying to bring them into focus. The room was illuminated from a concentrated area to the side. Slowly I looked up at the ceiling, at the alien two-foot square tiles with thousands of perforations dotting each of them. A horseshoe shaped bar ran upon them circling the bed that I was on. I looked to my right at the neatly painted cinderblock wall and then quickly to the front where the 31-inch TV perched on its stand hanging grotesquely eight feet above the ground.

The sights to my eye told me immediately that this was a hospital room. Yet I remembered not how I got here or what might have happened to me. My mind was racing to recall but was drawing a blank.

Then I again heard a rustling to my right and anxiously turned my head. I gaped. Either my mind or my eyes were playing tricks on me. What the hell was happening? The light in the room was coming from a corner lamp and as my eyes began focusing I could see her standing about four feet away from me. Standing between the lamp and me, the silhouette created by the light gave Josianne the look of an Angel; and well she could have been I told myself. She sure as hell couldn't be real, either I was drugged or dreaming. This certainly couldn't be. She couldn't be here.

Yet my eyes couldn't be mistaken. No one this beautiful could have an identical twin. This had to be her. My mouth was dry and I swallowed for some moisture that would allow me to speak. She was standing there in some sort of a thin nightgown and with the light shining through from the back I could almost be sure that the young woman was naked beneath it.

This had to be 19-year-old Josianne. I told myself that as impossible as it seemed, this had to be her! Slowly my confused eyes looked at her and I was in awe upon seeing her shoulder length blond hair, her wide eyes with their beautiful blue tint, her youthful, innocent oval face, and those unmistakable naturally red lips.

"Josie?" That luscious smile that I had previously only dreamed of seeing now displayed those dazzling teeth. This was the face and smile for which I had promised to God in my prayers that I would have given up my life for, to be with for just one night.

She nodded, "Hi." "But ... what ... you ... I don't understand ... what's going ... Where am I?" "It's okay. You're okay now sweetheart," she smiled softly. "You had an accident. You were out for a few days. Your head ... you hurt your head." Sweetheart? Josianne calling me sweetheart? She was still smiling at me. "But I, er, I don't understand ... you don't know me ... What are you ... why are you here?" For a long time we stood looking at each other. I couldn't figure out what was going on but I wasn't going to allow my only real opportunity to see this beauty to slip through my fingers.

"It's okay, hon. The doctors said that when you came to, you may have a problem remembering. But they said that it would come back quick." My mind was racing. I didn't know what the hell she was talking about. My mind was fine. There was nothing that I could have dreamed that would have been nicer than to be with Josianne, but she was a fantasy. Real? Yes, but a fantasy for me nevertheless, the most beautiful girl that I had ever seen, but for me never to be. First of all I was married with three kids. She was single and beyond anything real that I would ever have. She lived thousands of miles away from me and hardly knew that I existed, but yet here she was. I couldn't make any sense of the whole thing.

"But ... my wife ... What's hap ... Shit, I don't know what ... Why are you here?" She smiled that angelic smile. "Wife? You're not married sweetheart ... Do you think that I would allow that?" "Look please ... let me think ... you ... I ... I am married Jo, I ... Geez what the hell's going on? I don't even know you ... not really anyway. From afar, yeah. But..." "Not from afar. I'm here. I'm your lover. Don't you remember?" she spoke softly as she began to walk slowly toward the bed.

My eyes were riveted to her as she approached. My heart began to beat wildly in my chest. This certainly was a dream or drugs. This magnificent looking girl was here! Now! The same one that I had been hoping upon hope, but had known that it was only a fantasy. Or was what she said right? Was my mind playing tricks on me?

"No ... I ... can't ... I don't..." "What do you remember of me?" she whispered as she reached the side of the bed.

My eyes swallowed up the beauty of her face. Those pale blue eyes caressed me. "I ... only ... You were my ... I wanted you..." I heard my voice, so low that I'm not sure that she heard it.

Then to my utter amazement this model/movie star/beauty bent her body and moved her hands down to the hem of her garment. Keeping her eyes on my face she slowly lifted the nightgown upward. My eyes frantically dropped on the youngster's body and watched with complete awe as her body bared upward, inch-by-inch. When her firm, full breasts came into my line of sight my cock tightened so hard that it actually pained me.

This girl that I had idolized from afar, this raw beauty, was baring herself to me. She pulled the garment over her head and allowed it to fall to the floor. My heart was thumping so loud that I was sure that she could hear it from where she stood. My temples were pounding as I turned onto my side to see her better. She stood there braless, with only panties covering that perfectly shaped white body. Never in my life have I allowed only my eyes to ravage a girl, but Josie was so beautiful and exciting looking it would have been sinful to simply take her without appreciating the sight of the full breasts, the narrow waist, the flat tummy, and the perfectly rounded hips flowing down those long, well-shaped legs.

My eyes couldn't get enough of the beauty and there was more to come. The youngster put her thumbs within the top of her panties while her eyes sought out mine. My prick was twitching of its own volition beneath the bed sheet. Slowly she pushed them down her hips and at every inch my breathing got tighter. I watched as she pushed them past her knees to the floor. I was continuously swallowing and moving my tongue out to moisten my lips. Then, before straightening all the way up, her left foot deftly raised itself with her panties hanging from the toes. She pulled them off her foot and held them clutched in her palm. Then she was standing before me in all of her naked glory. My eyes hungrily sought the patch between the child's legs and my throat released a groan without warning. I had no idea it was coming, I just heard it.

Seeing my total captivation, she smiled the contented look of someone completely satisfied that she has pleased someone else. Then I again allowed myself to look at the young flesh ... flesh ... exciting flesh; the tight flesh of her flat stomach, the exciting flesh at her belly button, and the awesome flesh of her twin mounds with their protruding nipples surrounded by the light brown quarter-sized areolas.

I remained motionless when she then moved and reached out her hand to grasp at the side of the bed sheet. Again our eyes locked as if this was destiny upon us. Then as if she had been doing it all of her life, though I knew that she hadn't, she lifted the bed sheet and threw it up and over me. Until that moment I hadn't realized that I too was as naked as the day that I was born.

She brought her naked body against the bed. Her hand reached out and I felt her hot fingers touch my shoulder as her eyes again moved directly to mine. I can only describe the look on her face as one with the greatest love I had ever seen, with a contented glow and a hint of sadness. I felt the pressure from her fingers as she pushed me back onto my back.

My heart was racing, the pounding seeming to be at such a point where it would come through my chest. Josie's hand was real! Her face was real! Her body was real! The love in her eyes was real! But she couldn't be! She couldn't be, my mind was screaming. This couldn't be my mind's wildest fantasy that was actually starting to get up onto the bed, up onto her knees alongside of me. But it WAS!!!

"Jo ... Josie ... You can't..." I started.

She took my right hand in her left one, the one that still held her panties, and brought it up so that it was on my right side above my head on she held it tight, pinned to the mattress. The fingers of her other hand caressed and just barely touched at my quivering lips as she shushed me with a gentle, barely audible, "Shhhhh, my love." My love. Me. This was the love-desire of my life calling me my love. Her fingers left my mouth and trailed lightly down my body, creating wild chills as she moved to grab my left hand and then bring that too up, but this one above the left side of my head. As she did this, the child's hot flesh finally brushed over mine, as she had to lean forward to pin both of my hands.

My mouth was dry. I wanted to scream for her to stop, that this wasn't right, and it just wasn't fair to her. The wild pleasures within my mind could not bring me to stop the child as she suddenly swung one of her legs over my body, just at the top of my chest.

This had to be Jo, to know that I wanted this so badly.

The heat from the flesh of the girl's soft inner thighs was radiating against my naked chest. My temples were throbbing and I was gasping for air. My face was suddenly inches from my dream and my eyes lasered into the naked child-pussy. I didn't know what was happening but by god I had to taste that partially exposed slit.

Josie released her grip on my hands and allowed her statuesque upper body to become erect as she looked down on me.

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