Faeophobia: Cloudy With a Chance of Pixies

by XXXecil

Caution: This Science Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Magic, Lesbian, Heterosexual, Fiction, Group Sex, Orgy, Black Male, Lactation, Pregnancy, Big Breasts, Transformation, .

Desc: Science Fiction Sex Story: XXXecil for Hire story. A pixie named Lisa, with a tendency to cast spells that shrink men into living sex-toys. A mysterious phenomenon is sweeping through the city; putting any man with a cock between his legs at risk of massive, magical orgies. Nymphomaniacal transformations abound in this vast story that reveals the fate of Lisa, her boy-toy Matt, their friends, enemies, coworkers, parents of their enemies, nerdy friends, and a shady pixie that can match Lisa spell-for-spell!

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" ... And the previous reports have been confirmed, the forecasts of that PFF that's been projected has been verified. Parents are advised to keep adolescent males out of doors and away from windows. Stores are reporting record sales of erectile dysfunction drugs as..."

But Lisa passed out of earshot of the female announcer on the radio. Not that it mattered to her anyway. She was past that, she was a modern pixie, in control. Not like the others.

Lisa sighed to calm her nerves, her blouse and business dress jacket feeling uncomfortably tight, as she waited for the elevator to take her to the top floor for the meeting. Maybe that was just nerves. Her nipples tingled as she adjusted her clothing. What was that ... there was something human women wore, some kind of strange, lacy contraption worn on the chest ... would that help her feel more comfortable? She couldn't quite remember what it was called.

No need, Lisa was on top of the situation. The lobby was vast, a marbled floor, fountain, huge ferns, a very glitzy set-up. She'd landed an impressive internship at a company bigger than any she'd dared hope for, and she had prepared for this presentation with a rigor and discipline unbeknownst to most of her kind.

The PFF could be good news, Lisa mused as the elevator made its slow descent. There were far fewer men staring at her legs, ass, breasts, face and ... well ... every part of her, pretty much. Any guy that could spare a moment was at the windows. But there was no reason to postpone serious corporate matters over what was happening outside the 40-story skyscraper. It didn't matter ... not to her...

Lisa breathed deeply again, wiggled her toes ... flexed the translucent antennae that sprouted from her forehead near her neatly trimmed, shoulder-length aura of naturally hot-pink hair.

She gripped her briefcase handle more tightly as a fortyish man in a pinstriped suit came to wait beside her for the elevator. But strangely, he kept stealing glances at the window twenty feet away near the outer wall. Yep...

Definitely PFF ... not a glance at her legs ... cleavage ... anything. Not that Lisa needed the weather report to confirm what she felt in her bones ... in her ass ... the tingling in her breasts ... oooohhhhhh...


A human woman would not have this problem; so she wouldn't either. She'd handle it ... suffer through the worst effects. She was just as reliable, just as strong as a woman from Earth.

But now she felt somewhat ambivalent; the men weren't staring openly at her female curves today - the PFF had them entirely, justifiably, distracted. It was good in that no one was making cat calls at her, no eyes tried to peer down her cleavage, no attention lingered on her ass. But on the hand, she enjoyed male attention! Her heart hammered, her pussy moistened with male attention.

And yet, she knew that a human female would be offended and angered if every man she met tried to stare at her ass and tits. But that was something else she didn't understand = human women wanted to be attractive to men, yet so often they got angry if a man showed it. No...

She wouldn't dwell on that ... wouldn't dwell on the differences between herself and the humans - because she had to perform just as they did, with the same professionalism.

The door opened, to take Lisa and pinstriped man upwards through the tower of glass and steel. She put as much room as possible between the man and herself, but still her arm quivered with nervous agitation as she suppressed the need to thrust her free hand down his pants to caress his male hardness.

But she was developing an understanding of human sensibilities about men, sex, and dating. She knew from her experience around Earth women that this man would be considered unattractive ordinarily, based on his body, and that would have social consequences. But deep within her pussy timeless instincts throbbed, instincts that made no such judgments.

She steeled herself with a sharp intake of breath, she was good for now, but boy ... if they got stuck in this elevator his dick would be in her mouth within minutes!

But that was not to be. Of course, now that there were no windows, pinstriped man tried to surreptitiously peek down her blouse, to peek at the ample bosoms that held sway within the bra less confines on the fabric. So he was normal. The part of Lisa that understood human emotions suspected she should be incensed that he was only staring at her now because no one else was available inside the elevator. But there was a sharp twinge of desire within her, and her antennae unfurled and perked up at the unmistakable aura of male lust in the close confines.

Deep breaths ... turn away slightly, maybe he won't notice the way her breasts had begun to throb and expand within her gray business dress. Of course, the forces that were causing the disturbances outside affected Lisa just as strongly; but she was a professional, not like the others. She WOULD get through the day without exposing herself to a man! She would wait out the urges without just ripping off a guy's pants and sucking upon his dick as if it were a chocolate-dipped pleasure-dildo! She would not rip open her top for this man, thrusting her bulging, voluminous breasts in his face and grind her body against his crotch until he was compelled to take a nipple in his mouth, nor would she...


Can't let that line of thought continue! Luckily, Lisa was saved by he bell, the elevator bell, signaling her arrival on the fortieth floor, ah ... but ... she still had some time before her presentation was to begin. Rushing past pinstriped man, and away from the arousal she knew he felt, she made a beeline for the ladies restroom.

Good! Empty. A wave of tingling passions overtook her for a moment, as she dropped her briefcase on the tile floor and put a hand to her pussy to steady herself. A PFF today! Today of all days! Not that it surprised her, not that she couldn't feel the forces within herself that warned her to expect this. Oh well, no one to blame but her own biology.

As Lisa gripped the sink, panting and flush with the pulsing urges that throbbed in her erogenous zones, she came to the determination that pure willpower was not enough - she had to manage her biological needs, lest they embarrass her in front of her review committee.

Tearing open her jacket and blouse, her bra less tits bounced free like pale balloons yearning to be released; and in size that was not an inaccurate comparison.

"So easy now ... on Earth ... it's so much easier ... to find a man..." she cooed at the mirror as her fingers sank into mountainous swells of womanflesh with bulging indentations around each of her five fingers as her hands tried with futility to encompass the mammalian scope of her endowments. Her breasts were perhaps right at the upper limit for a twentieth-century porn-queen. Vast swells of tit that were just short of too-fucking-huge-to-be-anything-but-photoshopped.

From her shoulders past her elbows, that distance was not quite enough to measure the length of her jiggling treasures as they jutted forward. Should her tits be squeezed together the dark line of cleavage would have been enough to conceal a fresh-from-the-package, number 2 pencil.

But Lisa could only pinch her nipples and moan as the first streams of hot, white milk began to surge forth. Her breasts always got hyperactive like this, at or near a PFF, like all of her kind, as her body's fertility began to skyrocket! She milked herself with strokes derived from long practice.

More than enough human women had burned with envy at Lisa's supernal beauty and outrageous female curves, but would they be so jealous if they understood what supernatural fertility really meant. She moaned as her hips thrust against the sink, pussy drenching, bare nipples dribbling white nectar as she thrashed with desire. With one final, mighty spurt of lactation her glittering faerie wings pushed off her jacket as they unfurled, revealing Lisaeluriel as the creature of ancient legend she was.

Was she living a lie? Could she truly be Lisa the Corporate Intern? Or would the desires of her Fae heritage forever bar her from a place in the world of humans?

CREAAAAAK Damn! The door was opening!

The cleaning woman poked her head in, concerned at the moaning sounds she heard even through the door. But there was nothing there. Just wetness all over the sink closest to the door. Some people! Do they HAVE to make a mess just because they work at this big, important corporation? Hmmm ... no, that couldn't be milk all over the sink and mirror ... could it?

That was close! Not that Lisa minded being seen naked; she knew her body was spectacular, but the horny pixie knew it wouldn't do for her professional image to be seen topless in the bathroom, milking her bowling-ball-sized tits as the wetness from her own female arousal crept down her legs.

So quick thinking and a bit of natural faerie magic had reduced Lisa and all her belongings to a perfectly proportioned mini-size. She hid behind a potted plant, six-inches tall, with her clothes and briefcase of similar dimensions. This would have been better than the bathroom, most likely. At this size, she could frig herself to orgasm and milk her swollen tits with negligible chance of discovery.

But not forever. Ten minutes until her big presentation, and she didn't want to walk in just at the last minute. Her six-inch stature gave her anonymity as she dressed in the hallway, steeled her nerves, jiggled her tits, to prepare.

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