Faeophobia: Cloudy With a Chance of Pixies

by XXXecil

Copyright© 2010 by XXXecil

Science Fiction Sex Story: XXXecil for Hire story. A pixie named Lisa, with a tendency to cast spells that shrink men into living sex-toys. A mysterious phenomenon is sweeping through the city; putting any man with a cock between his legs at risk of massive, magical orgies. Nymphomaniacal transformations abound in this vast story that reveals the fate of Lisa, her boy-toy Matt, their friends, enemies, coworkers, parents of their enemies, nerdy friends, and a shady pixie that can match Lisa spell-for-spell!

Caution: This Science Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Magic   Lesbian   Heterosexual   Fiction   Group Sex   Orgy   Black Male   Lactation   Pregnancy   Big Breasts   Transformation   .

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" ... And the previous reports have been confirmed, the forecasts of that PFF that's been projected has been verified. Parents are advised to keep adolescent males out of doors and away from windows. Stores are reporting record sales of erectile dysfunction drugs as..."

But Lisa passed out of earshot of the female announcer on the radio. Not that it mattered to her anyway. She was past that, she was a modern pixie, in control. Not like the others.

Lisa sighed to calm her nerves, her blouse and business dress jacket feeling uncomfortably tight, as she waited for the elevator to take her to the top floor for the meeting. Maybe that was just nerves. Her nipples tingled as she adjusted her clothing. What was that ... there was something human women wore, some kind of strange, lacy contraption worn on the chest ... would that help her feel more comfortable? She couldn't quite remember what it was called.

No need, Lisa was on top of the situation. The lobby was vast, a marbled floor, fountain, huge ferns, a very glitzy set-up. She'd landed an impressive internship at a company bigger than any she'd dared hope for, and she had prepared for this presentation with a rigor and discipline unbeknownst to most of her kind.

The PFF could be good news, Lisa mused as the elevator made its slow descent. There were far fewer men staring at her legs, ass, breasts, face and ... well ... every part of her, pretty much. Any guy that could spare a moment was at the windows. But there was no reason to postpone serious corporate matters over what was happening outside the 40-story skyscraper. It didn't matter ... not to her...

Lisa breathed deeply again, wiggled her toes ... flexed the translucent antennae that sprouted from her forehead near her neatly trimmed, shoulder-length aura of naturally hot-pink hair.

She gripped her briefcase handle more tightly as a fortyish man in a pinstriped suit came to wait beside her for the elevator. But strangely, he kept stealing glances at the window twenty feet away near the outer wall. Yep...

Definitely PFF ... not a glance at her legs ... cleavage ... anything. Not that Lisa needed the weather report to confirm what she felt in her bones ... in her ass ... the tingling in her breasts ... oooohhhhhh...


A human woman would not have this problem; so she wouldn't either. She'd handle it ... suffer through the worst effects. She was just as reliable, just as strong as a woman from Earth.

But now she felt somewhat ambivalent; the men weren't staring openly at her female curves today - the PFF had them entirely, justifiably, distracted. It was good in that no one was making cat calls at her, no eyes tried to peer down her cleavage, no attention lingered on her ass. But on the hand, she enjoyed male attention! Her heart hammered, her pussy moistened with male attention.

And yet, she knew that a human female would be offended and angered if every man she met tried to stare at her ass and tits. But that was something else she didn't understand = human women wanted to be attractive to men, yet so often they got angry if a man showed it. No...

She wouldn't dwell on that ... wouldn't dwell on the differences between herself and the humans - because she had to perform just as they did, with the same professionalism.

The door opened, to take Lisa and pinstriped man upwards through the tower of glass and steel. She put as much room as possible between the man and herself, but still her arm quivered with nervous agitation as she suppressed the need to thrust her free hand down his pants to caress his male hardness.

But she was developing an understanding of human sensibilities about men, sex, and dating. She knew from her experience around Earth women that this man would be considered unattractive ordinarily, based on his body, and that would have social consequences. But deep within her pussy timeless instincts throbbed, instincts that made no such judgments.

She steeled herself with a sharp intake of breath, she was good for now, but boy ... if they got stuck in this elevator his dick would be in her mouth within minutes!

But that was not to be. Of course, now that there were no windows, pinstriped man tried to surreptitiously peek down her blouse, to peek at the ample bosoms that held sway within the bra less confines on the fabric. So he was normal. The part of Lisa that understood human emotions suspected she should be incensed that he was only staring at her now because no one else was available inside the elevator. But there was a sharp twinge of desire within her, and her antennae unfurled and perked up at the unmistakable aura of male lust in the close confines.

Deep breaths ... turn away slightly, maybe he won't notice the way her breasts had begun to throb and expand within her gray business dress. Of course, the forces that were causing the disturbances outside affected Lisa just as strongly; but she was a professional, not like the others. She WOULD get through the day without exposing herself to a man! She would wait out the urges without just ripping off a guy's pants and sucking upon his dick as if it were a chocolate-dipped pleasure-dildo! She would not rip open her top for this man, thrusting her bulging, voluminous breasts in his face and grind her body against his crotch until he was compelled to take a nipple in his mouth, nor would she...


Can't let that line of thought continue! Luckily, Lisa was saved by he bell, the elevator bell, signaling her arrival on the fortieth floor, ah ... but ... she still had some time before her presentation was to begin. Rushing past pinstriped man, and away from the arousal she knew he felt, she made a beeline for the ladies restroom.

Good! Empty. A wave of tingling passions overtook her for a moment, as she dropped her briefcase on the tile floor and put a hand to her pussy to steady herself. A PFF today! Today of all days! Not that it surprised her, not that she couldn't feel the forces within herself that warned her to expect this. Oh well, no one to blame but her own biology.

As Lisa gripped the sink, panting and flush with the pulsing urges that throbbed in her erogenous zones, she came to the determination that pure willpower was not enough - she had to manage her biological needs, lest they embarrass her in front of her review committee.

Tearing open her jacket and blouse, her bra less tits bounced free like pale balloons yearning to be released; and in size that was not an inaccurate comparison.

"So easy now ... on Earth ... it's so much easier ... to find a man..." she cooed at the mirror as her fingers sank into mountainous swells of womanflesh with bulging indentations around each of her five fingers as her hands tried with futility to encompass the mammalian scope of her endowments. Her breasts were perhaps right at the upper limit for a twentieth-century porn-queen. Vast swells of tit that were just short of too-fucking-huge-to-be-anything-but-photoshopped.

From her shoulders past her elbows, that distance was not quite enough to measure the length of her jiggling treasures as they jutted forward. Should her tits be squeezed together the dark line of cleavage would have been enough to conceal a fresh-from-the-package, number 2 pencil.

But Lisa could only pinch her nipples and moan as the first streams of hot, white milk began to surge forth. Her breasts always got hyperactive like this, at or near a PFF, like all of her kind, as her body's fertility began to skyrocket! She milked herself with strokes derived from long practice.

More than enough human women had burned with envy at Lisa's supernal beauty and outrageous female curves, but would they be so jealous if they understood what supernatural fertility really meant. She moaned as her hips thrust against the sink, pussy drenching, bare nipples dribbling white nectar as she thrashed with desire. With one final, mighty spurt of lactation her glittering faerie wings pushed off her jacket as they unfurled, revealing Lisaeluriel as the creature of ancient legend she was.

Was she living a lie? Could she truly be Lisa the Corporate Intern? Or would the desires of her Fae heritage forever bar her from a place in the world of humans?

CREAAAAAK Damn! The door was opening!

The cleaning woman poked her head in, concerned at the moaning sounds she heard even through the door. But there was nothing there. Just wetness all over the sink closest to the door. Some people! Do they HAVE to make a mess just because they work at this big, important corporation? Hmmm ... no, that couldn't be milk all over the sink and mirror ... could it?

That was close! Not that Lisa minded being seen naked; she knew her body was spectacular, but the horny pixie knew it wouldn't do for her professional image to be seen topless in the bathroom, milking her bowling-ball-sized tits as the wetness from her own female arousal crept down her legs.

So quick thinking and a bit of natural faerie magic had reduced Lisa and all her belongings to a perfectly proportioned mini-size. She hid behind a potted plant, six-inches tall, with her clothes and briefcase of similar dimensions. This would have been better than the bathroom, most likely. At this size, she could frig herself to orgasm and milk her swollen tits with negligible chance of discovery.

But not forever. Ten minutes until her big presentation, and she didn't want to walk in just at the last minute. Her six-inch stature gave her anonymity as she dressed in the hallway, steeled her nerves, jiggled her tits, to prepare.

"So, in light of the research teams findings, economic indicators for the last quarter represent anomalies unlikely to be repeated at the current interest-rates..." But wait ... something had changed; yes they were staring at Lisa's chest as she stood before the projector expounding upon the nuances of high-finance. The stuffy, plump executives had been making a habit of trying NOT to look out the window at the madness outside. But now they stared at Lisa with renewed interest. Their faces ... some were embarrassed, others lustful ... more so than what she was accustomed to.

"Our analysis predicts a swell in stock value to be preceded by..." uh-oh ... then she saw it. Her chest! There was a rip in her blouse right in front of her cleavage! The only swells that mattered to her audience were those of her bosom! " ... erhhh ... the projected peaks in the Money Markets..." But they only cared about the warm, soft, fleshy peaks on Lisa's chest!

It must have happened when she was using her natural magic to return herself and her clothes to normal human stature. If not done properly the resizing of objects could result in damage! And she'd just given the executives easy access to the bouncy treasures jiggling upon her fertile form.

"And ... and with stocks ... rising..." She was feeling flush, heart-rate accelerating ... feverish and agitated. And the tingling, the sensation in her pussy, her breasts ... the rising heat of passion and instinct was driving her ... compelling her ... to masturbate!

Yes! A regional manager with a fiftyish, butterball figure seemed to be driving a hand down into his crotch while staring ... and not at her face! Lisa's antennae rose up higher as she paused in her speech her kind had an innate sensitivity to male lust, and her senses were drinking it in by the gallon.

"Uhhh ... rising ... must make ... harder choices ... in selections..." Harder. HARDER!!! Too late, Lisa realized her mistake. This company didn't try to exclude women, but it just so happened on the day of her presentation there was a fifteen-to-one ratio of men to women attending these meetings. And it was that season. That Time. All Pixies could feel the drive, the need inside themselves. The biological drives simmering in Lisa's pussy was responsible for the madness today, just outside the window. And here she was, with a rip in her blouse, being ogled by dozens of pairs of male eyes! A forest of penises was rising to meet her! To Fuck her! Her pixie antennae could sense it! Waves of pure lust poured towards her in a cascade of male energy that soon burned away all vestiges of resistance. Maybe if this had happened two weeks earlier ... or later ... maybe then Lisa could have resisted. But not now, not on a day like today.

Groaning, stumbling, she clutched her breasts and began to tear at her clothing. Taking advantage of the rip, she thrust her ripening breasts at the audience in blatant defiance of corporate policies on indecent exposure.

Pixie antennae could pinpoint the presence of male sexual desire like radar, the feeling was sweet and electrifying at once. Now, by exposing the full ripeness of her rampant breasts before the assembly, she would provoke more male lust, more of that sweet sensation only pixies could truly sense.

Moans and gurgles of shock and desire met her ears as she reveled in the sensations she had provoked. As the wave of sweet reward swept over her supernatural senses, rational thought fled Lisa's mind. She disappointed her audience by magically shapeshifting back to mini-size, but it was only to allow her clothes a chance to slip off of her body, then she magically resumed human size, but naked - gloriously naked! She stood atop the conference table, posing and posturing her supernatural physique for these men. She stood with arms raised and bend behind her hair, to thrust her breasts outwards at the men. Her antennae sizzled with ecstatic delight! No wonder so many pixies could not resist the siren song of the stripper pole!

Her breasts throbbed with energy as she strutted for the awestruck, masturbatory audience, drinking in the sweet elixir of lust! Already, her breasts had begun to expand. Her hands that gripped each plump breast were pushed first one, then three inches further apart as her body's fertility ran rampant! From a jiggling grandeur not far from the size of a bowling ball, she began to gain a cup-size every two seconds until she was forced to readjust her posture to remain standing with her new center of gravity. Somewhere between J and K-cup range her lactation impulse became irresistible and she shot a hot stream right into the outraged mouth of a salt-and-pepper haired female exec who promptly gasped as tremors of sensory delight swept over her.

Finally, an anonymous hand reached out to fondle her nude ass from behind, and she arched her back as her supernatural body was rocked by a spontaneous orgasm! What a sight Lisa would be if someone could catch her on a surreptitious camera, nude and fit, skin gleaming with pearlescent highlights, breasts larger than her own head. Translucent faerie wings refracting the sunlight in scintillating cascades that sparkled throughout the stuffy conference room.

Her own climax was accompanied by at least three others, as her thighs were drenched with her own female lubricant. By now of course, uncontrollable instincts had taken over the Pixie's reasoning abilities, and so without really thinking, she pointed a hand at the window behind her, muttering a quick, easy incantation. The plate-window behind them dissolved into colorful bubbles. But the assembled execs were too besotted with lust to immediately appreciate the consequence.

Hundreds of miniature pixies flooded into the room within seconds. Her sisters swarmed around her, as Lisa moaned with forbidden urges.

"Oh ... fuck..." Complained the female exec that had swallowed Lisa's milk. She was writhing on the floor as her once-normal C-cup breasts began to widen and slither inside her clothing as her body began to hyper-sexualize. "You idiots..." she breathed as she clutched at her own pulsating bosom. "Letting one of them into the building during a Pixie Flocking Front..." She grunted and gurgled as her breasts seemed to leap from inside her painfully tight bra. Within 10 seconds, she'd gone from a C to at least a grapefruit-sized E-cup, creating tight swells of compressed tit that jiggled suggestively as Exec woman tore her jacket open to look upon her blossoming figure. "Now... UUNNNNNGHH I'm going to become some kind of faerie slut whore forever!"

The still rational part of Lisa's mind knew that to be true. Any pixie within 100 miles would experience insane surges of fertility hormones right about now; once exposed to her supernatural body chemistry - a human woman's fate would be sealed!

But most pixie's were anything but rational at a time like this, as colorful swarms of them flooded the conference room. But one did have the presence of mind to understand Lisa's presence here, and whispered in her ear;

"Give up the Day-Job, Sister!"

Squeezing her mountainous tits together with a moaning gurgle, Lisa smiled mischievously. She knew she was rare among pixies in that she had the willpower to resist becoming a stage-strutting stripper-whore as soon as the laws allowed. After this disaster, that might be the only option left to her!

The crazed pixies buzzed the nearby men, all the men, then attempted to slither into the pants and trousers of each gentleman, to get at his precious penis. Most panicked as their pants rapidly flooded with six-inch tall, flying naked women with the looks of miniaturized porn stars. The Roly-Poly Regional Manager fell to his knees as he released an ululating cry, ejaculating fiercely into the swarm of pixies that had flooded the crotch of his dockers. Like glittering winged piranhas, each man was stripped of every stitch of clothing, so that every inch of his body could be lavished in kisses, dry-humps, and hastily cast sex-spells, but mostly it was the cocks that commanded the most attention.

Seized by another wave of uncontrollable instinct, Lisa shrank down again magically, to be lost amongst the swarms of her sisters. She was Pixie. She was a Fae. Despite her ambitions, there was no escaping that reality, not anymore.

Those of her kind not able to quickly reach a man often resorted to bouts of quick, aerial lesbian sex. Being so fertile during the Flocking, the slightest contact to an erogenous zone meant easy, electrifying orgasms. Lisa flew in a corkscrew orbit within the swarm, brushing the nipples of a silvery-haired compatriot who resembled a Cindy-Crawford/Paris Hilton lovechild with bigger tits. The two ground their ample breasts together for a moment, letting the fires of a rapid-release orgasm send them to yet greater heights of desire. Next, a purple-haired pixie with a fitness model build plunged a finger into Lisa's moist cunt. She wrapped her legs around the pixie's face as her womanhood spasmed yet again.

But then Lisa saw her true prize: Damion Hargrove - Special Director of Managerial Training; her supervisor. Damion was a beefy black stud over six feet tall, bald-shaven, with a commanding voice and presence. She'd known him for almost six months, and Lisa had taken pride in the fact that not once in all that time had she reclined upon his desk, spreading apart her naked legs as she hooked her heels around his ass to push him in close, that he might impregnate her. Nor had she tackled his hips to thrust her tongue upon his penis that she might savor his spurting cum. And not once had she ripped open her top to thrust melon-sized breasts in his face whilst slipping a hand into his trousers to massage his manmeat until he was driven by animal arousal to nuzzle and suckle her breasts. And neither did she...

Errhh ... well the point was she'd had the hots for him. It was cute the way he misinterpreted her pride at being able to contain her own sexual desires as confidence. But all that was over now, Lisa along with thousands of other pixies was gripped in the primal instinct that brought on the Flocking - and no penis was safe.

Exec woman was just about to reach a phone mounted in the table to call ... someone, when she yelped and thrust a hand against her crotch. She was already twenty years younger, but now she was feeling an explosive sex-drive far in excess of even the randiest teenage hormones. It wasn't unheard of for human women contaminated with Faerie magic to become hypersexualized, but Lisa was in the throes of the Flocking Instinct! When all was said and done, Nymphomania would be an understatement for any woman she infected today!

Sadly, some patience would be required. It would not be simple or quick to get at Damion's cock. Within moments, the pixie-swarm had removed shoes, socks, and pants - leaving his naked groin a fluttering forest of sparkly wings and minute feminine bodies. Those that had access to his penis ravished and rejoiced. Those that did not humped against his limbs and chest, shouting promises of pleasure against the buzzing drone of wings from their sisters.

Damion, taken by surprise was stumbling around the room in surprise and shock, until the first orgasm hit. He made a stuttering, crooning sound as his hips pumped, bathing the rutting pixies in his fertile essence. Even as he did so, Lisa counted the detonation of no less than eleven spells of male stamina going off upon his body. During the Flocking, one orgasm was never enough.

When each man was saturated with lusty magic of penis-hardening, sperm production, and sexual stamina, some in the swarm around him resumed normal size, hoisted the man between them, and flew him outside to a secluded location to begin what would amount to a female reverse-gangbang = It was the man that would be forced to service a horde of hungering females!

Speaking of females, Exec woman had collapsed, and though largely ignored by the pixies, she was being overwhelmed with rampant desires as great as their own. In the end, she failed = She had not been able to remove her bra fast enough before the swelling of her chest-melons pressed in and ruptured the supports, spilling basketball-sized baby-feeders into the pixie-choked air.

"Th-this can't be happening!" She shrieked; one hand trying ineffectually to cover her modesty, the other hand to grasp at her own groin, on fire with need for a hard penis! "N-not meeeeeeeeeeeeeee!" Wailed Exec woman as the heat and tingling within her chest heralded the eruption of her own breastmilk! Lisa's contagious lactation had transformed the once-passionless frump into a tight-bodied breast-goddess suited only for porn.

The woman's nipples began to spurt white sweetness even as her salt-and-pepper hair shifted into a sky-blue tint. "T-turned me ... into a SLUT!!!" She grunted in outrage as she tore off the remainder of her clothes. Not truly one of the Fae, yet she was no longer completely human, with a sex-drive like this; how could she not become a whore? As Exec woman leaned against the wall moaning, her body tightened, youthened, moistened - while she began to caress herself, truly exploring the breast-augmented teenage sex-fantasy of her hyper-feminine form.

The changes slowed as her breasts took on the shape of unusually perky watermelons that still fountained with hot milk. Her life and career was now nothing but pornographic ruination. Yet even in these first few moments of her nymphomaniacal transformation, her new body started to affect her mind. As she gazed down on the form of the sweat-slicked, tight-bodied, glistening goddess of lust she had youthened into, she considered that, even if there was a cure, could she she could give up the beauty and sensations of this impossibly female body?

For Damion, one of dozens of men harvested this morning by the sex-crazed pixies, the sensation of flight never seemed to leave him. Pleasure racked him as his dick was lavished by the miniature super-models while human-sized beauties plastered him with kisses. He could have been in a park somewhere; maybe ... so hard to see his surroundings through the curtain of sparkling wings and pastel-colored hair. Was that a tree? Or just a shapely leg? He couldn't tell where he was from what he was lying on - because all he felt was the soft swell of buttocks and boobs from the faerie women enveloping him.

It was all Lisa Luriel's fault of course; but from what the Lawyers had - or hadn't decided, Pixie Flocking Fronts where classified as a form of temporary insanity, thus it would difficult and complex to try to sanction any of the supernatural sluts humping at his dick. Even if he wanted to ... ohhh ... that felt good.

On Damion's upper body, full-sized women thrust breasts in his face, as if craving attention or validation, while at his dick, and endless parade of sluts impaled themselves upon his dick. All this faerie-pixie madness had started with a rare conjunction of celestial bodies that brought magic back to Earth, but now Damion was besieged with newer, softer heavenly orbs no less influential. Faces became difficult to distinguish under the layer of rainbow haircolors, and jiggling tits.

An athletic pelvis with draping silvery hair sank down upon his achingly hard penis; and after a swift eternity of penetration, pistoning, he blasted his bliss into a new pussy owned by a purple-haired pixie. So many women, fucking him in rapid succession, no way to keep track, remember faces. But it was painful in a way, he could feel the sluts casting male potency magic on him in miniature form, then shifting to full human stature to fuck his enhanced dick. The magic sent lightning surges of libido burning in his blood, his dick so hard, painfully full of sperm!

He did want to squeeze, fondle some of the wobbling titflesh before him, but his hands where covered with miniature pixies humping and grinding against his fingers as though each digit was a stripper pole. He had to satisfy himself by nuzzling the breasts, sucking the nipples in his face.

Damion wasn't sure where he was, who was fucking him, or for how long. Past the forest of bouncing, milking tits were taut abs above the pussies pistoning on his dick, then softer, more voluptuous figures pistoning on his dick, two pussies at once trying to piston themselves on his dick, the mouth of a pixie-woman with the looks of a wider-eyed Jessica Biel look-a-like fellating his dick, while on Damion's taut belly, three pairs of miniature pixies were locked in lesbian 69's, the extra sensitivity of their erogenous zones during Flocking season making the orgasms flow quick and easy.

Then, there was a pelvis of a woman with long green hair squeezing his rigid cock in her wet confines, and somehow this provokes a break in the action and cries of outrage. The boob curtain parted and Damion saw a statuesque, naked woman with a thick cascade of forest-green hair, three pink chrysanthemums nestled in her hair, entirely nude except for high-heeled, transparent plastic stripper shoes. But she had the same impossibly erotic perfected figure that the pixies did. A forest nymph.

"Well, why should pixies have all the fun?" The nymph complained. Growls and snarls and thrown pebbles chased off the competitor. During the Flocking, pixies didn't mind sharing a man and his dick with dozens of their own kind, but other species of Fae were persona non-grata.

Soon, the orgy continued, but one face stood out from the rest, it was Lisa, his intern pressing her pink-haired head close to his ears.

"This is just the beginning, stud!"

Lisa's eyelids began to flutter open at the sound of the voices.

" ... erhhhh ... made sense back before we migrated from Faerie ... we have ... ohhh ... no male pixies..." moaned one of Lisa's sisters in lust lying nearby. Grass. Though her vision was still blurred, Lisa seemed to be lying naked in the grass, on what seemed to be a brief stretch of front lawn in front of a townhouse in Midtown. Naked, exhausted men with still-erect penises that seemed to shine as though freshly polished sprawled amidst semi-conscious human-sized pixie-women plastered with sweat.

" ... always had to ... seduce men of other races ... into ... impregnating us ... to survive." murmured a lavender-haired faerie woman with a curvilicious, rapper's girlfriend ass.

"Riiiiight..." breathed a girl with cherry-red hair, and big boobs with exceptionally large areolas. "Never had men of our own ... so ... when ya get too many pixies living together ... close proximity ... odds are we're not breeding enough ... too many pixies ... not enough men ... not enough of us getting preggers."

"It's all biology, isn't it?" Lavender curvy-ass asked.

"Think it's ... hormones ... and the season too ... summertime ... too many pixies ... we start to ... pick up on each others hormones ... invisible pheromone signals ... from pixie to pixie ... enough horny pixies ... all getting horny pheromone signals from each other ... near summertime ... wham-bam we all get the Flocking urge." confirmed cherry-haired in a tired voice.

"Ohhhh ... m-more like the Fucking Urge..." joked Curvy-ass.

"Oh yeah, sister. We all go nuts ... fly off in a swarm ... screw any man in sight ... whether he wants to or not ... never had any complaints though!

"But now..." Cherry-haired continued. "Our population ... is gonna grow, and grow, grow. Back on Faerie, we'd Flock maybe every five years or so ... keep our population stable. On Faerie ... One male for every ... twenty females ... so horny ... but on Earth ... men everywhere ... Human sperm ... just as good as Satyr, Elf, or Leprechaun ... but soooo many more humans..."

"Oh yeah ... a Flocking on Earth ... almost every Pixie gets knocked up! More pixies!" Exulted Curvy-Ass.

"Probably ... gonna happen more often..." Cherry-haired moaned. "Flockings ... so successful ... with so many human men available! Gonna squeeze out so many pixie-spawn ... and with more pixies ... more likely to get Flocking again! Soon ... PFF's every Summer ... not just every other Summer ... ohhhh ... with enough pixies, more than one Flocking each Summer..."

That sounded about right to Lisa, she didn't think about it much though, having studied Finance rather than any biological science. Soon, a gorgeous pixie-woman with snow-white hair, looks comparable to Megan Fox with pronounced dimples rolled over on top of Lisa, smiling blissfully.

"Your hair is pretty," white-haired pixie moaned as she lip-locked Lisa. Lisa didn't respond except to cup the girl's ass. The aftermath of Flocking tended to provoke feelings of closeness and companionship. When a hundred and fifty pixie-woman all raped the same man, it seemed to form a bond. But Lisa disengaged after just minutes of steamy lesbian coupling ... ahh! There he was! Damion!!! Her Damion!!!

It wasn't that the Pixies wanted to leave him alone, it's just that everyone was so exhausted, that the blond and green-haired pixies draping their hair over Damion's chest and groin simply couldn't resist as Lisa prepared to cast her spell.

"I don't care if you fire me..." She hissed in his ear. "But I'm not done yet, we are gonna fuck like never before! You're mine now..." Arcane circles glowed briefly on Damion's chest, and Lisa winced a bit as she slid atop his still raging penis despite the soreness earned by her recent sexual marathon.

As she fucked him, he began to shrink ... and shrink ... yet his dick ... remained the same size! The drained human could only moan as he was ravished yet again! And no one seemed to notice. Sure, the police were out in force, now that the PFF had passed for the moment. They were picking up naked men, putting them on stretchers while paramedics rehydrated them and checked for harmful magical reactions. And yeah, they had a paddywagon where they tossed naked pixies too exhausted to fly away, but it would take some time before they reached Lisa and her orgy.

Thrust ... She pumped and grinded upon Damion's polished, erect nine-inches of manhood. She needed no other spells; with all the magic that had been pumped into him, he'd stay hard for another two days at least. She squeezed her inner muscles as she tried, how she tried to force yet one more orgasm out of his abused, overused manhood.

Damion moaned, and raised a hand weakly, but that hand was now less than half normal size, as she continued to pump him. But something was different now...

His eyes widened, and Damion ejaculated fiercely! Her new magic had revitalized him like never before! She could see the sensations of his disproportionate cock were electrifying his mind and body with a rare intensity. She disengaged by the time Damion had reached miniature pixie six-inch stature - while his cock remained full size! His hard manhood was now longer than the rest of his body; he was shackled by an oversized male apparatus that erupted with new life and vigor!

Lisa muttered another incantation to seal the transformation, before she arose with her prize, rubbing him like a living dildo along her smooth thighs, upwards towards her taut abs, nestling him between her colossal boobs.

And if anyone else noticed; they were too exhausted to do anything about it.

Hahahah! Hard to decide, should Lisa slip the reduced Damion into her pussy, where his hard virility fit her womanhood like a key in a lock? Or should she sandwich him in between her mammoth knockers, carrying him in her cleavage! Should she...


What the hell?!

No ... can't be...

Across the street, on top of a warm sports car there lay several more pixies = this Flock had raped a different man, and there was one with ocean-blue hair that aroused Lisa's attention...

This other girl made familiar motions with her hands ... casting a familiar spell ... her man was a blond, surfer-type with his mouth hanging open after being ravaged by dozens of hungry pussies ... as expected ... and then he began to shrink ... shrink?

Yes shrink!

And the end result was the same; the blond dude's body was reduced in size to pixie-stature, while his penis remained a normal, ten-inches erect! How could this be? Coincidence? Did this other pixie figure out another way to duplicate Lisa's spell?

No ... somatic movements ... spell forms ... verbal theory ... intonations ... identical to hers! It was her exact same spell! And this slut had stolen it! How? She couldn't have learned it just from watching Lisa's back from across the street! No ... had to be more!

That was her invention! Her human dildo spell was the ticket to her own company! Her invention! She deserved; demanded royalties from its use! How! How could it have leaked?!

What to do... ? Confront her ... no, she'd deny everything ... be tipped off ... no, this merited investigation ... but it had to be subtle...

"Study your opponent..." Lisa hissed to herself as Damion throbbed between her legs.

The opponent in question had pearlescent, alabaster skin, fiercely jutting hips and breasts like soccerballs. Her hair was a shimmering, deep blue that conjured images of a tropical ocean. Her face an artist's dream with symmetrical features, high-cheekbones, and eyebrows like calligraphy. Her translucent wings had a grain to them that refracted light into rainbow snowflakes. But there was something in her eyes ... a regalness to her bearing ... drive and ambition ... it made Lisa suspect that she was not a stripper-whore like most of her kind. That might change things.

But Lisa knew what to do. It would require subtlety ... she'd come at this thief sideways ... this couldn't go unpunished ... and she already had a plan!

First to get the hell out of here, before she was scooped-up by the police. Lisa crawled to the side yard between two of the townhouses to catch her breath and muster up the stamina to fly again. A hoarse cry alerted her to a human policewoman trembling on the side-walk. Once she'd been a mouse-haired brunette with a wiry figure, but as the front of her uniform erupted outwards, all could see that 'wiry' would never again be used to describe the parody of womanhood that her figure had become. Her center of balance shifted as her blossoming boobs hit cantaloupe size while she fumbled in the grass searching for something.

Oh yeah, she dropped her ring. Most first-responders these days were equipped with magic-suppressive iron rings but ... something must have gone wrong with this one. Of course, for PFF mop-ups most departments sought women officers, not trusting the men to refrain from nude, naked pixie flesh laid out before them. But if women didn't prepare properly...

It was too late for mouse-haired police woman, especially since her hair was hot pink now, and her breasts seemed to swell up in size every three seconds. Hmm ... hot pink hair ... could Lisa have been a fault? Well, no helping it now. Not that it bothered Lisa. She knew that many humans dreaded the spontaneous reaction that sometimes occurred in women exposed to Fae biology; the transformation into magical hypersluts. But it just made the women more like Fae, more like Lisa; and she saw nothing wrong with making humans more like herself. But the pink pixie was wary of reprisals. But really, if she could get away with it, Lisa wouldn't mind hyper-sexualizing any woman that crossed her path.

But wait a sec. Lisa saw something potentially useful; Police-gal had dropped her phone in the confusion resulting from her transformation. Annnd ... Yes! Cell with a camera feature! Lisa took a few shots of her blue-haired rival in the arts of sexual sorcery, and emailed them to her own phone; which she had dropped when she'd shed her clothes to join the Flocking and rape Damion. Yes ... Lisa had a plan!

She fluttered off at miniature size as the transforming human below gasped in shock; staring at her stupendous, melon-sized whoppers, fingers sinking knuckle deep on each hand as the cop struggled to get a handle on her prodigious endowments. With little gasps of shock, she experimentally tested each titanic tit with quick squeezes, each producing tight squirts of sweet milk. As Lisa's distance from the woman increased, the last she saw of her was the transformed woman suddenly looking as though she'd put her hand on a hot stove; and immediately thrust a hand down her pants, to furiously frig her own crotch. She'd never known anything quite like the breeding lust of the Fae, much less the moist yearning of a PFF! This former human would probably be treated just like the other pixies, and unless they caught her soon, in moments she'd be impaling herself on one of many erect penises lying there exposed.

Matt had to tug at his own pants as he stood outside the door to the apartment. It wasn't just that his erections were harder, or longer lately; but rather when he got close... - too close, his penis seemed to almost leap with ecstasy. Most women would have reacted with violence at the least should they discover a man of his size standing at their open door, peering in at them. Of course; most women would not be flagrantly masturbating before a door they hadn't even bothered to completely close.

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