Daddy Comforts His Daughter

by A Purvversion

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Incest, Father, Daughter, Pregnancy, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: A man goes to visit his daughter in Canada, only to find that the newlywed is unhappy. Who better to turn to than her daddy to comfort? She breaks down and complains that her husband is a workaholic and that she has been neglected. What didn't happen between this father and daughter before the marriage, now does.

Almost from the time that he arrived at his daughter's house, Vic Seppitano knew that his Angela was unhappy.

The plane landed at 10:45 AM, and in less than two hours, he was at her front door. Her smile was as beautiful as ever, but there was an odd sadness in her eyes. Angela had married only four months earlier. Her husband was a Canadian and his job and house was up there.

"Daddy!!! Oh, it's great to see you," she beamed as she rushed into his arms. "I love you so much!"

Father and daughter hugged and kissed, and even from that moment, Vic could tell that all wasn't right. Angela hugged him as tight as she ever had before. That, coupled with the hint of despondency in her eyes, had his antenna up.

"Geeze, I've missed you toots!" he declared, holding her in his arms.

Surprisingly, he felt a flush of heat inside his pants, flowing throughout his loins, cock and balls, and he gently pulled his lower body from hers so that his daughter wouldn't notice. He was ashamed of himself for getting that way, but he knew he had no control over that.

As far back as when Angela was as young as thirteen, he'd had flashes of wrongful thoughts about her, and they continued right up through her High School years. The flashes would always be triggered by something involving his daughter, usually seeing her dressed in something striking, or sometimes partially and accidentally exposed.

The most uncomfortable times for him was when he got aroused just from looks that passed between he and his daughter. Vic would have to fight away thoughts that maybe his sexy little girl had sexual feelings for him. During those times he always managed to shake any 'bad' feelings he had, but once she moved out after her marriage, the emptiness of the house and flashbacks of her finally had Vic masturbating with Angela on his mind.

Angela showed her father to the room where he would be staying.

"Why you get settled in, I'll make you a couple of sandwiches for lunch."

"No thanks, Hon; I had a late breakfast. I'm alright."

"How about a beer then? You're on vacation, it can't be too early."

"Yeah, that'll be fine, Sweetie. I'll be with you as soon as I put these things away."

"I'll rustle up some cheese and crackers for you too, Daddy."

Looking at her father, Angela felt a pang of regret. She already knew that her marriage had been a mistake, but seeing him again only served to remind her of how happy she had been living at home and going to school.

She had met Jeff when he had come down to the States for a month on business. She had met him right after she had broken up with Ted David, and being older and seemingly worldly, Jeff swept her off her feet. They had a whirlwind romance that lasted through her graduation; after which, they hastily married. Things happened so fast, she realized too late that she had acted in haste.

After he unpacked his suitcase, Vic ambled back out of the bedroom and came out to the living room, sitting on the couch, alongside a table that had his beer and a layout of cheese, crackers and pretzels.

Angie settled down on an easy chair across from him.

They made small talk at first. During that time she couldn't help but notice that his eyes seemed much more penetrating than ever. It was almost as if he could read her unhappiness, even though she had told herself that she was not going to tell him anything. Angie also couldn't help notice her father's eyes stealing looks at her body, and she felt those feelings she used to get, now returning. She always felt that Daddy secretly had feelings for her, and she wasn't sure but suspected that if he hadn't wrongly thought of her as a virgin, that he might have tried to touch her. If he'd only known; she would have gladly been her father's lover after her mom died. In fact, she guessed that she probably 'fell' for Jeff because he was an older man and that somewhere in her mind, she related that to her father.

It was a couple of hours later. Angela was just putting more pretzels in the bowl, when her father reached over and grabbed her hand. Looking up at her, he asked, "You're not happy, are you baby girl?"

Angela caught her breath, then fought, unsuccessfully, to hold back the tears. When they finally flowed, she dropped the box she was holding and then blurted out, "Oh Daddy!!!" He drew her over and she dropped her butt alongside him. He took her in his arms and she finally allowed herself the huge cry that she had built up over the last few months. Vic said nothing as her body wracked and sobbed.

After a good five minutes, Angela began to open up. Because she was still crying, though now slowing almost to a stop, and then again crying harder, back and forth, her words were coming out broken up.

"Oh Daddy ... it was so wrong ... he's never ... here ... he's just ... he don't want ... when he is here ... he's like just too tired to do anything ... he doesn't want to ... go anywhere ... do anything ... not even ... especially sex ... I'm sorry Daddy..." she apologized because although her father occasionally said 'dirty' words to her, Angela had always been respectful around him.

"That's okay toots ... it's okay..."

Finally, the terrible crying stopped completely. She moved out of her father's arms, sitting alongside him, and it was then that Angela was able to tell him of how her husband had left her alone almost from the time he brought her home after the marriage. Jeff was apparently married to his job, which was probably why his first wife had divorced him.

"And I'm young yet Daddy ... I still have ... you know, like needs."

Vic didn't know when it happened, whether it was when he was holding his daughter in his arms and feeling her heated body wracking against him, or during the last couple of minutes when Angela began to talk of her sex life ... or lack of one, but he suddenly realized that his cock was throbbing in his pants. That knowledge must have sent a signal to his brain for almost as if it had a mind of its own, his cock twitched in his pants.

It was then that he saw Angela's attention interrupted and her eyes moved down to his pants. He himself quickly glanced down and saw the almost grotesque tented shape. He felt his whole body flush with embarrassment, and knew his face must be as red as a beet. He didn't know what to do; he felt too mortified to put his hand down to try to shift aside to hide what was there.

Angela was feeling total shame, but at herself, not her father. That he had gotten a hard-on didn't seem to be an issue in her mind. What bothered her was that now that her attention had been caught, she couldn't take her eyes immediately away; and worse was the fact that she actually thought of putting her hand on it. She felt ashamed because of the secret knowledge that during the past month she had begun masturbating with images of her father in her head, something she hadn't done since before she had begun dating Ted David when she was sixteen.

Finally their eyes met. They stared, but didn't speak, both being too afraid to do so. After at least a full minute, Angela simply softly said, "I love you Daddy."

Vic nodded, and murmured back, "I love you too, Hon."

From there they were able to break the spell. Her father excused himself and hurried to the bathroom. Inside, he got some toilet paper and wiped the blotches of the pre-cum that had wet inside his pants. He then peed, and by the time he walked back outside by his daughter, his hard-on was gone. He couldn't help but to notice that Angela actually looked at his crotch once again!

Awaiting for her husband to come home, Angela spent most of the rest of the afternoon readying dinner, going back to the living room to rejoin her Dad in conversation, and doing various other chores.

Vic had stopped drinking at four beers, and relaxed on the couch, watching TV, or mostly clicking through channels, and joining back in conversation with Angela when she made time. In between, he found himself looking more and more at her body. That began after a thought of how stupid Jeff was to allow such a beauty as Angela to go sexually unfulfilled.

Angela seemed to sense that her Daddy was beginning to look at her body, and she wasn't totally surprised to feel some strange excitement in that knowledge. Mischievously, she went to her room and removed her brassiere and put on a blouse that allowed her nipples to poke through enough that her father couldn't miss seeing them. She also made sure that she swayed her butt or was able to bend to make her butt tight in his presence. She didn't know why she was doing these things except that it was nice to feel appreciated.

When Jeff arrived home after work, a lot of the night was spent with him talking about his job, what he did for a living, how important the job was, how important he was, etc. Because he and Vic had only met a few times before and never talked of any length of time, there was a lot to talk about. During much of the night, Vic's eyes wandered over to his daughter, whose eyes seemed glazed over at the conversation, and he couldn't help but to feel sorry for her. He also suspected that from what Angela told him of the marriage, that once she and Jeff went to bed, there would be no sex.

That night when Vic went to bed, he masturbated as visions of his sugar plum danced in his brain. Afterward, when he couldn't sleep, his thoughts turned to plotting. After agonizing with himself, he finally determined to do something he'd only fantasized about. Strangely, he didn't have any guilt feelings of incest. He knew how lonely Angela was, and he felt that he might help.

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