by Thesandman

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Consensual, Reluctant, Safe Sex, Oral Sex, Masturbation, Petting, Sex Toys, Exhibitionism, Voyeurism, .

Desc: Sex Story: Steve meets a woman in the bar at the bowling alley.

It was a typical Wednesday night after work. I'd met up with the guys for our weekly bowling league. As we usually did after finishing, we'd gone into the bar for a couple of beers before heading home. What wasn't typical, was I noticed the same rather attractive woman sitting at the bar again. I had seen her last week sitting in what I thought might have been the very same stool by the bar. Then ... she'd been wearing a tight fitting, deep cut "V" neck tee shirt that had hinted at a considerable amount of cleavage, along with a tight pair of white slacks that likewise hinted at very long legs. She had smiled at me, and I had smiled back. But nothing came of it. Even when she finished her drink, walked to the door, she had stopped for a moment looking back at me, smiling again. And then left. I had sat there wondering, "Was that an invite?"

I decided it was my own imagination working overtime, and remained in the booth with my buddies, enjoying another beer before I left heading for home. Walking down into the covered parking, I actually did look around for her, but she wasn't there. I shook my head deciding it had been nothing more than wishful thinking on my part, and drove home.

Now, a week later, here she was again. This time wearing what appeared to be a peasant blouse, her shoulders bare, another hint at her full breasts simply by the way her blouse fell over them. She was also wearing jeans this time, which looked damn sexy on her. With dark shoulder length hair, smoldering dark eyes, which must have been brown in color, we sat smiling at one another again, nodding heads in some sort of mutual greeting. Though who she was, or why she was there eluded me. I certainly hadn't seen her bowling out there, and I know I would have noticed had she been. For whatever reason, she was just simply sitting at the bar and I surmised that she perhaps lived or worked close to the bowling alley, and simply stopped in for a quick drink before going home. And, just as she'd done last week, she finished her drink, passing by the booth we were sitting in, and smiled at me once again, this time allowing her eyes to linger a bit, actually traveling down between my legs as though she had x-ray vision and could see through the tabletop. She passed by heading towards the door. I followed her turning, trying not to be too obvious about it in front of my friends. Once again she stopped at the doorway, briefly looking in my direction, and then headed off down the stairs towards the underground parking area.

"Well guys ... sorry to cut this short tonight, but I have an early morning meeting that I need to go home and prepare for!"

And though they tried to get me to stick around for "just one more beer," I declined, and then stood telling them all goodnight, and made my way down the steps towards the covered parking area. Only a minute or so behind her, I hoped that I'd at least catch her driving out and then have some idea of what car she was driving so I could look for it next week. If in fact she even came here again.

I needn't have worried. She was waiting for me.

Oddly enough, she was standing next to her car on the driver's side. Parked at the far end of the underground lot where the lights weren't quite so bright. Very few cars were parked anywhere's near close to hers either, another oddity. And though it was a reasonably safe neighborhood, especially this early in the evening, I found it strange that she would have purposely parked where she had. My own car considerably closer as I began heading towards it ... sort of. My head still turned towards her, looking for some sort of further invite, or purpose for her to be standing there watching me. "Waiting for me?" I then asked myself.

She was driving a black Toyota Avalon, nice car and I likewise noticed it had fairly dark tinted windows. As I continued to angle over towards my car, she stepped around hers towards the trunk. Her movement alerting me to the fact she had been waiting for me, so I changed direction and began heading her way. She smiled upon seeing that, stepping back around to the driver's side of the car though without getting in. Only this time, she opened the door ... the door to the backseat, not the front.

"Get in," she said simply nodding for me to do the same on the passenger side. So I did.

I slid in next to her on the backseat, closing the door as the overhead lights winked out. "Hi," I said curious...

"Hi, let me see your cock."

"Wow!" I laughed nervously, now wondering if I wasn't on some sort of Candid camera program or something. "Shouldn't we at least introduce ourselves first?" I asked.

"No ... no names. I don't want to know your name, or tell you what mine is either. What I do want ... is to see your cock. Unless of course you're not interested. If you're not, then we need to part company, here and now."

I wasn't even hard yet ... though in moments I knew I would be. I began to unbuckle, which is when she leaned over, taking over for me, pushing my hands away. "No, let me," she said forcefully as I gave it up and allowed her to finish unbuckling my jeans, likewise unzipping my fly as her hands then dove in, seeking and immediately finding my still somewhat flaccid cock ... taking it out. "I like it when they're not fully hard yet," she smiled ... putting me at ease just a little. "I like watching, making them grow," she then added as she continued to fondle it, even waggling it about a little, still floppy-soft, though what she was doing still felt really nice. Of course, the fact that a very attractive, nameless woman was actually fondling my cock to begin with was nice all by itself. And ... it was quickly getting hard too. "Oh yes, very nice ... very, very nice!" She said obviously pleased as my prick soon stood fully erect within her still caressing hands. "Do you ... come a lot?" She now asked curiously.

"Ah ... sometimes, I guess ... yes."

"Good, I like watching a nice hard cock spurt ... love seeing it, especially if they squirt a lot, so hopefully you will," she said as she now began to purposely pump my prick up and down. Let me know when you're getting close," she told me.

Just a few more precious minutes of this, and I would be. Still sitting there in disbelief as this attractive woman, this stranger, sat in the back seat of her car jerking me off.

"I'm ah ... getting pretty fucking close," I warned her, hearing her chuckle.

"Good ... you're not a prude at least. I was hoping you wouldn't be. I like talking dirty, filthy, and I love hearing it, so glad you're not queasy or shy about saying fuck," she stated, though now she surprised me further as she suddenly quit working my cock. I was milliseconds away from shooting my load, though she'd worked a bit of magic on my balls too, suddenly delaying the inevitable. Now she sat back in her seat again and reached down, removing the blouse she had on. I sat mesmerized, watching her as she did so, now reaching around back, unclasping her bra which came away in her hands.

She had gorgeous, incredible tits that were now revealed to me. Twin globes, fairly good-sized, at least a "C" cup by my quick evaluation that hung heavy against her chest. Each one was capped by a rather large areola, dark in color, almost the size of a small pancake, and alluring as hell. I'd never seen larger areolas on anyone, not to mention her thumb-sized nipples, which were hard, sticking out a good inch, or so it seemed. She reached up, taking each one in her fingers, pinching them and rolling them around. She had even held onto them, stretching them, lifting her heavy breasts away from her ribcage as she did so.

"Fuck!" I moaned audibly watching her do this, once again hearing her chuckle.

"Making you horny is it? Watching me play with my own tits?"

"Hell ... I mean, fuck yes," I amended, going for the more decadent term since she obviously enjoyed hearing that.

"Make you squirt even bigger for me then? Maybe?"

"No doubt," I moaned feeling my cock throb now with eager anticipation.

Once again she reached over taking it in her hands, squeezing it. As she did, a rather nice dollop of pre-cum fuck juice emerged from the head. She smeared it around the super-sensitive head of my dick, thumbing it. "Like that?" She asked, the lust easily being heard in her tone of voice now, as she did so again ... now smearing the next bubble of juice directly against and onto her thick hard nipples.

"Oh fuck," was all I could moan by way of an answer, though once again pleasing her that I'd said that.

"I'm really looking forward to watching you drench my tits," she informed me. "I so love seeing a man's hard fucking cock spurting, squirting ... nice and messy, creamy ... all over these," she said now wrapping them around my prick as she began using those to masturbate me with. "If you cum a lot ... we may do this again next week."

I was suddenly glad I hadn't had sex, or even jerked off in three days now. As horny as I was, and as good as this felt ... I was pretty confident I'd give her what she was hoping for. Once again, I warned her I was nearly there. This time, she just grinned, expectantly, though she went back to using her hand, now aiming it directly at her tits.

"Squirt for me baby, spunk me ... cream my tits, drench them, saturate them, spurt all over me sweetie, cum for me!"

I was only too happy to oblige. The first rope of semen shot out of the end of my dick so forcefully that it actually took her by surprise. She squealed delightedly upon seeing it, squeezing my dick again in a most delightful way, almost as though cutting it off, building pressure again before releasing, pumping, which quite naturally produced another equally copious discharge against her tits.

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