Summer Voodoo

by stevieraygovan

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Fa/Fa, Consensual, BiSexual, Heterosexual, Group Sex, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Fisting, Sex Toys, Squirting, Water Sports, Exhibitionism, .

Desc: Sex Story: The French Quarter, Christina, and the mystery of Summer. The Summer saga comes to its crashing conclusion when the true nature of Summer is revealed.

Continuing the Summer saga, this story picks up where "Summer is Hot in Cozumel" left off.

"So, John, what's the deal with you sexually propositioning Aaron?"


Grinning, Summer poked him in the ribs. "Don't try to deny it, you glorious freak. I heard you on Dave's phone call, trying to talk Aaron into helping you join the Mile High Club."

John leaned back and laughed, "Oh god, you heard that? Okay, fine, Summer, you're onto me! My secret is out!"

Still grinning, Summer flicked a piece of blueberry muffin at him. "I mean it's okay, sweetie, I totally get it. When you're really horny and on a mission, the rest is just details, right?"

Sitting together in one of Cancun International Airport's little kiosks, Summer and John were sharing a snack before their flight to New Orleans. When their boarding announcement was made, he stood and ceremoniously held his hand above her head. Giggling as she obliged him with a pretty pirouette, she playfully modeled the dress she'd chosen for the flight.

"Does this meet with your approval?" she smiled, dropping her hands to her hips in a sassy pose.

Summer had tied her long auburn hair into a single French braid. She wore only light make-up, with just a hint of glossy pink highlighting her full lips. In addition to her silver armband she sported a gold anklet, the perfect complement to her gold hoop earrings and white stiletto heels. Wanting to drive John a little crazy before they even left the house that morning, she'd let him watch while she took her sweet time applying a floral-scented body lotion to her smooth, golden brown legs, which were on spectacular display in her classic high heels. Topping everything off with a breezy, carefree flair, her outfit for the day was an enticingly short, low-cut white sundress featuring brilliant orange and yellow daisies.

After giving her a teasing wolf-whistle, he kissed her on the cheek. "Casual and comfortable, yet still achingly sexy ... it's perfect. You're like a ridiculously hot Ivory Girl!"

"C'mon, my handsome brat," she grinned, hefting her tote bag onto her shoulder. Holding hands, they walked over to join the line boarding the plane.

John was stowing his carry-on bag in the overhead compartment when he noticed the beautiful woman sitting in the aisle seat of their row. With her long raven hair she was very striking ... and she was smiling at Summer.

"Excuse me..." Summer said, stretching onto her tiptoes to lean over the woman and stow away her bag.

"My pleasure," said the thirty-something beauty in the well-tailored business suit, clearly enjoying the sight of Summer's bare thighs flexing only inches from her face.

Glancing past Summer, she made brief eye-contact with John.

'Busted! Yeah, I saw you checking her out, ' John chuckled to himself, smiling warmly at the businesswoman.

Returning his smile, she added a mischievous raising of her eyebrows before saying to Summer, "Let me get out of your way..." Steadying herself, she set her hands on Summer's hips while sliding out from her seat and into the aisle.

"Thank you. I'm sorry to be such a bother," Summer replied, smiling sweetly as the woman slid their hips together on her way out of the row.

When Summer was finished putting away her bag, she moved aside for another group of people who were pressing forward down the aisle. With Summer momentarily separated from John, the sultry brunette whispered to him, "Your wife is amazing. She's the most beautiful woman I've ever seen."

"She is amazing, and she's definitely the most beautiful woman I've ever seen too ... but she's not my wife," John whispered back.

"But I saw her wedding set," the woman said, glancing down at John's barren hand.

Grinning, he waggled his ringless fingers for her.

"Are you her bodyguard or something?" she asked, her brow furrowing.

John laughed before whispering, "It's complicated."

When Summer rejoined them, they moved to take their seats.

"Would you like the window?" he asked Summer, who immediately jumped on the offer. She slid in first, then it was John in the middle, with the raven-haired businesswoman returning to her aisle seat.

John extended his hand in greeting. "My name's John."

Leaning across his lap, Summer also offered the woman her hand. "I'm Summer."

The woman smiled as she shook their hands. "John, Summer, pleased to meet you. I'm Christina. Are you two staying in New Orleans, or just catching a connecting flight there?"

"We're vacationing there for a few days," John said.

"He's taking me to the French Quarter for our honeymoon," Summer whispered, squeezing John's arm while smiling wickedly at Christina.

Again Christina looked at him in confusion, prompting a laughing John to turn to Summer. "I already told her we're not married."

"Awww, spoil all my fun! When was this? You two just met!"

"Summer, when we were standing in the aisle together, I mentioned to John that his wife was incredibly beautiful. He agreed that you are very beautiful, but he also said that you're not his wife, which sparked my curiosity. Now, here you are, telling me that you and John are on your honeymoon, so of course my interest is piqued even more."

"Mine too," said John, and they all laughed.

"May I?" Christina asked, reaching over his lap for Summer's hand. "Very beautiful," she smiled, admiring Summer's engagement and wedding ring set. She looked up, the question clear in her eyes.

"John and I are on our own honeymoon," Summer said, simply.

"Well, if you two aren't married, then who gave you this?"

"My husband, Jake. He's back at our house in Cozumel."

"Pardon my asking, but did you and your husband have a fight or something?"

"Oh, no. This was his idea. He even went with us to the airport and told us to have fun. We're all in this together," Summer said.

With a laugh John said to Christina, "I told you, it's complicated. It's a long story."

Smirking, Christina folded her arms and sat back in her seat. "We're on an airplane. We've got nothing but time. If you wouldn't mind telling me, please, I've just got to hear this."

John took Summer by the hand and said to Christina, "Once we're in the air and all settled in, we'll give you the Cliffs Notes version."

"Going to spare me the juicy details then? Pity."

"You want the juicy details?" grinned Summer.

"Of course I do! Wouldn't you, if you were me?"

Summer smiled. "Yes, I suppose I probably would. Just don't get your hopes up too high, though. There's really not that much to tell."

"Oh, I'm sure. A stunningly beautiful, outrageously sexy married woman is honeymooning with a painfully attractive man who, by the way, isn't her husband. She says her husband is not only aware of this, but that he planned the whole thing."

Summer beamed brightly. "See? I told you there wasn't much to tell."

Grinning, Christina rolled her eyes. "So, let me at least ask you something. Is your husband only allowing this under duress? Did you catch him cheating and threaten to leave him unless you were allowed to go off and do the same thing, simply to get even?"

"No, no, and no," giggled Summer, thoroughly amused by Christina's confusion.

"I'll vouch for that," added John. "There's no duress, and he definitely didn't cheat on her. He's perfectly okay with this, and so is Summer."

"Okay, then who exactly are you? I know your name is John, but who are you to Summer, and why did she leave her husband back in Cozumel to be here with you? More to the point, how can the two of you be on your honeymoon when she's already married?"

Grinning at Summer, John squeezed her hand before turning back to Christina. "Well, since you asked..."

An hour later they were thirty thousand feet over the cobalt blue waters of the Gulf of Mexico, and Christina was smiling while slowly shaking her head. "You guys are either the craziest and most reckless people I've ever met, or the most blessed. Summer, you have four passionate, devoted lovers who will do anything for you. John, you get to have your best friend's amazing wife - with his and her full blessing, mind you - during their honeymoon!"

Summer quietly said, "I know it sounds that way, but it's really not like that. This isn't an arrangement whereby John only gets to have me during our honeymoon. I realize it's difficult to understand, but that's not what's happening here. I love John and will be with him forever, not just for this honeymoon."

Watching John and Summer together, Christina studied the way they touched, gazed at and spoke to each other. Finally, she nodded. "You're right, Summer, I don't understand it, yet I also don't think you're wrong about what you're saying. It's obvious that you and John are deeply in love. Whatever it is you're doing, whatever it is you two share, I can see that you're both supremely happy. Although I could never imagine being in your position, I can't deny that I envy you."

John gave her another warm smile. "So now you know our story. What's yours? Going to New Orleans too?"

"Yes, I am. My company gave me a week's vacation in Cancun, and now they're sending me to see a client in New Orleans. I'm staying there for four days, then I fly back home to Boston. I've been gone so long, sometimes I wonder whether my husband will even remember me."

"Why didn't he go with you on this trip, at least for the Cancun vacation part?" asked Summer.

"He couldn't get away from work. We're both just too busy ... always too busy..." she sighed wistfully.

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