Kathie's Child
Chapter 1

Caution: This Romantic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, BiSexual, True Story, Safe Sex,

Desc: Romantic Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Kathie & Julie were childhood friends and had shared a lot of things.now will Kathie help Julie in her hour of desperation ?

Kathie placed the packet on the kitchen table. She looked at it intently.

It had arrived the day before.

She knew what was inside. She had been receiving this packet every year for the past four years from her childhood friend. Julie was very particular. It always reached her the day before without fail.

Today was the fourth birthday of Julie's son Peter.

Sigh, it was the fourth birthday of HER third child Peter.

Her mind travelled back in time.

It was a busy morning as usual. Frank didn't want to go to school, nothing new in that.And Maggie wanted to stay back home with her loving aunt Julie.

Julie had taken it upon herself to ready the kids for school. She adored them. The feeling was mutual. The kids loved her.

Kathie watched them over her steaming mug of coffee. Julie cajoled them. Promised them another outing at the children park. Frank squeezed out another pizza from her.

"Oh no, his tummy will be upset and he will miss school ... uh, not that he will mind" thought Kathie to herself with a worried frown.

Maggie still hadn't made up her mind.

"Ohhh..." squealed Maggie, " ... so Frankie 's gonna upset his tummy with another round of pizza, is he!" she pouted her lips and tried to think up of something better to down her elder brother.

"Okay baby make your wish now " prompted Julie as Kathie glanced at her watch.

Maggie 's eyes brightened up, "I want a little sister to play with " she finally said with a defiant look.

Kathie let out a involuntary gasp and looked at Julie. She was ashen faced. Her hands were on Maggie's shoulder and she was staring at her. Julie was trembling.

"I know you are gonna have a baby " contiued Maggie " I heard mum and dad talking. I want a sister." she finished truimphantly.

"Ok baby, aunty will see what she can do ", Julie whispered.

"I am sorry, I think she must have overheard us talking." Kathie said.

The kids had been bundled out and the two of them were now alone in the kitchen.

"Its okay." replied Julie, fighting back her tears.

She and Dave had been married for over three years now. But they were childless. They both wanted a baby.

There was nothing wrong with Dave. He had been medically checked out. His sperm count was normal.

"The gyno has given me a new prescription. I am supposed to meet them for some more checks the next week." said Julie.

"I am sure it will work out." replied Kathie with a confidence she hoped was not misplaced.

Julie had been a skinny and sick girl in her younger years. The doctors had given her numerous heavy doses. She had slowly responded. But they had had their after effects. Julie was unable to conceive.

"The gyno suspects more than one reason for my failure " sobbed Julie.

I looked at her. Black hair, brown eyes, a sensous body with a pair of big firm boobs ... Julie had blossomed into an attractive woman. Who would believe the turbulations going on inside that beautiful body.

"Try different positions during sex.Sometimes it just takes a bit more time" volunteered Kathie.

"Now that you have promised a playmate to Maggie why don't you two try with you on top ... you know those old wive tales..." Kathie softly continued trying to ease the tension inside her closest friend.

"We have fucked in every imaginable position " sobbed Julie.

"Missionary, doggie ... I have had Dave shooting inside me from all positions.We refrained from ejaculation at times. Just licking and sucking. Then we would call it off so that he had cum storing up inside him. Then on the second or third day he would blast it all inside my pussy.The sex was great, believe me. But that's it. No baby. " finished Julie with tears flowing down her cheeks.

Kathie looked sadly at her friend. She gently wiped away the tears.

"you will have a baby. I know it. I have not been wrong before, have I."

Julie smiled at her.

"Yes I know. You have always been around. Just like a sister."

"Hey back in school you even selected the guy who will take my cherry.And then arranged to have my first fuck in your bed while you hung around downstairs to raise the alarm if your parents came home early."

The two laughed and hugged each other.

Kathie smiled as she remembered.

They were just adloscent girls then. Tom was the taller of the guys persuing Julie. And her girlish maturity decided that naturally his cock will be longer than the other guy's.Longer the better was the info as per girlie gossip.

At least she is feeling better.

"Let me know what the gyno has to say."

"I will " smiled back Julie.

Kathie thought about Julie a lot during the week. To make matters worse she was in her mid thirties. Even a healthy couple has to take care in this age bracket.

A couple of days later Julie called up.

"Kathie can Dave and me come over in the evening. We want to meet you and Al together ".

"What's up"?

"Tell you in the evening", replied back Julie in a tired voice.

The two of them arrived on time. They chatted lightly for some time. But we had known each other long enough to know they had something important to share with us.

Then Dave spoke up.

"Julie's report came by the other day. She cannot carry a child ".

I was stunned.

I looked at Julie. She was staring down her drink.

"Oh no" I gasped.

Julie silently shook her head to confirm what Dave had just told us.

"The heavy medical doses she took in her childhood had their after effects on her womanly hormones. Her uterus is irregular and carrying a child will include lotsa medico care. Pills, injections what not ", sighed Dave as he finished his drink.

"Kathie ... Al ... as a child I had problems. We don't want our child to be affected in any way." whispered Julie.

"Kathie, I ... we would appreciate it if you would carry my fertilised egg."

Kathie was dumbfounded. She looked at her husband.

He sat silently.

"Its a big decision Dave " said Al.

"Give us some time to think it over."

"I know " said Dave.

"Take your time " Julie quickly replied looking at me with a questining look.

The two of us sat silently by the fireside.

"Personally I have no misgivings Kathie " he finally said.

"But are you comfortable with this idea? After all its your body."

It was strange to think about carrying another couples sperm and seed inside my womb.

Julie was my closest friend. And today she was asking me to help her enter motherhood.

"Al that would mean another nine months of caring and precautions. And you know what I mean by that."

"Yup, for all practical purpose you will be having your third child. " added Al with a smile.

"And I love kids." he finished with a twinkle in his eyes.

Their decesion had been made.

"Thank you love." gushed Kathie and pressed her body to her husband's.

Al lifted her up and started towards their bedroom.

"Gotta service my wife's pussy now. Have to keep it oiled up and ready."

Kathie giggled.

The two couples met and planned their baby.

Julie was excited. Pregnancy meant Kathie would not be able to attend to the daily chores. Julie promised to look after the kids, the house.

"Hey, I wouldn't mind looking after Al too ", she said with a wink. "You have a good man there."

"Girl ... girl, " Kathie admonished her with a laugh.

Julie's gyno started administrating hormonal drugs to her. She was first given medicine to trigger her menstrual period.They waited in anticipation.

Julie had her menstrual period.

The gyno changed the medicines. The new dosage was to have her ovulate.

They failed. The gyno assured them that it was normal. It takes three to four cycles to succeed.

The doctors then increased the dose.

The next few days passes in anticipation.

Kathie's phone rang. It was Julie.

"Kathie I'm not feeling well. Come home." the phone went dead.

Kathie panicked.

"Shit, now what" she thought as her car swung into her friend's driveway.

Julie opened the door. She was wearing a thin lingerie with nothing underneath. Her breasts were clearly outlined against the thin material. The nipples poking out.

"Come in " she hoarsely said.

"I am feeling nauseas ... eyes are kinda blurred."

Kathie gently laid her on the bed.

"Oh my head" she wailed.

Kathie tried to comfort her.

Julie took off her lingerie.

"Feeling sore ... sensitive all over." she could hardly speak.

"My breasts ... they, they can't stand the feel of the cloth."

Kathie looked at her friend's nakedness.

She was beautiful. Her firm breasts looked proudly at her. The nipples taut due to their increased sensitivity.

Her pussy was clean shaven like her.

As she tossed in the bed her legs opened up. Julie's lips were engorged.

A tingling sensation began to build up inside Kathie as she saw the swollen pink inner lips. She shut her legs tightly and folded her arms across her breasts.

Kathie continued to stare at her friends sensitive pussy and gently began pinching her nipples.

"It will work out fine baby ", assured Kathie.

And then the abdominal pains wracked Julie.

The next two days were spent in the hospital.

Julie had developed ovarian hyperstimulation. The medicines had enlarged her ovaries.Large amount of fluid had flowed out of her bloodstream into her abdomen.

Julie's life was in danger.

The doctors stopped the medication.

Kathie looked sadly at her friend's sleeping form.

A week had passed since her discharge.Kathie was spending the afternoon's looking after her friend.She adjusted her office routine. The kids bus route was changed so that they got off near her friend's house. She returned home only after Dave returned from office.

Julie opened her eyes.

"I am just a cunt. Nothing but a cunt."

"I have nothing else to offer. Men can fuck me.They need not worry.They can't impregnate me. They can fuck and fuck. And then they can hitch up their pant and happily go home without a worry in their mind. Julie will never sue them for child care. She just can't."

"And Dave ... he wanted a baby badly." Julie cried uncontrollably.

"And I have nothing to offer him in marraige." she whimpered.

The bedsheet had had slipped down exposing her heaving breasts. Kathie sat besides her friend and hugged her.

"No Julie don't loose heart."

"I am ashamed of being a woman."

Tears welled up in Kathie's eyes as she heard her friend despairing.

She wanted to console Julie. Tell her everything will work out fine. But the doctors had been firm. So cold and uncaring in their final observations.

"They were just doing their duty. If that messes up somebody's life ... well just too bad " thought Kathie.

She laid her friends sobbing form back on the bed. Kathie lay down next to her and began carressing her face.

Julie continued to whimper in pain and sorrow.Her womanly self esteem had taken a real bad battering.

"There, there Julie don't panic " said Kathie in a soothing voice.

Julie turned and snuggled up to her. Her turning motion caused Kathie's skirt to ride up around her waist.

Kathie could feel her friends heat on her thighs as Julie pressed her body close to her's. She flushed as her pussy began responding to the bodily warmth seeping thru her panty.

Julie pressed her face close to her's and closed her eyes. Her left hand rested lightly on her breasts as though gently clutching her nipples.

Kathie kissed her softly on her cheek while her hand continued to play on Julie's bare back in slow soothing circular motions.

Julie's breathing was more even now. She sighed as Kathie's hand inadvertently moved over her soft buttocks.

Kathie could feel a sensation building up between her legs.

"Oh my god, how am I behaving." she thought. "This tension is firing up my body." she mused.

Kathie continued to massage Julie's buttocks, enjoying the familiar sensation slowly spreading thru her limbs.

Then her palm touched her pussy.

Kathie froze. Her hand continued to rest on Julie's womanly wetness.

"Kathie, you have heard of water holes in barren deserts? You know a place where thirsty men quench their thirst alongwith their horses?"

"Well, what you are feeling right now is also a wet hole in an otherwise barren woman ... just like a barren desert."

"Just a cute sexy pussy to fool a cock into going inside and slake its hungry desire. Just a barren pussy."

Kathie cringed as she heard Julie defile herself.

"I have always been around you in your down times haven't I" she gently admonished Julie.

Julie nodded "I need you Kathie, I need all the support you can give." she whispered.

Kathie's orgasm was building up.

She continued to feel Julie's wet pussy.

Julie slung her leg around Kathie and furthur opened up her pussy to her friends touch.

"Press it, rub it, feel that damned useless thing ", whispered Julie slowly trailing off to an incoherent sleep.

Kathie felt her orgasm building up. She was close. She removed her wet fingers and slipped them inside her panty.

She rubbed her friend's juice over her clit. It immediately responed to the foreplay. She again put her hand back on her friends pussy.

She began playing.Up and down she teased it. Kathie rubbed her friend's clit. Julie moaned.

She had never felt aroused like this before. She spread open her legs and began maturbating shamelessly.

Then her orgasm hit her. She arched her back and hissed.

Kathie wrapped herself around her friend's body and closed her eyes as sleep took hold over her.

The banging of the front door awoke her. Dave was home.

She looked down. Her finger was inserted in Julie's pussy.

She got up hurriedly and made herself presentable.

She walked into the kitchen. Dave was gloomily staring at the wall.

"How is she?"

"She has taken it very badly."

Dave took a deep breath and closed his eyes. He remained silent.

Kathie looked intently at him.

Dave was a nice guy. Tall, hunky, deep blue eyes. And caring. He had dark circles around his eyes. Dave had never left Julie alone. He had been by her hospital bedside all day long ... and night too. And he never ever said anything that would indicate what was going in his mind. He just kept doing whatever the doctors instructed.

"You have been a great help " he finally mumbled and poured some coffee.

"Couldn't have pulled thru all this alone. Julie is lucky to have a friend like you."

"What are friends for Dave ", said Kathie and hugged him.

Dave clasped her to him.

Her breasts squeezed against his chest and her nipples responded instantly.

Kathie held him close. She knew what was going on in his heart and mind.

"Yes Dave, what are friends for." she whispered again her hands just about closing around his broad back.

They stood in close embrace for a long time.

Her clit began throbbing and her breath was becoming unsteady.

Slowly she pushed him away and caressed his cheek.

"The food is ready. Heat it up. But now go and take a rest."

He smiled weakly at her and gently kissed her.

"I will be back tomorrow. Take care."

It was another week before Julie started showing signs of her former self. But Kathie knew that deep down she was a broken soul. She had lost her self esteem.

And she had taken to drinking.

"She needs a lot of comforting Dave. She feels insecure."

"She knows she cannot give you a child. Its eating her up from inside. Please be soft with her."

"I love her Kathie ", Dave somberely replied.

"Its hard to accept that I will be childless. Maybe with the passage of time it may not matter anymore. But, shit it hurts."

"All along as one grows up its supposed to be so simple having a baby."

"You know, boy and girl get together, they set aside all those condoms and pills and make love ... and hey the stork delivers the generation next in nine months..."

"So Goddamn simple ... just do away with those contraceptives and fuck away merrily."

Kathie felt bad. It really hurt to know that her closest friend was going to remain childless.

"Yeah, it sounds so easy ... just fuck merrily " she thought.

A week had passed ... then a fortnight. Julie rejoined her office. But she was no longer her former self.Kathie could sense that her friend was lost in her own world. At times she would catch Julie listleely looking across the room. Many a times she would just cease listening to whatever Kathie was talking about.

Kathie called up Julie. Dave was out of town. This was the first time Julie would be home alone.

"Hi Kathie " she heard Jule say. Her voice was slurried and she could hear music in the background.

"Feeling okay honey?" Kathie asked in a worried tone.

"Ooohh I am fine.What could be possibly be wrong with me? " Julie tipsly replied.

"You have been drinking " admonished Kathie.

"Just chatting with my new friends here honey ... been telling them about my problem. And they are soo nice. Right Jack? ... uh it's Jack isn't it?" Julie warbled.

"Oh shit, she is drunk " Kathie panicked.

"Where are you Julie? Maybe I could join you ... and your friends."

At ... uh ... Figaro 's Kathie " Julie drunkenly replied.

"C'mon we still have a lot to talk about. You will like her Jim, she is my best friend " Julie incoherently continued, speaking to her as well as her new found friends.

"Hell, seems some guys have got her drunk." thought Kathie as she grabbed her car keys.

She knew its reputation. She only hoped she reached there before it was too late.

The pub was dark and dimly lit. A band was playing in a corner with a red haired cutie crooning on the mic. Her low cut blouse didn't leave much to imagination ... not that the crowd minded.

She found them in a corner.

Julie was sandwiched between two men. Her blouse was unbuttoned and her bra pushed up.

She was engaged in a deep kiss with the guy on her left.Their lips were crushed together in a deep embrace.The other guy was furiously squeezing her ample right boob.

"Ooohhh..." moaned Julie drukenly.

Then she giggled.

As she stepped closer, Kathie's eyes trailed downwards and she gasped.

Julie's legs were splayed wide open. The guy kissing her had just pushed one finger inside her panty, making her giggle.

The second guy dipped his fingers in his drink and traced a lazy pattern on her breasts.Then he bent his head and began to lick it.

She had to act fast.

"Hey guys, lay off ... she's my date for the evening," said Kathie.

The two looked up startled.

Kathie caught hold of her friends elbow and pushed her up. She grabbed Julie's coat and flung it over her unbuttoned blouse.

"Hey baby, why don't we make it a four some," called out the guy who had been fingering Julie.

Kathie didn't bother to reply as she dragged Julie out of the bar.

"You should have let them bang me, " Julie sullenly said.

It was an hour since they had returned.

Julie was in a bad shape.With two more drinks down her throat she was now incoherent.

"They couldn't have made me pregnant. I had already explained that to them," she continued drunkenly.

"No my baby they couldn't have done that, ' Kathy soothingly replied as she undressed Julie for the nite.

"But they could have fucked up your married life, couldn't they?" continued Kathie admonishingly.

Julie didn't reply.She turned her face away as tears began to flow down her cheeks.

Kathie lay down besides Julie and began to kiss away the tears trailing down her friends cheeks. Julie responded.

The two kissed each other playfully.Julie parted her mouth and their tongues entwined.

Julie placed her hand on Kathie's breast. She gently squeezed them.

Kathie felt a warm sensation building up between her legs.

Julie unbuttoned her friends blouse and slipped one hand inside.

"Don't leave me alone tonite." she whispered.

Kathie silently nodded. She spread Julie's legs apart and slipped in between. Kathie placed both her hands on Julie's breasts. They were soft and yielding.She squeezed them ... began kneading them.

Julie moaned softly and closed her eyes.

Kathie quickly removed her clothes. Then she placed her hands on the elastic band of Julie's panty and pushed them down.

Kathie lay naked on top of Julie.She began placing light kisses all over her face. She began licking Julies breasts ... massaging them ... playing with her nipples.She moved down between her soft creamy thighs.

Julie's smooth shaven pussy was wet with her juices.Those guys must have been finger fucking her for quite some time.The clit was peeping thru her engorged pink lips.Kathie bent close to her and inhaled her womanliness.Gently she rubbed her clit with her nose.

"Aah ... aaahh ... oohh ... yes ... yes Julie panted

She moaned in delight.Her knees were up and her legs wide open.

Hungily Kathie lapped up her juices, her hands tweaking her nipples, rubbing them in unison.

"My baby ... I just want my baby, " whimpered Julie.

Kathie hugged her and whispered, "Yes Julie you are going to have your Dave's baby."

"Don't play with me," sobbed Julie drunkenly.

"Ssssh..." said Kathie as she inserted her finger inside her wet cunt and drew it out. She began to trail a pattern across Julie's lips.Julie greedily licked her juices.

"How baby how?" she asked.

"In the morning honey ... I will tell you." said Kathie.

She hugged her friend tightly as they both drifted off.

Kathie woke up to a pleasurable sensation growing inside her body.She opened her eyes to find Julie sucking on her lips.She had one finger inside her pussy.

"Wakey wakey honey," she said with a grin on her face.

Kathie hugged her.

"You know something? We have been so close since our childhood ... but never so close. Guess we missed out on something special." she continued.

Kathie smiled at her friend and tweaked her nipples.

"Anyway thanks Kathie ... you were nice to me."

"So were the two fellas last nite. Did you really plan to get gang banged? Hope I didn't spoil your evening dear."

Julie colored.

"No you didn't spoil anything ... I was just drunk and miserable as usual, " she meekily responded.

"Correct me if I am wrong, you said something nice about me having Dave's baby?" queried Julie with a questioning look mixed with hope.

Kathie looked steadily at her friend.

"Yes my girl you will have Dave's chlid ... if you give your permission, " continued Kathie slowly.

"Permission ... what kinda permission ... to whom?" asked Julie quizzically as she lay on top of her friend gently grinding her pussy into her friends.

Kathie ruffled her friends hair, " Yup Julie I need your permission."

Julie lay still for a moment then she hesitantly said, "You mean ... umm ... atificial insemination... ?"

Kathie nodded her head in the negative.

Julie's eyes grew wide as she finally understood what Kathie meant.

"You want to fuck my Dave?" she whispered in astonishment.

"No Julie, I don't want to fuck Dave. I want to have his child for you just like I have borne my two kids."

Julie sat cross legged staring at Kathie, lost in her thoughts.

Kathie squeezed her hand as she stood up.

"Think over it Julie. But for now, we are both getting late for office."

It was now almost a week since Kathie offered to sire Dave's child. Julie hadn't responded although they had spoken a few times over the phone.

Kathie felt worried. It hadn't been easy for her to come up with the suggestion. She knew Al wouldn't go for it. In a way she was planning to cheat on her husband in a real big way. He had agreed to her being a surrogate a surrogate mother.

But what would be his reaction to her taking in another man's cock inside her?

Kathie sighed as she switched off the sitting room lights.She would cross that bridge as and when she came to it.

The morning held a surprise for her. She found Julie waiting for her in her office.

Kathie knew what Julie wanted to talk about.

Julie gave her a small smile as they hugged.

"Do you really want to go thru with it?" she finally asked after a momentary hesitation.

"Yes I am sure, " replied Kathie.

"And Al? Is he comfortable with this idea of you ... umm ... you know?" she cautiously asked.

Kathie took a deep breath.

"I haven't told Al about it. I don't think I can face him with this."

"Kathie I don't want you to mess up your marraige on my account."

"Al has already agreed to me being a surrogate mother Julie. And if we keep it between ourselves, then ... well that's it.I know I am being wrong with him ... not unfaithful but still I am gonna cheat on him."

"Julie look, the mating has to be during my fertile period. After that there will be no physical contact between us, " she added.

"Yes, but what about the emotional front?" queried Julie demurely.

"After all my husband is gonna be your kid's father." she added.

Kathie looked squarely at Julie and spoke, "I am not a fool Julie.I am doing it for you. Do you think I will wreck your marraige and mine by sleeping with Dave behind your back?"

Julie nodded her head.

"Then there's this another thing Kathie."

Kathie raised her eyebrows in question.

"How will you get Dave in the bed with you? I know him. He won't agree to it so easily.He may want to talk it out with Al also. He has his own mind you know."

The two sat silently.

"I have a plan, " Kathie finally said.

"I am going to tell Al that I will be visiting the doctors with you two as planned. That way I will have an excuse for being with you two and also for spending some nites over at your place. After the biological changes start, it's but natural you would like to take care of me."

"And??? " queried Julie.

Kathie smiled and leaned closer and continued.

Julie's eyes brightened.

"It just might work, " she finally said with a big grin.

The two pushed their heads together and began to animatedly chalk out their plan.

They planned it for Wednesday evening. It was decided that Kathie would stay over that night. The excuse given to Al was that she had to accompany Julie for some medical check ups.

Kathie glanced at her watch. She planned to leave early for her friend's home. Just then her phone rang.It was Julie.

"Waiting for you honey, " she said in a hushed conspirational tone.

"I purchased a new bikini for you. You will love it, " she ended with a giggle.

Kathie smiled and grabbed her bag.

Julie was correct. Kathie liked the yellow string bikini. It was a cute teeny weeny two piece. Kathie checked out herself in the bedroom mirror. The bikini top was tight and barely concealed her nipples.It left her big firm breasts fully exposed. Kathie slowly turned around. The yellow thong exposed her smooth round ass cheeks to their fullest advantage.

"Dave will definetly like me in this outfit, " she thought and smiled.

"A penny for your thoughts."

Kathie turned around to find Julie at the doorway with two glasses of whiskey in her hands. As per plan she had also changed into her two piece bikini.

"Wow, you look great in that bikini." she continued.

Thanks Julie, I hope it works out, said Kathie with a worried smile.

Dont panic girl, it will work out fine, said Julie as she handed Kathie her glass.

The two of them walked over to the poolside. They had time.

A couple of drinks later Kathie began to feel more comfortable. She looked at her friend. Julie had eyes closed and she was breathing softly. Her legs were spread apart. Kathie felt a stirring inside her as she viewed her friends pussy outlined against the bikini fabric. She slid her finger over her friends panty. Julie smiled in acknowledgement without opening her eyes. Julie gently parted Kathies legs and began rubbing her pubic mound.

Kathie was horny and ready to play.

It has to work out tonite. she muttered to herself.

The silence was broken by the sound of Daves car turning into the driveway.

Julie jumped up and made her way to the front door. A few moments later she came back hand in hand with Dave.

I have just been telling him what a lovely time we are having together, said Julie as they sat down.

I wish I had come over earlier, said Dave, his eyes taking in Kathies almost nude form.

Cmon here and drink from my glass, said Kathie with a sultry smile.

Dave sat opposite to Kathie as the three of them indulged in idle gossip. Dave was enjoying the wonderful show.His eyes would again and again come back to rest on Kathies body. The two girls chatted on as though ignorant. The bottle was almost empty.

Lets take a dip said Julie as she went over to the poolside.

Come here, let me help you take off your clothes, Kathie said.

Dave stood close to Kathie, his eyes looking inside her bikini top. Kathies erect nipples poked thru the thin fabric. Kathie unbuttoned Daves shirt and threw it aside. Then without a hesitation she bent down and unzipped his trousers.

Kathie let her hand lightly brush against his bulge.

Dave was getting an erection!

Kathie smiled and looked up, I think you can join us in your boxers. she said with a twinkle in her eyes.

They had all been at the poolside before.But this was the first time Dave had seen Kathie in a G string bikini. And he wasnt complaining.

The three of them played in the water and then made their way to the living room. Dave put on some light music. Julie excused herself and made her way to the kitchen, leaving the two of them swaying to the music.

I havent seen Julie so happy for a long time, said Dave, his hand resting on Kathies bare ass.

Kathie snuggled close to Dave, her breasts touching his hairy chest.

Yes I know, lets keep the evening going, Kathie softly said.

Dave pressed her close to his body. His erect cock was rubbing her thighs as they slowly danced to the music. Kathie was all fired up.

Step by step girl, dont rush him, she said to herself as Dave began rubbing her almost bare back with his right palm. Her hands were around his neck and the two were very closely pressed together and light headed.

Hey my turn, said Julie as she entered the room with fresh drinks and snacks.

Kathie was now feeling the effects of the partying. She watched Dave and Julie moving across the floor. In the last hour or so Dave had felt her all over. She too never missed an opportunity to come up close against him.

It was time for the final act.

Julie I think I will call it a day now. I am tired. said Kathie.

Ok honey, you know the way to the room, replied Julie with a knowing look.

Kathie climbed the stairs and entered the master bedroom.

She hurriedly undressed and switched off the lights.

It was some time before the bedroom door opened and Julie quietly came in.

Ok Kathie, Dave will be here soon. I told him I am horny and ready for him.

Yeah, replied Kathie, there was nothing more to be added. The game had made her wet too.

Julie gave Kathie a quick kiss on the cheek and quietly moved out to the guest room.

Kathie didnt have to wait long. The door opened and Dave walked in. He was drunk and unsteady. Kathie turned to her side, her back to him.

Dave walked over and climbed into the bed besides her. Kathie remained motionless.

You girls put on quiet a show tonite, said Dave. He pressed his body to hers. His strong manhood pressed against her buttocks.

It was big.and hard.

Dave began kissing her bare back. His hands reached out and grabbed her breasts from behind. He began kneading them, pressing them hard with his hands. Her nipples responded to his manly touch. Dave took hold of his cock and began running it up and down her ass line. Kathie shuddered as a her body heated up in desire and anticipation. Dave was now lying on top of her. He was scratching her back with his nails. His lips moved downwards.His hands were pressing her soft ass cheeks.

A spasm of emotions surged inside Kathie as she felt Daves tongue playing on her buttocks. Kathie buried her face in the pillow to muffle her cries of ecstasy.

Dave flipped her over and buried his face in her pussy. Kathie spread her legs wide giving him full access to her womanhood. His hands stretched out to hold her breasts as he continued to lap upp her juices.

A pang of guilt hit her. This was the first time she was sleeping with another man after her marriage. She bit her lips as tears rolled down her cheeks.

The decision had been hers and there was no returning back now.

Dave moved up and began kissing Kathies cheeks.His tongue travelled inside her mouth. The feeling was erotic. Daves lips started traveling all over her face then to ears, neck. Kathie began trembling like a fish out of pond.

Their tongues danced with each other, moving like sand in the tide, like leaves of a tree in a breeze. Dave's hot breath on Kathie's left pebble size nipple made it rise even further to greet him. He kissed the nipple softly and spread his lips over it. Gently he suckled it, while his left thumb encircled her right nipple.He squeezed both her breasts firmly.

Kathie threw back her head back and let out a low stifled moaned.Dave moved to the now aching right breast. He flicked his tongue over the erect nipple. He swallowed this one more deeply and ran his tongue around the nipple in his mouth. After some time he released her breasts and his fingers traced a path down Kathie's flat midriff.

His wet mouth followed the path of his fingers, stopping only to flick his tongue on her deep navel. The moment, he touched her smooth belly, a shiver ran through Kathie's body. Her belly moved sideways in that sudden shiver. Dave put his hot tongue inside her navel and did a very slow move. she grabbed a handful of the bed sheet with both her hands as he moved his tongue slowly in and around Kathie's navel,.

Dave ran up his hands on the sides of her legs, his thumbs trailing across the inside of her perfectly smooth thighs. His kisses went lower and lower.

Kathie was suddenly aware how warm and moist she was between her legs. Her whole body was red hot; She felt as though her whole body was on fire.

Dave spread her legs. He planted kisses after kisses on Kathie's mound and along the either side of her inner thighs. Kathie instinctively parted her legs more wide. Her love juices were already dripping. Dave pushed his tongue through the engorged pussy lips. The first touch of his tongue with the outer lips of her cunt sent an electrical shock through her body. He kissed her pussy lips and held them between his lips and pulled at them.

Eat mmmeeeeee. Kathie moaned softly into the pillow with delight and grabbed his hair and pulled down his head in between her legs. Her pussy was hot like a fireball out of hell. Kathies face was red with lust. Her stomach muscles began to tighten.She rolled her head wildly. Her orgasm was building up. Suddenly her hips moved uncontrollably and she groaned as an immense orgasm washed over her. Her sexy body shivered heavily.

Dave positioned himself between her legs. Kathie sensed his huge cock at her opening.He began rubbing his bulbous head slowly up and down against her pink slit. Kathies cunt lips peeled wide open for welcoming his giant cock. Slowly but steadily he continued to exert pressure against her. He continued to press his manhood into her until, with one heavy push, his cock slid halfway inside her. Kathie heard the air rush out of her pussy. She flung her hands and grabbed him pulling him closer. With gentle motions Dave buried his cock completely in side Kathies pussy. Kathie adjusted to the size of the cock lodged deeply inside her body. She could feel his massive manhood go deep inside her vagina.

Dave began thrusting in and out of her beautiful body like a piston moving in an engine. Kathie began moving her hips, grinding her clit on the fleshy pole. Dave began pumping her with hard rapid strokes, forcing Kathies breasts to jump furiously on her chest as he powerfully rammed her cunt again and again with his huge cock. He reached up and began squeezing her breasts violently as he slid in and out of her wet cunt.

Dave fucked Kathie harder and harder. As he thrust his pole into her wet pussy her beautiful breasts rolled back and forth on her chest like ocean waves. Kathie wrapped her supple thighs around his waist, drawing his bottom even closer so that he was lodged deep inside her. Before he knew it, the quivering muscles of her warm pussy were pumping and milking his throbbing manhood.

Groans of pleasure, wild and free, were all that he could manage. Kathie thrust her hips upwards, allowing him to drive his erupting dick over and over into her spasming cunt. He bellowed like a bull as he was going to come. Currents of pleasure raced through her body and mind as she felt her interior come alive with stunning euphoria. Then Dave started to tremble and shake. He started to come, squirting his precious potion of love deep inside her feminine core. Moments later, prompted by the flood of his coming, Kathie had her orgasm in an amazing explosion of ecstasy.

Exhausted, Dave collapsed on top of her. Kathie clung to him ... Drained and exhausted by their efforts the two lay in a tight embrace savoring the sweet sensations of erotic intimacy.

Kathie switched on the table lamp. She looked fondly at the sleeping form besides her. Kathie touched her swollen womanhood. Daves seeds were inside her. She was going to be a mother again.

What if Al found out about my infidelity? thought Kathie. Will he understand? Will he forgive me?

Kathie sighed. Deep inside she knew she was being unfaithful to Al.

You decent?

Julie walked into the bedroom totally nude. She smiled on seeing Kathie sprawled naked next to her sleeping husband. Her eyes traveled over her friends body.

It did work out, she added as she bent down and kissed Kathie on her forehead.

Kathie remained silent.

I know whats going on in your mind. You are risking your marriage to give me what every woman wants.There s no way I can ever repay you for that precious gift. But if you need me anytime anyplace I will be there for you.

Kathie gave her friend a weak smile.

Thanks Julie. I appreciate that.

By the way how was my boy in the bed, continued Julie with a mischievous smile.

In response Kathie spread open her legs. Julie saw her friends red engorged pussy lips.Her womanhood was still aroused. Daves precious semen was oozing out.Julie took her husbands cum in her hands and gently spread it on Kathies pussy lips. She continued massaging Kathies pussy with her palm.

Neither of them spoke for a while.

Julie, make love to me. I need you, Kathie softly whispered.

Julie quietly got up and straddled Kathie. She cupped her friends face in her hand and began kissing her gently.

I love you Kathie, I love you, she whispered as her hands continued to caress her friends face.

Kathie took Julies breasts in her hands.They felt soft and wonderful. She felt Julies nipples harden under her tight embrace. She pulled her friend towards her. Their lips pressed against each other. Kathie pushed her tongue inside her mouth. Their tongues entwined and rolled against each other. She could feel Julies juices wetting her thighs. Kathie continued kneading Julies breasts, increasing her pressure with each roll of her palm.

Aah ... oohhh that feels good, moaned Julie as a shiver ran up her body.

Julie moved down and buried her head between Kathies boobs. She pressed her breasts, kissed her valley. Their legs entwined as the two friends embraced each other. Their wet pussy grinded against each other.

Oh Kathie you taste so good whispered Julie.

Twist my nipples PLEASE, Kathie hoarsely replied. She had just willingly cheated on her husband and now she was making love to her best friend. The events in her life were driving her crazy.

Kathies breasts swung to and fro to the rhythm of her friend's massage. Julie gently pressed her hands across the soft orbs of her flesh, before taking the weight of each in the palms of her hands and continued to play with them.

Kathie shivered. She stretched out her arms and pulled Julie against her big breasts and enveloped her with her soft thighs. Her hand stroked her back as she kissed her lovingly and deeply.

God, youve made me so hot. I love your young slim body. I want to make love to every inch of you. I want to show you what a womans tongue can do, said Kathie and she lowered pulled her mouth to Juies and started kissing her deeply.

As they kissed Kathies hand rested on Julies arse and she firmly squeezed her arse-cheek. She began to stroke Julies ass with her finger nails.

Julie groaned, pushing back her arse to meet her fingers. Kathie took the hint and pressed her finger into her arse hole.

Urgghh aahhyes, Kathie I love this, I love what your doing to me, dont stop - please! groaned Julie.

Kathie pushed her fingers deeper and deeper into her ass hole until she was fully accommodated. At first Kathie did not move, content to enjoy the hot wet pressure of Julie's butt hole. Then she began a slight motion, easing her finger back and forth, driving Julie to the limits of womanly pleasure.

At this point Kathie slid down the bed a little and at the same time pulled Julie up towards her, pushing her forward till Julies hands were gripping the headboard and her cunt was directly over her face.

As a woman Kathie knew just how to please Julie. She honed in on Julies clit, probing it with her tongue and gently sucking and teasing it, encouraging it to grow from her ministrations. Julie began to grind her cunt against Kathies face, clutching the bed head for support.

Yes, honey, yes, love my cunt. Give me your womans love. Ummm. I love what youre doing to me, Ive needed this for so long I want it. Oh Kathie youre making me so wet uh. Uh ... oh yesurgghh, yes yes, ahh, ahh wailed Julie.

Kathies tongue was now jabbing into Julies cunt again and again, deep into her wet and open hole. Her hands were on her arse, squeezing the cheeks, pulling Julie open for her greedy mouth.

Julies juices were flow flowing thick and fast.She began humping against Kathies tongue, enjoying the sexual release she was giving her. Her orgasm was building now and she began to scream out, arching her back as she gripped the headboard tightly.

Julie was wet and slippery. Kathie moved her fingers in and out with ease while her thumb continued to torment Julies clit.

She cried out, Oh, yes!. Oh, yes!.Oohh, yes! Dont stop! Dont stop! Im going to cum! Im going to cum! Im goingg too cummmm.! Aaaahhh. Wailed Julie in ectasy as Kathie gave a final thrust and fell upon her.

The two friends, now lovers lay on top of each other neither speaking. Their breasts were pressed together, their nipples rubbing each other. Slowly they drifted off to sleep.

Kathie awoke with a start. The sound of the early morning traffic had disturbed her sleep. She looked around. The scene was erotic. She was lying between Julie and Dave. She surveyed Daves sleeping form. His little fella looked cute. Traces of dried semen stuck to his knob.

Admiring my man?

Kathie turned around to see Julie smiling at her.

Last nite was memorable. We should do it more often, continued Julie, her eyes admiringly caressing her friends naked body.

Kathie leaned forward and kissed Julie, her left hands middle finger sliding inside Julie's slit at the same time.

For you anytime, any place honey, she replied back, her finger moving in a lazy rhythm inside her friends womanliness.

The two began to kiss passionately.

Hey, whats going on? The two turned to find Dave staring at themand then at himself.

He was speechless.

Nothing much sweetie. Kathie has been telling me all about what did go on last nite here. replied Julie with a smile.

What do you mean Julie?

I mean you are going to have a child with Kathie. Julie quietly continued.

Are you serious? Dave asked incredulously.

Julie proceeded to tell her husband what the two girls had planned together.

Dave didnt speak for some time.

You mean to say that last night I fucked Kathie and not you?

Kathie looked on demurely as Julie silently nodded her head in acknowledgement.

You should have asked me he grimly added.

And Al what does he have to say?

Its between the three of us, Kathie replied.

Oh thats greatjust great continued Dave as he made his way to the bathroom.

Kathie looked at Julie. She was concerned.She had just let another man fuck her and if it didnt work out then there was hell to pay.

Relax. Give him time to think over.I told you he has a mind of his own, said Julie.

Kathie remained quiet. She was worried.

Neither of them spoke much. Dave avoided the two of them as he hurriedly dressed and left for work.

Kathie couldnt concentrate on her work that day.

What if he backed out? mused Katie.

There were very little chances of her conceiving in just one fucking session. And if Dave refused then she wouldn't be able to forgive herself for sleeping with him.

Her reverie was cut short by a knock on her cabin door. It was Dave.

She got up graciously and led him to the adjoining couch.

He was straight forth.

Why are you doing this Kathie?

Because I love the two of you and I cannot see my closest friend going crazy. Kathie firmly replied.

Kathie had not told Dave about the episode at Figaros. But she was sure if things continued as they were then her friends marriage was gonna collapse around them in the very near future.

And Alhave you thought about him? Why are you risking your marriage for us?

Kathie took a deep breath and continued.

Dave I know the risk I am taking for the two of you. I love you two and I am prepared for the odds. We have already had sex so the line has been crossed. As far as I am concerned there is no going back. But if you refuse then I will always feel guilty about being unfaithful to Al because our fucking would just be an extra marital affair that will haunt me forever, she quietly finished and continued watching Dave with great concern.

Dave remained silent. A big frown creased his face.He just sat silent on the couch, arms crossed and his chin touching his chest.

Finally he looked up.

Kathie looked at him with trepidation.

He stood up and leaned to kiss her softly on her lips.

Thanks Kathie, thanks for giving us our child.

Kathie felt a surge of relief sweep over her body. Her face lit up. The final barrier had been crossed.

Lock the door Dave, she replied in a quiet tone. She began unbuttoning her blouse with quivering fingers. She unhooked her bra and pushed it up. Her breasts spilled out, her nipples taut with anticipation. Her hormones were on an overdrive now.

As Dave came back she pulled up her skirt around her waist and stepped out of her panty.Dave looked at her big breasts with growing admiration. He cupped them in his hands and tweaked them.

Neither spoke as Kathie unzipped his pants and pulled out his growing manhood. She took his growing cock in her palm.She watched it pulsate in her hand.It was bigger than her husbands.Kathie watched it in awe and wonderment.She opened her mouth and wrapped her lips aroud it. With a little flick of her tongue she played his cock around her mouth while gently sucking on it.Her tongue ringed his cock in one direction and then reversed to go in the other.Her fingernails tenderly scratched his balls and drew patterns across the wrinkled skin of his sac. Slowly she shifted her attention to his balls.First she licked every inch of the skin.The skin felt extraordinarily soft and silky as her tongue glided over the balls. Slowly Kathie took both the balls to her mouth ran her talented tongue from one ball to the other and back again rapidly.

Kathie sucked, bobbed and caressed Daves balls to the accompaniment of his moans. Her mouth returned to his rapidly swelling cock. Kathie began to eagerly lick up and down the sides of his prick cock. Her tongue circled the outline of his red knob, skimmed across his stiff pole and darted to his tiny cum-slit. His cock was now fully erect and pulsating. The sucks and tugs continued. She shoved his cock inside her mouth once again. Almost choking she continued her blowjob.

Aaaaah ... yeah Kathie.thats good, groaned Dave as he grasped her hair and pushed her face into his cock.

Im gonna cum baby ... he gasped.

Kathie knew what to do. She took out his cock from her mouth and parted her legs.

Inside Dave, I want you inside me, she moaned.

Dave rammed his cock inside her wet slit and began thrusting like an enraged bull.Then his buttock muscles tensed and his cock began erupting inside Kathies womb.

Oohhh.Sobbed Kathie as Dave flopped on her with a final thrust.They remained entwined as his cock continued pumping his baby seeds inside her.

Kathie I love you baby, said Dave as he helped Kathie get decent after their frantic fucking session. Kathie smiled at him and finished buttoning up her blouse and hurriedly rearranged her skirt to make herself decent.

Dave picked up her panty and cleaned his cock with it and put it inside his pocket.

They hugged each other and Dave pressed his lips against her in a tight embrace.

Come home early baby we will be waiting for you, said Dave as he finally left with a wave.

Kathie slumped into her chair. Her body was still in heat.She pressed her thighs tightly as she felt her lovers semen seeping out of her cunt.She cupped her breasts with one hand and concentrated on finishing her work.

The afternoon was drawing to a close. She looked at her watch. Anither hour or so before she could call it a day.

Kathie spread her legs wide and adjusted herself in her chair. She was feeling horny. She began cleaning the oozy mess around her inner thighs with the fabric of her skirt.

Kathie heard a knock. She looked up and gave a startled gasp

Al!!what are you doing here? was about all she managed to say as her husband entered and gave her a slow long kiss.

Just passing by baby.Thought I would stop by and see how my wife was doing, he replied with a loving smile.

Hows the insemination stuff going baby? he asked as he unbuttoned her blouse and began caressing her breasts.

Kathie stood up and hugged her husband.

Hows the treatment going? Al finally asked, his face buried in her hair.

A few more days lied Kathie.

She closed her eyes as tears began flowing down her cheeks. She felt bad.

Is it really worth it? she asked herself as the two of them continued to caress each other.

Kathie panicked as her husband began unbuttoning her blouse. Her thighs had dried semen all over!!!

HoneywaitIm not supposed totrailed of Kathie as her husband pushed her on the couch and hungrily latched on to her luscious breasts.

Oohh ... aahh ... moaned Kathie as Al began teasing her taut nipples. A warm sensation engulfed her.

Frantically Kathie reached out and unzipped her husbands pants.

Blowjob baby a blowjob is all I can promise, she said huskily, hoping to stall her husband before it was too late for her.

Uummmok I understand, Al finally mumbled and settled on the couch.

Kathie smiled back in relief and lowered her mouth on to his cock.

Thanks Al, she said quietly and placed her red painted lips on her husbands swollen knob. She gave it a kiss and began rolling her tongue over it.

In less than an hour she was having her second cock of the day.

Oh God where have I landed myself in? thought Kathie as she continued to lovingly lick her husbands shaft. Her body trembled more in despair than in hunger.

She loved her man. She had never thought it would be so difficult. But facing her husband was turning on to be an ordeal beyond imagination.

Kathie began planting slow wet kisses all over his cock. Al s body trembled. Kathie played with his balls. She started massaging them, softly squeezing them ... Al began to moan loudly. Kathie began pumping his shaft with one hand and with her other hand, she alternatively raked his balls with her fingernail and also massaged them, giving Al a wonderful sensation. She licked under the ridge of the head, but did not take the head in her mouth. Then she licked all the way down to the base of Als shaft and took her husbands balls in her mouth, one at a time and sucked on them softly. Kathie tightened her grip on the back of his leg trying to get a hold of herself. She moved her head in close, parting her luscious lips.

Kathie opened her mouth, and ran her tongue along her husband's cock head, licking the white sperm from it. She raised her hand and gripped his cock shaft tightly. She tugged on it, moving her hand back and forth, more pre-cum appeared on the tip and again she shot her tongue out and licked away the white droplets. It was feeling great. Next she engulfed his shaft entirety into her mouth, deep-throating him. Al whole shaft was now inside her mouth.

Aahhh moaned Al as she slowly started to lick the head while it was still in her mouth, ringing around the ridge, flickering at the pee hole. Then she started to move towards the top and suck gently. She slowly moved Al thick cock in and out of her mouth in long strokes, sucking softly and in the spots, which she knew he liked best. Her husband started to grow even bigger in her mouth.

Then she felt him tense.

Oohh groaned Al as his cock shot his load in his wifes mouth. Kathie swallowed the spurts of white semen, her mouth never stopping its manipulations.

Missing you a lot dear said Al as he caressed his wife after their love making. He saw some cum dribbling down her lips to her chin and smiled. It was making her look all the sexier.

I am lucky to be your man, he fondly said.

Kathie dumbly nodded her head. By now she was an emotional wreck. She watched her husband get decent.

Honey I have some work to finish before I leave for the clinic, she mumbled, unable to meet his eyes.

Clinic? What a lie!! She was gonna go home early for an all nite fucking session with Dave

Al gave her a quick hug.

"Don't worry about the kids. We are doing fine." he said as he let himself out.

Kathie rushed into the bathroom and broke into tears. She had her husbands cum in her mouth and her lover's seeds in her pussy. Her body was sending her all kinds of crisscrossed signals. She could sense her clit throbbing as visuals of her multiple fucking flashed across her eyes. But at the same time a numbness was growing inside her as she realized the enormity of her deceit.

She shook her head sadly and closed her files. She was going home now. And then she knew what was gonna happen.

Kathie gave her friend a tired smile as Julie wrapped her arms around Kathie and took her inside. Just the other day the two had been enticing Dave in bikinis and now well no more games were required.

Dave came across and kissed her on her lips. Kathie responded.

Dave ... she gasped in surprise as he began undressing her in the living room.

Ssshh. He said with a smile as her skirt fell around her feets.

Party time, called out Julie.

Kathie turned around and smiled. Julie was stark naked.She held a tray loaded with drinks. Julie offered her a glass. As she sipped her drink, Julie undressed Dave.

Kathie flushed on seeing Dave's semi erect cock. He was a handsome man.

The three made their way to the bedroom and settled on the bed. After a few more drinks Kathie began to relax. She watched Dave kissing his wife, his hands kneading her breasts.

Kathie crawled on her hands and knees, waving her fabulous ass as she went. She went to the middle of the bed and stopped. She pulled a pillow to herself, hugging it as she held ass up in the air, offering it to Dave.

The rear view of her ass and cunt was magnificent. Her tight, puckered, brown asshole winking at Dave and her pink cunt lips, parted like petals of a flower dappled in dew was incredible.

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