Battlemage: Book 9 - Glimpses Into Tomorrow
Chapter 1

The City of Terrace Holdings was once a hustling and bustling city on the rise.

Just last season it had moved from being a large town to a city of almost 30,000, because it was one of the few cities that could to make the conversion from a small burg to a trading city. What helped was that while it was close enough to a harbor town, it wasn't close enough that you could just by pass it and head on to the next town.

You would need to stop to restock or trade items depending on where you were headed.

Because of that it was one of the few cities that boasted having everything you needed no matter which way you were headed.

Today it is a ghost town.

All who once lived there are now dead.

No one really knows what happened for sure, and although it seemed like it happened overnight, it took just over two weeks before every living man, woman, child, pet, livestock, and crop died. They all seemed to drop dead in groups so fast that a pattern couldn't be discovered before there was no one left.

Other than the buildings, there was now nothing left living anywhere.

Of the few people that went to investigate only the ones who decided to stay no longer than two days managed to make it back alive. But no one had figured out what was going on.

So far the town was in quarantine until someone could figure out what was happing there.

Ayden Griffith and Michael Griffith were getting ready for a three month vacation from the mage academy.

They were so far ahead of their studies that they decided to extend their leave of absence from the normal two weeks into a full three month quarter.

The two of them had bypassed every previous chance at a trip home over the last five seasons to dedicate their time solely to their studies. They doubled and tripled up on classes in some cases, always taking the same classes as the other, so that they could help each other out and train together.

Right at this moment they were both full sixth circle mages in all schools and working on beginning their seventh circle. The school was proud of them because it was unheard in their history for any of their students to be so young or to be so advanced.

Most mages didn't hit sixth circle in one school until their thirties, and even then it was long after they had left the school. But to have an eighteen season old and a seventeen season old to reach it was something for the books at the academy

Ayden and Michael were both ecstatic and depressed at the same time.

They were ecstatic because at their current rate of growth they expected to master the seventh circle in the next four to five seasons and the full eighth circle in the next five to six after that.

They were expected to be full Archmages in all circles by the time they reached thirty, if not before.

That again would be phenomenal, as the most mages didn't reach seventh until almost their fifties and sixties and very, very, few were expected to ever go beyond that with a single school, let alone all five schools. But the two of them clearly demonstrated the power and ability to master it.

But they were depressed because while they were setting records at the school, their aunt Rayne set an unbreakable record with the mages guild for reaching Archmage status at an unprecedented and unbelievable thirteen and their fathers reached it respectively at fourteen each. But she was by far the youngest to have ever done it.

The only reason their grandfather reached it in his late twenties was that he had a late start on his training or else he would have possibly broken his daughter's record easily. Instead of holding onto the record in his twenties until it was broken by her.

Coming from an exceptional family they hoped to carry on the tradition of doing the unthinkable, but the best they could do with all their hard work was achieve their goals as young men. But it was still better than never, as the vast majority of mages were often faced with.

As they left the latest lecture hall and quickly headed down a side hallway that was rarely used, they smiled at their friends, just before they turned off and tried to quickly escape so they could get to their room to pack.

But today that wasn't to be the case.

They could see the stunning Wendy and her equally gorgeous friend Samantha definitely headed their way up the small empty hallway, and as much as they wanted to quickly turn and run the other way, they didn't want to offend them and look like they were running from them.

Wendy and Samantha were each completely gorgeous, they were very powerful young mages, and they knew it.

Not to mention that they wouldn't ever be caught dead using a glamour spell for any reason, unlike some of the other girls, to enhance their incredible looks. At present they were both full fourth circle mages in all five schools with one skill each in fifth.

The rumor was that during their first season they dated their way through all the upper classmen for the sole purpose of proving that they could have any boy of their choice, and did.

That's not to say they were a couple of sluts, because they were particular who they were with or seen with, and they had waited just over two seasons until they were sixteen before they started sleeping with anyone on campus.

It was also a known fact that they didn't have boyfriends for a reason, as they felt that there were too many available guys out there that they hadn't met yet.

But all that seemed to change when Ayden and Michael came to the school.

The boys were different than almost all other mages.

Their grandmother Brianna wouldn't hear of them not training just because they were mages. So she put them through the same physical training everyday along with the girls. As such they were above average in physical development.

While they would never be considered muscle bound, they soon sported obvious muscle and could handle a few different weapons even though they would never beat the girls of their family with one.

Their obvious choice was a staff by preference even though they could also use a sword fairly well. They were capable of beating slightly above average fighters easily, but those really above average would always give them problems.

Since they had learned the basics of how to make ice weapons from their uncle/father Jaden, they didn't need to carry anything if they didn't have too. Now with more power than when they first learned from him, and better skills, they could make them almost as well as he could.

They still trained daily to keep up their tone and skills because if they knew their grandmother, and they did quite well, they knew she would test them as soon as she next saw them again.

The academy staff loved them because they seemed to always be helpful, cleaned up well after themselves and always volunteered to help any staff member in a time of need. Some of the female instructors had to work very hard at remembering to not try and take advantage of those two boys in their care.

But those two girls, Wendy and Samantha, at that time usually ignored almost all of the boys who were first season students because for one they were younger than they were, and most students started at the school at fourteen or fifteen unless you proved you were powerful enough to get special compensation. But thirteen was the youngest you could apply.

While Ayden was thirteen when he was accepted his birthday was shortly after he arrived so it wasn't an issue for any.

Michael was the youngest ever to be accepted because he was already demonstrating power and skill that would match most third or fourth season students. And since his birthday was also a few months after he was accepted, it wasn't really a big issue either.

But it wasn't until those two girls came past the first season academy's welcoming party a few months after they arrived, since they really had nothing else better to do anyway, that they thought to see what had arrived lately.

It was then that they saw the boys partying in just their swimming trunks and hamming it up with the other first season students at the welcome party that got their attention.

Also at this time both boys had already caught the eye of quite a few female co-eds with their matching thick curly brown hair and dimples. Early in life it was very wavy and lightly curly but at some point their hair seemed to turn into large thick curls on them.

All the girls seemed to want to run their fingers through it as the passed them in the halls.

Ayden had deep brown eyes that had golden flecks in them, exactly like his mother and sister, eyes that all the girls seemed to get lost in. His quick wit and sense of humor was also another draw. It was easy to see he got his personality from his mother.

His cousin Michael, and best friend, had soft baby blue eyes like his mother that all girls raved about. Michael often was found to be the most serious of the pair. He would ponder before he spoke and tried to consider all options. That wasn't to say he wasn't fun or could have a good time, but he weighed everything before he spoke.

As the girls were looking over all the new boys, it also wasn't hard to understand that the build of the two of them was the first thing that caught their eyes and they knew that they would soon have to take them out for a test drive to see how they felt.

Most of the other mages at the school were more on the slight slender side, so suddenly now having access to a pair of semi muscular and rugged boys, who were mages to boot, was something of a draw for them.

They found them very interesting from that point forward.

Even though both girls were just fourteen at the time, they were already very experienced in the art of manipulating men and very sure of themselves in getting both men and boys to do what they wanted.

They felt that since the boys were obviously virgins they would be easy picking for a couple of older, more worldly and experienced girls, who were also considered a pair of the most attractive girls on campus, and who only needed to show a tiny bit of interest in them to have them panting after them like all the other males on site.

Even though at the time they both also hadn't had sex yet, but they were very good at getting what they wanted.

The two of them felt because they weren't from a major city that they must not have had any real experience with girls and all they needed was to bat their eyes and the boys would be putty in their hands doing whatever menial task they wanted, just so both girls would pay them some attention.

Here it was now five seasons later and they were still trying to get the boys to take them up on those various offers when they were presented by them. The girls were due to graduate this season and they wanted to ensure they had everything sewn up before then.

If they thought the competition was fierce for the boys before when the other girls only got a good look at their features, it was only during the time when most of the school didn't either remember or recognize their surname.

But later when the rest of the student body found out that their grandfather was the famous Battlemage, their aunt was one, and their fathers were both Battlemages, their stock suddenly went up.

Almost everyone had already heard of their aunt "The Red Dragon", but strangely no one put it together until the boys admitted to who they were one day during questioning.

When their grandfather, as a mage, did what was never before thought possible, and killed a Dragon using a magical spell, once again their stock went up.

As a truly magical creature, a Dragon's magic normally just either caused it to absorb magic or made it bounce off them. The potential to do that as well made the boys even more in high demand as the girls noticed their grades and power climbing at an unprecedented rate.

Every female wanted to be the next one in the family line. They wanted to be with the children of someone so powerful and famous. All the girls were sure the two of them would be somebody's as well.

But these two girls always figured that they were the most obvious choice for the boys to choose as not only were they the most attractive, they also weren't far behind Ayden and Michael in the schools combined academics and power gauging.

Because the school ranked all students regardless of season or time spent on campus, the day they entered both Ayden and Michael ranked in the bottom 20% in their first testing because they had no real academics scores to balance out their power and so they greatly lagged behind everyone else.

That steadily changed and by the third season when they were ranked first and second, and that was by a hair thin margin that Ayden always beat out his cousin. Sometimes as little as a point was the difference.

The girls Wendy and Samantha were always ranked third and fourth respectively behind them every time. Before the boys arrived they were the ones who were ranked first and second. Though they were often accused of earning their grades on their backs, which never had been the case.

Even if the boys weren't who they were, or related to who they were related to, the girls would have noticed them by those factors alone.

They always found power very sexy.

But the boys wouldn't go along with their program.

They only spent their time in groups with other guys and girls. They danced and vary rarely partied, and if they did it was always very lightly because they rose early to practice their physical combat skills. They refused to drink alcohol even if they did party, because they didn't like the taste and for no other reason than that.

And they never paired off with a girl for any reason.

It was a known fact around the campus that they didn't double or single date at all, and they most certainly didn't sleep with anyone. And if they decided to hang out with a girl when invited to go somewhere as a group, it was only if the girl understood that it was only to be as friends.

They both wanted no misunderstandings from anyone.

A few girls managed to sneak a kiss or two out of the two of them regardless of what they said, and sometimes a few girls even got in some deep intense kissing out of them, but they wouldn't ever go any further than that with anyone no matter what they tried.

Of course it upset Wendy and Samantha that they were never one of the girls who ever got any type of kiss out of those boys, and the boys wanted to keep it that way. The boys both knew that they would turn it into far more than they were comfortable with and so they avoided all entanglements with them.

And that frustrated both of the girls to no end.

They were used to men and boys trying and fighting hard to get the two of them to notice them. While they didn't let any dust settle on them while they waited, and they continued to date and sleep with others they found both available and attractive, they were always determined that Ayden and Michael were going to notice them.

And today was the day they were going to make that happen.

Knowing that spring break was coming up, they both assumed that the boys again wouldn't be going anywhere as usual, as it was a known fact that they studied season round. The girls felt sure that the two of them would again try to crank out some extra work for an advance class or two so that they could gain even more knowledge.

This season however would be different for them, as the two girls made plans to take each of them to their respective home cities and introduce them to their families as their soon husbands to be.

Nothing would be formal until they graduated of course, as they still had this season left to still play around with any other new boys that might catch their eyes, but they would get a commitment from those two boys and sew them up so no other girl could take them away from them.

To do this, they planned to get them so wound up that they wouldn't know what happened and of course they would sleep with them to endear them to themselves.

They felt sure once they had the boys around their finger then they would agree to anything, including letting them having a few more experiences with other males before they tied the knot.

But in all the girls were really just tired of the boys resisting, and today instead of all the hints and innuendos they used in the past, they would blatantly say what they intended to do to them. When the charm came out they expected the boys to fall at their feet.

They had a plan that they felt was foolproof, as it was one that had never failed when used in the past before on other males.

Wendy was a busty yet petite blond with large luscious curls that cascaded down her back in large ringlets. Her green eyes and her long eye lashes were something that most males on the campus dreamed of at nights. She had a way where it seemed that all she needed to do was slowly bat them and it made almost any man hard.

The only thing that seemed to be more impressive than those eyes were the full puckered lips, which were heart shaped, and looked like they were always begging to be kissed.

Her breasts, while they weren't extremely large, they were so much more than a handful and her small frame made them look very full and matched it perfectly. She had a heart shaped butt and long full legs that went up to her neck. She was about five foot five.

Her friend Samantha, or Sam as Wendy liked to call her, was an attractive brunette whose hair was layered and reached well behind her to her hips. Her brown eyes often flashed and she had a quick smile for anyone. She also had similarly full heart shaped lips.

Where Wendy had smaller breasts than her, Sam had very large breasts which almost bordered on the extreme and they were very hard to miss. She had a hard body complete with a small waist from all the exercise she put herself through to balance out her rounded heart shaped hips.

She felt if she didn't workout daily she would get fat, and as such she was very fit compared to other girls with toned and well formed legs to complete the picture. She was about five foot seven.

But today the two of them were dressed in very tight short mini skirts that were a good six to seven inches above their knees. Wendy picked a shiny black one and Sam a black and blue pen striped one. They both appeared to be wearing sheer white stockings on their legs.

On the two of them it was already a hard to miss picture, but they were wearing high heeled shoes that had five inch heels on them. It made their walk take on an exaggerated swagger and their legs looked even more incredible than they normally did.

Wendy had on a sleeveless white blouse with thin shoulder straps that showcased her nice chest and Sam a blue one that had light flowered sleeves that couldn't hide her breasts if it tried, as it stretched tightly across them.

Both blouses looked to have been painted on their bodies. As they slowly walked towards the boys you could feel the hunger coming from them directed at their intended targets.

As they approached Ayden inwardly groaned and resisted the urge to roll his eyes as he was sure Michael was doing the same.

They couldn't miss the attention the girls were often giving them, as they usually appeared out of nowhere to try and corner them no matter where or who they were with, and they worked hard to come up with excuses that were sometimes just short of being rude.

The two boys often wondered how they got any studying done as every time they turned around almost, there were those two girls.

You'd have to be blind not to have noticed that they had interest in both of them, and the boys weren't blind.

But they didn't like how either of them used all the other boys. That grated on them both and fueled their desire to stay away from them.

They could clearly see how often those girls played with all the different boys they came in contact with, and it felt sometimes as if the girls thought that all the boys in the world were only there for their own personal pleasure or diversion, and to be honest they didn't really respect either girl for that callous attitude.

But their grandfather had always told them if he ever heard that they were rude to any female, regardless of who they were, without first trying to be nice to them, he'd have their intestines for garters. And they were sure he was serious.

So they had tried hard not to be rude to anyone for any reason for so long since they were children, that now it just became second nature. Over time they thought that might be what their grandfather was after.

But these two wouldn't seem to take "no" for an answer.

They couldn't count the number of boys, and a rumored professor or two lately, over the last five seasons since they had come on campus that had fallen into their trap and eventual bed.

And those same guys later took months to eventually get over the fact that they weren't really that important to these girls. Regardless of what those girls said and did to get those guys at the time, they later dropped them without a second thought.

It always seemed to crush the guy that they left behind, but the girls never seemed to care as they went on to the next in line on their list, who always appeared to be stupidly standing there with his tongue hanging out awaiting his turn. Nothing anyone told those guys seemed to register until they experienced the pain of being dropped.

Every one of them thought they were the one and that the girls really wanted to be with them and every one of them was sorely disappointed.

The girls felt that that spending time with them, and sometimes later sleeping with that guy, was payment enough and they didn't let it bother them what happened afterwards.

Half the time both boys thought about just having sex with them at least once so that they would go away and leave them alone, but they weren't sure if that would even do it. But if they were really sure that it would make them go away, they could almost convinced themselves to do it.

But then they would remember the promise they made to their parents about waiting until they were married. Both of their mothers had told them the story of almost being raped and having their fathers come save them since they were children. They never wanted to force any woman or put themselves in the position of having their motives questioned.

And since they really didn't let themselves go too far with any girl for any reason it was pretty easy to be able to resist doing what they hadn't ever done yet.

Today though, it was obvious that it wasn't going to be that easy and they really wanted to get away as soon as possible so they could get started for their destination.

It was easy to get admissions to let them leave for a quarter semester with their grades and because they were so far ahead of all of the others in their class, but they had at least two weeks of travel to even reach their destination and they had no idea if everyone would even be there once they reached it.

"So boys where are you two headed off to in such a rush?" asked Wendy in her low and sultry way when she stopped inches right in front of them.

That soft sultry voice alone had caused more than one man or boy to give her just about anything she asked for.

"Hey Wendy, hey Samantha. We're just headed back to our dorm," said Ayden with his dimpled smile as he tried to give a warm greeting he didn't feel.

He saw Wendy lightly shiver as she held his eyes as he spoke, but he was sure it was because she was barely dressed.

Ayden was wrong though.

As she recalled how he looked when she last saw him without his shirt on, during the phys-ed class when she spied on him, that smile stepped her determination up a notch. She was sure once she got him in bed with her she wasn't ever letting him go. With her experience he would be a quivering mess once she was done.

"You two normally don't have any plans for breaks so we thought you might like to come and visit our homes and maybe meet our families. Wendy thought Ayden might like to see hers and I thought Michael could come and visit mine," said Samantha with her own soft voice.

Samantha had a way of softly speaking that made you believe she was so innocent that the rumors about her couldn't possibly be true. Even her shy smile always looked to carry that same belief of innocence.

That was unless you knew her and all her antics of course, as both boys already did.

"Thanks for the offer, but we thought we'd like to visit our family this time around. No one has come up to visit one way or the other since we got here, and other than letters we've not seen any of them in a while," said Michael with his own deep dimpled smile.

Michael watched Samantha's smile get bigger as he smiled at her and her eyes looked to be trying to devour his. He was sure her look took on the edge of a predator before she quickly reined it in.

That look from her made him shiver, as he tried not to draw away from her and flee. The look of a wolf eyeing sheep looking for the plumpest one to take flashed through his mind's eye.

Michael didn't ever want to sleep with her if he could help it.

Almost as if they sensed it before it happened both of the boys casually stepped backwards as Michael finished speaking, almost as the girls shifted their weight to step forward and touch them.

The girls noticed that they did and so they didn't move.

The girls then looked at each other with a sidelong glance and shared a secret smile. They thought they might need a little coaxing, and they had already planned for it.

Looking around Samantha was satisfied that there wasn't anyone that could see what they were planning to do and she looked over at Wendy and slightly nodded.

As one they closed their eyes for a moment and then opened them.

Suddenly the boys were facing two women in only high heels, stockings, and garter belts. There was no other underwear or outer clothing to be seen on them. That appearance really made the boys stop and swallow hard for a moment at the sight.

What little clothing that they usually wore, that wasn't already so tight on them, barely hid what their bodies looked like, just giving an impression as to the general shape. But now that they weren't really wearing any valid covering between them, it was easy to see why they broke the hearts of so many of the men who were with them.

Their nipples alone were the stuff of legends traded around the boy's dorm, as they now both looked puffy, long, angry, and red.

One couldn't stop themselves from letting their minds wonder to what they could do with, and too, the both of them when they were like this.

Michael was still trying to put his eyes back in his head as Ayden thought for a moment before he frowned. He couldn't believe he didn't realize that they were dressed in only a spell today and not in clothing. This wasn't something he would normally miss.

But what really started to upset him was he was sure they were still playing games with him and Michael, as they did all males they came across. He was sure that they were only trying this hard because they were something that they couldn't have.

"Girls while we appreciate the offer we can't take you up on it. We're leaving in a few minutes and if we don't get a move on we'll be late. We'll eventually be back, but we really have to leave..." said Ayden as he started, but Wendy, moving very fast while he was still somewhat confused by her somewhat lack of attire, was now tightly pressed up against him before he realized it. She had her head in his chest and her arms around his body.

"You know, you now have me right where you want me and it's not that hard to see where we could take this. Before you head back to your dorm to pack and leave on vacation, you should at the very least escort us ladies to our room," said Wendy in her sultry voice as she looked up and slowly batted her eyes.

She felt Ayden's lower body respond to this while her body was still molded tightly against him, so she knew that at the very least he found her desirable. She had that going for her and it was something she was very use to working with.

Michael should have been paying more attention to what was going on around him, and not looking at, or being surprised by, what Wendy was trying to do with Ayden, because half a second later Samantha was now squeezing up against him as well.

At six foot one they both were able to look over the girl's heads and shared a look.

They were now trying to figure away out of this that didn't include escorting them to any room where they could then be cornered by them even more while the girls were almost naked.

While Michael liked the soft feel of Samantha against him, he too didn't feel like being just another number in her book. Even if she was remotely serious about him, he was bothered by the sheer number of how many of his friends and people he directly knew that she had already had sex with.

She might not care how many it was, but that was a real concern of his. Sleeping around with a very large number of people wasn't something he admired in either men or women.

Before either could speak they could hear someone starting down the hallway where they were. It wouldn't take them long to find them with two almost naked girls in their arms even though they now held their arms up and away from the girls bodies.

As the girls heard the sounds they stepped back and quickly reapplied the clothing spell and looked to see who it was. Whoever it was almost came to the mouth of the hallway before they turned back the way they came and left.

Sighing a sigh of relief the girls turned back around to do it again and ... the boys were gone!

They took that opportunity to make themselves invisible, quickly squeeze past the girls, and make a run for it!

Frowning the girls were very upset that they were gone, but not in what they felt from the bodies of the boys as they saw how they were dressed and had pressed up against them. They clearly felt their members, and thought they could be two of the largest they had ever been with.

Now more than ever they were determined to break them in before anyone else had the chance. No other girl would ever have the benefit of experiencing those boys.

If they couldn't do it before break then they started making plans on what to do after they returned. They would stop just short of physical or magical rape by trying to magically compel them if it came down to it, but if they had to get them drunk a later claim it was their idea that would work too. Those two were theirs!

They smiled as they started making their plans for after break.

"Oh my god! We got saved," said Ayden with his trademark smile as they fled the hall.

"Tell me about it. That was the first time I had a naked woman grab me like that. You know they aren't going to stop," said Michael with a frown.

"Well let's worry about it when we return. I want to see how our sisters are getting along. It's been a while and I'm curious how guild life is treating them," said Ayden still smiling as they headed for their dorm.

They had been sent money to purchase horses seasons back when the girls got theirs, but they just saved it.

Now they planned to use it to travel to where the girls were to visit. Afterwards they planned to visit their home and see their parents before they came back to the academy.

No one knew that they were leaving to go and visit them, and they wanted to keep it that way to make it a surprise for everyone.

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