Battlemage: Book 9 - Glimpses Into Tomorrow


Tags: Ma/Fa, Romantic, Mind Control, Magic, Fiction, Science Fiction, Slow, .

Desc: Fantasy Story: When the Sisters of the Sacred Blade are contracted to perform what was to be a “simple” job it was the girl’s turn in the rotation to be sent out. It was only supposed to be an easy support and delivery mission. But when you’re the children of Battlemages nothing is ever “that” simple……

Authors Notes:

There are 12 chapters to this book.

I would like to thank "Shadowsaint67" for taking the time to proofread for me, "Audience" for story editing and story flow (any errors found were made by my 'tinkering' after he sent it back), and "BZ" for conceptual design of the characters and storyline direction.

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Ma/Fa / Romantic / Mind Control / Magic / Fiction / Science Fiction / Slow /