The Purse

by Just Plain Bob

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Heterosexual, Cheating, .

Desc: Sex Story: She walked off and left it behind.

I knew the fridge was empty so I made a shopping list during my afternoon break and on the way home from work I stopped at Safeway. I grabbed a cart, hit the courtesy counter to get my lottery tickets for that nights drawing and then headed for the produce section.

I am not a picky shopper. I know what I'm after so I pretty much grab and go. I'm not one to pick up a head of lettuce or a green pepper and roll it around in my hands minutely inspecting it before dropping it in my cart. The exception of course is eggs. I always — always! — open the carton and check to make sure that none of them are broken.

I'd picked up the makings for a salad and was pushing my caret over toward the fruit when I saw her. She was standing next to the tomatoes and she had one in her hand and was checking it out like her life depended on its being absolutely flaw free. She was pretty. Not a raving beauty, but not bad to look at from the waist up. But from the waist down? Oh my fucking God! I was instantly in heat.

My major turn ons have always been legs, nylons and high heels. She was fairly tall, maybe five eight, and it looked like four feet of that was leg. She had on a skirt that fell to just below the knee and she was wearing hose and heels and not just any old heels, but the super sexy heels that don't seem to be much more than a collection of very thin leather straps attached to a sole and supported by a four inch heel. It was the kind of shoe worn by a woman who knew she had great legs and wanted to show them off.

My plan to get in, get what I needed and get out suddenly changed. I rarely got to see what this girl was showing and I decided that I was going to take my time shopping and do it not too far away from where she was doing hers. For the next twenty-five minutes I was never more than ten feet away from her as we wandered up and down the aisles. I ended up with far more in my cart that I had planned on getting, but I had to at least make the pretense of shopping as I followed her around and feasted on the visual treat she presented.

When it was time to head for the check out stands she got in a faster one than I did and I saw her walk out of the store as my checker took her time in ringing me up. I figured that I had seen the last of my leggy beauty. I had never seen her around before so the odds were that I wouldn't likely see her again.

I finally cleared the checkout stand and pushed my cart out of the store and toward my car and I saw her again. She was parked about six cars beyond mine and she was unloading her cart into the trunk of her car. She was putting the last bag into the trunk as I started down the parking aisle toward her. She walked away from her cart, got in the car and drove off. I saw that she had left her purse in the small fold down tray that is in the shopping cart and I hollered at her and waved my arms to try and stop her, but she kept on going.

I got her purse from her cart, loaded my groceries into my car and then turned to go back into the store and turn the purse in at the courtesy counter, but first I decided to look in the purse and check out the girls drivers license to see if she lived close enough to me that I could contrive some way to see more of her. Just as soon as I had that thought it occurred to me that I had the means to see more of her right in my hands. To hell with taking it to the counter, I'd deliver it to her.

I knocked on the door to apartment 3A and waited. I figured that she was home because I saw the car she had loaded her groceries into in the parking lot. It never occurred to me until after I'd knocked that the girl might not be single. Maybe some humongous hairy dude would answer the door. I guess it didn't matter since I could hand the purse to him just as easily as I could hand it to her, but a big hairy dude was not what I had hoped to see as I drove over.

I saw the light coming through the security peep hole go away so I knew someone was on the other side of the door. I heard the security chain rattle — putting it on or taking it off I wondered — and then the door opened about six inches and I saw that it was the former. The girl looked through the gap at me and said:

"You're the creep who followed me through the store."

"Yeah, that was me."

"You better get out of here before I call the cops and turn you in for stalking me."

"I don't think that you want to do that. They might ask me why I'm here and that could be bad for you."

"Bad for me?"

"Yeah honey; very, very bad for you. They would ask me why I was here" and I lifted up her purse and showed it to her, "and I would tell them that you left your purse in your shopping cart and I brought it here to you. Then one of them — they travel in pairs you know — would say "Is that her purse?" and I would say yes and he would put out his hand for it so he could open it, look inside for your license to verify my story and that it was indeed your purse. He would be looking for your driver's license, but he would find the same thing I did when I looked. Now I have no experience in these things so I'm willing to believe that the little cellophane bags full of white stuff are powdered sugar that you carry with you because you don't like to put granular sugar in your coffee or tea, but the fuzz may not be so trusting. That is also the reason that I didn't turn the purse in at the store. They more than likely would have looked for your license to call you and tell you they had your purse, but they just might have called the cops.

"I'm a leg lover honey and looking at your gorgeous pins as you walked around the store made my day and for that reason alone I don't want to see you headed for a jail cell."

I handed her the purse through the partially opened door and said, "Best be a little more careful with it honey. The next guy that finds it might not be near as nice."

I turned and walked away without a back word glance. Fantastic legs and sexy high heels were not near enough to get me to spend time with someone who used what I found in her purse. Noooo thank you!

Two months later I was at a retirement party for Mark Whipple who had been my boss for the last seven years when I saw Adrianna again (I remembered her name from her driver's license) and I wondered who she had come to the party with. She obviously knew how great an asset her legs were because she was showing them off by wearing a short skirt and four inch heels. She was talking to Mark when I walked into the room and she saw me almost as soon as I saw her. She said something to Mark and he turned and looked at me and then went back to talking with her. I couldn't help but wonder what was up with that.

I walked over to the bar and ordered a vodka tonic and then set out to socialize and mingle. After I'd been there maybe twenty minutes Mark came up to me and said:

"You need to watch yourself Rob."

"Why is that boss?"

"You have caught the attention of my niece Adrianna. She asked me all about you. If she comes at you be careful."

"Why would she come at me?"

"No idea, but she did show an interest. Be careful son; she can be pretty overwhelming at times."

I was thinking "Don't I know it" as he walked away and I remembered what I'd found in her purse. I spent another hour socializing and then I got my coat and got ready to leave. The coat check girl was handing me my coat when I heard:

"You were really going to leave without saying hi to me?"

I turned and saw Adrianna standing there. "Why would I say hi to you? The last time I saw you you called me a creep and threatened to call the cops on me. What was I supposed to do? Walk up to you and say "Hi. Called the cops on anybody lately?" I don't think so."

"Oh come on. Cut me some slack here. Put yourself in my position. A man follows you around for almost half an hour in a store and then shows up at your apartment and knocks on your door. You would have had the same thoughts I did and don't forget that you didn't let me know that you were returning my purse until after you had me thinking that you were a stalker."

"Oh yes; your purse. How could I forget your purse. Why would a one hundred percent straight arrow like myself want to speak to the kind of person who had what you had in your purse?"

"Maybe the person isn't the kind of person you think she is. Maybe you could buy this person a cup of coffee at the Denny's on the corner and give her a chance to tell you all about what you saw."

I looked at her for a couple of seconds and thought "Why not? What could it hurt" and so I told her that I would meet her at the Denny's in five minutes.

"I'll go with you. I came with my Uncle Mark and I've already told him that you will be giving me a ride home."

"That was taking a hell of a chance."

"I didn't think so. Any guy trying to keep me out of jail because he liked my legs would seem like a safe bet. Besides, you wouldn't want to disappoint my Uncle Mark would you?"

On the ride to the restaurant I found out that she had lived with Mark from the time she was twelve until she got married. He was her only living relative when her parents were killed in an accident and he took her in and raised her.

"You are married?"

"Divorced. You?"

"Was, but it was many long years ago."

"You over her? It took me a long time to get over him."

"If the attachment was that strong why did it end?"

"He had forsaking all other issues."

"Forsaking all other issues?"

"In that he didn't. When he didn't forsake my Cousin Beth I ended it. How about you?"

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