Too Close to the Church

by SW MO Hermit

Caution: This contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, NonConsensual, Heterosexual, Cheating, Group Sex, Orgy, Oral Sex, .

Desc: : This story is not for everyone. I took an actual case that occurred in a town near where I used to live and expanded on it. A minister misuses his position and seduces married church women. The husbands discover this and take retribution.

My wife and I both went to church occasionally when we were children but by the time we were young parents we had stopped. We both worked long hours and many weeks had substantial overtime so church was one of the things that we stopped doing. As the years passed and the children came-first John, our only son, then two years later our beautiful twin girls Marilyn and Caroline our lives became more and more busy. One of the things that also went by the wayside was the wonderful full days Sarah and I spent in bed loving one another. I really can't remember when I first noticed the "death" of our love life and the arrival of it's alleged replacement-the "quickie" but it was all brought to my attention with the arrival of a new minister to our community church.

We never noticed when he arrived but over a short period of time more and more of our friends began talking about him and the wonderful changes he had made in the church's services to the flock. He was very energetic, getting out and meeting the community and families, inviting everyone to services and church social gatherings. In short, he appeared to be what a minister was supposed to be-a shepherd of the flock. For some reason, I was one of the people-mostly men-that weren't impressed with him. Maybe it was the way he talked to me when he visited our home, maybe it was the way he eyeballed my then 16 year old daughters, maybe it was the way he touched my wife and the innuendo I thought I detected in his conversations with her and many other wives in the flock. Whatever the cause, just by my dislike of him he had began driving a wedge between Sarah and myself.

One of the first things the right Reverend Samuel Daugherty did was to begin to troll the local bars and watering holes for members of the community and his flock that were in danger of slipping from the fold. I remember the first time Sarah came home on a Friday night after he had caught her out with some of the women she worked with. She was embarrassed and for some reason, she seemed more receptive to my amorous advances that night. I do know she was home nearly three hours earlier than normal. In addition to keeping the flock on the straight and narrow by visiting the bars, he began to build his flock by enticing people he met in the bars to come to church.

At first I and some of the other disgruntled husbands thought it was strange that most of the new members of the flock were young and good looking men and women but then we rationalized that would of course be the case as that was who mainly went to the popular bars and clubs he trolled for sinners. We just sort of accepted this and ignored it. Now don't get me wrong, we didn't notice this immediately because most of us almost never attended services. I did notice that after she was seeing Reverend Daugherty at the bars, Sarah began attending services more and more frequently. I really didn't like this much because Sunday morning had been one of the times we still took our time and made love instead of caught a quickie. When I complained I caught hell so I occasionally went to church with her to appease her.

I can't say I thought he was a good preacher or that I was becoming more "religious" but as time progressed I began to pay more attention to the services. It seemed to me Reverend Daugherty spent a lot of time on love and sex and the female's duty to men and rather less time on sin and general biblical education. After the first year, the reverend began to really push his Ladies Bible Study classes. These classes were held Tuesday and Friday mornings. He also held classes for men who wanted to become Lay Ministers. The purposes of these classes were two fold-better understanding of the word of God and so he would have well educated members of the flock to help him bring more sinners into the church. We found out he was expecting members of both classes to go to the bars with him Friday and Saturday nights to recruit.

By the time these classes were formed, my wife had begun attending church regularly three times a week. I must admit I didn't take it well when she told me she intended to attend bible study and help him bring sinners into the church. By now, I was beginning to wonder what was really going on. Those of us from the community that were members of the church were a small minority and had little say now in the whole operation. I will admit, the membership was now nearly three times what it was before but I didn't like most of the new members. The men were cocky and seemed to treat most of the ladies husbands with contempt. Most of the new female members seemed to remind me of sluts trying to show a good side of themselves.

I asked Sarah how she thought she could attend the Bible study classes since she worked and was informed "Samuel" had thought of that. He scheduled them for 6:30 a.m. so working members could attend and still get to work on time. I asked her about feeding the children their breakfast and getting them off to school and she got huffy with me. Sarah said, "It won't hurt you at all to be more helpful around the house and to see the children are fed least two mornings a week. Besides, I am trying to better myself and get right with the Lord. If you really cared about me you would support my efforts more."

I was surprised at that response. I thought I had been supporting her. Just to test the waters, I said, "I've been thinking about attending the Lay Minister's classes myself. I think I could make a good assistant and maybe that way we could spend more quality time together."

Sarah got a frightened look for a moment, and then put her hand on my arm softly. She said, "I'm sorry Don but the Tuesday and Friday morning classes are by invitation only. Samuel only wants members who he thinks have the potential to recruit others. If you are serious about wanting to be a Lay Minister and want to attend these classes I can put your name down to attend one that was planned for Saturday afternoons later in the spring. That class is supposed to be open to the entire membership."

Once again, I made no comment and accepted Sarah's plans. As the weeks rolled by I began to have second thoughts about Sarah's classes. She began to change a lot and to me the change wasn't for the better. She wasn't any more knowledgeable about the bible either as far as I could tell. By the end of the third month I felt Sarah was beginning to treat me with some contempt. Our sex life had taken a turn for the worse. Now, I had to beg for sex and then, if I got any it was grudgingly given. It all came to a head one Friday night. I had waited up for Sarah to come home from her "recruiting" trip to the bars with the Lay ministers and the good Reverend. It had been two weeks since we had made love and I fully intended to get some this night.

Sarah came into the bedroom and I heard her getting the gown she had started wearing after she began attending the Bible Study classes. We had always slept nude but I was informed this wasn't modest and from now on we would wear clothes to bed. I still refused and this, too, was a bone of contention between us. In any event, she got her gown, and then went down the hall to the guest and children's bathroom to shower.

After I heard the shower begin running, I got an evil thought and crept into the bathroom to take a shower with her. She was washing her hair when I pulled the shower curtain back. At first I was just staring at her wonderful breasts, then I noticed something that wasn't right. Her nipples were engorged and deep red and there were red splotches all over her breasts and neck. When I looked at her crotch I wasn't sure but though it had sperm draining from her cunt. I couldn't be sure with the water but it sure looked it.

As I was taking all this in, Sarah felt the draft of cold air from the opening curtain and came unglued. She screamed and turned her back to me. She said, "Get OUT. How dare you come into my bathroom when I'm showering? GET OUT, GET OUT!"

I began to step into the shower with her anyway and she pushed me and said once again, "Get the hell out of here and leave me the hell alone! I'm tired and don't have time for you to paw all over me. Is sex all you think about any more? Why can't you be more like the other husbands and just accept we are busy saving souls? We have to sacrifice some of our sex life for other's good."

I tried once more to get a hold of her and get into the shower with her but, being wet she managed to slip by me and ran out the door, grabbing a towel and her gown as she went. By the time I was dry and back into our bedroom Sarah was in bed with the covers wrapped around her, her back to my side of the bed.

I crawled into the bed and tried to hold her but she kept shrugging me off. Finally I had enough and told her we would talk in the morning. Usually I get up earlier than Sarah but for some reason it was nearly 830 Saturday when I woke up. I heard voices down stairs and wondered who in the world could be calling this early. I dressed and went down to see.

I was shocked when I neared the living room to hear Reverend Daugherty and some of the Lay ministers talking to Sarah. I heard the Reverend say "Well Sarah, I am sorry it has come to this but if he won't listen to reason you may have to resort to other solutions. In any event, I do believe you need to bring your daughters into the fold now. We all want to see them experience the Love of the Lord."

Sarah was just starting to answer when I walked into the room. She turned white as she stared at me, then I felt the Lay ministers surround me. Sam walked up to face me. I still, after almost a year, remember his words.

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