A Mistake Leads to Double the Fun

by niteowluk99

Caution: This BDSM Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Mult, NonConsensual, Reluctant, Coercion, Heterosexual, Wife Watching, BDSM, DomSub, Light Bond, Gang Bang, Group Sex, First, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Petting, Exhibitionism, Voyeurism, .

Desc: BDSM Sex Story: A kidnap arranged by a husband goes wrong when the wrong woman is grabbed; butt he group manage to reticfy the problem and have twice the fun in doing so.

As Esmeralda or as her friends and family referred to her Zelda left the shop she was unaware of the two men watching her every move. As she strode down the street they to moved effortlessly along gain ground on her; till suddenly level with a side turning they were beside her, one on each side. One man flashed a six inch blade and told her to be quiet as they grabbed her arms and led her into the side street. There the black van suddenly opened its side doors and she was unceremoniously hauled in. She was instantly put in to a long wooden crate and the lid dropped in to place. The occupant of the van suddenly sat on top of the box holding the lid shut.

In an instant the van's engine roared into life and the stereo boomed out its noises; which seems to pass as music by today's standards. So even if Zelda screamed the so called music drowned out her cries. The box was a secure fit for five foot four frame.

Zelda was by no means an unattractive woman; she stood five foot four tall with shoulder length auburn hair and her slim to medium frame accentuated by her large 38 DD tits. She was in a panic at the moment as she tried to work out what was happening, in her mind she could not think of a reason for her to be kidnapped. Her mind in turmoil as tired to reason who would want her kidnapped and for what purpose.

All the time she was deep in these worrying thoughts the van sped on its route, the fact she was double insulated from the outside made it hard for her to hear street sounds and her sense of direction was not good at the best of times.

The four men involved were overjoyed with the way their plan had run so smoothly, they had been told where she would be and given her description even down to her clothing. They were all looking forward to the next part of the plan as laid out by the woman's husband. They had been told to test her liking of being bound and sublimated to the limit.

Unfortunately what the men were not aware of was the identically dressed woman who exited the shop not two minutes after Zelda. For this woman was the intended victim of the kidnapping; Andrea was into obedience and especially when it came to being bound, gagged and used she loved it. She too was five foot four tall with Auburn hair and her 36 DD tits looked larger on her slender frame.

She was still on her way to complete her shopping trip before calling into her hairdressers and then going home sometime late afternoon to prepare for her husband's arrival. No as many things in life a quirk of fate had screwed up her husbands plan to have her kidnapped and bring to life her long held fantasy; of being made to be the sexual plaything of four rugged looking guys. So for Andrea a hum drum day of shopping continued with out incident.

Not so for poor Zelda, for she was at this very moment in time being carried from the parked van, still inside her crate prison in to the disused warehouse predisposed for the fun to follow. An old mattress was in the middle of the floor and the roof beam had bee added to in order to lower a frame down to which she would be dutifully bound and gagged. But more than that Zelda's attitude to sex was she was above being the play thing of men and she was in fact used to getting her way as far as her own husband was concerned. Yes in fem-dom parlance she was definitely the one who wore the trousers in her house. In fact she had already begun training her husband to be sub missive in his demands for sex.

Oh how cruel the twist of fate can be, for Andrea the woman who would have loved the action about to start was actually engaged in a subject matter she really was not too interested in ... Shopping ... Whilst Zelda who would have been happier spending her husbands hard earned cash was right now about to be turfed out on to a dirty mattress and sexually raped and abused.

With out any ceremony she was dumped from her wooden crate on to the dirty smelly spunk stained mattress and quickly surrounded by the four men. Despite her best efforts to struggle she was soon bound, her hands tied above her head and wide apart. The men looked at each other and laughed. They had been told to make it real and to use any threats which would add to that reality. So without any hesitation the leader George, stepped forward and said, bitch, you're going to be real nice to us and share you charms or do we have to take what we want by force.

Zelda screamed until the second slap of George's hand silenced her; now we know you like to be tied and fucked so why pretend. Zelda pleaded with then that she did not like that sort of thing and they had been misinformed. Never once did it cross anyone's mind that they could possibly have the wrong person.

Suddenly there was a flash of steel as George produced the same knife he had shown her out on the street at the start of her ordeal. He immediately cut along the arm of her dress up to the shoulder, before repeating the same on the other side. Now he carefully cut the shoulders of her dress and around behind her neck warning her if she did not want to be harmed then she should stay very very still.

Soon the bodice of the dress dropped as it had now been split in to two, revealing her ivory skin and large bra. The men all wolf-whistled her as she struggled to try to avoid displaying her charms to them. Then George leaning in closer grabbed her bra covered tit and squeezed as he whispered, "Oh come now, Andrea, you surely want to show us what a common little tramp of a slut you are by letting us ogle your large firm fuckable tits!"

Suddenly it dawned on Zelda she was not the woman they thought she was, she tried to explain that her name was Esmeralda or Zelda to her friends, but George not having any of it ... He snapped as his hand squeezed tighter on her bra cover mound of tit flesh, "Don't fuck with me bitch, we had you followed so we know exactly who you are!" As if to reinforce his point he held the sharp edge of the blade to her throat and smiled no not so much a smile as a leer.

Fearing she may be cut, Zelda forced herself to stay quiet; but as soon as the threat of the knife was moved from her throat, she again began, "you have made a terrible mistake, I am not Andrea, I am Zelda. If you stop now I will say nothing of this and simply go home! But if you continue any further..." She was suddenly cut off in mid sentence as she felt the biggest burning pin she had ever felt across her rear end.

The men burst out laughing, saying see she loves having her arse spanked ... Quickly now the eight hands of her captors began to undress her. But not without large amounts of groping and several dozen comments too. Zelda regretted now dressing as she had, for as soon as he skirt had been ripped off her hips her thong was revealed and its narrow strip of cloth was already buried deep up the crack of her arse can cunt lips. The men pulled her this way and that as they ogled her body. The attention of the men's eyes and hands had not gone unnoticed by her body as her cunt began to juice up and her cunt lips betrayed her by swelling and opening like a flower seeking out the delicate sting of the passing honey bee.

Now her clothes lay torn to shreds and her large sensitive nipples were erect and pointing straight out from her large shapely tits, her shaved cunt was almost on full display to these desperate men, she thought. She wondered how she was ever going to get out of this without being raped or worse killed. Suddenly she froze as she felt the cold steel of a knife against her flesh as the blade slipped in between her thong straps and her hip.

She drew a large breath in realising her last tiny vestige of cover was about to be removed and then she would be naked amongst the four muscular men. She could not help herself, her clit throbbed and her cunt spewed forth more of its juices; as she imagined what they cocks would look like presented before her.

The really strange thing was that even now tied as she was, displayed as she was she still felt she had the air to be in charge and imagined them lining up presenting her with the choice of their cocks and even thought about ordering one of tem to play with another's cock to make it hard enough to fuck with. Then in an instant she was back in reality for her thong now cast aside and her cunt clearly on display to the men, left her the victim to their desires and soon her cunt was being mauled by four hands at once each vying to get two fingers at least up her hot horny cunt.

Mentally she screamed for them to stop and even spoke out asking who was in charge, George laughing pointed to each of the men in turn and finally to him self but never to her. In his mind he had just informed her she was the least important person there.

She whispered that she had access to money as much as they wanted if they would simply let her go. George greeted this with a gruff laugh as she deliberately raised his hand and stopped to watch her reaction. Zelda watched the hand reach the top of the arc and knew it was primed to spank her still sore arse. She whimpered for him not to but he paid no heed and crack it landed on her still cherry red arse.

Now the men backed off and began undressing but always making lewd comments to her like Andrea, wait till you see my one eyed trouser snake and feel it spitting its venom into your mouth or cunt or anal hole. The guy stressed anal hole in such a disgusting way it sent a shiver down her spine. Strange thing was though it was not a shiver of revulsion as she would have anticipated but instead a suddenly thrill feeling.

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