He Wakes Her With Kisses

by Foolkiller

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Romantic, BDSM, DomSub, MaleDom, Spanking, Rough, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Sex Toys, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: just as the titles says, but then things take a different turn. Just a warning: this story has no plot and no character development. There's just sex.

He enters the room and sees that she is sleeping. Good. It will be easier this way. It is warm out and she is on top of the covers, half curled on her side and facing away from him. He had mentioned that he might be coming over and he is glad that she dressed for that possibility. She is wearing a matching satin camisole and tap pant set and the lustrous, pale pink of her lingerie only serves to emphasize her long legs, smooth arms and bare shoulders. Cascades of walnut hair spill onto her pillow.

He has been planning this for days and wants everything to be perfect. He is wearing the black jeans that she picked out for him, the ones that she claims make his ass look great, and a white cotton sleeveless tee. His feet are bare, his head and jaw freshly shaved, and he smells lightly of his usual cologne. Dinner is cooking in the oven, the table is set with her best dishes and candles are just waiting to be lit. The food won't be ready for hours but he is confident that they can find some way to pass the time.

He sets his bag down quietly at the side of the bed except for one item which he quietly sets on the night table. He makes sure that it is hidden under a book; he doesn't want to ruin her surprise.

He eases carefully onto the bed behind her, marvelling once more how beautiful she is and how lucky he is to be with her. He can see her face in profile from where he is, her face smooth and innocent in her slumber. She is smiling slightly in her sleep and he can see now that she is clutching a small volume of erotic poetry and that it is now resting against the side of her face.

He wakes her with kisses.

He kneels over her, one hand easing the book of poetry away while the other sweeps her hair back and presses his lips gently to that place behind her ear. He eases his body behind hers, one hand sliding along the soft, velvety length of her arm and shoulders while he traces a line of gentle, loving kisses down the line of her neck.

He can feel the slight tensing of her body and hear the change in her breathing as she rises into wakefulness. He can't see her smile but he can feel it through the skin of her neck. She doesn't say anything, just moans languidly and tries to turn so that she can face him, but he doesn't let her. Hands that were gently caressing her now tighten and hold her in place even as his lips continue to move down her shoulder.

She doesn't fight him very hard and settles down against the pillow with a gentle moaning sigh. She does bend her head forward, exposing more of her neck to his ministrations at the same time as she presses her ass into his denim covered crotch. He's already hard for her and knows she can feel it.

Her free hand snakes back and comes into contact with his hip. Her strong fingers stroke and tighten over the rough fabric before reaching backwards and cupping his asscheek and pulling his hips against her.

He smiles against the smooth skin of her shoulder and rewards her behaviour with a gentle bite before grinding his hips against her ass. She moans.

He trails a gentle line of bites back up her shoulder to her neck and is rewarded by a series of gentle gasps that escape her lips. He reaches down, gently pulls her hand away from his ass and places it across her stomach. Her keeps her wrist gripped in his hand and feels the soft, smooth flesh of her stomach in between strips of satin. He presses against it, hugging her waist and hips against his, while his lips capture the lobe of her ear and gently sucks on it.

She moans again and turns her head towards him, her lips seeking. He lets them find him and then, finally, they are truly kissing. Her tongue is aggressive and probing, belying her passive acceptance of his attentions. He meets her every action with his own and they spend a small eternity joined at the mouth while her hand breaks out of his gentle prison and takes his. Their fingers entwine as they slide up and down the length of her stomach.

He doesn't know how it happens, but somehow she ends up laying on her back while he half sits beside her, half lays on top of her. Her hands are clutching and roaming his back while his are on either side of her head, supporting his weight as he presses her face into hers.

He is enjoying this, but it's not part of his plan. He shifts his weight, freeing his hands, and then trails his kisses down the front of her neck. He licks his tongue across the hollow of her shoulder, across the thin strap of her camisole and is rewarded when she gasps and shudders.

He slides both hands up her bare arms until his finds her wrists and grabs them. Pulling her hands up to his mouth, he kisses both of her palms and gives two of her fingers playful nips before holding them against her stomach and leaning over her satin covered breasts.

Her nipples are plainly visible through the fabric. He plunges his mouth over her right one and sucks it hungrily through the satin. She gives a moaning sigh from above him and he knows without looking that her eyes are closed and her head is gently tossing back and forth. Part of him wants to stop just so he can see the transcendent expression she gets on her face at times like this, but that's not part of his plan. He'll have plenty of chances to see her later.

Her breasts taste of citrus, Woolite, and that perfect flavour that is just her. He sucks strongly, trailing his tongue in rough circles around the areola before giving a not-so-gentle bite, causing her gentle moan to change into a sudden gasp.

He smiles and transfers his mouth to her other breast. He can see the dark pink stain where his mouth was against the otherwise light coloured fabric. She tries half heartedly to free her hands from where he holds them, but he doesn't let her; not yet. Her legs are spread and her hips start to thrust convulsively. He knows what she wants but doesn't give it to her. There will be time enough for that later.

He sucks on and bites at her breasts for a while, long enough for her whole body to begin thrashing and for her moans to take on a desperate quality. He smiles. It's time to move on. He pulls her hands over her head, pinning them in place with his own before he bends over her and begins ravaging her mouth. She kisses back eagerly, her hands tugging for freedom while her bare legs rise and lower, narrow and widen seemingly of their own volition.

She's caught completely by surprise when he handcuffs her wrists to the headboard.

Her blue eyes snap open and he can see both shock and anticipation shining in them. He straightens up, savouring the moment and the expression on her face. He smiles in cruel amusement, knowing that even through this she can see his love for her. He keeps that smile exactly the same as he slides his hands beneath the bottom of her camisole and quickly, harshly jerks up and over her breasts. It catches beneath her shoulder blades and he pulls harder, hearing fabric rip until it lays across her shoulders like a shimmering pink wave. 'Screw it, ' he thinks and pulls at the fabric until it rips then tosses it aside.

Her bare breasts are perfect, as always, and with her arms shackled above her head they look even higher and fuller on her chest. He wants to run his tongue across their undersides and feel her bare, stiff nipple against his lips but that's not part of the plan. Instead, twisting his cruel smile into a sneer, he grabs both breasts in his hands and digs his fingers in savagely. It's hard enough to leave marks and she cries out in both pleasure and pain, her back arching and body writhing.

He doesn't let this side of himself out often. Surely anyone who knows him would never suspect that he could do this to one he loves and enjoy doing it, but with her he can. With her he can unleash his all of his anger and frustration and rage and know that she can take all of it and want more. It bothered him at first that she likes it this way, this combination of cruelty and pleasure, but she has forced him to confront his darkest heart and accept it. For her, he will do this. He will do this and like it, knowing that if he ever does go too far she has a safeword to ensure her safety. She's never had to use it yet.

She's writhing and grimacing in pain as he continues to squeeze her breasts in his hands. She gasps with relief when he stops, but it is short lived. He gives her only a second of reprieve before catching her hard nipples between his thumbs and forefingers and pinches them with all of his strength.

She screams as he pulls her breasts away from her body and twists as hard as he can. She is almost crying as he pulls them first up, then down and then in circles before stopping. Her legs are rubbing together and scissoring impotently and he realizes that he's forgotten something. He jerks her tap pants—it's stupid name for a garment; they're just expensive jogging shorts—down her legs and exposes her furry pussy to him. He likes that she doesn't shave there because that is how he likes to see her.

He jams his fingers between her legs and finds everything there already slick and lubricated. He rubs two fingers roughly between her labial lips and she gives out a gasping cry that turns into a surprised yelp as he forces those same fingers deep into her vagina. He saws them in and out—they're totally coated in her juices—while his other hand presses hard against her clit. She gives a high pitched moan and begins to grind her hips into his hand.

When he thinks she's getting close he stops.

"Noooo..." she moans, raising her hips of the bed and spreading her legs widely.

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