Turned Out Wife
Chapter 1

Caution: This True Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Drunk/Drugged, Heterosexual, True Story, Cheating, Slut Wife, Wimp Husband, Cuckold, Wife Watching, InLaws, Spanking, Rough, Interracial, Black Couple, Black Female, Black Male, Oral Sex, Size,

Desc: True Sex Story: Chapter 1 - A wanna be cuckold finds out be careful what you wish for when his loving wife finally gives in to temptation..with her daughters man!

I suppose I should start by telling you a little bit about myself, I'm what you might call a undercover cuckold. That is Im not even man enough to openly admit what I secretly yearn for. To have another man, a real man take care of my wifes sexual needs and satisfy her like I never could hope to with my little three inch pecker. Despite my short coming ive always been fortunate enough to have girlfriends, mainly due to my outward appearance. (Ive always been told I have a very manly look, broad shoulders and a tough guy face.)

Of course after going to bed with me none have ever hung around very long...

So I more or less spent most of my life going from woman to woman, which as ridiculous as it may seem, I became known as a ladies man!

I was more or less content to live that illusion till I met Libby. She was everything I loved in a woman. Libby was sweet, kind and despite being in her early forties, and both a mother and grandmother still had that fantastic big booty big breasted shape you find on most black women half her age. She had been recently widowed after a twenty year marriage and so was new to the dating game, and despite our different races we really seemed to hit it off. And I soon found myself becoming jelouse whenever other men talked to her, yes I really loved this woman! Of course after the first couple of times we made love I noticed a change in her, I was half expecting to soon hear the usual, how we could still be friends speech, but no not this time.

Much to my surprise Libby started talking marriage! She claimed that after being a housewife all those years she couldnt accept being just some guys booty call! She gave me a ultimatum marriage or nothing at all!

Our wedding was fairly small mainly family and a few friends, and after a quick honeymoon we settled down in my home to enjoy our life together. It wasnt long till I found out that despite my new wifes respectable nature ... she also had a rather high sex drive! She wanted sex morning noon and night! I know most men would love that, but maybe due to my small member, even in my youth I have never needed sex more than once a month or so. It wasnt long before she started making cracks about it, saying things like you got yourself a frustrated wife, or I wonder when you gonna give me some again, guess I better buy my self a toy! Of course she never said those things in front of anybody else, only when we were alone.

Im pretty sure it wasnt to spare my feelings any though I think she just didnt want anyone else to know she didnt have the perfect marriage, or the perfect man.

It was around that time that Tina her youngest daughter introduced us to Lanky the new man in her life.

Now Lanky might have been tall ... but lanky he was not. To be just twenty two he already had a nice sized middle aged mans pot belly. My wife laughed about it saying he reminded her of one of those big ugly silver back gorillas, as for me, I just thought he was big and ugly, and I wondered what a pretty girl like Tina could see in him.

I had to hand it to Lanky though, because though he had recently got out of prison he didnt behave like you would expect a ex con to act. He was always super respectable, quick with, yes sirs and no sirs, always there to open doors for a lady and more than willing to help out whenever any of us needed any help ... To tell the truth It was hard not to like him. I know I certainly did. Not libby though ... no matter what poor Lanky did to try and get on her good side it was never enough. He even washed the dishes for her a few times and instead of thanking him she scolded him for not drying them right, she claimed he left too many water stains on them! Another time she blew up at him for calling her mama peachs, she told him she sure as hell wasent his mama and to never call her peachs again because a boy his age should only refer to her as Mrs Peachs in order to show her the proper respect! I felt really bad for him that time, he told me later he was only trying to be part of the family. since all the children called her mama peachs he figured it was ok. I didn't know what to tell him? Why his mother in law seemed to hate him so? All he ever did was try and get along with her. Still there was something suspect about him, he was just too damn nice and helpful.

They say alcohol loosens toungues and so a few weeks later while we were having a few drinks at a friends home, Lankys name came up. Her friend mentioned how she couldnt understand what Tina saw in him? Not only was he so fuckin ugly he dosent even have a job? My wife chuckled and said, its that big fuckin cock! That nigga packin some serious prime grade A beef! She laughed saying, Tina says she dont give a damn about his lazy ass working ... so long as he keeps working that big ass cock, an she say that nigga know how to use that big fucka too!

I got an immediate hard on listening to my wife, the woman I love and her friend lewdly discussing another mans cock and his sexual prowess with it! I spent the rest of the evening straining to hear more of their girl talk, but they didnt mention him any more. But it didnt really matter, I had become fixated on the idea of my loving wife and Lanky her daughters man getting together ... it was obvious by the way she talked about him with her friend that she was facinated by him and his cock!

I found myself wacking off later that night in the bathroom to that image, after my wife refused to have sex saying she was just to tired. Usually after drinking I can hardly keep her off me, drinking always leaves her horny but lately she had gotten more reserved sexually. I figured she probably got more satisfaction from her dildo than I could give her ... And I wondered if maybe she had used it fantasizing it was Lankys big prick stretching out her pussy!

I know that became my number one fantasy, I cant even remember the number of times weather alone or with Libby that I didnt get a raging hard on thinking about them together!

Of course I never expected it to really happen ... it was just too wild and far fetched. He was after all her daughters man, and despite her highly sexual nature she was nothing if not extremely family oriented and highly protective of her children. Despite me leaving her sexually frustrated, how could a good decent church going wife, mother and grandmother possibly give in to such perverted ideas? It was unthinkable!

And I'm sure that's why it lent such power to my fantasies.

Of course by now Im sure anyone reading this already knows where its going...

Yes ... sometimes the unthinkable happens! And it happens quite unexpectedly.

We had gone to a cousins retirement party, and lots of friends and family were there. Everybody was drinking my self included so I was a little tipsy, my wife on the other hand was loaded! She was giggling at anything anybody said and flirting with some of the men there.

So around eleven or so, when Tina let us know she and Lanky had to go pick the children up at her girlfriends house I asked her to please take her mother home before she made too much of a fool of herself.

I was on a winning streak playing poker with some of the men and didnt want to leave yet.

As luck would have it no sooner had they left than I lost everything I had in the very next hand!

Since I no longer had any reason to hang out there I decided to head home, maybe get some of my drunken wifes pussy. She always got super horny when she was drunk, surely she wouldn't deny me my husbandly rights.

I was stopped at the light when I saw my wife coming out a liquor store with Lanky? I pulled over in a strip mall and waited to see what was up. They got in our daughters van and drove off ... I followed behind. I got lucky, there wasnt too much traffic out at that time of night, just enough so I could remain inconspicuous. After a while I realized where he was taking her, it sure as hell wasnt our house ... Lanky was taking my wife to cherry hill! The local make out area! My cock already hard as iron seemed to grow even harder! Fearing they might notice my headlights behind them now that the traffic had thined and maybe recognize me I turned off and allowed them to disappear into the night. I figured I could find the van later since I more or less knew where they were heading.

I waited a few tense minutes counting the seconds ... Not really quite believing what I already knew to be true ... There was only one reason he would bring her here ... And it sure as hell wasnt star gazing! No, they were here to FUCK!

It didnt take too long to find the van since there were just a few vehicles parked out there. And despite my being only a few minutes behind them by the time I got there they were already going at it ... the van was bouncing and rocking like crazy! I parked in the darkest area between a couple of other cars ... and snuck around through the bushs to where they were, I figured if I couldnt see I might at least be able to hear.

Aaahh! Ahhh! Ahhh! I could hear my wife hollaring out, and. Ugghh! Ugghh! Coming from Lanky. Ohh god damn mother fucker you got a big dick! My wife blurted out, Ooh shit ... you making me come again Eeek! She shrieked and I heard I long drawn out fart! Uuggh oh yeah Mrs. peachs come on my Fuckin cock you dirty bitch! Give me that fat old cunt! You sweet fuckin hoe! Lanky was FUCKING THE SHIT out of my wife! I felt my prick tense up then explode! And i hadent even touched it once yet! Aaahh! Ahhh! Oh shit! Oh fuck! LANKEEE! Oh baby fuck me! Oh yeah fuck me like a fuckin hoe! Yeah bitch! im gonna give you what you need hoe. I gonna give you sum o dis motha fuckin dick! Give you wat yo baby girl be getting! Dat what you want Mrs Peachs? Huh? You want sum dis fat dick too? EEEE im commin again! Screamed my wife ... Oh shit bitch dat pussyhole tight! Ugghh! Take my nut bitch! Take my fuckin come Peachs! The van slowly stopped rocking ... and I could tell they were through ... for the moment. I heard another fart and my wife giggle ... damn nigga you damn near fucked the shit outta my ass! Its that good ass pussy you got mrs peachs! Damn you got some good tight ass pussy! If I known it was this good Id been bustin it a long time ago! Shit its that big motha fuckin cock you gots! My wife cooed. Lanky snickerd, this here? My wife moaned oh shit that feels sooo fuckin good baby. Hee hee, Lanky chuckled, I best not fuck you again or you gonna be to fuckin loose for your old man.

FUCK HIM! My wife shouted. And that lil fuckin thing he gots! He aint doin nothin with it anyway, shit I gots to use a fuckin dildo to make myself cum! You bet yo ass you gonna give me some more of that big cock nigga. Lanky laughed. Yeah I figured you been needin some of this big black snake Mrs. peachs, Oh yeah I loves it! Cooed my wife. Ha ha then get your drunk ass on down there and gives it a little kiss ... show him some o that love ... I couldnt hear any sucking sounds only muffled Oohhs and Ahhhs and occasional slapping sounds, which I took to be Lanky slapping my wifes big ass. Whooa not there boy! I heard my wife blurt out suddenly. Shit Im just seein how tight that old booty hole is Mrs. peachs I aint fin to fuck it ... yet. That bastard was obviously fingering my wifes ass hole! I had tried doing that a few times and she stopped me cold each time. But she was obviously letting Lanky do it! Oowee he laughed, smells just like shit ... Wanna sniff my finger Mrs peachs? He asked sarcastically. You a nasty mothafucka Lanky. she said. Whack! I heard him slap her ass loudly. And you love my nasty mothafuckin dick too ... Dont you Mrs. Peachs? whack! Came the sound of his palm striking her meaty ass again. Answer me when im talkin to you bitch! Yes Lanky you know I do! Damn right you love it! ... I aint told you to stop yet ... get that mouth back to suckin ... an don't forget dem nuts too! I couldnt hear much ... just Lanky softly moaning, enjoying the pleasure of having his cock sucked by my wife. After a while I heard them moving around. You ready for sum mo dick peachs? Huh? Get your hot ass up here and ride my cock now. oohh yeahhh, I heard my wife moan. It was the sound of a woman being deeply satisfied, I had never brought a sound like that out from her, and I know I never will. Whack! Whack! The sound of a naked ass being spanked filled the night. Whack! Whack! thats it Mrs. Peachs work that ass! Soon grunting and groaning joined the sounds of the punishment Lanky was dishing out to her butt. Oh fuck! Oh shit! I heard her cry out. You ready for some more hard fuckin now? Huh Mrs. peachs? Here get on your back n spread dem legs for Lanky ... cuz Im gonna fuck the dog shit out your drunk old ass now! I aint holdin back now ... Im gonna make you fall in love with my mothafuckin cock bitch! This what you want bitch? He shouted. This what you want Mrs. Peachs? Oohh! Oohh! Was the only response I heard coming from my wife. The van was bouncing crazily again which I took to mean he must have had her on her back once more and was pounding away at her in her helpless position. They went at it for quiet a while ... far longer than I have ever been able too. Every now and then I heard her cursing and squeeling that she was coming again! And Lanky urging her on, cussing her out and telling her he owned her ass now! In all our married life I doubt I had been able to make her come as many times as that dirty bastard had in that single night! I stayed there listening as that fat, ugly, lazy ex convict gave my lovely wife all the pleasure and satisfaction I with my short comings could only hope to dream about doing ... I stayed there hiding in the bushs till they were finished and watched as they drove away. And I realized life would never be the same for me again. Up till that point I was sure my Libby had never cheated on me before ... despite all my fantasizing about this very thing, to actually have it happen was totally fucked up! I mean, I love my wife, it wasnt the same as when a girlfriend cheats on you. And now after actually witnessing it. I thought now that she had cheated on me ... and with her daughters man no less ... What wouldnt she do to satisfy her lust?

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