The Presentation

by Wayac

Copyright© 2010 by Wayac

Sex Story: When Martin and Stacey make an important presentation for some potential clients, things get out of hand.

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   NonConsensual   BiSexual   Gang Bang   Group Sex   Anal Sex   Sex Toys   .

Stacey hurriedly began placing copies of the report around the conference room table. She and her boss Martin had spent the entire morning setting up for this meeting. This presentation was the small company's biggest opportunity to date, and as the accountant, she was a major part of the sell. She had spent even more time preparing her appearance, making sure she looked totally professional while still managing to display her beautiful face and gorgeous blonde hair in a manner pleasing to her.

"Here they come now," Martin said, grabbing her attention. Six men were led into the room by Nichole, the brunette secretary. Stacey courteously greeted each of them as they took their seats. Through the conference room window, she spied the temp, Kim, nodding encouragingly to her. Everyone in the four person company was on edge today.

Martin started the meeting with some introductions, then started into the presentation. After a few minutes he motioned to Stacey to begin her part. She took a deep breath and got up. Show time! Once she got started, she found it easier to keep going, and soon she was most of the way through her part of the sell. It was then that she noticed that all the eyes on her were looking with more than just professional interest. She blushed slightly, but finished up and then sat down.

Even after Martin resumed his part of the pitch, Stacey noticed most of the men still looking at her, only sometimes giving their attention to the speaker. She began to get a little hot as she realized the two men on either side of her were looking her up and down, taking in the curves of her body. Sensing he was losing his audience, Martin suggested they all take a break for some refreshments. To Stacey's relief, they all agreed.

Kim and Nichole came in with drinks and snacks, placing them on the table, then turning to leave. They both gave Stacey a smile and a "great job" before exiting the room. The accountant was still too nervous about the deal that she didn't notice the men eying her female coworkers the same way they did her.

Martin came up to her and said, "good job. You were excellent."

"Thanks," she replied, sipping her drink. "I'm just glad I got through it all, I was so nervous."

He gave her a pat on the shoulder and smiled. "You did great, I think we're really going to close this deal."

She smiled back, then they took their seats and began the presentation again. This time, however, all eyes stayed glued on the blonde. Stacey flushed under the intensity of all the eyes staring at her. None of the men were even pretending to listen anymore. Finally one of them interrupted Martin and said, "I think we've heard enough. Stacey, is there anything you'd like to add to the presentation?"

"Uh ... I think I've gone over everything already," she answered, confused and now a little frightened.

"Perhaps there's something else you could do to ... sweeten the deal?" another suggested.

"I ... I don't understand..." she stammered.

Suddenly one of the men next to her stood up, then took her by the hand and pulled her up next to him. He held her very close and her eyes widened with growing fright. Without warning he kissed her hard, pulling her tighter and tighter against him as she struggled in vain to break away. Soon the others were crowded around her, their hands wandering all over her body. They fondled and carressed her ass while others pulled her blazer from her shoulders. Stacey tried to protest but her cries were muffled by the mouth still covering hers.

Soon a hand replaced the kiss and clamped down on her desperate pleas for help. She was now held securely from behind by two of the men, her blonde hair getting a little disshevled as she tried to struggle free. One glance at Martin told her that he knew he was powerless to stop this, he just sat there watching in shock.

The men in front of her were now groping her all over. Hands rubbed and squeezed her breasts through her blouse, others slid up the inside of her legs while another rubbed her crotch. Soon they began exploring the soft flesh under her clothes. She shuddered as she felt strange fingers trailing up and down her back and legs, sliding across her stomach and tits. They fondled her for a good 20 minutes before letting her go. She dropped to her knees involuntarily, feeling weak and starting to sweat from the heat her body generated from all the attention.

At first she thought it was over, but the sound of a zipper told her she was just getting started. Looking up Stacey saw a stiffening cock placed right in front of her.

"Suck it."

Stacey sobbed in resignation, then began to slowly put the member up to her soft lips. Slowly she engulfed the head and began bringing it deeper into her mouth. Suddenly he grabbed her head and thrust forward, driving his cock down her throat. The accountant gagged, tears streaming down her pretty cheeks. He continued fucking her face, fingers buried in her blonde hair. Finally he let her up for a breath, smacking her with his haredened cock and smearing precum all over her.

She didn't get much of a respite before he plunged into her mouth again, this time ramming her as fast as he could. He came within seconds, pulling out and spraying cum all over her face, then onto her heaving chest.

"Looks like we got her shirt dirty, better take care of that!" they yelled. Stacey was hauled to her feet, then one of the men grabbed the front of her cum-stained blouse and ripped it straight off her. Her bra was torn off next and almost immediately both her breasts were being licked and sucked. They grabbed both her legs, lifted her up then laid her on her back on the conference table. She shuddered as her exposed back touched the cool wood below her. Her head hung over the edge and soon a new cock was shoved down her throat. The man fucking her face grabbed both her tits and kneaded them with each pumpring motion.

Meanwhile, eager hands lifted her legs and ass, pushing her skirt up towards her stomach. Stacey let out a little moan as she felt her pussy being rubbed through her panties. Both cheeks of her ass were also being squeezed as the men whistled and jeered appreciatively at her shapely body. She stiffened when she felt a finger slip under her panties and flick her clit. Her body remained rigid as it continued to tease her. Then it entered her love hole, pushing in and out just a little. The accountant shuddered, then realized to her horror that she was getting aroused!

The cock in her mouth exploded and another load of jism was deposited on her face and chest. Panting, Stacey lifted herself to her elbows to see the man fingering her pussy. He took one look at her face and breasts dripping with cum and ripped her panties clean off. Within seconds he plunged his cock into her shaft, causing her to cry out. She was then pulled down and another cock was rammed down her mouth. The man fucking her cunt pumped faster and faster. Soon he grabbed her ass, lifting her off the table as he hammered into her again and again.

By now the blonde's whole body was shaking with sexual energy. Her brain tried to fight it off, revolted at what was happening to her. But the pulses rocking her were getting stronger and stronger. The cock in her pussy suddenly stiffened and shot a huge load deep inside her. That did it. Any remaining resistance left in her broke as a massive orgasm swept through her. Stacey screamed loudly around the cock in her mouth, causing it to erupt in her as well. She spasmed for a whole minute as she rode out the pleasure coursing through her being.

She didn't have any time to recover, however, as she was pulled onto another man lying on his back. He plunged her down onto his cock, then grabbed both of her breasts, squeezing the soft flesh and pinching her throbbing nipples. Stacey moaned loudly and began to buck up and down in time to the man's thrusting motions.

Suddenly a hand on her back pushed her forward so she was lying on top of the man impaling her. She felt her ass being spread apart and her brain made a last attempt at reason.

"No ... not there!" she cried.

But a finger forced its way into her hole anyway. Stacey gasped in pain as it wiggled inside her, lubing her up. Then the finger pulled out and something larger took its place at her entrance.

"P-please d-d-don't" she whimpered. "P-ple ... ah! Ah! AHHHH!" she screamed as she felt the cock drive deeper and deeper into her asshole. Soon it was all the way in and both cocks began plowing into her in rhythm. Before long, another stronger orgasm made her shriek in pleasure. She felt so sexy being stuffed so full of cock she climaxed again and again. No longer caring about anything but the sex she was having, she gripped the table as hard as she could and thrust her hips back with wreckless abandon. She came so many times she saw stars. Both men came in her at the same time, sending stream after stream of sperm into her spent body.

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