It Took a While to See It Sally's View

by SW MO Hermit

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Desc: : Sally's view of the break up of her marriage because of her cheating. Tims discovery, actions and retribution on Sally.

"Damn it Timothy I'm tired of you whining about me retiring. I'm only 54 and I have some of my best work years ahead of me. I love my job and friends and I don't want to just wander around with you for the rest of my life. We can travel on our vacations. Why the hell do you think we need to drive all over the country day in and day out?" Sally said before she slammed the door on her way to work.

All the way to work that morning she seethed at the way her husband Timothy was acting. So what if he had retired when he was 48? Did that mean she had to give up the good pay and companionship of her friends just because he wanted to traipse all over the country? She was sick of him hounding her about her retirement date. She had finally worked herself up to Administrative Assistant to the Plant Manager and she loved her job and the friends she had made in her place of employment. She especially loved the fun people she met on her forays to the nightspots after work too. In fact she sometimes thought she would rather be with her friends than with Timothy.

All Timothy could talk about was the house, their investments, the stock market and traveling. Sure he had made some great investments that allowed him to quit early in his life but ... Damn it all she knew they could quit but then she would miss out on all the fun she had on her girls nights out and the long lunches with all the powerful men that called on the plant manager. She blushed and felt her pussy dampen when she thought of her nights on the town with her friends and some of the long lunches she took when her boss and she entertained customers. And that asshole wanted her to just give that up cold turkey? Not bloody likely!

When she walked into the office her best friend Bonnie looked at her and exclaimed, "What's wrong Sally? You look like a thundercloud again this morning. Is it the asshole again?"

Sally sighed and replied, "Yes. He was haranguing me all weekend about my retirement and how we were missing out on so much travel because of my job. This morning before I left he asked me again if I was going to give my notice. I just lost it. I am so sick of him berating me about quitting that I could just beat him."

Bonnie looked at Sally and grinned. She asked, "Is it you don't want to retire and travel or is it because you don't want to give up the good life we are living after work? I think you just don't want to give up our slutting around. You know you have to do something before Tim catches on. He's not completely stupid you know."

Sally laughed and said, "What do you think Honey? Of course I would like to travel and of course I would like to get away from the bullshit that goes on in this damn office but if I quit to do that I would be stuck with the same old cock day in and day out. Ever since you convinced me to play around like we did in college life has been fun again. There is no way I'm going to give that up any time soon. Christ, my pussy gets wet just thinking about all the different guys we get to bed during our meetings and girls night out."

"About the only reason I try to keep the bastard around is financial. As soon as I can get everything arranged so I can get all the investments and half of his retirement he's history. Hell, he was a good-a great provider-but who needs him now? I make a good salary. With my pay, half Tim's retirement and the lions share of the investments I can live better than I do now and not have to put up with his crap. I can run with the big dogs and maybe land me a man rich enough to allow me to live my golden years in real luxury."

"Sally I didn't realize ... I mean I thought you loved Timothy but wanted to play around a little on him like we did when we were younger. Heck, you took care of him and your other lovers for years while you were dating and just after you were married without getting this upset. What's the difference now?" Bonnie asked.

Sally thought a moment and said, "I guess the big thing is I'm just so tired of his crap. He complains about all the time you and I spend out, he complains when I come in late, he complains when I won't screw him and he complains about how I am letting the house go. I'm just sick and tired of his constant complaining. When we were younger we could play around when Tim was at work and the kids were at school. It got so much harder to do after the kids left and I returned to work. Now I have to put in a full day here, then we party and he still expects me to take care of him. I'm just tired of doing that. Sex and life with him is just so damn predictable and I need the excitement of something new."

Sally looked up and said, "We better cool it for now. It's way past time to start work and I have a lot to do for David this morning. Can we do lunch and finish this little conversation?" Bonnie nodded her head and walked back to her cubicle to begin her morning's work.

The conversation picked up again when they were seated in their favorite diner for lunch. Bonnie looked up at Sally and smirked. She said, "Just admit it honey. You couldn't stand seeing me spreading it around and you couldn't get your share now could you? Hell, I watched you for months while you tried to convince yourself not to begin playing around again. You just can't stand the thought of having to cool it while you and Timmy travel. I'll bet you wouldn't care a bit about being retired and married to Tim if you could figure out a way to get the strange you need at the same time."

Sally looked at Bonnie and asked, "What do you mean by that? You know he's not stupid. How can I keep him, my job and my friends without him catching on AND without him constantly harping about my late nights and working?"

Bonnie laughed and said, "Well, you could try what I've been doing with John. I don't think he is as upset about my late nights as Tim is but he was always bothering me for sex like you say Tim does so I decided to just cut him back more. I looked up a lot of information about Menopause on the Internet and found documentation to use to convince him that it was normal for a woman's desire to wane as she aged. I convinced John I did not have the desire any longer. I told him since I didn't lubricate as well it was actually painful for me when we had sex. He bought it and has only insisted on sex every week or so. I make sure to drag out the KY and lube it up where he can see me."

Bonnie laughed once more and continued, "Hell, he is so nice to me when I do that. He thanks me for putting myself through the pain to help relieve him. It's pathetic but also sort of funny. I did cut back on my nights out with the boys some after that though. I told him I was sorry I had been gone so much but it was just easier for me to be gone than it was to constantly have to tell him no."

Sally thought about the conversation and a little smile crossed her face. She pressed her lips together and said, "That sounds like it might work. I'll tell Tim I have lost most of my desire and ability to lubricate, that sex now is painful to me. I'll cry and tell him part of the reason I stay away from home is because I get so tired of hurting him when I tell him no. Heck, he doesn't have to know that most of the nights I tell him no I'm full of someone else's cum or that I just can't get excited by him any longer now does he? Thanks Girlfriend. I think this just might solve part of my problem. Now if I only could figure out how to keep him from wanting me to retire..."

That night Sally went home in a much better mood than she usually did. When she got there, she tried her best to adopt the right attitude. She walked into the house and through the kitchen to the patio. There was Tim just where she expected. He was sitting with a beer looking out over their pool.

Sally walked out onto the patio and sat facing Tim. He looked up at her and saw the small smile on her face. As she expected he asked, "What's so funny this evening?"

Sally sighed and said, "Oh, nothing honey. I just wanted to apologize for my tantrum this morning. You know I've been going through the change and it affects my moods. I'm afraid this weekend and this morning were really bad. I had hot flashes all weekend and didn't sleep worth a damn then I took it out on you today. I'm really sorry honey."

Tim looked at her once again and said, "So it's funny you're going through the change and you take out your anger on me? Is that it?"

"Oh, no Honey," Sally said. "It's not that. I was just thinking that it's sort of amusing that Bonnie and I are both acting nearly the same way. She saw how upset I was today when I got to work and we had a heart to heart talk. She said she was feeling nearly the same way last year and finally had to just lay it on the line with John. She told him that she didn't lubricate well any longer and that sex was really painful at times. She said she just wasn't interested in sex any longer and they were done with it."

"Bonnie told John that at their age they were old enough it shouldn't be that important to them. She said he needed to focus on other enjoyable things. She did promise him that occasionally when she could she would do her best to take care of him but not to expect anything regular."

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