Uncle Devon Takes Advantage

by A Purvversion

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/ft, Incest, Uncle, Niece, Pregnancy, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Kristina is growing up. The 14-year-old girl, who has a crush on her uncle, is home alone watching erotica on her computer and touching herself when her uncle suddenly appears alongside her. Do either of them have the willpower to walk away from this explosive situation? If they did, we wouldn't have this little incestuous episode. Just another stroke story with no redeeming value.

When Kristina was only twelve, my sister teased, "It seems as though your little niece has a crush on her handsome Uncle Dev."

From then forward, whenever I was around the youngster and no one was paying attention, I purposely encouraged that 'puppy love' she held for me. She tried not to be obvious in her flirting, but it was pretty obvious how much she liked me, although I must say that my niece did manage not to show her feelings when others were around. Of course her mom knew, but Kristina managed to keep it away from everyone else. However, when she and I were alone, she wasn't as successful. Often, I'd find her cuddling up against me on the couch, sometimes sitting on my lap, always giving me those eyes, and even seemingly showing her little body, as if hoping I'd notice. In short, I think she had a premature sex problem, but as it turned out, I didn't really have any scruples.

During the next couple of years, her maturing was pretty obvious to me and she seemed to know it. Worse, by the time she was thirteen, I actually began to fantasize sometimes about her, even jerking off every once in a while with a picture of her in my head.

Still, I was always careful not to try letting my fantasies become a reality; at least until that day in May, shortly after Kristina's fourteenth birthday.

I had gone over to their house to visit. Not noticing that the family car wasn't in the driveway, I automatically entered the house, quietly, as is normal for me.

My little niece was on the couch, across from the computer, with a blanket covering her lower body. Having the house to herself, Kristina had set up a slide show of porno pics that she probably accumulated somehow from the internet, and it was now flashing across the 22 inch flat screen. As I entered the room, I saw movements beneath the blanket and after glancing over to the computer screen, I realized that my niece was probably playing with herself.

As she sensed my presence, Kristina at first paused; then when she realized I was there, she gasped and reacted. First pulling her hand from under the blanket, she then tossed it to the floor and hurried over to stop the computer display. I was a bit surprised to see that she was totally dressed; I suppose that I had interrupted her early in her masturbation process and that she was probably rubbing herself over her shorts, or possibly she had her hand inside them.

After stuttering amid her fluster, Kristina explained that she was alone, that her mom had gone shopping, and that she was just 'chilling out'. I smiled. She didn't apologize or acknowledge what we both knew she had been doing, but her face was flushed, either from the act itself, or from her embarrassment at being caught.

Stepping over the blanket, I sat on the couch, telling my niece that I had just come for a visit.

"C-can I get you a soda or something," she meekly asked, and started for the kitchen.

"No, I'm fine," I called to her.

Within a few seconds she was back and standing across from me, holding a Sprite for herself.

"Mom won't be home for a while," she informed me.

"That's okay," I told her, and then added with a grin, "You're here -- and you're more important. Come sit down."

She took a swig from the can and nervously smiled at me. I purposely moved my eyes to her crotch area, somewhat surprised when I thought I detected a discolored spot indicating wetness. She walked over and then sat down next to me.

"Good," I replied as I moved myself closer to her.

Kristina didn't move away or resist me. We were sitting close enough together that our bodies were actually touching; my left leg pressing against the side of her right leg. She continued to sip her glass of Sprite. She was wearing a pretty outfit that consisted of a short pair of shorts and a T-Shirt and her legs were close together at the knees. She had a great pair of legs for a 14-year-old. They were nicely shaped and very sexy.

I was excited at the thoughts passing through my head. My hands wanted to touch her so bad but I was too scared to make a move; I certainly didn't want to frighten her off. Still, I suspected that if I was ever going to try to do anything with my little niece, other than in my masturbating fantasies, I'd never have such an opportunity to take advantage of again.

I knew that she had a crush on me. I knew that she had just been touching herself. I knew that she had pics of nude guys on her computer. What with her maturing into a budding teenager, and from the many looks that passed between us these last couple of years, I felt that she just might be willing if I did this right. I knew that at that moment, I had a tremendous advantage; if I played my cards right. Even though it was my deck, I just didn't know what cards to play. This was an unknown potential for me so I decided to approach it slowly, trying to figure her out while I did so.

It was a bit awkward but the only way I could think of breaking the ice was with a question. "Kristina, I thought you had a boyfriend?" I asked her, hoping she'd relate my question to my finding her playing with herself.

"Uh uh, no more. I had one last summer; Bobby Bender; but he moved away a few months ago and I don't see him no more," she replied softly.

I was happy that she willingly answered something personal. It gave me encouragement that she'd answer more.

"I guess you miss him?"

"Sometimes," she replied. As she turned to look at me, her eyes focused on mine for a few seconds, and then moved down my body, almost as if she was checking me out. Surprisingly, I began to feel a flush of heat.

"Did he ever kiss you or make out with you or anything?" I gently asked.

With that she actually blushed and lowered her eyes. She took a while looking at the floor. Then as if gathering her courage, she replied, "Yeah we, er, kissed once, but it wasn't very nice."

I was suddenly aware that my heart was beating harder. How far was I willing to probe with my 14-year-old niece? I decided to pursue it a little further.

"How come?"

She looked confused and asked, "What'dya mean?"

"I mean, why wasn't it very nice, if you don't mind me asking?" I asked her.

With her face still looking down, she nervously licked out at her lips. Then, I saw her take a determined breath and she replied, "Well, he made me kiss him; I didn't ask him to; and his breath was really yucky."

"Knowing you, I'm guessing that he was a bit too young for you -- if you don't mind me saying," I commented, trying to make her feel as if I thought of her as more mature than others her age.

"Yeah, I guess he was. But he was nice in other ways," she said.

My mind was racing. This was my own niece here. This was as wrong as wrong could be. Still, for a couple of years now, I'd been fantasizing about her. I'd been watching her fill out and was truly enamored by the youngster's beauty. Plus, I knew that she had a crush on me, and that knowledge always seemed to trigger off ideas in my head.

I couldn't help myself; I had to ask. "If you, like, had another chance to do it with another guy, would you?"

She momentarily stiffened, as if she suddenly realized what might be happening, where this might be heading.

"What? Kiss, you mean?"

"Um hmm, yeah."

For a good 30 seconds she sat there pondering the question, sipping her Sprite. The seconds rolled over and the room was silent; so quiet she probably could have heard my heart if she had tried to listen.

Thinking that she wasn't going to answer, I was about to end the questions when she said, "Well yeah, but it all depends on who the guy was."

My cock was hard and suddenly twitched within my pants.

I thought very hard about my next comment. This could move things either way; I couldn't guess what was going through my little niece's mind right now. I swallowed, knowing that I was treading on real dangerous ground. Still, I couldn't help myself from plunging forward.

"Well okay I don't know, like someone older, someone who, er, knows all about kissing," I said with a half-laugh. My cock was in control of my brain by then. It demanded the next question. "What if it were someone like say, me for example?"

Kristina sat there quietly, without answering, just staring across the room at the computer. I was frozen in place; my heart was pounding. My God, what had I said? I swallowed hard, hoping that I hadn't gone too far. I knew that I could get out of this if she started freaking out, but if she did, this would all end.

I was half expecting her to bolt for the door and was happily surprised when she opened her mouth and said in a soft voice, "Uncle Dev, are you asking me to kiss you?"

Our eyes met. She smiled nervously.

Nervously, I said, "Would that be so bad?"

She shrugged, and then murmured, "No ... I er ... maybe I'll like it."

"I know I'd like it, sweetheart, but only if you want to kiss me back," I said with a soft smile; adding quickly, in case she had something negative to say, "But you don't have to if you don't want to."

"I — I do want to Uncle Dev," was all she said and took another sip of her Sprite.

"Sure?" I replied.

"Uh huh, yeah. You won't tell my mom, right?"

I didn't know if she was asking my complicity for my catching her when I came in, or for allowing me to kiss her now.

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