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Desc: Romantic Story: Three characters and all are unfaithful with each other. Jenny cheats on her husband, Randy. Randy cheats on Jenny with Evelyn. Evelyn, cheats on Jenny, her friend, by forming a relationship with Randy. Can any of these three work it out and find happiness?

"Hello, Snow Mountain Escort Service, how may I help you?"

Randy went with a small deception. "This is Bob Wingate and I'm looking for a companion for the evening. Would your service be able to accommodate me?"

"It depends. Most of our escorts are busy this evening. I only have one left I can call on. She is a little older, but she is a fine looking lady."

"How about Arnie Dickerson? I could wait until late if you would set her up with me."

"I'm sorry, Arnie has a two-day booking. She won't be free this weekend. From your request, I assume you are looking for someone for after-hour entertainment?"

"That is correct. Say, would it be possible for Arnie to slip away from her client for just an hour during the night to visit with me? If you would tell me which hotel or motel she is staying at, I would book into the same one. She would only have to go to a different room for the hour."

"It might cost you big bucks."

"I do have an extra $500 on me."

"I'll call you back. I might even have the details all arranged. To make sure, I will even book you into the motel through our agency. Your name is Robert Wingate?"

"No, it is Bob. Mom said I was going to be nicknamed Bob anyway so she went with that." Bob gave the girl his cell number and waited for her to call him back. $500 to screw your own wife for an hour was a bit steep, but then it would get things out in the open.

Randy did engage the suggested older woman for dinner and a short evening of dancing. Evelyn Downing was ten years older than his forty and sixteen older than his wife, Arnie. Evelyn and he hit it off real well and enjoyed themselves immensely. As they sat in the dance club he questioned her about being an escort. "I'm a widow and get lonely. My husband left me fairly well-to-do, so I don't go out on dates for the money. I very rarely engage in sex, although if I meet someone as nice as you seem to be, I might. After being with you these few hours, I am tempted. I can sense you are troubled though. Would you like to tell me about it?"

Randy debated. Would this woman keep a confidence? He determined she would. "My name isn't Bob Wingate, it is actually Randy Cooper." He waited to see if she got the connection. She didn't, so he furnished more information. "Arnie Dickerson's name is really Jenny Cooper."

"You're Arnie's husband? This must be a shock. I can assume you called Snow Mountain looking for her and found she is working."

"Yes and not just for the evening either. She is booked solid for two days with a client. It is going to cost me extra to arrange to get her to come to my room for just an hour in the morning about two."

"You're not going to hurt her are you?"

"No, of course not. All I'm trying to do is get her lifestyle out into the open and see what I am going to do about her."

"I knew she had someone she was interested in and talks about him all the time, but I wasn't aware she was married. This will crush her, for she claims to love her boyfriend. You have just been out of the country too much."

"Maybe, but not every wife joins an escort service if her husband has a job overseas for periods of time. You know she could be traveling with me. I have asked her enough times. It can't be the money either, I give her everything she asks for."

"Apparently she needs more than what you are giving her, but that is for you two to figure out. Are you going to divorce her?"

"Probably. It will depend on how it goes when she comes to my room. You know it is quite a shock to be sitting in a club in Kuwait and overhear a man sitting next to you discuss your own wife. This guy kept declaring he was in love. I guess he had engaged her for several days before he came overseas. Arnie even had a picture taken for him to carry, and this Dick Stinger displayed it proudly. The guy just knew he could convince her to marry him when he gets back to the states. Does that sound like someone a man can spend the rest of his years with?"

"No, but are you sure you want to dump all of this on her this suddenly?"

"Yes, I do. Remember she has been engaged willingly to come to my room for $500. That should drive home the fact that she can't have both me and this job. I know what she is and she might as well know that I'm on to her."

"Why don't you come home with me? Forget your wife and what she does for a few hours. Call and leave a message that you are going to be home in a few days and settle it then. I'll even work through the agency to get you out of your date with her tonight."

"I'm tempted, but I have had two months to look ahead and think about this confrontation. I just want her to hurt like she has hurt me. If she doesn't, then I can walk away knowing she didn't love me at all."

"What if you break her heart? Is that what you are hoping for?"

"I guess. She hasn't given mine much thought."

"Randy, I withdraw what I said about being tempted to have you come home with me. I'm disappointed in you and what you are planning is cruel. This date of ours is officially over. Would you call me a taxi please?"

"Evelyn, may I call at the agency for a date with you again?"

"No, that would be foolish on your part. I don't know why I'm upset with you. Part of me feels sad for Arnie and the other part feels sad for you. You are deliberately setting out to be nasty and mean and to hurt someone. I don't like it and people just shouldn't do that to each other. It sounds odd after what she is apparently doing to you. I know you think of me as an old whore, but I'm a human and Arnie is too. I can have my likes and dislikes."

Randy sat at the bar thinking after Evelyn left. Did she have the right to chastise him? He paid her a $125 for the evening and received a lesson in life. When he took her into dinner, he was proud to have this elegant lady on his arm. She was almost his height and was wearing a black sheath dress that matched her hair. Well, except for the few strands of gray that made her look so distinguished. From what he could tell of her figure, it was as nice too. She may have surmised he felt she was an old whore but that was not the way he felt about her at all. Suddenly he had a feeling of shame.

Randy sat watching the clock as it marched toward two o'clock. He thought of his pixie-faced wife with her slightly voluptuous figure. He came to the conclusion he shouldn't have left this fun-loving woman alone while he worked out of the country. But when they were together they seemed like such a compatible couple. Even with what she was doing, he still had some love for her.

On the stroke of two there was a knock on his door. "Bob Wingate, this is Arnie and we have a date for this time. Let me in please."

Screw it. Randy took the envelope and scribbled a few words on it. He slipped it under the door. The end of the envelope immediately disappeared. He waited while he assumed she was opening it. The knock came again. "Thank you very much. I would like to meet you sometime. You are quite a guy, Bob Wingate. Goodnight."

There Evelyn Downing, take that! She might never know, but at least he would. Why did he care anyway? He didn't, but he slept better than if he had let his wife into his room for the confrontation that he had been planning for the last two months--one he felt she richly deserved.

On Monday morning Arnie Dickerson was at the desk giving an accounting to Sarah of the weekend's activities. Arnie had made $2000 for the two-day booking and $500 for the hour that she had done nothing for. She handed over $500 which was the agency's cut. Sarah asked about the man, Bob Wingate, who had specifically asked for Arnie and had arranged to have an hour with her.

"It was weird. I got my client to sleep and took a quick shower and went down to this man's room. I knocked at his door and an envelope came sliding out at my feet. It had the agreed $500 in it. I knocked again and thanked him."

"Didn't he say anything?"

"Nope, unless you can count the note on the envelope. It said, 'Sorry for keeping you up. Bob Wingate.' I'd sure like to meet that man."

Evelyn was standing near enough to hear this. Sarah started to mention to Arnie that Evelyn had a dinner date with a Bob Wingate. Evelyn shook her head for Sarah to keep quiet. When Evelyn cashed out and was handing in the agency's cut of $25, she asked Sarah never to say anything more about Bob Wingate. Sarah, who scheduled all of the appointments, knew how protective the escorts were of those they liked and enjoyed meeting and promised to keep quiet. After all Evelyn carried the most weight in the agency. Was Evelyn hoping for a repeat of her dinner date? That is what Sarah assumed.

Randy was home when Jenny Cooper came into their apartment. He hadn't informed her that he was in the states. "Randy, when did you get in? Oh God, it is so good to have you home. How long are you home for this time? God, you're brown. Did you get into one of those harems over there? I hear there are wall to wall women in them." She ran out of breath.

"Whoa Jenny, slow down. I was coming in last night, but I figured you would be out screwing someone and I didn't want to have to kick your cheatin' ass out, so I waited until I was sure you would be home."

"Randy, what an awful thing to say to me. I wouldn't cheat on you, you know that."

"Okay it was just a joke. You have been faithful though, haven't you? I trust you, but I have to ask. Come on upstairs love, I need you. I'll race you to the bedroom." After getting naked and before they started foreplay Randy said, "Hey Babe, get your camera. I want to take some pictures of you."

"You're crazy, but I love you. Okay we can do this. Wait right here."

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