Learning the Meaning of Responsibility

by Mark Phillips

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Ma/ft, mt/Fa, Fa/Fa, NonConsensual, Reluctant, Coercion, Father, Uncle, Humiliation, Group Sex, Hispanic Male, Hispanic Female, Oral Sex, Pregnancy, Cream Pie, Big Breasts, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Enith, a beautiful, 32 year old Latina, makes the mistake of forgetting that there are consequences to every decision one makes, and that some consequences can have repercussions that last a life time. Sometimes the repercussions come in twos.

It was past 2:00 in the morning and the moonlight illuminated the ground with a dull, almost silvery sheen as Enith hurriedly walked up the sidewalk to her parent's house. She had completely lost track of time and was praying to God that her parents had already gone to sleep. She cursed herself for not paying closer attention to the time. She had gotten totally carried away at the salsa club, accepting dance after dance, not able to decline the line of handsome men who approached her, even though she knew she was out way past her curfew. Enith hurried forward, her heart tripping in her chest.

Enith loved to dance. Moving her body in poetic motion to the sensual beat of the music was one of her ultimate past times. She loved her dance partners holding her tightly as they moved symmetrically across the dance floor with the grace of two swans.

She loved the pounding of the beat, the feel of energy coursing through her, energizing her, as she swayed and twiched her hips provokingly. She always attracted attention. She was only a little over five feet tall, but commanded the attention of a woman twice her size. She had a perfectly proportioned body. Her large bust tapered down to a thin waist and flared out again to a beautifully firm, round ass; her body was tight and toned from years of dancing and physical activity. When she moved, her long, jet black hair would sway, flicking back and forth as her partner spun and dipped her to the beat of the music. She was wearing a very tight, short, black dress that accentuated every subtle curve of her body. She could feel her strong thighs flex as her partner danced closely to her and then spun her around like a top. Her partner pulled her towards him again, her large bust pressed into his chest. She smiled sardonically at him, letting him know that it was just a dance and that the bulge in his pants was something he would have to deal with on his own when he got home. Enith felt euphoric and alive, like a mare running at full gallop through an endless pasture of wild flowers. She could sense more than see people admiring her, both men and women, as she moved so eloquently; poetry in motion, her high heels clicking on the hard, wooden floor to the fast, energetic, rhythm of the songs.

The click, click, click of her black pumps on the hard cement seemed to echo too loudly in the still dark of the night. She could feel a warm swirl of anxiety fluttering in her stomach. She knew the consequences of disobeying the rules. Enith's parents were strict, particularly her father. He was old school all the way. It was a miracle that she was even allowed to go dancing. Her father was an extremely, conservative Baptist; an elder in the church and served on several church committees. Everyone in church loved her father. They thought he was one of the most caring, sensitive men in the congregation. A giant among men. Enith shuddered with nervousness. If they only knew. If they only knew what her father really was.

The only reason that she was out this particular night, was that her mother has literally begged her father to let Enith go out, knowing that her only daughter needed the opportunity to go out, have fun, and mingle with other people her age. She pleaded, "Esposo, our daughter is not a child anymore. She is 32 years old. She knows how to make good decisions. We raised her properly. You need to give her the space to live and develop into the fine, God fearing woman we both know she is inside." Pedro Jimenez, Enith's father, stood stoically as his wife made her case. He shook his head over and over again, but finally relented unable to come up with enough of a counter argument to clearly make his case. He stood at the door with his big hands at his waist, his face hard and impassive. His parting words to Enith were, "You better make sure you are in by 12:00 or you are going to suffer the consequences. Don't disappoint me."

Enith paused at the outside of her house. It was pitch black outside, the stars shimmering in the sky like little diamonds. The house was quiet as a cemetery. Her tense muscles began to relax. They were probably already asleep. As quietly as possible she reached into her purse, looking for her house key. The porch light wasn't on so she had to fumble for it. She froze like an ice sculpture as the key slipped out of her hand and landed on the wooden porch. She clenched her eyes, cowering, waiting for the porch light to come on to hear her fathers gruff voice ushering her into the house and the stern lecture that would ensue.

A few seconds passed even though it felt like an eternity. Enith reached down in the dark night, feeling around for the key. Her muscles felt tense under her tight dress. Although the evening was cool, she felt a sheen of dewy perspiration covering her body. She grasped the key tightly and slowly inserted it into the lock. She turned it slowly. She heard the door lock open with a soft, but audible 'click." She held her breath as she opened the door. She took a hesitant step into foyer, her eyes furtively scanning the kitchen and the main family room that adjoined the foyer area. She could barely make out the furniture that seemed to be floating beyond the darkness like a dismembered spirit.

Enith reached down and took off her heels, aware that the click of her heels on the hard oak floor would alert her parents to her late arrival. Stepping lightly she began to slowly walk up the staircase in a slight crouch, her breath shallow. When she got to the top landing, she breathed a sign of relief. She was only a few feet away from her bedroom door.

Suddenly, the hall light came on. Enith jumped, startled. She quickly pivoted around, almost losing her balance. Her parents were in their pajamas. Her father stared, glowering at her. His eyes as hard as flint. He had one of his arms around her mother. Enith looked at her father and gulped. She was left speechless. She felt the bottom drop out of her stomach. She looked over at her mother, her face a mask of disappointment.

Her mother spoke first. She implored, "Why mija? I spoke up for you! I defended you! I told your father you could be trusted, that you were responsible! Why did you betray our trust? Why? Her mother put her hands to her face and began to quietly sobbed. Enith moaned in terror at what her mother said next. "You remember what happened when you were 17 right Enith? You remembered what happened when you disobeyed, correct?"

In high school Enith had nagged her parents to death to go on a date with the most popular boy in the senior class, a ruggedly handsome boy named Mark who had asked her out the week before. They were just going to the movies Enith had argued. All her friends were going out on dates. She stated repeatedly that she could be trusted, that she was capable of making good decisions, that she was a big girl and could handle the responsibilities inherent in dating. Her mother was the one who finally got on board with her desire and between the both of them, were finally able to convince Enith's father that she would not do anything to shame their home and their standing in both the church and the community. Her father had gruffly told both her and Mark, when he picked her up, that he expected her back at 12:00, not later, or there would be consequences. Enith was so excited that she had agreed to everything, even though the party they were planning on going to after the movie was going to go on way past her curfew.

When she arrived home at 1:30, she had had so much fun that she was completely unmindful about what her parents had told her earlier. She felt like a princess and in the throes of her joy she neglected to fully appreciate the consequences of her actions. She hadn't even bothered to be careful when she got home. She entered as if she was royalty and her family her court. It was dark then too. She had walked up the stairs to her room with pride, reliving the wonderful kisses Mark had given her that evening. She was glowing with the anticipation of her next date with him.

Suddenly the hall lights came on and Enith was staring into the angry faces of her parents. She was in shock when they told her to enter their bedroom. She stood there like a tree rooted to the ground staring back at them with frightened eyes. She had never seen them this upset. Her father broke her out of her stupor.

"Are you deaf?," he asked bellowing.

"N ... n ... no papa," she replied nervously. She scooted past them almost scampering like a scared rabbit. Half expecting one of her parents to swat her hard on the behind as she entered their room.

Enith wore an off white, over the shoulder silk blouse and a short, dark blue leather skirt. A pair of white pumps completed the ensemble. Her blouse contrasted nicely with her soft olive skin that glowed with the freshness of youth. She stood there uncertainly, looking at the ground, not sure what she should say or do. Internally, her stomach was in knots. Her heart was palpating crazily with anxiety.

Enith's father turned to his wife. Tears pooled up in her eyes and she turned away. She had done everything she could to help her daughter, but Enith had broken the trust she had been given. Her mother knew that there was nothing else that she could do. As much as it pained her to put Enith in the position she was now in, their daughter had to learn the meaning of responsibility.

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